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; velvet blood sinks into your pretty little frame

[ Day 1 : Sartorialism ]

[ Word Count : 1,069 ]

[ Rating : M ]

[ Triggers : Mild Blood ]

He built himself with a structure that outshone the sun, carrying a pride as strong as an emperor’s. He was small, yes, his frame was similar to the beautiful women he grew up around. But having a small figure didn’t mean that he wasn’t packed with utmost strength that rivaled those who wished to defeat him. He was woven together with steel and gold, ambrosia and wine red energy coursing through his veins as he laughed like god and lowered his lashes like a courtesan.

“Chuuya,” the name rolled off his partner’s tongue like slow honey dripping down the side of a teacup, sultry and silk-like. He was able to wrap the unstoppable beast around his finger as quickly as he could lie.
Dazai was waiting for the redhead to appear, this was a business date with the higher ups that they’ve been expecting for almost a year.

Dazai’s attire was just as elegant; the long jacket that rested atop his shoulders was gray like glassy storms battling in the sky, wine red danced in the scarf he wore, the dash of gold-like yellow in the darker colors made his tie stand out like a tiger without stripes.
His eyes widened when he watched his partner, his redhead, strut down the stairs.

He carried himself with the same pride he was taught to utterly indulge in. The heels of his shoes clicked against the ivory stairs like the high heels of whom he called his mother. Such a magnificent beauty in that suit, the velvet blazer and pants was a cobalt similar to the galaxies hidden in his cerulean eyes. The maroon shirt under was almost as dark as his black tie. Dazai eyed the tie, wanting to pull it down and smash his lips against Chuuya’s with a force that would make the other male crumble and whimper beneath him.

Part of him wished that he didn’t finish off the outfit with such an atrocious hat.

“You’re gorgeous,” he whispered, lips ghosting over Chuuya’s.

“You’re quite a sight yourself, Future Mafia Boss~” he purred in reply, tilting Dazai’s head down and kissed the corner of his lip. They both knew it, Dazai was going to be the next boss of the notorious port mafia. They knew it because the executive was going to assassinate Ougai Mori at that meeting they were attending.

Dazai opened the door for Chuuya, a grin lacing on his lips, “Are you ready?”

“Ready as ever.” He returned the smirk and walked out the doors, drenching himself in moonlight.


“You’re not wearing your collar,” Dazai finally noticed, brows furrowing.

Chuuya’s brow twitched, “It’s a choker- and why do you care?”

“Because Chuuya looks more like my dog when he’s wearing his collar!” The executive whined, “woof woof!”


He inhaled through his nose and jabbed Dazai in the stomach, “I am not your dog. I don’t belong to you,
I don’t belong to shit.”

“Ah- geez, Chuuya, you don’t have to get so emotional…” Dazai winced, his smirk dropping.

Chuuya only gave a ‘tch’ in response, folding his arms over his chest. Dazai pecked his lips before sitting down in the row of superiors far too wise and dangerous to be taken as “old and boring”. But the executive still addressed them as such, laughing like a child.

The redhead smacked him upside the side when he smiled at the eldest executive and said, “Good evening, Ojiisan,” dragging a snarl from the other man’s curled lips. At the far end of the table, Mori’s eyes glinted with a scarlet gleam that Dazai wanted to dig out. He smiled.

The meeting was long and, if Dazai were to explain it, earth shatteringly uninteresting. Everyone’s voice was monotonous and he felt as if he died somewhere in the meeting before Chuuya revived him by whispering the plans to kill his predecessor and giving him a way to celebrate back at home.


“Mori-san,” the name of his predecessor rolled off his tongue with a poison strong enough to kill a hundred men. His eyes shone like a viper’s, and he was ready to strike his prey. “The meeting was fun this time, but I’d like to ask a question.”

Mori sneered, not once did he ever enjoy seeing his subordinate and adopted son. How he wished to grab Dazai’s chocolate locks and and shove his face in a tub full of icy water. His fingers twitched.


The executive’s grin grew to a size too cheshire for comfort. In but a flash, the end of a gun was pressed against Mori’s forehead. The mafia boss only chuckled, a gun of his own positioned under Dazai’s chin.

They both held a smirk that mirrored each other’s evil.

“You really thought I was just as idiotic as you?” Mori sighed, the grin refusing to fall off his face, “I thought I taught you better than this…”

“You didn’t teach me anything,” Dazai’s lip twitched, “you broke me.”

Mori’s voice died down to a simple whisper,“ Is there really a difference?”

Dazai’s eyes glinted with bloodlust. Hearing his predecessor speak was just as painful as a migraine. He preferred to rip out his spine over simply putting a bullet in his skull. Mori hummed, taunting the executive by juggling a scalpel between his fingers. It was a now or nothing decision, but it needed to happen.

“I’ll make sure he dies if you do this,” Mori spoke softly, pulling more strings until Dazai was on edge.

“Who…?” The executive growled, his voice was icy cold.

The deadman laughed before throwing the scalpel past Dazai and watching as if whizzed through the air and hit whatever was in the doorway.


He pulled the trigger without a word and- bang.

Mori fell limp against his chair. Dazai breathed heavily, the scent of blood was intoxicating. His suit was stained in red petals, blood sticking to his skin as well. He whipped his head around to Chuuya, who’s shoulder was pierced and bleeding velvet.

He only snickered, holding his injured shoulder, “You’re the leader now,” he punched Dazai in the arm weakly and stared at the corpse of who he used to call “boss”.

Dazai stared at his attire, a rip was present in the shoulder where he had been cut. “Your suit is ruined…” he sighed solemnly.

“It’s fine,” Chuuya chuckled, lightly kissing Dazai. “You’re going to tear it off, anyway~”


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

Some people were replying to my original post saying I should include ALL romances, so here they are, all the Mass Effect romances laid out to make a point about the glaring lack of mlm.

(Sorry they’re in no particular character order, I just tacked on the other romances.)

14 M/F, 9 F/M, 10 F/F, 4 M/M

スタジオ生出演、羽生に聞く by hana02015

Rudimentary Japanese translation of some interesting points from Yuzu’s recent interview because it’s quite comprehensive and I’m not sure if someone’s subbing it~~ (note: my Japanese is far from perfect so corrections are welcome- this is more of the ‘gist’ of the conversation and not word for word)

  • Said his season began with injury so he was essentially starting from behind the line, but also because of the hard times, he was able to grow
  • Re: Worlds - announcer praised his perfect FS and Yuzu said it was to the point where people were asking if he failed the short on purpose to trigger his fighting spirit lol but he admits that he probably wouldn’t have skated the FS with that sort of spirit if he had done well at the short so he needs to keep improving
  • Re: WTT Yuzu said doesn’t usually get the chance to watch other people’s performances from close by. Seeing the ladies skate so cleanly, he realised that the high level of this era of competition, where even the smallest mistake will cause you to drop in the rankings. In the Mens, it’s not simply that you have to jump quads, you also can’t miss. He said that was very instructive and he learned a lot
  • Re: New Quad Era’ and the 4A. Yuzu said he’s tried it during practice in the off-season but it’s difficult – says it’s a special jump (due to the entry method) with high risk and so he has to consider risk of injuries etc. when practising it
  • TV station made a hologram/projection of Yuzu landing a 4A. Yuzu: ‘whoaa this is cool, I want to jump with it’
  • They say he has to jump 17cm higher than for the 3A. Yuzu: ‘huh, it sounds quite high but it’s…kind of really just my hair isn’t it?’ He’d also need to land 1.1m further than 3A and rotate 10% faster. Yuzu fairly unfazed: ‘Looking at it now, I feel like I…can probably jump that?’ and thanks them because he feels like he can visualise it now, thanks to the hologram lol
  • Yuzu’s old (first?) skating teacher was all like: ‘I feel like conversation about quints is coming closer’ lololol
  • Yuzu doesn’t feel particularly unnerved/scared that the sQuad are younger than him. Said he knew Shoma since very young and though Shoma is a kouhai, after fighting through the competitions together, he also sees Shoma as a nakama ( ; u ; )
  • more discourse on quads: Yuzu says what helps you land the quads is not really young age/experience but ‘sense’ for the jumps
    • The next part was hard for me to understand since I didn’t pick up on all the words but I think the gist of it is that successful jumping comes down to each individual and if you have the instinct for it, a ‘challenger’ can come from anywhere
    • 最終的はそれぞれの個人の体((退学に合わせたもの)))??? idk guys soz lmao
  • They were like ‘can you…land the lutz in practice? should we put a circle or triangle?’ and yuzu laughed and was like ‘t-triangle….’, implying his Lutz isn’t perfect yet 
  • ‘It’s a hard jump but it’s fun! Since the season is finally over and we’re finally free from competitions, I wanted to try it.’
  • Says he’s not going to put the Lutz in the Olympic program - says having a lot of quad varieties does not mean you can win
  • they talked a bit about the 3/11 earthquake and Yuzu said bc he had the experience of losing his home-rink and still remembers the hard times that followed, he’s always quite happy and grateful to be able to practice in a rink
  • Has absolutely no plan for Pyeongchang at the moment LMAO
  • first plan for off season………wants to improve a lot of skating skills (#typical), esp 4Lz and the 3Lz because 3Lz went a bit weird (bc he’s practising 4Lz?) lmaooo
  • Goal for next season: ‘Towards perfection’ - 理想の先へ (literally: towards the ideal destination but he implies he means ‘beyond’ the ideal). He’d characterise this season (with the Loop) as a season of getting closer towards the ideal. Next season he wants to surpass the current ‘ideal’ he has. People say you shouldn’t have limits but Yuzu thinks it’s good to have limits, but if you set your own limits, you should set them higher than you’re able to achieve right now (I think? I’m not entirely confident I’m hearing it right)


the wheel of self-indulgence continues to spin merrily along…
Off The Rails -the epic saga of Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Iwaizumi all falling in terrible weird love with each other- continues!

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“We’re having such a good time together and it’s only just begun
My heart’s never smiled so hard
Baby, lovin’ you is fun”

i just wanted to draw them on a first date!!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Holy crap Kanji

If You Purify Everyone, Then They Can't Punish You For Destroying The Zones....

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