rolls off of the face of the planet and into the stratosphere

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“Are you fucking insane!?” reyder?

I’m sorry this was so late! 

But as requested, Scott x Reyes ficlet! I hope I did them justice D:

Sunrise in the Badlands had a rather special flair for Scott. For one, the uniformly cobalt blue of Kadara’s horizon seemed unfazed by the pinkish glow of a sunrise whispering against the trailing darkness of night. The air had a biting and crisp coolness so typical of a planet with a thinner stratosphere. He breathed it in, letting the frigid air blister against the heat of his lungs. At one hundred percent viability, the sulfurous lakes were no longer so dangerously sulfurous, but instead almost purified save for the ossified detritus hovering on the lake’s surface. Reyes ambled about the jagged shoreline, stopping short of a stalagmite formation barring further passage.

“No,” came Scott’s chiding response. He shook his head with something of an incredulous grin. “No way we’re doing this.” 

“Relax,” Reyes countered, stressing the final syllable with a cavalier tone. “I tested it just yesterday.” His hands already fiddled around for his vest as if the question hanging in the air had already been answered.

“Are you fucking insane!?” Scott shook his head and lay flat palm over his forehead. “Wait… please don’t answer that.” He planted his feet firmly on the ground as if his own stubbornness could somehow move an otherwise immovable object.

Reyes merely chuckled. Almost rid entirely of his accouterments, he quirked a brow as he motioned to remove the rest of his clothing. “Suit yourself,” he said shrugging.

The Pathfinder, on the other hand, for once found himself timid. “Yeah I’d rather not have my skin melted off?” 

Given his penchant for pithy retorts, Scott half expected Reyes to counter, but he instead maintained a tight lipped grin as his eyes focused in the other direction - to the now glittering waves of the lake before them. His torso was bare, reddened by dawn’s copperish hue. He stood as if mesmerized by the gentle lull of a waveless shore. “Gorgeous isn’t it?” His words were muted into a breathless whisper.

“Now where have I heard that before?” Scott remained a short distance behind, watching as Govorkam’s star cast small shadows over the grooves and scars of Reyes’s back. An incoming breeze seemed to goad him further, closer to the jagged peaks jutting into the waters.

“There was a time,” Reyes began, “when my family lived by the water.” He kept his gaze off to the distance, as if endlessly hypnotized by the other side.

Scott ambled closer, almost brushing shoulders with him. “You never told me about your family,” he spoke with gentille caution, as if afraid that the mere acknowledgment would cause the more elusive man to clam up and to never speak of it again.

But much to his surprise, Reyes simply sighed - an exhalation that sang of relief rolling from his shoulders. “It was a long time ago. I was very different then.” A look of resolve left lines on his face. One could only glimpse a trace of the devilish smile that was once there. An air of contemplation seemed to hold sway, and the idleness of the following moments had both men staring lost into the cerulean sight of a lake no longer hissing with venomous fumes. Only the sound of undisturbed waters meekly lapping against placid rocks filled the otherwise soundless sunrise. “But enough about me.”

Reyes suddenly hooked an arm around Scott’s waist, pulling him closer. Scott let a low chuckle cut into the dexterous motions as he let himself be swept away. “Aw, but I was just beginning to enjoy you,” he said, proud of the shabby one-liner he barely scraped together in time.

Of course, the cavalier smuggler didn’t mind. In fact, he found it rather amusing. “There’ll be time for that,” he said in a low growl. Reyes pressed his forehead against him, the corner of his mouth brushing against the ridge beneath Scott’s nose. 

Scott could almost laugh. He wondered why, amidst the golden glow of a rising sun as they overlooked a gorgeous lake, they treaded around the delicate motions of a kiss. His impulsiveness got to the best of him, and soon his own hands wrapped around Reyes, waiting to close in.

“Ready?” Reyes suddenly murmured. 

“Wait wha-”

There was barely any time for a reaction when Reyes suddenly tightened his grip around Scott and whipped over the precipice. Suddenly the ground disappeared from his feet, and a breathless cry flitted through his lips. The thrilling weightlessness of the air right before the their bodies felt the tug of gravity made his stomach sink deeper into his body. The high of a free fall whistled low into his ears, and the two hit the brisk slap of a cool water’s now tempestuous surface. Soon all sound plummeted into a void as the clear sanguinary hue of a bright sunrise darkened into bluish depths. Bubbles rose in columns around him, and for a while all Scott could see and feel was Reyes’s hand clinging to his arm.

Scott felt the water push him to the surface, breathing through as he breathed back the cool air in sporadic bursts. “ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?!” The once rhetorical question found a more sincere iteration in the grave moment of his shock. His arms splashed about, suddenly worried that the very weight of his armor would plunge him back in.

Reyes reappeared thereafter, but more gracefully breaking the surface as he threw his head back in the air. Gentle ripples trailed the swift paddling of his arms. The still panicking Scott scurried through the water after him, still enraged and deathly afraid that his skin would melt off at a moment’s notice.

“Relax,” he teased in a repeated yet nonetheless gentler tone. A slow laughter rolled through his throat in between hitched breaths. “Fun, right?”

The more fatalistic disbelief lining Scott’s face hinted at a much more different concern. “‘Fun’ is the most inaccurate description I can think of right now.” His hands padded against the waves, disturbing the limpid surface as it foamed around him. 

In a few deft strokes, Reyes swam closer and held Scott in a more steadied embrace as they floated aimlessly in the lake. A halcyon breezed seemed to silence the panic of the moment, letting the two catch their breaths so soon after an unexpected dive. “Don’t worry,” he said, in a hoarse yet reassuring voice. “I got you.”

“I hope so because if I-”

A long awaited kiss cut through his terrified words. Scott could feel the warmth of his breath, the softness of Reyes’s mouth as they locked together. Lost in the moment, all he could think about was how never wanted to let go; how the gentle motions of their feet keeping them afloat, and the tightened weave of their hands around each other were the only ways he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

Yet all things had to come to an end, however sweet. And as soon as a breath parted their lips, Scott found it in him to offer up a lopsided smile. “You are insane.”

Reyes was usually one for words. They often came as if inspired by the sheer force of his own suave ingenuity. But this time, under full view of a sun basking in the heights of a blue sky, all he could do was hold Scott closer and silence him with another kiss, neither guilty nor innocent of the affectionate accusation.

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Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 24

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Summary:  All you want to do is get off of Starkiller so you can move on. But nothing seems to be going right.

Words: 3500

Warnings: Meh.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N:  I wanted to thank everyone so much for their comments and reactions and love on chapter 23. I was just… floored. It’s so fucking incredible to me that so many people enjoy this story and are so invested in it! It lets me know I’m doing a good job as a writer–or, at least, meeting some part of my goal. I LOVE Y’ALL BYE.

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One-Woman Show- Part 2

LIN X  READER, Warnings: None

A/N: Alright, here it is guys. This idea is a personal favorite of mine right now and I’d like to keep running with it. That said, the romance is slow to build because I have a long goal in mind. Let me know what you think and as always, THANK YOU!

The next few months were relatively uneventful. You had stayed true to your plan of gym and diet and were finally noticing some changes. However, the audition crowd was  not so generous. Sure, you had a couple of jobs, but they were always the comedic relief. You were still holding on to the idea of being a leading lady, one day. Still, you kept your nose to the grindstone and mercilessly pushed yourself.

Surprisingly, Lin had stayed in touch. Not daily, or even weekly, now that he was in London filming Mary Poppins Returns, but you would still get a text or call every few weeks, checking in. In addition to time with the man himself, he would always throw auditions or connections your way.

The idea of a romantic possibility was slowly dying in your mind, with him an ocean away for a year and rumors that he had met someone on set floating through the social media stratosphere. You tried to reason with yourself that you had only met him once in person, and for less than five minutes. He was just helping you out, career wise. You knew better than to get attached but your heart wasn’t listening. At the very least, you were certain he considered you a friend.

One Sunday morning, you were slowly pulled out of sleep as your phone rang maddeningly.


“Hey, I know you’re in London and you’re acclamating or whatever, but its-” You peered, blurried eyed at your alarm clock, “6:30 in the morning here!” You weren’t the kindest in the mornings.

“Rise and shine, buttercup!” His chipper voice brought a smile to your face anyway.

“Long time, no hear, as it were,” You grumble, tugging on your robe. “And to what do I owe this honor?”

“What? I couldn’t just miss you?” He quipped and then your sleepy brain heard voices in the background. You heard music.

“What’s up, Lin? Are you at work?”

“Um, yeah, actually. Listen, can we facetime?”

You were clueless. Lin wanted to facetime you? At work? You looked down and realized you were in pajamas. Oh no.

“…[Y/N]? Did I lose you?” You could hear him moving around, trying to check his reception.

“I’m here. Lin, I just woke up. I haven’t even had coffee yet. Who is with you?”

“Its a surprise. Go make your coffee. I’ll call you back in 5 minutes,” You could hear the smile in his voice then the line went dead.

One heartbeat. Two. You were off the bed in a frenzied whirlwind.

Five minutes later, you sat at your small kitchen table, the coffee brewing in the background. You had managed to change clothes, from the waist up anyways. You had forgone makeup and splashed water on your face, hoping you didn’t look too much like a zombie.

When the phone didn’t ring exactly five minutes later, you threw it on the table and went for your coffee.

Another five minutes and you found yourself pacing around the apartment, coffee and phone clutched in your hands like lifelines. You were alone in your apartment, luckily, because everyone else left before dawn to catch the train downtown for work. Unluckily, because no one was here to talk you down.

Your phone buzzed, making you jump. The Facetime call was finally coming in.

“Hello?” You questioned, sitting down at the table and holding the phone up to make sure you were in view.

“Hey! I like the hair; suits you,” Lin’s face appeared, way too close. You smiled and then remembered you had forgotten about your hair. Shit.

“Oh yeah,” You rolled your eyes, self-consciously tugging at the wayward strands.

“No, really! Anyways, I need a favor,” His face was still too close to the screen. All you could make out was that he was in a room with a white ceiling.

“Anything for you,” You nodded, eyebrow cocked.

“Well, as you know, I’m in London working on Mary Poppins. And, in particular, right now, we’re working on the soundtrack,” He smiled, confusing you further.

“Oh, yeah,” You breathed, almost afraid to move. What is he getting at? Did he need you to water his plants?

“Things are rough. Its just missing something. Then it hit me! This soundtrack needs you to breathe life back into it. Whaddya say?”

Frozen. Couldn’t think. You just stared at him. The moment ticked on.

“[Y/N]? Shit, did it freeze?” You saw the camera swing around wildly.

“Lin-” Your voice wasn’t working.

“Lin-” Louder this time, come on.

“Lin- What are you saying?” You finally manage. His face comes back, that twinkle in his eye.

“Come to London, Ms. [L/N]. We need you. I need you.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“When? Now? I can’t afford rent, how can I pay for a plane ticket?” You wondered out loud, mostly talking to yourself. The moment just seemed so surreal.

“How does Friday sound? Get you here and up to speed over the weekend. Start work on Monday. Oh, and all the financials will be taken care of per your contract. Alls ya gotta go is say yes,” Lin smiled softly, recognizing how big this moment was for you.

Inhale. Exhale. You can do this. Your dreams were right in front of your face. All you had to do was remember how to say-


Lin cheered and immediately pulled the phone back, showing a recording studio full of about two dozen people.

“She said yes, guys!” The room cheered and then Lin walked out into a hallway.

“Get your ass to London, Gorgeous!” Lin teased, in a sing-song voice.

You were crying, the moment catching up to you. “Lin- Thank you. How-How can I-” You couldn’t finish the thought.

“You were the right person for this. You deserve this, ok? I’m just the lucky guy who got to tell you.” His voice was more gentle than you had ever heard it.

You stared hard into his eyes on the screen. “You are my favorite person on the planet. Forever. What can I do-” You started again.


And that was how you ended up standing in the terminal in Heathrow four days later.

Part 3 Coming SOON! :)