Hi there. My name is Aleksander and I have a little OC blog that I just prettied up. It’s right here.

Anyway, I am over 21 years of age. I have been roleplaying for a decade. My first language is English, but I do make mistakes if I’m tired etc. I would like to do both SFW and NSFW rolpe plays, as I’m pretty open to anything I find interesting.


I like to do OC stuff as well as Fandom stuff, but I’m a little picky about the latter. Fandoms I love and desperately crave right now are Deus Ex, The Strain, Hannibal, Supernatural, and Sherlock.

love dark roleplays. Love them to little pieces. I do like fluffy stuff as well, but I much prefer something to keep me on my toes and keep me wondering if my character - who, evidently, can be killed as many times as you like bc he comes back after a time - will stay alive for long enough to accomplish his goal.

RP Writing Example

Winter never bothered Jack very much. Ever since he was a little kid with pudgy arms walking around in nothing but a loin-cloth he had loved the snow. In this moment he hated it. Blood got everywhere, and how can someone hide blood in snow? Jack grumbled, then shifted some pack ice onto the red patch. He huffed. 

“Ain’t hidin’ that any time soon…” Jack mutters to himself as he simply spreads out the ice with his foot. When dispersed, the blood in the snow appears pink. Perhaps someone would drive by and think a child had spilled a drink out the family car’s window. Jack hoped so. He closed the trunk of his old car, and wiped his nose. At least he had time to burn the body. Jack looked skyward, and pushed out his bottom lip. The snow hadn’t stopped falling for three weeks now. It caught in his eyelashes, and Jack smirked as he stuck out his tongue and tasted it.

Jack liked Winter again.