rolly polly ollie

to be honest playhouse disney from back in the day does not get the recognition it deserves…. rollie pollie ollie?? bear in the big blue house??? out of the box???? this is some peak children’s television people show some goddamn respect 

Signs as Shows I used to Watch as a Child/Toddler

Aries: Kim Possible

Taurus: Little Bear

Gemini: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Cancer: Rolly Polly Olly

Leo: That’s So Raven

Virgo: Proud Family

Libra: Powerpuff Girls

Scorpio: Drake & Josh

Sagittarius: Rugrats

Capricorn: Dexter’s Laboratory

Aquarius: Animaniacs

Pisces: Baby Looney Tunes

My dude Gary from @pigminted made this adorable portrait of Carl. Look at how cute he looks!
Reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch on Disney as a kid, called Rolly Polly Ollie or something. It was about robots that lived in a tea pot.

archangelpng  asked:

what do you think about the designs in the Robots movie from 2005 ?

robots has a special place in my heart because its the first movie i saw in theatres, im not sure why my mom waited until i was nearly 10 years old to go to the movies but it happened

its made by the same guy who did rollie pollie ollie and honestly i do like most of the designs and retro aesthetic it sort of has. it did what pinocchio 3000 failed to do with its designs. the biggest letdown of the movie is the script. it had a working premise and story, but a shitload of fart homour..

also madame gasket was by far the best character


More puppy pictures!! 3 weeks old, eyes are opening, and they are just some funny stumbling rolly-polly-ollies. And I’m still surprised at the variation of colors in this litter. My sister owns a male silver husky and I own a black female husky; and yet we have red, silver, and black puppies and even one with spots. They’re all cute though and *Trying not to sob* they’re all growing up so fast.

Why "Rollie Pollie Ollie" freaked me out as a kid

If all the characters (and everyone else on the planet) are robots, who created them, and more importantly, WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?

-Were their creators alien, or humans of a distant future?

-Did the creator race go extinct from war, pollution, or asteroid strike, leaving their robots as the only survivors?

-Did the robots kill off their masters in a Terminator-like uprising, their cute, whimsical civilization literally built on the corpses of their usurped creators?

i used to watch rollie pollie ollie up until i was like 14 and would insist to my younger sister that i knew she liked it and was putting it on for her