rolly polly ollie


More puppy pictures!! 3 weeks old, eyes are opening, and they are just some funny stumbling rolly-polly-ollies. And I’m still surprised at the variation of colors in this litter. My sister owns a male silver husky and I own a black female husky; and yet we have red, silver, and black puppies and even one with spots. They’re all cute though and *Trying not to sob* they’re all growing up so fast.

Why "Rollie Pollie Ollie" freaked me out as a kid

If all the characters (and everyone else on the planet) are robots, who created them, and more importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?

-Were their creators alien, or humans of a distant future?

-Did the creator race go extinct from war, pollution, or asteroid strike, leaving their robots as the only survivors?

-Did the robots kill off their masters in a Terminator-like uprising, their cute, whimsical civilization literally built on the corpses of their usurped creators?