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now since you've got the idea in my head, what would scorpius and albus drinking giggle water include?

I think this goes without saying but… giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. They’re going to be ‘drunk’ on their own laughter before the alcohol even hits their bloodstream.

Scorpius is going to start giggling before he’s even tasted it. Albus isn’t surprised at all. He’ll roll his eyes but still offer Scorpius the bottle first. The instantaneous giggle surprises them both. Scorpius slaps both his hands over his mouth and stares at Albus, eyes wide like he hadn’t expected it to actually happen. The sight makes Albus choke on his own sip, and the half giggle half cough that erupts from him only sets Scorpius off again. No giggle water required this time. Eventually, the two stop laughing long enough for Albus to pass the bottle back to Scorpius. The next giggle was expected but it still tickles them both. Albus didn’t think it was possible for Scorpius’s giggles to be any squeakier. Scorpius thinks he’s one to talk, has he heard himself right now??? The bottle is passed back and forth as they lose themselves in laughter. They don’t even know what they’re laughing at anymore. Everything is just. so. funny. Unsurprisingly, they completely lose track of the time…

Their roommates find them in complete hysterics. Scorpius is rolling around on the floor. (The only thing that makes this different from any other night is the empty bottle on Albus’s bed.) Albus is holding his stomach, clearly in pain from all the laughing he’s still doing. He tries to wipe away the tears streaming down his face on the bed curtains but in his drunken state, leans too far over and falls flat onto the floor. The boys of the seventh year dormitory wince but still no one intervenes. They watch as Scorpius “shhh! they’ll see us!” Malfoy finally notices their presence and quickly rolls away under Albus’s bed to ‘hide’ from them. A bewildered (and possibly concussed) Albus looks rather alarmed as he’s suddenly pulled backwards by his ankles under the bed too. A few seconds later there’s a bang as someone smacks their head on the underside of the bed and then an arm emerges. It reaches up, grabs the pillow, and it too disappears under the bed. They decide to leave them to it.

Son (Lee Dong Wook)

Type: Fluff

You smiled as you fed Jaedol his bottle in the quiet apartment, his little hand reached up and touched your cheek. You turned your head and placed a kiss onto his hand. He smiled up at you as he finished his bottle. You heard the codelock beep before the heavy door opened “daddy is home” you coo as light footsteps came in as you sat Jaedol up. Dongwook smiled largely carrying in clothing bags and takeout both from overpriced places.

“I told you to stop buying so much clothing for him. He’s growing too much” you say as he simply pulls out japchae for you as you gave him a look. He sat down beside you leaning over and pressing a kiss to your lips. “Go eat” he said as you passed him Jaedol and the two males smiled largely at each other. “I’ll set dinner up for us then” you tell him “I’ll eat later” he told you. “I want to eat with you” you pout as he gave a smile and nodded.


Dongwook sat down beside you with Jaedol in his lap. Jaedol groaned as he watched noodles move in front of his face. “Mommy fed you already” he said as Jaedol reached over grabbing his fathers plate as Dongwoo moved it farther out and picked up a single noodle “one” he told Jaedol who happily ate the noodle. “He’s so cute” you say as you watched Jaedol try and eat the noodle. “He’s ours what do you expect?” he said as you chuckled at him.


Jaedol cuddled into Dongwook rocked him. “See he looks very handsome in his new pjs” he said to you as you two were in the bedroom. “He does but you bought him one for everyday of the week” you say as he nods. “I spoil him. He deserves it. He’s our baby” he told you. Jaedol whined as Dongwook cooed patting his back. “We should whisper” he said quietly as you simply laid down on the bed. “Before you get comfortable. Give your men a kiss” he said as you chuckle sitting up.

After 20 minutes you and your son were both out cold as Dongwook sighed cracking his neck as he walked over to the cushioned bed on the floor for him. almost right away Jaedol rolled over. Dongwook climbed into bed and got under the covers and wrapped his arm around you bringing you close.


ao3 (yoosung/reader, mature)

The dim lamp light is a comforting welcome when Yoosung opens the door. He takes his shoes off as quickly as possible, not bothering to change his clothes and face-plants himself right into his bed.

‘Hahh, so tired,’ he groans. Patting his pockets down, he fumbles around for his phone and brings it up to his face, wondering if you’ve called him. Swiping the screen, he grimaces at the glaring light and lowers the brightness.

‘It’s late… but maybe I can be a bit selfish and call her? Gah, I shouldn’t, she’s probably already asle-’

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A soft smile graced your lips with its presence as you climbed into bed beside Newt, your beloved husband. As soon as your head hit the pillow, he leaned over to press a kiss to your lips.

“I have a present for you,” he mumbled, rolling away from you to reach under the bed for something. He handed you a flat, rectangular package, neatly wrapped in brown paper. You raised your eyebrows slightly.

“A book?” you asked, tearing the paper carefully until the unwrapped gift fell into your lap. It was indeed a book, but-

“It’s your book!” you exclaimed in excitement, seeing the name embellished on the front cover, “Oh Newt, you didn’t tell me you were getting a copy today!”

“I wanted to surprise you,” he grinned, “That’s the first copy.”

“The first of many,” you added, smiling proudly at him, “I’m so proud of you, darling.” You leaned down to where he was lying to kiss him fondly.

“Go on then, have a read,” he encouraged with a shy grin, trying to hide how anxious he was about your opinion. You smiled softly down at him, opening the book to the first chapter.

“Wait, read the dedication!” Newt laughed, reaching up to stop you flipping the page, “You’ll like it.”

Slightly confused, you flipped a few pages back to a page that was almost blank, save for a few lines of elegant writing in the middle.

““For my dearest (Y/N)-”,” you read aloud, barely concealing your grin, ““-without whom this book and, indeed, this man, would not be half as interesting.”.”

You chuckled, looking down and meeting Newt’s adoring eyes.

“I love you,” you told him, running a hand through his tousled hair before kissing him softly. He smiled affectionately, taking the book from you to set it carefully on his bedside table, before pulling you into his arms with a kiss to your forehead.

“And I love you.”

A/N: I’d actually already written this so this was a perfect excuse to post! Hope you liked it :)

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Damian was peeved by Tims alarm going off like at every hour, and him just getting up and leaving. Damian is one of his bad days screams at Tim because of it. Dick is horrified and disappointed at Damian that he tells him to go apologize. When Damian enters Tim's room he finds that the room is FILLED with medication bottles, he realizes that Tim takes just about everything from depression to anxiety medication. He soon apologizes to Tim and even starts hugging him (because Dick says it helps)

(Can I make a small fic of this right here? Weave some of my soul into this?)

“Drake?” Damian steps into the room, the room usually locked out, the one with the wires and discs on the floor and books about science and law and Linux stacked neatly on the desk. The one with the poster of a punk rock band and picture frames of the entire family on the desk. 

Drake isn’t here. Damian wanted him to be here, not down in the Cave where his father would most likely listen in on his forced – but willing – apology.

It was rather out of place. It’s just an alarm going off: blaring, obnoxious, way too loud, and it’s almost like Drake wants it to be heard from across five different hallways, but still…it’s just an alarm.

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Just stay with me with Stony, if you would be so kind?

“Just stay with me, Tony,” Steve’s voice was like a muffled echo.

Tony blinked as bright, white lights shone in his eyes.

Shadows loomed around him. Voices shouted. It felt like he was moving, but he wasn’t. He was cold and covered in something that clung to his skin. Cooper assailed his nostrils.

Something warm squeezed his hand and then it was gone.

Tony could have sworn he heard Steve shouting before everything went black.

A soft and steady beep woke Tony.

Tony frowned, annoyed by the sound, but unwilling to open his eyes to see where it was coming from. He was lying on something uncomfortable and medical tape was wrapped around his arms. He could feel the needles under his skin. Tony wanted to roll away from the terrible bed and intrusions, but he could not find the strength.

The beeping increased and was no longer steady.

He sensed someone move beside him.

“Tony?” Steve’s large hand cupped Tony’s face. “You there, Tones?”

Tony cracked open one eye to glare at Steve. He hissed as the bright hospital light hit him in the eye.

Steve maneuvered himself so he stood between Tony and the light.

“You’re awake.” Steve sighed in relief.

“Please tell me you got the number of the truck that hit me.”

Steve chuckled, but it was full weariness. “You have no idea how relieved I am. It’s almost been a week and the doctors said—”

“A week?” Tony asked. “I slept for a week and I still feel like shit?”

Tony tried to sit up but fell back down. The beeping from the heart monitor increased then ease up once he surrendered to his weakness and let himself lay down.

“Do you remember what happened?” Steve asked.

“Black out at the tower, some asshole attacked, and I got hit with something before I could get to the armor.”

Steve nodded. “We captured our home invader, but all of us were scared that you’d been fatally hit.”

Steve reached down and squeezed Tony’s hand. “I don’t think I’ve been so terrified in years.”

“Well, I’m awake now, so let’s have a parade and get me out of here.”

“Tony,” Steve started, but Tony cut him off.

“I am not staying cooped up in here. I can get bed rest at home—hire a nurse for a few days if I have to.” Tony leered at Steve. “Unless you want to be my nurse.”

“I don’t have the legs for the outfit,” Steve stated.

“That’s fine. Nowadays everyone wears scrubs, and those cover everything. Although, if you want to wear a skirt, I wouldn’t be opposed.”

Steve snickered and kissed Tony on the forehead. “You’re incorrigible.” 

Nightmares. (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Nightmares. (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Angsty. Enjoy.

“Miss (Y/L/N),  Mister Barnes is in distress. Under orders from Captain Rogers, when James is in the state you and him are to be alerted,” FRIDAY woke me up. You looked at the clock and groaned. You hardly gotten an hour of sleep after a long day at S.H.I.E.L.D. You also groaned because you and Barnes weren’t the best of friends.

You two were connected. Not like how Barnes and Rogers were, nor how Romanoff and Barnes were. More like the way Stark and Barnes were.

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), there was a family of four. A mom, a dad, a brother, and a little sister. The parents were spies and the siblings were a little too smart for their age. Almost Tony Stark smart. The family got on Hydra’s radar and were eliminated. Except for the little girl. She was the only one that survived.

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While up late working at your computer, you see one of those disgusting, many-legged house centipedes skittering around on your floor, and resolve to kill it before it gets away. Wielding a rolled-up magazine, you chase the centipede under the bed; but as you stick your arm and head into the dark void beneath the bed skirts, you are seized with a sharp, sudden dread and quickly withdraw back into the brightly-lit room… only to discover that now, they are everywhere.

Hint of Whisky... (Dean Winchester/Reader)

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You’d been having a shit week…

You sighed leaning your head against arms that were firmly planted on the counter of the kitchen. Your eyes snapped open when you felt two warm hands roll over your hips. The sound of Dean’s gruff voice washed over you, “How long have you been here? I didn’t hear you come into the bunker.”

You took a deep breath in, “Because I walked in real quiet like.”

He smiled a little wrapping his arms around you tightly. You loved when he pressed himself against you, but tonight you just tensed up, “Babe?”

“Sorry…I’m just…” You sighed standing up a little glancing back it him, “It was a rough case…”

“Want to talk about it?” He asked as you turned around in his arms.

“Not really…” You looked at him and smiled a little seeing him ask again in his eyes, “Just…didn’t get there fast enough…”

“You can’t save everyone.” He whispered gently pulling you closer.

“I know…” You nodded taking in another breath, “I know…I’ve been doing this for ten years…you think it’d get easier.”

“Babe…” He rubbed his hands up and down your arms, “We’ve all been there, and it never gets easier. “

You looked at him for a moment longer before leaning into him wrapping your arms around him, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He smiled holding you tightly before his hands moved down hoisting you up onto the counter.

You looked at him smiling seeing that mischievous glint in his eyes, “What are you doing?”

“My lady is distressed…” He smirked letting his hands roam over your legs, “I think it’s important for me to make you feel better.”

“Oh you think so, huh?” You put your hands on his arms, “I suppose I’ll have to reward you for the thoughtfulness.”

“Well…only if you want…” He practically purred as he leaned forward kissing you.

Dean definitely had a way of making you feel better. In every way. Later you rolled in bed under his arm pushing it away only to have it wrap around you tightly, “Dean…”

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked not opening his eyes holding you in place.

“You didn’t give me a chance to shower.” You tried moving his arm again with no success.

He opened his eyes moving right up to you, “You smell great.”

“I smell like sweat and blood…” You told him as he looked down to you.

“And a hint of whisky. “ He smiled at you, “You should bottle it up and sell it.”

You looked at him reaching up with your hand running a hand through his hair getting a satisfied look from him, “Make you a deal?”

“Oh?” He asked curiously.

“Take a shower with me.” You said licking your lips.

He looked away as if considering before looking back to you, “I suppose…if you’re twisting my arm.”

Oh yes…Dean always knew how to make you feel better.