rolls into abyss

And after everything he gave to keep me away from you…how amusing that you were to ones to make it all for naught.

I’d been seeing discussion about possessed Percy and thought hoo boy that is my JAM. Then I saw this post with the chains and smoke and everything and boy howdy I rolled right into the abyss

anonymous asked:

Oh fucking lord I haven't read the poison gold update yet bc I'm at work but I'm already dying

Im drawing for this fic… unless the writer says otherwise… IMMA DO IT ONE DAY /rolls into the abyss

Happy Birthday Skoptsy!

I’m usually a very quiet follower and don’t often say much, but when I heard that it was your birthday, I just had to draw you something. Your work is amazing and your art style is just so cool, whenever you post something new, I catch myself rolling in the abyss of “I wish I could draw like that!” Thank you for being such an inspirational artist!

So um, here’s Ogden. He just seems like such a cool, mysterious character, I couldn’t resist X)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

xxcomfortably-numbx  asked:

Okay random thing here: I ship David Tennant(the 10th doctor from doctor who) and Billie Joe Armstrong and the ship name is Dillie and that's why my main blog is dillie-bars cause Dairy Queen dilly bars and yeah *rolls into the abyss*

ahhhhhh okay i was like what does this mean hehe but omg yes i totally ship that. and what is a dilly bar like? (we dont have these in australia lmao)