rolls into the valley of feels

This place is a dream. Surely it’s only in fiction that people wake each morning to dew-soaked rolling hillsides covered in vineyards and pastures of sheep. I woke this morning to the sound of the sheep on the hillside below being turned out to graze, their celebratory bleats ringing out across the valley. The hills are every shade of green imaginable, lit by the golden sun risen over the grey-blue mountains. 
The hours in each day here feel long and languorous. Left to my own devices and without obligation (aside from the small, pleasant chores of looking after one sweet old dog, one charmingly round cat, and a small greenhouse of plants) I am a naturally early-riser, and more than content to spend the majority of my day reading and drawing by the window, writing, or going on long walks through the hills with the primary objective of befriending every farm animal and idle bird that will accept my acquaintance, and the secondary objective of living out my long-time fantasy of being Elizabeth Bennet. 

  • I feel so thankful for games like Harvest moon, stardew valley and animal crossing. The games are just so relaxed and chilled that it helps calm me and make me feel better when ever a bad mood rolls around. Like, if I didn't have one of those types of games to play, I'd be more stressed than I already am

Just 75 miles from the bustle of Washington, D.C., Shenandoah National Park is your escape to cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas and one of the best drives on the east coast. There are 75 overlooks along the park’s Skyline Drive that offer stunning views of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley to the west or the rolling Piedmont to the east. So roll down your windows, feel the breeze and experience every curve and turn of this beautiful drive. Photo from The Point Overlook at milepost 55 by National Park Service.

Beautiful|Taeyong Smut

I wasn’t planning to write another smut very soon till my close friend insisted to quench her thirst and write her a Taeyong smut. I hope you guys like it. Let me know in the ask box what you think about this smut, criticisms are most welcome. I hope you all have a good read. I love you all!
~Admin Ayu ♥

Genre: Smut, Fluff
Pairing: Taeyong x Reader
Word Count: 1,878

Originally posted by briileechaiyapornkul

Taeyong’s bangs were damp from practice, sticking to his forehead as the eyes just beneath looked at you with intentions that made your core quiver with anticipation. Dinner wasn’t going easy for you as his toes teased yours. He was sitting on the other end of the table as his eyes ravaged you without any shame. Only if his members hadn’t persistently dropped in to eat the chicken you had cooked to help Taeyong relinquish his diet, you were certain he’d be all over you already then.

  Your eyes were focused on the plate before you, your hands shaking slightly as you put all your strength in holding the knife and fork steadily, lazily scrapping the meat off the bone.

  You could tell Taeyong was digging holes in your skull and possibly in other parts of your body to which only he had access. You felt more nervous that night than you usually did whenever his libido was high, and you didn’t know why. What about him could possibly set both your genitals and heart on fire even after 3 years of a sexual relationship? Was it his gaze, or was it how he looked all drained of energy and yet actually had the strength of an animal to make your life shake and your bed break?

  “Y/n, are you okay?” Jaehyun asked as his hand touched your shoulder, making you gasp. Your spork clattered against the plate as your body itself retracted from Jaehyun’s touch on impulse, your hands reaching to cover your mouth as you mumbled a quiet apology.

  “Why are you so edgy today, y/n?” Johnny asked as he licked his lips, his eyes softly gliding over your form.

  “It’s nothing,” Taeyong replied in your stead, “She hasn’t done much work the whole day, she needs a little workout.”

  You tried to keep it discreet but your gulp was visible, causing Mark’s face to heat up just a little. Taeil and Doyoung realised it was time to make it fast and leave while Ten insisted on another serving of rice.

  It wasn’t before another ten minutes before they all had the mercy to let you two be by yourselves. Before getting into the elevator Taeil approached you.

  “Y/n, I’m so sorry we couldn’t leave earlier. Taeyong seems quite… impatient tonight.”

  You smiled at his genuine concern and nodded, “It’s okay, there are times he becomes like that.”

  Taeil smiled, “Y/n… best of luck.”

  “Huh?” you were foolish enough to question the apparent reason he had wished you luck for, then. He chose to reassuringly pat your arm before joining the others.

  Your heart thumped faster as you closed the door and slowly made your way to the kitchen. The plates and utensils were already stacked in the sink and you weren’t sure if it was going to be wise to engage in dishes then. Instead, your eyes chose to glance over at the closed door, behind which Taeyong was waiting for you.

  You slowly made your way to the door, in the process taking all your clothing off gradually. Your clothes made a trail from the threshold of the kitchen to your bedroom, starting with your apron and ending with your bra. It was a better choice to leave your expensive undergarments outside since Taeyong seemed to attain unnecessary pleasure in tearing them off your body. Some dollars saved could come in handy later for… condoms?

  You took in a deep breath as your hand twisted the knob, the door opening to a sight which would’ve had you pouncing on him only if he hadn’t been intimidating you for the last one hour. His hands were on his hardened length, leisurely moving up and down and pleasuring himself as his eyeballs rolled back and forth furiously behind his closed eyelids.

  He opened his eyes when he sensed your presence, his facial expressions relaxing as his lips curled into a smirk so beautiful you wanted him to ruin you right away, “Thank god there’s not a single piece of rag on you, baby. I’m ready to tear off everything that comes in my way.” He stood up and walked to you almost felinely, his gaze never leaving your nipples which were perked up due to exposure to the coldness of the night and also undeniable attraction to the godly being before you.

  Your breath hitched as your arm slithered around your waist and pulled you close, your bare bodies touching. He groaned as he brought your nether region in contact with his thighs, prompting you to spread your legs. Your hands rested on his shoulders as his went to your hips, gripping on them with the intent to bruise and dragging them forward to awaken the nerves present in your clit.

  The throatiest moan escaped your mouth as your eyes rolled back and your nails dug into his biceps. Your feet were almost off the ground as Taeyong made your hips roll against his thigh as fluidly as raps rolled off his tongue, the wet cavity which you were certain would be stuffed in your mouth in a while.

  He lifted you up and your legs languidly wrapped around his waist as he looked into your eyes and walked to the bed, resting against the headboard and pulling you away to give you the best thigh-riding experience he could.

  Your slit rubbed against his flexed thigh, your hand seeking leverage on the headboard behind his back. Your lips opened wider as his rough skin violated you, your fluid causing his skin to become smooth. You were liking it rough and thus his skin becoming more fluid against your core just set your orgasm back by years. The uneasiness started setting in and your movements became less eager. Taeyong, being the keen observer he was during sex, laid you down on your back and parted your legs.

  Taeyong was smiling at your core now, it wasn’t a smirk, his eyes weren’t holding mischief of any sort. He was just smiling at your core before his eyes came up to meet yours.

  “I’m astonished at how someone so utterly, breathlessly, blindingly beautiful was made! I’m truly honoured I get to see all the beauty your body holds.”

  You smiled as tears prodded your eyes, threatening to roll down your cheeks any second.

  “Do you know, though, what’s the most beautiful thing about you?”

  You shook your head, your neck heating up as you expected an erotic answer.

  “It’s your eyes, they’re so beautiful. Nothing could compare to your eyes.”

  You closed your eyes to hold the tears back, but instead they opted to roll out. You couldn’t dare to open your eyes as your felt his palms wiping the tears off your cheek, before setting his arms on both sides of your head and kissing both your eyes longingly. You probably had never felt so much love from any action of his like you were feeling then.

  His lips moved to the tip of your nose, sloppily moving to your cheeks to place a wet kiss on each. The pad of his thumb parted your lips, and he bit on your lower lip sensually. Your mouth opened up to him and he took the cue to slip his tongue in and make out with you passionately, his hands softly kneading your breasts and rolling your hardened nipples in his fingers.

  He kissed your chin, your neck, your chest, the valley between your breasts and them, and gradually kissed all the way down to your core. You placed your legs slightly over his shoulders as his arms wrapped around your thighs. His warm breath fanned your already hot mound before he lovingly nuzzled there, commenting that you smelt beautiful. His lifted the hood over your clit with the tip of his tongue, his lips slipping in expertly to hold them wide as that very tip abused your clit. Your hands then were clutching onto the bedsheet beneath you as your heart thumped hard against your chest. His tongue did wonders to your pussy, and before you knew it you were coming all over his fingers as he helped you ride out your orgasm.

  He came up to kiss you before pushing himself inside you without any warning, your eyelids flying open as you tried your best to kiss him back. He was sucking onto your tongue now, his thrusts still relaxed. You closed your eyes again, softly carving marks on his back as his thrusts grew frantic. You liked how you closed around him, you liked how he felt against your wall. It almost felt like you had found back a lost limb every time he entered you. He entering you filled you up in the best way possible, the warmth spread all across your body as your walls soaked in the heat his length exuded. Every single time he pulled out to just push in harder, you saw stars behind your closed eyelids. And honestly, it was the best feeling ever.

  The feeling was soon coming to an end since his thrusts became more hurried and even sloppier, his mind then numb to any feeling other than you and his approaching release. You met his thrusts with yours, making your hips drive against his quivering length inside you.

  “Fuck it…” he grunted, “I love you, y/n.”

  “I… I-” you couldn’t speak coherently as he licked his fingers and drove them against your clit mercilessly, making your brain so fuzzy that you couldn’t even comprehend when he came inside you. As he rode out his orgasm, his fingers then resting helplessly against your clit, you came in return as well, this time coming on his cock.

  He fell on top of you and a warm gush of breath left his mouth which tickled your neck, making you squirm. You were breathing hard as well, feeling like your lungs were drained of all the oxygen that could ever exist in this world. His palms smoothed over your hair as he whispered in your ear, “You didn’t say it back.”

  You knew what he meant, and knowing that he still yearned for your reassurance even after years elated your senses. You turned your head to look him in the eyes. “I love you too, Taeyong. I love you with all my heart.”

  He smiled at you the way he smiles every time you make him chocolate chip cookies. His endearingly lovable smile always warmed your heart in ways words did a very poor job explaining. His hand massaged your side as he pondered, “We forgot condom this time.”

  You wrapped your arm around his torso and smiled at him with such overwhelming happiness that your heart had actually burst, gushing something you weren’t sure you’d say very soon, “We don’t need one anymore.”

  His eyes lit up at your vague indication and you could see them filling up with tears as he felt bliss wash all over him, goosebumps covering every part of his skin. He kissed you longingly one last time before confessing his unconditional love to you again, opening his eyes to make sure you said it back with the same, if not more, sincerity.

  You had never slept so well in your life till that very night happened.

Snow Days - Stuart Twombly [Smut]

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Character(s): Stuart Twombly/Reader

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Fingering, Orgasm Denial, Oral (both receiving)

Word Count: 4216

Notes: This is part 2 to Heat Haze Days. Please go read it if you haven’t already. This turned out to be pure filth. And I am not sorry for it. Ya’ll can honestly thank @sincerelystiles for this. She encouraged me to write part 2 and, between her and @ninja-stiles, encouraged me to go full ham on the sin. They are dolls though and I love them for the support. Please let me know how you guys like it!

Part 1 - Heat Haze Days

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Southwestern Gothic

- you’re on a lonely stretch of the freeway and running out of gas. you come up on a small town and exit. you spend an hour looking for a gas station. there are homes, a grocery store, a dentist, but no gas station.

- you’re ten miles out of a sizable town. you drive around a bend in the mountain and come upon a row of stalls. you walk up to one. behind a table covered in intricate beaded jewelry and beautiful stones sits a smiling Navajo woman. you comment on her work. she nods but doesn’t speak.

- you’re hiking. the sun is baking the back of your neck, and the ground beneath your feet slowly changes from brown to yellow to red and back again. you feel thirsty constantly, and every thirty or so feet a tower of perfectly stacked sandstone rocks tells you you’re going in the right direction.

- it’s night, and you’ve been dragged by your friends to a place the locals call “the narrows”, a slit in a canyon barely wide enough to walk through, horizontally. there’s a rock wall pressed to your back, sandstone beneath your cheek, and air leaving your lungs.
you look up at the sliver of black speckled sky and breath.

- you’ve been driving for three hours and have three to go. you don’t expect to see anything for miles, but you come up over a hill and out of nowhere a town appears. you pass old rusty trucks, a church with a crumbling marque, stores with broken windows, and houses with doors that move with the wind. a ghost town is being born.

- the air is hot, the skies are a stormy gray, and rain would feel cleansing to the dry ground beneath your feet. but it’s not going to rain. you know it’s not. To your west the mountain flickers red and orange, clouds rising from the wreckage into the swirling sky.

- you’re standing just in the shadow of a cliff, eyes glued to the structure in front of you. it’s a building, moulded like pottery from clay clinging to the cliff face. they’ve been her for centuries, weathering the desert, abandoned, and they still don’t know why.

- someone needs to pee. you all pile out of the car, and move the the edge of the road. you stare nervously at the sparse but paradoxically thick grass. Anything could be in there. gophers, lizards, crickets, rattlesnakes… you watch your friend anxiously as they step into the brush, then glance at your feet, praying you don’t learn what’s out there.

- it’s late, you’ve got fast food wrappers in your lap and the air outside is finally cooling. you’re driving out of the city, prepared for the next leg of your journey. you see a motel, the vacancy sign flickering, the song hotel california playing on the radio. you speed away.

- the air is different. you can feel the change in pressure. you watch the skies anxious, ready to smell the rain, and the desert when it rains. clouds roll in. the sky is black. but something is wrong. the air is too tense, charged, not rain you realize. lightning crashes on the mountains, thunder seconds behind, and the around you crackles.

- they call it goblin valley. hundreds of “hoodoos” cover the valley floor in different shapes and sizes. during the day it’s like a playground. but you came at night. it has one of the darkest night skies in the world. you stare up at hundreds of thousands of stars, but it always feels like there is someone watching you.


Author: really-meg

Pairing: Reader X Scott McCall

Warnings: NSFW the usual what u expected

Word Count: 1,195

Requested: “Scott McCall: where the reader is a werewolf and is Scotts mate but he doesn’t want to admit it but then gets jealous when he sees a guy flirting with her and then there’s smutt and fluff? Please and thank you! Love the way you capture Scott!”

A/N: I AM SO SO SO SORRY I’m so sorry this took me so long somehow it got forgotten in my mess of a life and you prob got tired of waiting and blocked me or something but if your reading this please forgive me!!!!!!!!

You and Scott McCall were never one to meet eye to eye. You hadn’t known him for that long, only since Sophomore year and it was because Derek had turned you into a werewolf. Scott was a bit reluctant to let you into his pack finally giving in. The rest of his pack welcomed you with open arms eventually adding more and more people until you looked more like a crazy sci-fi television show than a werewolf pack.

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Mark- 2 (M)

Originally posted by marksseunie

“Jagi come on-” Mark giggled, leading into the empty- dimly dance practice room. “They’re all busy in the studio..” He hummed as he shut the door behind the two of you.

“Mark- We can’t do this here…again..” You playfully teased as you lightly smacked his bicep just before you pulled you into his arms. “We’re-” His plush lips suddenly pressed against yours as the two of you sunk to the icy, wooden floor.  
His hands trailed down your body, hooking his fingers on the hem of your shirt- pulling it up and off you, exposing your bare breasts. “God you always look so beautiful..” He airily purred just before pulling off his own shirt.

You were thankful for the lack of light in the room because god did he know how to make you blush.
Rolling your eyes, you laid yourself on the floor- pulling him on top of you while softly giggling, “We’re gonna get caught one of these days babe.”

Shaking his head, Mark calmly crawled on top of you; wedging himself between your legs; he lowered himself, his lips ghosting over yours. “I’ll take responsibility if we ever do..” He hummed then softly pressed his lips against yours once again.
Your tongues entangled with one another as soft, airy moans freely flowed out of the two of you, harmonizing- almost echoing off the walls of the empty room.

His free hand began exploring your body. His fingertips lightly grazed your bare skin, trailing down to the valley between your breasts then circling your hardening nipples. “Mhhmm~” You whimpered into his mouth as he gently pinched at your sensitive, red hot flesh.

You could feel him start to gently grind his clothed, hardened member into your wanting heat as his hand furthered down your body; roughly gripping your hips as you rolled them up towards his crotch. Pulling away from your lips, an enticing groan escaped his kiss swollen lips as he peered down at you with this lust clouded gaze.
“Fuck, babygirl..” He seductively growled, grinding his member into your needy core, drawing out your loud little moans. “I want you so fucking badly..”

Nothing but pure, aching desire for your boyfriend crossed your mind, reaching your hands down- you pulled down your joggers, flinging them off as quickly as you could, “Fuck me.. please..” You softly pleaded, bucking your hips up to his member once more, “I want to feel you deep inside me..”

Mark immediately undid his jeans, yanking them down just passed his mid-thigh area finally allowing his painfully hard cock to spring free. He hissed slightly at the feeling of the cold air brushing against his hot length, “Shit babygirl, you have Daddy so fucking hard..”

Biting your lower lip, you reached down again only this time to you lightly grasped his cock, stroking it ever so slightly. “I love your cock so much Daddy..” You sweetly purred as you ran your fingertips over the tips, spreading the beads of precum leaking out of it.
With your other hand, you pushed your panties to the side and slowly guided him to your dripping entrance. As the head of his member gently pressed against your heat, you softly whined, “Fuck me Daddy..”

Wasting no time at all, he grabbed your hands and pinned them above your head as he lowered his length into you. “God..” He groaned, licking his lips as he relished at the feeling of your tight velvet wrapping around his dick. “You’re always so fucking tight..” He softly growled as he began pumping in and out of you at a steady pace.

Your moans filled the room as he filled you, “Faster, Daddy please..” You airily sung as your mouth practically hung open.
Just as he listened to your request, drilling into with fast, long strokes- your moans mixing with his, creating an erotic song as the lewd noises the two of you filled the room.. that is until the door suddenly flung open, and the other boys seemed to pile into the room, nothing but laughter coming in with them.

“Why is it so dark in he- OH MY GOD!” Bambam suddenly shouted startling both you and Mark the moment he saw your nearly naked bodies entangled in one another.

The boys stood there, dumbfounded- their eyes widen as the trying not too directly at you.
Covering your face, a soft giggle flowed out of you as you lightly smacked your boyfriend’s chest. “Yah.. I told you this would happen.”
Frankly, the situation was embarrassing; you were basically naked in front of the guys you called your friends and caught having sex with your boyfriend, but at the same time you really could careless because all you wanted to do was cum and it seemed as if Mark felt the same.

“Fuck we’re sor-” Jaebum began, but was immediately cut off by your boyfriend, who was still buried deep inside you.

“Yo, guys, it’s cool.” He chuckled, “You can watch if you want..” He smoothly said, smugly peering down at your exposed body. Mark lightly traced his hand up your chest then tightly wrapping his long fingers around your throat as he continued pounding into you.
Your needy whimpers and high pitched moans filled the room once again as Mark talked over you,

“Watch all you want, I don’t mind- neither does my little slut..”

“You love being watched while Daddy fucks your brains out, huh princess?”


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x Natasha (slight flirting)

Warnings: Insecure reader, Bucky being a thoughtless dick, swearing, but Bucky comes to his senses, some nice love making lmao, unprotected sex, metal hand use

Summary: Reader snaps when Bucky keeps praising Natasha right in front of her. Based off of this request <3

Word Count: 1,418

A/N: I suggest listening to THIS when the smut starts. It shall be noted and the song will be linked again when the smut is about to start ;)

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Mornings on Kadara (fRyder x Reyes)

I stayed up late just so I could write a response for this because I’VE NEVER BEEN PROMPTED BEFORE. It also made me realize that I never specified what pairings I might answer prompts for, so I just went and assumed you meant fReyder because that’s kind of my jam.

Mornings on Kadara are slow. Sara’s been up for hours, wasting away the time on her perch by the window - and the boredom’s driving her crazy. Still, she doesn’t have the heart to wake Reyes yet. He’s pure dichotomy in bed; sexy or adorable, and nothing in between. Right now, he’s definitely the former.

Sprawled out on the greying sheets, he looks a little like something out of one of those ‘artistic’ photobooks that Sara definitely doesn’t own. He’s lying half on his side and half on his stomach, one arm thrown out to the side and the other hooked over the pillow. The top sheet’s not quite covering his ass, and Sara’s not ashamed to admit that her gaze lingers a little. His hair’s fallen down over his forehead and his face is tucked into the pillow, but Sara has no doubt that he’s still asleep. She can hear him snoring softly.

Screw it. It’s got to be almost midday.

The sunlight’s shades of pale gold, and it paints his skin in brilliant copper when she pulls back the blinds. Reyes groans - irritably - and buries his face in the pillow.

“Are you trying to kill me?” he mutters.

Sara’s surprised. She’s still stark naked, and Reyes is usually all about that - but she quickly realizes what’s wrong. She smiles, and she’s sure he can hear it in her voice.

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Please, Daddy

Summary: You get distracted on a mission, causing a lot of trouble…your ‘daddy’, Bucky, knows EXACTLY how to punish you for your little stunt.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,489 words

Warnings: SMUT, Daddy kink, Spanking, Oral Sex, Metal Arm Kink, Unprotected Sex, Mission at Beginning

Originally posted by thiddlestoff

You slowly blink and swim back to consciousness, fighting the ringing in your ears. It took too long to realize someone was screaming your name. When your eyes focus again you recognized Bucky, holding your shoulders and shaking you violently.

“Hey! Y/N, c’mon!”

You suddenly spring back into the moment. There are scraps of burning paper flying and everything was black. You hear guns firing in the other room and begin to stand.

“Look out!” Bucky shouted as he grabs you and you both tumbled to the ground, bullets missing your heads by inches. You whirled around and saw the gaping hole in the wall and the Hyrda agents in the other room, as Bucky grabs your hand and leads you out of the room.

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Jughead & Reader: Unpredictable

Summary: One night you and Jughead get into a fight, resulting in the two of you avoiding each other for a few days. While you’re out with Betty investigating, you end up getting hurt and when Jughead finds out, he tries to patch things up.


Listen to: Pity and Fear - Death Cab For Cutie

“11:36″ read the clock, ticking away the seconds into the night, seemingly mocking you for never being able to manage your time. You tried your best to change your annoying habit of always being late, but it felt like you were doomed to fail. Most of the time it was okay to be late but you knew that this time the person waiting for you wouldn’t be so forgiving. 

Running out of the house into the cool breeze of spring, you saw him leaning against his car with his arms crossed. While you were leaning onto the handrail to put your shoes on all the way since you took them off while dancing, someone walked up next to you. “What are you doing?” Reggie asked. 

You looked at the tall, well-built guy and rolled your eyes. “Leaving,” you said shortly. 

“Come on. Why don’t you stay and dance some more? It was nice seeing you get all wild and crazy.” He smirked and touched your arm. 

You pulled your arm away from him. “Get a life, Reggie,” you retorted before running down the last few steps to your boyfriend. He was watching with narrowed eyes.

“I’m so sorry I’m late,” you told Jughead with an innocent laugh. “I just lost track of time.” You leaned in to kiss him and you noticed that he didn’t kiss you back - he just kept his lips in place. You pulled away awkwardly. “What’s wrong? Are you mad?”

He laughed incredulously. “I’ve been waiting here for almost 40 minutes. But let’s think, why would I be mad?” He said sarcastically. 

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nerd; connor murphy x reader smut

request; I can’t find the exact request but it asked for fluffy connor smut so hERE

it’s fluffy smut so I took that as.. not kinky,,, here,,, just take it 

im usually into more kinky writing and i think connor is v kinky but here

sorry it too so long, its fem!reader and not proof read yet

word count; 865

tws; smut duh, cursing.. duh? it’s cute

You had been dating Connor Murphy for awhile now, and if you only knew one thing, it what that you were insanely in love with him. The way he smiled, the way he tucked his hair behind his ear. Everything about him made your heart swell. You were so in love with Connor Murphy, and he was so in love with you. You felt so safe and happy in his arms.

It was a warm summer night and you were snuggled next to him on your bed. You two had been cuddling for awhile now, not that you were complaining, but you started to wiggle around slightly, becoming restless.

“What’s wrong?” Connor asked, loosening his hold on you to allow you to move more. “Nothing. Just bored.” You replied casually.

“Well, do you wanna do something?” Connor chuckled. “Like what?” You questioned, turning over to face him. He smirked playfully and kissed you passionately. You kissed back, smiling against his lips. He cupped your face gently with one of his hands, his tongue tracing your bottom lip to ask for entrance, which you happily granted him.

When you both mutually pulled away to take a breath, Connor was grinning at you. “Still bored?” He asked teasingly. “Less talking, more kissing, Murphy,” you smiled, booping his nose. He rolled his eyes and kissed you again, a bit harder this time.

After a few seconds he was on top of you. You giggled, pushing his hair out of his face. “I love you so much, nerd.” Connor beamed, kissing your cheek, and then down your jawline. You chuckled shakily, one of your hands playing with the hem of his shirt. “Are you gonna take that off or just play with it?” Connor laughed against your skin. “Asshole.” You pouted jokingly, pulling his shirt off. He rolled his eyes, smiling, before one of his hands was slipping your shirt off as well. “You’re so beautiful, y/n.” He said, almost breathlessly. You could feel your face heat up as he kissed the newly exposed skin. You tangled your hands in his hair, and he didn’t stop kissing you as his hands moved behind you back to unclip your bra. You let go of his hair just for a second so you could fully take the bra off, but they returned there quickly when he began to kiss the valley in between your chest, and continuing down your stomach. He reached the hem of your pants and looked up at you through his eyelashes, waiting for you to say it was okay. “Fuck, keep going Con.” You assured him. He immediately unzipped your shorts and pulled them down your legs, glancing up at you with a half-smile, half-smirk.

He kissed up your thighs, causing you to moan. “God, I’m so fucking in love with you.” Connor mumbled. “If you love me so much, fuck me.” You laughed breathily, your hand wandering down his body to unzip his pants, which he quickly kicked off.

You could see the bulge in his boxers, which caused you to blush. “Don’t act so surprised, y/n.” He teased, hooking a finger under your underwear and pulling them off, tossing them aside carelessly. You took a deep breath, watching as he did the same to his own underwear. He quickly grabbed a condom from your bedside table, rolling it onto his length. “Are you okay?” He asked gently. After all this time, Connor never wanted to make you feel like you had to do anything. He still would always check in with you. “Perfectly okay.” You assured him. And with that he lined himself up at your entrance and slowly pushed into you with a gravelly groan. Your breathing sped up as he filled you in the just right way. He waited a few moments for you to adjust before he moved again, which made you moan his name. You wrapped an arm around his neck and brought his face closer to you, kissing him feverishly as he began to thrust in and out of you at a steady pace. He groaned into the kiss, which only turned you on more. “Fuck, Connor. Faster—shit it feels so good.” You moaned as his head fell onto your shoulder. He obliged, already panting slightly. You could feel your stomach tighten as he you got closer to your orgasm. “Y/n, y/n.. I love you so much. Fuck, you’re my everything I love you so so much.” He praised. Your nails dug into his back ever so slightly as you felt your legs begin to shake. “Connor, I’m close.” You choked out, arching your back. “I know, me too baby. Come on, cum for me.” He replied shakily. You did as he said, your vision blurring slightly as you came, moaning his name. Connor did the same soon after, his body giving out as he practically collapsed on top of you before rolling to the side as to not completely crush you. “You’re so amazing.” You panted out, running a hand through his hair. “I love you, Connor.” There were a few seconds of silence before Connor gave you a quick peck on the cheek. “Love you too, nerd.”

Unexpected Interferences (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: hello! This was very very cute to write and this was requested as a drabble so hopefully it isn’t too long 😝
Warnings: mild smut, lots of fluff
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: Kids walk in on Spencer and reader
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Spencer loves the readers tattoos…
You opened your bedroom door, being careful as you closed it behind you.
“Are they asleep?” You heard Spencer ask from the bed.
“Yup, now can we resume where we left off?” You said with a smirk.
You jumped on the bed and before your eyes could adjust to the dark, Spencer pulled you closer to him, leaving hot, open mouth kisses to your neck.
“You’ve been so helpful for me today… I think you deserve a little something.” Spencer said pulling off your shirt, taking his bottom lip between his teeth when he found you weren’t wearing a bra.
He kissed a wet trail down to the valley of your breasts before taking one in his mouth, slowly rolling his tongue over your skin.
You let out a soft moan as his hands went to your waist.
You scratched at his back as he slowly started grinding his hips against yours.
The crickets from outside were a distant noise as you focused on Spencer’s touch.
Spencer sat up and took his shirt off before paying attention to your neck again.
His hands went down further until they met your waistband as he snapped it gently on your skin.
His fingers slid underneath your shorts and panties, feeling the slick folds beneath his digits.
“All for me?” He asked taking his fingers in his mouth.
You nodded, unable to make out any words as he starting kissing your stomach.
With each kiss he included more and more tongue, making you bury your hands in his hair.
“Baby that feels so…”
You shot up pulling the covers, recognizing your daughters voice.
“Uh… one second honey.” You said grabbing Spencer’s shirt off of the ground and putting it on under the blanket.
Spencer was seriously frozen still under the covers.
You had to nudge him to actually get him to come out.
“I’m coming sweetheart.” You said looking back at Spencer, who still looked like a deer in the headlights.
You picked your daughter up and carried her to your room.
“I can’t sleep.” She said as you laid her back down in the small bed.
“Why didn’t you turn on your wave maker?” You said with a smile.
The ‘wave maker’ was the ocean noise maker that your daughter listens to when she can’t sleep.
“It broken.” She said shrugging her shoulders as she pointed to the little box.
You examined it until you found the problem.
“Sweetie it’s not broken, it was just unplugged.” You said plugging it back in, sending soft wave noises throughout the room.
“Oh! Here comes Walter whale!” She said, remembering the timing when a whale sound occurs.
You mimicked the sound of the whale making your daughter giggle.
“Alright you’ve got Walter whale and wave maker can you sleep now?” You asked running your fingers through her brown hair.
She nodded and turned over, snuggling into her covers.
You turned off her lamp and headed back to your bedroom.
When you walked in Spencer leaped in fear.
“Woah it’s just me.” You said holding your hands up in defense.
“She doesn’t know right? How long was she standing there? I mean she’s only 4 she won’t understand but still I mean… she might think back in the future and tell all of her friends 'yeah I walked in on my parents’ and then we will be known as those parents who aren’t careful enough.” Spencer ranted quickly.
“Spencer… go to sleep it’s fine. I don’t think she was even there for that long.” You said nuzzling into his chest.
You could feel his rapid heartbeat below your ear.
“Shh calm down. Do I have to mother you too?” You asked giggling to yourself.
“I don’t know you seem pretty good at it. Maybe I could use a little mothering from my wife.” He said holding you tight.
“Well we don’t have a Walter whale but hopefully playing with your hair will do.”


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After Peter had seen you in the shower you had tried to move past it, but he would just look at you in a way he hadn’t before.

With such intense eyes.

And you would meet his gaze with your own suspicious stare.

But other than that it was all business as usual, teaching the boys modern life.

Which in Felix’s case also included teaching him to read.

As an orphan in Oz, he couldn’t afford schooling and used his physical ability to get by.

You understood, you didn’t judge, you just went and got some books from the book store.

You painted the covers black so he wouldn’t feel demeaned by the pre-school kids on it.

You would teach him at night in his room, because Felix didn’t want Pan around to distract him.

‘Ok Felix, read this sentence for me.’

‘Ta-he bird fa-lew across ta-he valley.’ Felix tried.

'That was good Felix, just remember that T and H together a “thhh” sound. So. T-H-E is…?’


'YES! Felix you’re doing great!’ you praised proudly.

Felix smiled bright, in a way you had become so fond of.

Felix was like this precious cinnamon roll that you wanted to protect and give the world to.

'Do you wanna read the next page or call it quits for tonight?’ you asked.

‘I think that’s enough for tonight, tomorrow night we can finish the book and move on to mathematics’. Felix said before he removed his shirt.

‘Felix!’ you gasped before turning away from him with a blush.

’Is something wrong?’ he asked as he stood up to check on you.

‘What did I say about getting undressed in front of people?’ you asked.

‘You said not to change in front of strangers.’ Felix answered.

‘Well…ugh! You have to know that you aren’t supposed get undressed in front of girls.’ you said in mild frustration.

‘How would I know that? You’re the first girl I’ve ever been around.’ he shrugged.

Just then it hit you that he was right, as far as you know he grew up in a all boys orphanage then went to a boys only island.

You sighed before you turned back to face him, keeping your eyes on his face, afraid to look any lower than that.

‘OK, I’m sorry for freaking out, you honestly don’t know any better. So I’ll tell you, you’re not supposed to change or get undressed in front of girls.’ you said.

‘Is that all the time, because it seems pretty inconvenient.’ he said as he sat down on his bed.

‘Well yeah, I guess if you and the girl are dating or married then its OK.’ you mumbled.

‘So if we are…dating then I could undress in front you?’ Felix asked.

Your face went so red.

‘Um…well I mean, you know like…I guess so but we aren’t dating So it really doesn’t matter.’ you babbled.

‘OK, then let’s start dating.’ Felix suggested.

‘What?’ you gasped.

‘If we are dating we can change in front of each other.’ he said.

W-well you you have to date for a while you know, build up to that point, a-and I don’t think you fully understand what dating is.’ you said nervously.

‘I heard about on the television, its much like courting. If all goes well we will get married.’ Felix said calmly.

‘Yeah, but to date means you have to like me.’ you tried to explain.

‘I do like you (Y/N).’ Felix said as he stepped closer to you.

‘No I mean like more than friends Felix.’ you clarified as you stepped back.

‘I do like you more than a friend, at least I think so,’

‘You think?’

‘I never really…felt like this before, I just know that I think you are really pretty, and I like spending time with you and the way you make me feel.’ Felix said as he took your hand.

‘I am always hyper aware when Peter is around you, because he destroys everything. I don’t want anything to happen to you, I want to be around you all the time, I want to keep you safe.’ he said,

‘And you make me feel things I never have, make me want to do things I never have. So I am asking you do you want to date me?’ Felix asked.

Always -Requested

Request- Just him and feelings and not violence with his girlfriend. I know he is a psychopathic boy but in my mind I don’t think he will make bad to the girl he loves, he killed his mother because he was a party girl with a lot of lovers and hit him with sneake guy instead of love him so, if he loved really his girlfriend, I don’t think he will be bad with her because he knows how it is and how much it is painful

Hope you like it! xx

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Waiting up for Jerome to come home after doing whatever it is that he does can be tiring, it’s already half past one and I was fighting to keep my eyes open.

I’ve known Jerome since I was a young girl. We were each other’s first everything and no matter what happened, we always found our way back to each other. The very first time his mother ever laid a hand on him, he came to me.

That doesn’t sound like much, but it showed that he trusted me. And that’s all I could ever want. Ever since that day I’ve stayed by him. When he was in Arkham I tried to visit him but he didn’t want those kind of people around me. Now, I’m not his partner in crime. I don’t cause mayhem in the streets, I guess I just like to think that I’m his humanity in a way.

It’s a bit odd to think that Jerome, the same guy who killed his mother and is the leader of the Maniax could have a soft spot for someone from his childhood, but it’s true. When I’m with him, he’s the same sweet boy I met all those years ago. He only puts on a show for everyone else. In case you can’t tell. He’s got a thing for dramatics.

I was currently lying in our bed, reading a book when I heard the window open.

“Hey there gorgeous.” Jerome smiled, climbing through the window.

I rolled my eyes, “you have a key you know. There’s no need to climb through the window.” I laughed as he fell onto the floor.

“Walking through the front door doesn’t make me feel badass.” He laughed as he jumped onto the bed, curling into my side.

“You’re Gotham’s most wanted. How can you not feel badass?” I smiled.

“Just shh.” Jerome smiled, closing his eyes, “what are you reading?” he whispered against my skin.

“A book you might like. It’s called Dracula.” I giggled, he smirked before adjusting to lay his head on my stomach.

“Read some to me.”

I rolled my eyes, “We were both silent for a while; and as I looked towards the window I saw the first dim streak of the coming dawn. There seemed a strange stillness over everything; but as I listened I heard, as if down below the valley, the howling of many wolves. The Count’s eyes gleamed, and he said – ‘Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”

I read a small passage of the book before smiling to myself as Jerome began to kiss up my chest.

“I love it when you read to me.” He sighed, taking the book out of my hands, skimming through the pages. “So many words… I don’t see how you do it.” Jerome continued before carelessly throwing the book over the side of the bed.

“ Jerome! I was reading that.” I squealed as he pulled me down next to him.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes. He grinned, tracing his fingers over the side of my face.

“I love you.” He simply put it, brushing a piece of hair behind my ear.

I smiled, “I love you too. Always.” I said before he pulled me into a kiss.

To be honest the ending suckssssss. Lol, I made it more fluffy than anything.

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Kylo Ren x Reader #1

Warning: mature content, daddy kink, and oral sex (first time writing smut)

Prompt: “You need to get your anger out in more productive ways”

Kylo Ren’s temper was the only thing he couldn’t control. He was brutal and downright terrifying when he was angry, and often would destroy control panel after control panel, leaving you to clean up after him. “Commander Ren has ruined another control panel, and you are needed for repairs” A stormtrooper said, walking into the room, his weapon tucked neatly under his arm. You groaned, looking at the white mask. “How bad is it?” You asked, jumping down from your bunk, running your fingers through your hair, walking along side the stormtrooper. “It’s pretty bad, he was really pissed off” Rolling your eyes you continued down the hallway. “What happened this time?” You asked, grabbing your tools from the shelf and making your way into the hallway, greeted by three stormtroopers stationed at your door. Hooking your tools on your waistline, you looked over at the stormtrooper. “Prisoner escaped”

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Michael Latta Imagine

Micahel Latta: Rockford Icehogs (AHL)



Requested by anonymous (x5): “Um def need a part two to the Latta imagine!! Your writing is amazing!! ❤“ “I swear if I don’t get a part 2 of that latta one I’m going to start crying myself”

Warnings: Language

Music :HERE

Word Counter: 1,499

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Oh gosh i feel so embarassed at the Moment :O I cant stop thinking about a threesome with bucky and Steve ... omg I' soaking here but I Need to concentrate

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“Look at her Steve” Bucky smirked down at you, his expression alone made you wine out. Your back arching up from the bed as your fingers bushed along the band of your panties. 

“Have you ever seen anything so….” Steve trailed off as he stalked over to you, his eyes sweeping over your bare chest. 

“Fuckable?” you would have rolled your eyes if not for your heightened state of arousal, you could feel the slick gathering between your legs. You knew their would be a visible damp patch between your legs. Something Steve clocked onto in an instant. 

“You all wet for us doll?” Steve kneeled down next to you, his fingers ghosting your sternum, up through the valley of your breast as he rested his thumb in your plump bottom lip. 

“What do you say Steve, you think we should help our girl out?” Bucky positioned himself between your legs. You chest heaved as you heart raced, they knew how to press your buttons alright. 

“I don’t know Buck what was your rule again?” Steve mused, you almost narrowed your eyes at him. The little shit. 

“Ahhh, my no touching yourself while we are away rule?” Bucky rubbed his hands up your thighs, his callus fingers felt delirious on your soft skin. 

“That’s the one I doubt she got herself into this state…” Without warning Steve plunged his fingers into your dripping folds. You cried out gripping the sheets as he started to circle your clit slowly. 

“With out a helping hand” 

“Please…Steve…Bucky” you let out a moan as Steve’s fingers started to chase your orgasum. Suddenly Bucky’s metal hand slipped into your panties only to halt Steve’s movement. 

“Not so fast Steve, we don’t want to wear her out just yet” 

I’m such a shit haha, 

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