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ow storytime

earlier i was playing off-season comp on nepal, picked ana because even though i didn’t really want to heal ANOTHER FUCKING 3 DPS TEAM, i;m Tired and work with my skills

we lose the first fight and our junkrat leaves. cool. cool. great. good riddance, really. but y’see, even though we’re in off-season, the empty player slots aren’t filled in comp.

fighting 5v6 isn’t easy even in the best of situations, but forcing that onto your teammates on off-season comp? yeah it’s not as bad as if you did it in ACTUAL comp, but it’s still scummy because you’re wasting everyone else’s goddamn time. we made a genuinely valiant effort, not getting rolled, but still losing first round

2nd round, a lot of back and forth. enemy team’s at 99 fucking percent, we’re not TOO far below that.

then one of them fucking leaves.

in the ensuing 5v5, we win. more back and forth. we’re 2 to 2 points, still 5v5 for the 5th round. and you know what comp my amazing team picks? the dream team to win it all for us?

beautiful, isn’t it?

i assumed at that point we were throwing, but not so hard that i should switch off solo healer. i kind of really just wanted the game to be over because 1. i don’t like healing 3+ dps teams, 2. the fact that we had a leaver so early really does sour things a bit, and 3. FIVE ROUNDS OF KOTH IS ALWAYS TOO DAMN MUCH. YEAH IT’S NOT THE FIRST TIME I’VE PLAYED IT, AND IT’S FAR FROM MY LONGEST GAME PLAYED (lasted 18:57, for ppl who like numbers), BUT I NEEDED TO FUCKING PEE

it didn’t really matter; both teams had a shitty comp. anyway. you can probably guess how this turned out.

because a story about a leaver

isn’t complete without a win

Friday Night Yikes


pairing: hamilsquad x reader

word count: 2400

warnings: swearing, period talk!

summary: game night wasn’t quite going as planned.

a/n: for all you lovely people who may be going through that time of the month, this is for you (and me bc i had cramps all day n im suffering) enjoy

Friday was game night and movie night.

“Yo, Alex, where’d you put the Coke?” John Laurens called, his head stuck inside of the fridge.

“In the drawers with the vegetables,” Alexander Hamilton, who was finishing up an essay, answered from his bedroom.

John looked at you, perched on the countertop, and rolled his eyes. You laughed and swung your legs back and forth, leaning your head back against the cabinet.

You had become friends with the boys your first year of university, although you didn’t quite see them as much as you liked due to your course load. You were taking five classes and spent every minute living in a state of constant stress and worry. You were at school from 9 to 6 every single day, with only a half an hour break at lunch, and when you got home you were either revising, writing essays, or sleeping. The guys tried to get you to go out with them, but you were always too busy. This was upsetting for every party in the situation, but especially you, because you just wished you hadn’t taken so many courses from the beginning. If you hadn’t, you would be able to spend time with people who made you feel genuinely happy and free. Finally, right after your finals in your second year, you had a breakdown (that Hercules Mulligan had to sop up your tears during) and decided that you would take two less classes your third year. By the time September rolled around, you were a lot less stressed. And yes, you still had a lot of work to do, but at least now you could spend some amount of time every week dedicated to your boys. Friday was the day that worked best for everyone. So Friday became your date night.

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Dating Klaus Mikaelson Would Include...

Originally posted by loveisbeautyfull

Got a little carried away :3 xx

  • Him being so so so protective 
  • Like if someone looks at you wrong, he will tear their throat out
  • You convincing him to not kill everybody that he has a problem with
  • But secretly thinking it’s so hot 
  • Getting hit on by people but not caring because he is the only one for you
  • Hours and hours of endlessly sassing each other
  • Literally like sass ping pong, back and forth 
  • You and Elijah rolling your eyes when Klaus says something stupid at exactly the same time
  • Being the mediator in the Mikaelson household
  • Getting along with everyone
  • If someone says something bad about the Mikaelsons, you’re defending them faster than you could say “Kol was a creepy child”
  • Teaching Rebekah that she deserved her own life
  • And then Klaus gets mad because you’ve sent his sister away but slowly realising that of course you’re right and if she’s happy, he’s happy
  • Arguments at the most inconvenient times and so often 
  • One minute you’re doing grocery shopping and you disagree on the milk and the next you’re bringing up that time he killed Elijah’s girlfriend 
  • 95% of arguments ending in hot sex (if that’s what you’re into)
  • The other 5% ending in the silent treatment that lasts a while because he’s so stubborn but then eventually ending in sex
  • He’d be passionate and very very dominant but
  • You’d be able to bring out his weak side
  • He’d do anything for you, in the bedroom or otherwise
  • And sometimes you wouldn’t have sex or even make love though you would a lot
  • You can just lie there in each other’s arms, watching the world fall apart around you
  • Being best friends with Hope
  • Like you’re not her Mother but you definitely have a soft spot for the little tyke 
  • And Little Hope loves you too
  • Him talking to you about having your own kids
  • He’d be fine with whatever your answer because he loves Hope and would do anything for you
  • Talking to him for hours on end about his family and life before you met each other
  • Sometimes not talking at all because you guys can basically talk through looks by now
  • Him flirting with you even though you’re together
  • OH GOD the inside jokes would be amazing
  • You’d be like one of the only people that make him laugh so completely
  • Defending him when people say bad things about him
  • Making sure he knows when he does something wrong
  • Helping him do better and be happier 
  • You’d make him hate himself less than he does and he really deserves that
  • He would call you love constantly like every other sentence would be “…love” 
  • If he used your real name, you’d know you did something wrong
  • Ass grabbing??
  • So many hickies my god
  • Him being incurably jealous until you told him that you were not a piece of property to be owned
  • He would have so much respect for you, honestly
  • “Sweetheart..”
  • If you did something stupid and put yourself in danger.. damn
  • “Bloody hell, Y/N! Since you’re in the habit of making bad decisions, let’s go stand in front of a bus!”
  • Him loving to see you happy and doing the things you love like him
  • Binge watching shows with him that he says he ‘hates’ but thinks are amazing and is as hooked as you are
  • Teasing him
  • Asking him whether he’s Team Edward or Team Jacob because technically he is both
  • Him being irrecoverably in love with you
Night Terrors (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Requested by Wattpad user Luna12334

Sweat rolled down your back as you thrashed back and forth on your bed. The night terrors had gotten worse ever since Newt had gotten home from his little talk with Graves. The fear of losing him was slowly destroying you. You had told him about these terrors once before, but he had just told you it wouldn’t and went back to work.

He made it free once.

But could he do it again.

Every night you had this dream, where they got Newt. They put him on trial and found him guilty, just like he had told you had happened. But instead of breaking free, they got him.

Never before in your dreams had you seen him actually…get killed. This one was different. The cries that came from his mouth as he was killed will forever haunt him you. The pain carved onto his face shattered your heart in tiny pieces.

Tears slipped down you tears as you cried out for someone to save him.

The door slammed open and a tired Newt walked into the room. Seeing you in such a distraught state he started to walk towards you slowly.

He reached you and started shaking your shoulders trying to wake you up.

“Love, please wake up. It’s on a nightmare, everything is okay.” Your eyes shot open, tears running down your cheeks in heavy streams.

“[Y/N], what’s wrong,” his voice was a calm balm to you. But sounds that you had heard during the terrors filled your ears causing you to sob even harder.  

You clung to his shirt, crying into his neck as you let out everything. Newt stroked your hair and rubbed soft circles on your lower back trying to calm you down.

“They had you and then…and then they.” You couldn’t finish that thought; instead you just buried your face into the crook of his neck.

“Shh, it’s okay love. I’m here and I’m safe.” He moved away from you but you pulled him back to you, snaking your arms around his neck to keep him in place.

“I’m not going to leave you, promise.” He cooed in your ear. His hand grasped yours and lifted it to his chest, resting it over his heartbeat.

“My heart beats steady, and for as long as you can feel it know I will not leave you.” Newt stared into your eyes, trying to ease you out of hysterics.

“They don’t have me, and they never will again. If there is anything I can do to help, please tell me.” He tucked your head back into his neck, cradling you into him. Your tears slipped down your cheek and onto his bare chest.

“Don’t leave. Please don’t ever leave. I couldn’t live without you,” you cried.

“I will never leave you [Y/N]. Not now, not in years to come. Now let’s see if you can get some peaceful sleep. I’ll be right beside you so there is no need to fear for me.” He kissed your forehead lovingly before laying down on the bed with you in his arms.

“I love you Newt,” you whispered, your voice hoarse from your crying.

“I love you too [Y/N], more than anything else.”

Lying with him washed your terrors away, and for the first night since he came home you slept peacefully.

Moon of My Life

Member: Jun
Word Count: 2535

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Junhui shouted beside you, almost knocking the half empty bowl of popcorn off of his lap. “THEY CAN’T JUST END IT THERE, CAN THEY? I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” he looked back and forth between you and the dark screen rolling credits in front of him.

“That’s Game of Thrones for you, babe.” you smiled, reaching over to hang onto his shoulder. You had spent the whole week binge watching the show from the moment you woke up until the wee hours of the morning with him. You had a lot of seasons to get through, and now you were officially caught up. You had already seen all of it, but Jun hadn’t. However he was hooked right from the beginning, and you enjoyed watching someone else go through all the excitement and pain of the show for the first time.

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Has anyone else imagined Lexa and Clarke laying down to sleep wherever it was they were, after their first kiss? 

Lexa clasping her eyes shut tightly, feeling herself able to let go of some of the accumulated guilt she had over Costia. Then sighing out a quick and shaky sigh, reopening her eyes and running her fingers ever so softly back-and-forth along her bottom lip.

Clarke rolling to her side a few different times before shifting onto her back and staring at the roof of the tent, replaying every millisecond she could; feeling that sinking sensation in her chest that you get when you realize you really liked what had happened, and oh, how badly you wanted it again.

Then both of them adjusting their place in their beds, Lexa’s smile forming from the right corner of her lip, Clarke’s starting from the left. Both of their half-smiles forming a perfectly full one if they were to be standing next to one another? 

Guardian Angel - Part 1 - Jimin angst

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Jimin had made a mistake. He had fucked up, and he had fucked up big.

It had started two years ago, when he had turned eighteen and he was able to see his charge for the first time. He was excited, rolling back and forth on the balls of feet and playing with his fingers as he was called forwards to look into the Pool that only The Ancients were allowed near.

Or an angel on their eighteenth birthday, the most important occasion in their entire lives.

Jimin had been waiting to see his charge his entire life, and now he was going to go down to the human world and look after her. His fingers were trembling with adrenaline and he almost stumbled up the countless amount of stairs to reach the Pool when he was beckoned forth.

He didn’t hear any of the words that were said to him, he only eagerly tripped forwards to look into the seemingly normal font of water.

He stared at the water, waiting, when suddenly it began to ripple and then dissipate, colours and pictures swirling to life in it. He leaned forwards in his excitement, nose almost becoming wet in his rush to catch sight of his charge.

Of his soulmate.

He could finally see her and his eyes widened.

There were two girls, arms looped through each others and laughing together. They were seemingly walking home from school, the heavy binders and notebooks wrapped in their free arms an indicator, and Jimin couldn’t help but smile at their friendship.

The girl on the right was stunningly beautiful and she immediately caught Jimin’s attention; long, silky black hair running down her back, big round doe eyes and plump lips. Her friend was almost painfully average, but Jimin didn’t pay much mind to her. His eyes were glued to the girl on the right, knowing that she was his charge and his soulmate.

So why didn’t his heart feel full? Why did he feel like he was missing something?

Of course, at that age, he was just thrilled that he had seen her, so he ignored the feeling inside. All of that would come later, he assumed.

That was his first mistake.

A year and three months had passed and now he was incredibly close to the two of you. He had found out that his chosen soulmate was named Mina, and your name was Y/N. He enjoyed the company of both of you, indeed, but everything Mina did was with grace and poise and he couldn’t help but go weak whenever she was near.

His relationship with Mina was much different than his relationship with yours. Every Saturday he would head to your house with a plastic bag full of assorted snacks and ice cream, and you would put in a new DVD and you would watch it together whilst munching on whatever he bought. He always enjoyed those nights with you because they were so comfortable and you always picked good movies.

He usually went shopping with Mina, and he would carry her bags for her for hours. He would trail behind her, sometimes giving opinions on outfits she tried on. He liked these times with her because it meant he got to spend time with her, and he was deep enough in love with her that it meant a lot to him.

“Jimin!” you called from your kitchen as you put the popcorn in the microwave. “I really couldn’t decide on the movie this week so I bought three that looked good. Do you wanna pick this time?”

Jimin leant forwards from his position on the sofa to pick up one of the disc cases.

“What do you want to drink?”

“The usual, please.” he called back, eyes still scanning the words on the back of the case.

You padded back into the living room, handing Jimin a can of chilsung cider and plopping onto the seat next to him.

“Personally, I’d go for Deadpool, but I reckon it’s your turn to pick now.”

“Deadpool looks good…” he muttered absentmindedly, tongue peeking out between his teeth as he read the words. “Yeah, let’s go with Deadpool. I haven’t had the chance to see it yet.”

“No, me neither. Alright, I’ll put it in. Can you go get the popcorn please?”

“Sure thing.”

He heaved himself off the sofa as you crouched down in front of the DVD player to put the disc in and he walked into the kitchen to get the popcorn out of the microwave.

Just as he was pouring the bag of popcorn into a bowl for the two of you, his phone buzzed in his pocket and he slid it out quickly, heart faltering slightly at the sight of Mina’s name.

Mina <3: Jimin, wyd?
Jimin: It’s Saturday night. I’m doing what I do every Saturday
Mina <3: Oh yeah, forgot about your boring movie night. Come hang w me?

Jimin frowned slightly at the words, feeling conflicted. He always looked forwards to spending time with you, but his soulmate and charge was calling for him…

He looked towards the living room to see if you were near before replying to her text.

Jimin: Okay, but only for an hour
Mina <3: Sweet :) Door’s unlocked

Jimin sighed, taking the bowl of popcorn and placing it on the coffee table in the living room before straightening up and looking at the back of your head until you turned to face him, smiling bright. The sight of your smile made his heart pang painfully and guilt settle in his stomach.

“Hey, Y/N…” he trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

“You okay?” you asked, smile fading as you took in his expression.

“Uh, yeah, it’s just, something came up and I have to go do something for a while, is that okay? I promise I’ll be back soon, I just need to go and sort this thing out.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Is everything okay?” you asked, concern touching your face.

His heart sank again and he looked away quickly, hating the sight of you worrying over him when he was lying straight to your face.

“Yeah, everything’s cool, it’s all good, I just, uh, have to go now! See you in a bit, Y/N.”

With that, he grabbed his jacket and slid his shoes on, basically running out the door to avoid that look in your eyes.

In his car on the way to Mina’s house, he couldn’t help but feel that he was doing the wrong thing. But he wasn’t. His charge needed him, didn’t she? Yeah, he was fine. Y/N would be fine.

He stood on her doorstep after ringing the doorbell, keeping his head down to shield himself from the light drizzle. He heard footsteps, a shuffling, a scraping and Mina’s face was revealed behind the door.

Jimin’s heart thumped pathetically at the sight of her, scantily clad, smiling up at him. Some unknown feeling erupted within him, but he ignored it. He quashed down all the warning signs. He disregarded all of the things he had been told and all the things he had read in his first eighteen years of life so he could spend this one night with the woman he thought he was in love with.

What a fuck up that turned out to be.

There he was, a few hours later, sheets pulled up to his waist as he stared at the woman sleeping peacefully next to him, their clothes littering the floor. His bare chest heaved as he registered what he was feeling for the first time since he had met her.

He couldn’t even name it. It was complete and utter. It was soul-destroying. It felt like somebody had taken his entire being and pulled it apart, messing with the pieces, before cramming him all back together in the wrong place. It was like somebody had torn the wings straight from his back and then blended them up. It was like… It was like he had just made love to someone that wasn’t his soulmate.

Jimin didn’t understand. He could have sworn that Mina was his soulmate. She made him feel happy and content, she made him feel like he was supposed to be there.

But she wasn’t his. She was some other angel’s, and Jimin can only pray that they weren’t around to find him in bed with their soulmate.

So who was his soulmate? It was somebody near to here, but he didn’t have many friends outside of you and Mina. He spoke to people he worked with sometimes, and the customers, but nobody left a lasting impression on him.

His head started to pound the longer he thought, but he couldn’t come up with anything. He had spent so long getting Mina’s attention and fighting for her love and now that he had it, she was the wrong person.

His phone buzzed and his hand automatically flew towards it as if some puppeteer had tugged on his strings.

Y/N: I hope everything is going okay. I have to cancel movie night because something came over me and I feel really ill, so goodnight Jimin :)

Suddenly everything fell into place.


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Good Girl Ch 18: Keeping Me Little

“Please baby? Do it for your daddy Tao!” Tao whines as we roll back and forth on his bed.

“Daddy, do you really need me to shower with you? The movie wasn’t that scary,” I tease the older boy.

“That’s because you were latched on to Xiumin hyung the whole time, I was kind of jealous, you clung to him for dear life.”

I roll my eyes at him, “Maybe if you weren’t such a chicken, I would hold on to you.”

“Such a mouth on you today, maybe we need another scary movie to keep you little.”

Keep me little. That has been their main focus ever since they found out I’m not such a good little girl. After my oppas left, I was still in my, I guess the best way to put it would probably be, big girl mind set. I mouthed off, even slept in my own bed by myself for a night, something my daddies did not like one bit. They wanted me little, and one of the few ways to make me little is to scare me, which is why for almost a whole week we have been watching all sorts of horror movies so that I would become the little girl they want.

“No,” I pout, “I’ll be good.”

He gives me a peck on the lips, “Good, now lets go shower.”

I groan as he pulls me off the bed into his bathroom, it reminds me of Kris’s bathroom, dark, covered in clothes and accessories. He quickly undresses both of us, becoming naked in front of them has become a lot easier now, something I never thought I’d say. We step into the shower, I’m still unable to work the fancy showers they have so I can only wait as he tries to pick the perfect temperature. When one is good enough he allows me to step under the water with him. We take turns washing each other with his body wash, he happily begins washing my hair when he suddenly tenses and screams, cling to me.

“What?” I try to see past time but he has me held up against the wall.

“There’s a ghost!” He yells holding me closer.

“Stop trying to scare me!” I push him away only for a second when I see a figure outside the shower. “Daddy!” I yell clinging to him.

“Hyung!” He screams. The bathroom door busts open followed by the glass shower door. Kris is standing there, his chest heaving, dressed in only a t-shirt and boxers.

“What the hell is going on?” He yells as he scans the situation, Tao and I holding our naked bodies together.

“Kris!” We both yell, going to him at the same time, wetting his clothes.

“You guys, what is going on?” Kris asks softer this time, he rests a hand on the small of my back while he holds Tao away from him.

Again, we yell together, “There’s a ghost!”

“Seriously guys? I told those guys watching a scary movie on your night with her was a bad idea,” Kris groans, he looks at me, “Your hair still has shampoo in it. Tao if you can’t bathe her properly, you won’t be allowed to do it again.”

“But the ghost,” Tao pouts.

“Finish washing her hair,” Kris steps away from us to leave.

“Wait!” Yet again, we both grab on to his hands.

I put on my cutest face, “Daddy Kris can you wait outside the shower for us?”

He scoffs, “Seriously?”

“Pretty, pretty please?” I beg.

He raises a brow at me, “What do I get out of this?”

“You can sleep with us tonight!” Tao offers.

“Fine,” Kris sighs, “Now you can go finish your shower.”

Tao and I smile as he closes the shower door but stays right on the other side like a guard. We quickly finish our shower, Kris hands us both a towel, he actually wraps mine around me personally. Tao grabs the pair of pajamas he picked out for me off his bed and quickly helps me pull on the cream silk nighty.

“I prefer when she wears a t-shirt,” Kris comments as he eyes me from where he is laying on the bed.

“She looks adorable in either, but I prefer her own pajamas,” Tao pecks my lips. I lay back on the bed, rolling across most of it to find Kris looking at his phone, while Tao goes to get himself dressed. Being stuck in between wanting to get back to my normal self and wanting to stay little so I can acted childish without being weird is one of the biggest struggles of my life. After a minute long debate in my head, my little side wins, allowing me to roll on top of Kris, purposely getting in the way of his phone, without feeling stupid.

“Does someone want attention?” Kris teases, putting his phone down on the nightstand.

Lying front to front I rest my chin on his chest to stare up at him, I nod.

“I’m happy to give you all the attention you want, that is, after I send a few more emails out,” He kisses my forehead before reaching for his phone again, holding it higher so I’m not in the way. Slightly annoyed I switch over so I’m on my back staring up at his phone that he quickly clicks to the home screen on.

“Top secret?” I question as I stare at the basic back round on his phone.

“It’s something for only big kids to worry about,” Kris’s voice is very firm. “How about you go play with Tao?”

Just as he says that Tao comes back into the room with a towel around his neck, “Is little Joo being needy?” The panda boy teases as he sits on the edge.

I roll off of Kris to go lay by Tao, “He’s doing top secret things that I can’t know about.”

“I think it’s time for bed,” Tao walks over to the light switch and turns it off, leaving us in darkness except from the light of Kris’s phone. Tao comes back to bed quickly, slipping both of us under the covers. Tao sleeps like Baekhyun, with his head in my chest, his arms around my waist while mine go around his head. It feels a lot different from the others who lock them selves around me while they sleep, keeping me from even going to the bathroom without waking them. Sleep isn’t far when Kris finally puts his phone down twenty minutes later, before snuggling up behind me. I can’t help but smile when he peppers my head with kisses, burring his face in my hair, enjoying the smell of my hair and my warmth.

“Good night baby and I’m sorry for not giving you my attention. If it helps at all, you are the center of attention in all of our lives now.”



“Baby, I’m going to need you to wake up now,” Tao shakes me a little more aggressive than needed, pulling me up into a sitting position. The bright light blinds me as I try and open my eyes, confusion for being so waken so suddenly and with such coldness in his voice. “Get dressed, I’ll be back in a minute,” Tao orders before quickly running out, dressed in a nice suit I’m reminded of the first night we met. But I push that memory out of my head as I scramble out of bed to find a stack of clothes for me on the night stand.

It’s only been two weeks but I hesitate dressing myself, feeling like an idiot for getting confused on how to dress myself. After a few mores seconds of my own stupidity I manage to get pull on the pair of holy blue jeans, an over sized gray sweater and a cute lettermen jacket to go over. On the floor next to the bed is a pair of tan timberlands that look way too small to belong to the boys. I drop to the floor to examine them, finding warm socks inside, I take a guess and figure they are mine, getting me to pull the on. Tao comes in a few minutes later, grabs my hand without a word and pulls me out of the room.

“What’s wrong?” I ask as I’m dragged to the front door where the others are waiting, but Kris, Luhan and Xiumin are missing.

“Good morning beautiful,” Lay kisses my cheek but even with that smile on his face I can tell something is off. They all seem cold.

“We are dropping you off at our company’s headquarters where the hyungs are.” Suho explains why I’m being thrown into the familiar van and driven into the city. The drive is quiet, which is surprising when I have Chanyeol and Baekhyun on either side of me, holding onto my hands mindlessly. We pull up to a massive glass building with people coming in and out and more walking up and down the street. I haven’t seen anyone but the boys since Friday night so going back into the real world feels weird. The van door slides open and I’m kicked out of the car on to the street, I glare back at the boys to find all of them with a warm look on their faces.

Suho smiles softly at me from the drivers side, “We will pick you up a little later, we just have to deal with some trouble. Go to the front desk and tell them you are here to see one of the hyungs alright?”

I nod, “Be safe.”

“No promises,” Kai gives me a grin before closing the door. I gulp when I see some kind of switch flip on them threw the window. Their warm smiles disappear replaced with a cold expression that makes me shiver. I watch them drive away before turning to stare up at the building. When I feel as if I stared enough and I can’t feel my fingers, I slip inside the heavy doors, stepping into the beautiful lobby. Finding the front desk isn’t a problem, but from the way the girl behind me is staring at me, I have a feeling she is going to be. I walk up to the desk resting my hands on the high counter that stops just below my chest, making me feel like a child.

“Can I help you with something?” She asks without even an attempt at a smile.

“I’m here to see Xiumin, Kris or Luhan.”

She scoffs, “Do you have an appointment?”

“I think so, I’m not sure.”

She rolls her eyes at me before looking down at the computer screen in front of her, “They are all booked, so try again later.”

“I was told to come in here and ask for them, so please call up there and ask for them,” I ask with as much politeness I can have with this bitch.

“I can’t call up every time some girl comes in here claiming to be dating one of them. If you are so close please call them yourself,” She smirks triumphantly.

I glare at her, “I don’t have my phone with me.”

“That’s unfortunate, please try again later.”

I huff, “Just give me the phone I will call up.”

“I will not be fired because of you.”

“Fine, if anyone asks you can just say I beat you up or something and you couldn’t stop me. If I’m lying you get to see me be taken away by security.”

She hesitates taking the offer, “Or I could call security now and watch you get carried out?”

I shrug, “That works, too. But what if I’m telling the truth, are you really going to loose your job because you are too rude to make a phone call?”

I can’t help but enjoy the glare she gives me as she picks up the phone to dial, “Hello Insoo-ssi, I have a guest down here who says she has a meeting with one of the chairmen.” She pauses, “Her name?”

“Jooyoung, if they hear it, they will know,” I answer; I watch her echo my name.

“She claims that if you tell them, they will know her.” She laughs, “I know I’m probably getting involved with some bitter ex but humor me.” There is another pause, longer than the others. After about another minute I can’t help but smile when the girl’s eyes go wide and she gulps nervously. “Yes, sir, right away.” She hangs up the phone before bowing deeply, “I’m so sorry for my rudeness, will you please accept my deepest apologies.”

I nod, “Yea, you are forgiven. Can you take me up?”

She nods right away, coming around the desk to lead me past security to a bank of golden elevators. We go to the lone one on the farthest wall, she pulls out a gold card and scans it to open the doors. After waving me in she press the button before stepping out, again bowing deeply. I can only imagine what was said to her, I kind of feel bad for the poor girl.

I stand in the golden elevator in kind of a sleepy trance, my mind tries to fully understand what could be going on, and what time it is. From the way they are dressed I’m guessing it’s related to their other business, something for only big kids to worry about. Oh god now I’m doing it to myself.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by the elevator doors opening to see two handsome men that I’ve never saw before. We all stare at each other a minute, one is taller than the other, with bleach blonde hair and a jaw that could cut a knife, he looks more like a model then a business man. The smaller one is handsome but pretty, something about him weirdly reminds me of Xiumin.

“You must be lost,” The tall one says with a soft smile. I don’t know why but I shrink into myself, feeling my childish side rear her head.

“What in the world is a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?” The smaller one asks, putting his hand out so the door doesn’t close.

“I’m, um, here to see the chairmen,” I answer meekly, staring down at my hands.

“Miss. Jooyoung?” Another man is behind them; he is a lot less intimidating with his soft features and warm smile. “Ah yes, it is you, I’m Mark. Please come in, they will be right out to see you.” He reaches past the two men to lead me out of the elevator into the smaller lobby.

“Are you close with them?” Blondie asks as him and his friend follow us into the lobby’s small sitting area. Mark sits me down in a large comfortable chair before turning around to deal with our followers.

“Sorry Sir, but I’m under strict orders not to let anyone near her,” Mark bows.

“We just asked a question,” The small one snaps back.

Mark gives them a fake apologetic smile, “Please forgive me, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave. If you have any issues please talk to my bosses, they would love to talk to you about it.”

“Fine, we will go, no need to get the broom,” Blondie raises his hands in defeat, a small smile still on his face. “It was very nice to meet you Miss Jooyoung. I hope we can meet again.” He gives me a small bow that I stand up to return.

“What a shame, I was hoping to get to know such a cute little thing like you. Definitely next time beautiful,” The small one winks at me before wandering away after his friend. I don’t know why, but I feel bad, like I did something wrong for becoming so meek in front of them. But something in their presence makes me feel like this, not the same as the warm feelings from my daddies; they feel more threatening. My alarms aren’t going off full force but that uneasiness is there; my hands are trembling.

“Little one?” Xiumin calls out, stepping out of one of the three double doors in the room.

“Xiumin oppa,” I answer, trying my best to shake the dirty feeling off of me. Xiumin comes over to me, placing his hands on the arm rests, caging me in to look me over.

“They saw you didn’t they?”

I nod, guessing he is talking about the two men from before.

“Are you okay?” He strokes my cheek gently, he holds my hand when he notices the shaking. “Mark, could you get her some hot tea with plenty of honey? I’m taking her into my office, tell the others when they are done.” Mark nods, giving me a concerned look before rushing off to do that for me. Xiumin picks me up and carries me across the lobby into his office, setting me down on the amazingly comfy couch. He sits down next to me, an arm around my shoulders, worry written all over his face. “Did they say something bad to you? Did they hurt you?”

I shake my head, “They didn’t do anything bad to me, I don’t know what it is but they scare me.”

He holds me tight, kissing my head, “It’s okay baby.” He leans away to look at me, a proud smile on his face, “Those alarms of yours’ are amazing. Keep listening to them.”

“Who were they?” He opens his mouth to respond but I cut him off, already knowing what is about to come out, “Someone a little girl like me shouldn’t worry about.”

Xiumin nods, “You’re getting so smart.”

“So it’s probably pointless to ask where everyone ran off to?”

He pouts cutely, “Why? Am I not enough for you?”

I giggle, “Of course you are good enough.”

“The others will be back in awhile, probably after lunch time, but how about some breakfast? Mark will bring us something to eat,” He kisses my forehead before getting off the couch to go back to his desk.

“Aren’t you going to sit with me?”

He shakes his head, “I need to finish some work first, then you can have all of my attention.”

I huff, I hate being little. I hate how much I want his attention and even with his promise of later, I’m annoyed that I don’t have it now. Never have I ever been such a spoiled brat when it comes to attention, I’ve always preferred it be on anyone but me, yet here I am with my heart breaking at the fact that I’m not the center of his attention or any of my daddies right now.

God what the hell is wrong with me?


This is the newest fidget toy in my life. I roll it back and forth while I am on phone calls all day. I also just rub it in my fingers like a worry stone most the day too. They are out of stock but should be back in soon. 

Simplicity (TadashixReader)

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: Tadashi (long time boyfriend) acting all OOC romantic and kissey, takes you up to a planetarium (set up with the readers favorite flowers all around and some really romantic song)


You rolled your pencil back and forth as you leaned over your lab table. The night had just begun, the sun going down only minutes ago. That didn’t change the amount of motivation or inspiration you had unfortunately.

Your lab door swung open and you looked up to see your boyfriend, Tadashi Hamada, smiling at you. He leaned over your desk and pecked your cheek. “Hello, beautiful,” he greeted you.

“Hey, babe. What’s up?” you asked casually, praying the next words were the ones you wanted to hear.

“Nothing. I just wanted to wish my girlfriend a happy anniversary,” Tadashi told you and rounded your desk to stand in front of you.

“You remembered,” you cheerfully said as Tadashi laughed.

“Of course I did. Now you’ve got about ninety minutes to get yourself home, get ready, and meet me in the courtyard for our date tonight,” he told you with a sly smile.

“Aw, dear, you know you didn’t have to do anything,” you told him. Tadashi just remembering and coming in to tell you was enough for you. You didn’t need any gifts or fancy dates; you had Tadashi, and that was all you could ask for.

“I know that sweetheart. I’ve known that since you told me that two years ago. And I did it anyway, imagine that,” your boyfriend teased. You laughed.

“What should I wear?” Tadashi thought about this for a second before pulling you to your feet. He fiddled with your hands and thought about it.

“Will you wear that blue dress? The one that I love?” he asked bashfully. You smiled and nodded.

“Of course. Only ninety minutes, huh? I’d better get going then,” you told him and pecked his cheek.

“Be safe. Love you,” he told you before grabbed your purse and you stepped out of your lab.

“Love you too!” Typically, you walked home from SFIT due to the short walk. But tonight, you found your heart bursting and your spirits bubbling. Your feet carried you quickly home, excited to see what Tadashi had planned for you.

You’d told your boyfriend long ago that you liked things simple; you didn’t need a big party with thousands of people. You loved him very much, and he knew how you felt about expensive gifts and jewelry. But he also had a good feeling you were going to like his surprise.

You walked into your apartment and waltzed into your bedroom. You managed to find time to take a quick shower before fixing your hair into a pretty up-do. You slipped on that blue dress- the one that was Tadashi’s favorite- and focused now on your make-up. You decided to keep things simple with your make-up and jewelry. You grabbed your purse and heels and glanced at the clock. Twenty minutes, perfect.

You walked over to SFIT in just ten minutes. You found your body full of energy and excitement. You walked over into the courtyard to see an empty green area. You looked around mysteriously until two warm hands came over your eyes. You smiled and placed your own hands over the stranger’s.

“Guess who?” you heard. You laughed and turned to see Tadashi smiling.

“You clean up nice,” you said as you noticed his collared button-up and dress pants. He smiled at your figure.

“You wore it,” he said quietly. “God, you wear that dress so wonderfully,” Tadashi sighed out.

“Well aren’t you the sweetest boyfriend?” you replied with a giggle. His eyes came back up to yours and he took your hand.


“Bring it on, Dashi.” He pulled you to the school’s small planetarium just outside the courtyard. You watched the building come closer with suspicion. “Where are we…”

“Close your eyes,” Tadashi requested with a smile. You raised an eyebrow and put your hands on your hips. You sighed and closed your eyes. You felt a soft fabric come across your face and twitched. “It’s just a blindfold,” your boyfriend reassured you. His hands landed on your shoulders and he guided you towards something.

“Is this really a good idea?” you asked as you flung your hands up to avoid hitting something.

“Relax, I’ve got you,” his warm breath hit your ear. You shivered and continued walking forward. Tadashi stopped you, but didn’t remove the blindfold. You could hear a mechanical noise and a small dinging noise. An elevator maybe?

The dinging noise was suddenly louder and Tadashi pushed you forward. Soft piano music graced your ears and the chill of night kissed your bare skin. Your hands fell to your sides when Tadashi stopped pushing you forward. You felt his hands come up behind your head and untie the blindfold.

Your vision refocused as you looked around and gasped. You were standing on the observation platform of the planetarium, looking out at the lights of San Fransokyo. The platform was surrounded with flowers of all different colors, mostly your favorite flowers. A picnic blanket was set in the middle with a few candles and a picnic basket. You noticed the music was flowing in from the intercom system.

“Tadashi, this is…”

“I know you’re a simple girl, as you say every year, but I love you so much and I wanted to show you,” Tadashi said from behind you. You turned around and beamed at him.

“Tadashi, this is…wow,” you sighed out before jumping up to hug him. He laughed as he returned your embrace with a smile. You reached up and kissed his cheek. “I love you so much,” you told him with your arms around his neck.

“I’m glad you like it. I was worried you’d be upset with it being ‘over the top’ or something,” he replied with relief. You shook your head.

“This is amazing,” you confessed.

“Hungry?” You nodded eagerly. “Good. Come along,” Tadashi told you as he took your hand and guided you over to the picnic blanket. Dinner was simple, sandwiches with some fruit and chips and lemonade to top it all off. You filled the air with lighthearted chitchat and jokes and laughs.

“How in the world did you manage this?” you asked after a while. You popped a strawberry into your mouth.

“I have a friend of a friend of a friend…that sort of thing. And I took on his homework for a few nights,” Tadashi shyly admitted. You were placed between his legs with your back to his chest.

“Aw, Dashi, you didn’t have to do all of this for me!”

“But I wanted to,” Tadashi admitted with a smile. You smiled up at your boyfriend and sat up. Tadashi stood and offered a hand to you as the music changed to a different piano piece. “Would the lady care for a dance?” You took Tadashi’s hand as he helped you up.

“She most certainly would.” The two of you danced across the platform, the only light coming from the stars now. Tadashi looked at your eyes, which were lit up by the stars above. The sight made him melt. “What?” you asked with a grin when you saw the way he was looking at you. Tadashi shook his head and spun you.

“You’re just so beautiful. How in the world do I deserve you?”

“I think it’s me that doesn’t deserve you,” you replied as Tadashi pulled you close again. He laughed.

“You’re right. You deserve better,” he told you.

“There is no better than the one here with me,” you sighed out happily. After three or four pieces of music, you sat next to your boyfriend and leaned onto his shoulder. You both looked up at the stars as they twinkled brightly. “This is incredible. I’ve never had a view this beautiful.”

“I have,” Tadashi told you and smiled down at you. You blushed and kissed him sweetly. Your eyes drifted to the sky as a shooting star crossed the sky. You gasped gleefully.

“A shooting star! Make a wish!” you told your boyfriend as you closed your eyes. You felt his breath on your ear before hearing his voice.

“I wish you’d marry me.”

4x14 - Recap
- Jude is taking really long showers, ‘if you know what I mean’
- I totally forgot Stef removed all the doors, genius!
- What a drama in here…
- Oh poor Jesus, just wanted to be a part of his family 
- Lmao, Mariana thinks she’s like the trending topic in school but srsly nobody really cares…
- So no baby Jemma??? :(
- Love Jesus his new helmet
- Also Love Jesus his new temper
- Is it bad that I’m not interested in all this random shit about Callie?
- Police system kinda sucks
- So much Callie storyline these days, booorrriiinnnggg
- I don’t want to see Emma cry, that so sad :(
- where is jude?
- They see me rolling, my eyes, back and forth, along the lights
- Lmao, Mariana being savage with her curtain…
- Sorry, I don’t need Callie in my life rn
- So Callie is gonna build an Ikea Cell, nice
- Eyoo, Brandon found a new girl! And she plays music
- Nvm, she got a boyfriend
- Bandon + Grace? Brace?? Grandon??
- Still no Jude, nor Noah…. I need Joah
- Lmao, why does Callie want to fix everything with some random art work, doesn’t work girl… Let me build an artsy cell, that will set me free!
- Brandon did something good! BRANDON DID SOMETHING GOOD…
- Jesus still loves Emma :O Idk why, but Jemma is so cute
- Getting tired of Callie always wanting to be right…
- Mariana your feelings are not that important… We don’t rly care about your break up or you being sad about Nickie…
- EMMA :(
- Oh god, she is pregnant :O
- Okay, so Jesus will be upstairs and hear the whole conversation, or he’ll see Brandon and Emma hugging and be jealous…
- Okay, never mind, wrong prediction.. just a little jealous, no hugging
- Please writers, don’t ruin Jemma
-  The doors are back :D Hold the doors!
- Yeah this artsy cell will definitely help you out, Callie
- Totally not realistic how she can make a complete cell and decorate it in 1 day…
- Unrealistic art standards are a thing!
- Yeah an anonymous twitter account, again, stupid idea Mariana
- Jesus ;(

- Jesus becomes the Hulk
- No Joah

Silver Tongue Pt.5

Warnings: Abuse, swearing, mentions of sex… yada yada

Word Count: 1,443

“How about a game, dolly?” 

You took the tray of cookies from the oven, and looked up to see J leaning against the wall shuffling a deck of cards in his hands.

“You read my mind deary.” You said while placing the cookies on a cooling tray.

Feeling two strong arms wrap around your waist, you turn your body to face J. You gazed in his blue eyes and went on your tiptoes so you could kiss him. 

“Could I interest you in a round of strip poker?” He purred against your lips.

A hour and 5 rounds of poker later you were stipped down to your bra and panties. While J on the other hand was fully clothed. He was hysterical with laughter rolling back and forth on the soft plush carpet.

“J.. it’s not funny!” you said trying and failing to hold back your own laughter.

“And it’s not fair of you to keep on your clothes with a body like that.” You giggled, while eyeing him up and down. 

“I could help with that ya know?” you said while reaching out for his chest to try and unbutton his shirt. 

“Now that would be cheating dolly,” he laughed while pushing your arm away. 

And cheating is against the rules, right?” you smirked.


 “And if someone were to be caught cheating?”

“Then they’d be punished for being very naughty,” he grinned.

“Well J, it looks like you’ve been awfully naughty.” You said while pulling a Joker card from his waistband. 

“Cause it seems you have a Joker in your pants.” 

“So It seems I do dolly,” he beamed, “but where it really wants to be is in yours.”

You broke into a fit a of giggles as he hovered over you and kissed your neck.

“Mmm” you let out a groan as your eyes became focused.

You were in a room with tiled walls tied to a surgical table. 

“Rise and shine sleepy head,” a deep voice called out to you.

 Unable to turn your head due the restraints around your chin and forehead you settled for calling out. 

“Who are you?”

 “I’m a little hurt you don’t remember me.” 

Remember him? A pit formed in your stomach knowing if it was anyone from your past, they were out for blood.

“Well, maybe if you weren’t so shy about showing that face of yours I might be able too.” you quipped in response. 

“You haven’t changed much Y/N. You’ve still got that silver tongue of yours.” He said while leaning his face over yours, so you were able to get your first good look at him.



He had shorter brown hair neatly shaped that laid flat on his head. He five o’clock shadow surrounded a almost too perfect nose, and his strong jaw.

“You remembered.” He smiled flashing his pearly whites at you.

James Eiker to put it simply was your only regret in life. He had been selected for the same government program as you. Being a year older than you he took to protecting you. If you were allowed to show feelings in that horrible place you might have shown them for him. You two fed off each other and gave one another the strength to carry on. That is until the night you were deemed ineffective for good. 

He had rushed into your quarters giving you the warning you would need to prepare. 

“Their coming for you. You must hurry and get ready!” he had shouted at you as you grabbed the gun from, under your pillow. 

“Let them come.” 

“I help you escape Y/N, I’ll distract them.” He said while making his way to the sound of the guards.

You made it through your escape route with only minor inconveniences. You were ready to make your break out the window to freedom. When James had shouted your name. You turned around to see him held at gunpoint by 10 of the guards. 

“Come down from the window and we will let him live!” The guard with his gun pointed at James’s head yelled at you.

 “Please Y/N.” James called to you. 

His big hazel eyes pleading for you to help him. You spared him a fleeting glance before you disappeared out the window.

“Surprised to see me?” he asked. 

“Only a little,” you smirked up at him.

 “I thought they would have killed you?” your voice lost any sass it contained, as you stared up at him. 

“No, what they did was much worse.” He stated simply as he straightened his back. 

“I regret leaving you that night,” you said.

 “I’m not sure you do Y/N… but you will.”

You heard the clanking sound of surgical instruments, when James’s face reappeared over yours. 

“Do you remember the book you stole for me when we were young? You got the hell beat out of you for taking it but you did anyways. As present for me.”

“I remember,” you stated, “It was Series of Unfortunate Events.” 

“And do you remember Count Olaf’s punishment?”

“Yes..” you said while trying to recall all the details. “Everything he did to the children was done to him.” you breathed out, as it finally clicked as to what he was getting at.

 “Well call me what you will, a copycat, unoriginal, but this opportunity seemed to good to pass up.” He said, his honey like voice filled with malice. 

You took a death breath calming yourself for what was to come. 

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THEY DID TO ME? ALL BECAUSE I HELPED YOU!!” He suddenly screamed at you, while slowly dragging a scalpel down your forearm. 

You bit the inside of you check to keep from yelling out. 

“But you know what the worse part was? Not the countless hours of torture and shock therapy, NO… It was taking you from me! The pain I felt when you were gone, was unimaginable. You see i’ve studied you for a while now Y/N. I know you’re with that clown. I know he’ll come for you. And when he does, I’ll be waiting for him!” 

And just like that he left the room clicking off the lights on his way out. Lying on the cold table, your breathing was the only sound. ‘Please don’t come for me J, Please. Please. Please.’ You begged him in your thoughts, as thick hot tears rolled down your face.

“If you moved any slower you’d be dead” 


“Oh,  wait you are now.” 

J had been having a lot of pissy fits throughout the past couple days. The process of trying to find where and who took you was a long and arduous one. As the minutes trickled by the more worried J became. When you were taken, it had awakened a beast inside him that he had no idea existed. 

Sure, he had plenty of demons and creatures calling his body home. But none so fierce and vengeful as this one. It had such a carnal desire for blood and revenge that constantly made J shake. If people thought he was a madman before, they should see him now. 

J was pacing back and forth behind his hackers and PI’s. There were 15 of them hunched over their computers furiously typing away. J knew his presence only made them more agitated, and type away even faster. He felt helpless he could only bark at them to find her quicker, or hurry up. So to help cope with his helplessness he began to imagine what he would do to the people who took his dolly. Something painful obviously. Something very long and very painful. These thoughts were the only things that could keep the monster inside him at bay. 

“Mister Joker, sir?… you might want to take a look at this.” His top hacker said, pulling him away from his destructive thoughts. 

J jerked his head to the large center screen on the wall.

 -Come and get her- 

the message read with a selfie of a hazel eyed, brown haired man smiling over your broken body. Another text came through, 

-72 Faxcol Dr. Gotham City, NJ 12345. I’ll leave the door unlocked.- 

J’s heart beat sped up. He looked around the room, all eyes were on him. 

“Well? What are you waiting for? We have somewhere to be.”