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A concept: Eric R. Bittle Jr. loves baking, cooking, making delicious foods, no? Well he doesn’t give a FUCk about presentation, or plating, or anything of that nature.

He will eat the food he just cooked hot out of the oven, burning his hand and mouth, leaning over the sink. It’s not uncommon to find him and Tango eating directly from the pie plate. Setting the table is for special occasions. Silverware? If he CAN eat it with his hands he WILL eat it with his hands. Also will eat an entire huge Tupperware of a side dish as a meal. Has been found watching tv with a bowl of reheated mashed potatoes in his lap. Has been found making just mashed potatoes for a snack. His dinner was once half the loaf of bread he just made because it smelled so good and it was so warm the butter melted on it. Lunch is often a variety of leftovers, none of which are from the same meal, thrown in a bowl together and microwaved.

What I’m saying is he has the skill of a chef and the sensibilities of a frat boy.


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.


Holy crap Kanji

Some people were replying to my original post saying I should include ALL romances, so here they are, all the Mass Effect romances laid out to make a point about the glaring lack of mlm.

(Sorry they’re in no particular character order, I just tacked on the other romances.)

14 M/F, 9 F/M, 10 F/F, 4 M/M



the wheel of self-indulgence continues to spin merrily along…
Off The Rails -the epic saga of Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Iwaizumi all falling in terrible weird love with each other- continues!

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