rolls eyes

how tumblr sees bts according to “bts scenarios”

Jungkook- the only sane or cool one

Jimin- all over jungkook or being bullied

Hoseok- doing something weird

Taehyung: doing something weirder

Namjoon- breaks something

Yoongi- “swag”

Seokjin- says something narcissistic

XDDD !!!!1!! 

pure evil character played by non-conventionally attractive actor: oh my god what an evil prick!! i can’t WAIT to see how they die horribly i almost want to spoil myself and find out but i feel like it’d be more satisfying to see it on tv. UGH can you BELIEVE how they treat [CHARACTER]??? and they killed [CHARACTER/X#OF PEOPLE]!!!!

pure evil character played by conventionally attractive actor: oh my GOD what a poor sweet misunderstood baby!!!!! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THEIR COMPLEX BACKSTORY THEY’RE NOT ALL BAD THEY JUST WANT TO BE LOVED WHO CARES HOW MANY PEOPLE THEY KILLED!!!!!!!!

“older men are soooooo hot.” “i just love salt and pepper beards.” “ugh what a dilf.”

meanwhile women above the age of 30 are dying their grey strands and getting surgery on their varicose veins and are lying about their age because older women are seen as unwanted and useless 

so is Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift going to perform their newest collaboration about scary angry black women and how women shouldn’t be fighting each other at the VMAs or????