rolls around on the ground;

Drabble #2 – Destiel for fiction-is-air prompt: 

“It’s snow, Cas, not an AK-47.”

The angel directed his gaze back to the calcified rainwater in his hands, looking more disconcerted than reassured. “But Dean, if it can cause physical damage it’s hardly a sport.”

“Alright, fine,” Dean surrendered (definitely not because of those righteous baby blues of his that bored past all his lame ass pop-culture references and into his soul, thank you very much), snatching the lumpy snowball from his gloved fingers. He bent down, dragging it across the ice-slick ground before rolling it around a few times in his hands. “Let’s make a snowman.”

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Creed: *trains for 30*

Creed: *plays chuck it for 15*

Creed: *plays in water and chases spray from a bottle for an hour*

Creed: *goes on an hour walk*


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I can just imagine like after Bucky recovers his memories and everything and is living with Steve in the tower and like they're just sparring together and the other avengers are just hanging out around the tower and then all of a sudden they just hear Steve yell "what the hell Bucky I told you no dick grabbing that's cheating" and then Steve and Bucky come back from sparring to see all of the avengers and they just start teasing Steve and Bucky

But can you imagine Steve’s revenge for the dick-grabbing???

He’s like, “oh, two can play at that game, Barnes,” and then lets his gym shorts slide dangerously low, halfway down his ass and gives Bucky a nice view.

Bucky’s like, “jesus, give a man a heart attack,” and then tackles him to the ground and they roll around for a little while.

When the Avengers see them next, they’re disheveled and Steve has beard burn everywhere and Bucky’s looking smug as shit.

“Disinfect the gym,” Clint hisses at Tony. “Stark? Stark. Disinfect the fucking gym.”

Natasha just laughs.

Hello kind anon~ Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy! (This was rlly cute btw)

Jin: Sorry jagi! I have to cook for us. I’ll be done soon.

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Suga: I can’t produce music without you looking absolutely adorable.

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Jimin: *giggling* I think I need to be distracted more often.

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V: *gets on the ground and rolls around with you*

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J-Hope: You look adorable! I’ll have to pay more attention to you~

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Rap Monster: I was reading a philosophical book, why are you rolling on the ground?

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Jungkook: Jagiya, what are you doing?

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                        ❝Get up–❞

          The words were an order. One Derek wasn’t
          necessarily entitled to give but one he’d give
          anyways. Teeth bared Derek stood over Isaac. 

                         ❝I said get up…❞

            He had to admit that the two had been at
            this for a long time— probably too long.
            Taking a step back, rolling his shoulders
            Derek could feel his muscles tensing. Any
            chance that they’d be sore leaving almost
            as quickly as the thought even entered his
            mind. He was taxed— tired and another round
            of being slammed into trees wasn’t sounding
            all that appealing. Derek though wasn’t going to
            be the one to give in.

     He felt the ground move– heard the creaking of
     bones that had started to heal as Isaac started
     moving from the ground. Rolling his neck he
     turned around.

                            ❝Took you long enough.❞

                   Digging his feet into the ground he
                   prepared for the impact. For being
                   as skinny as he was Isaac knew
                   how to throw his weight around to
                   cause the most damage.

         When his shoulder came into contact
         with Derek he let out a growl. He’d
         been braced for an impact that wasn’t
         quite that— His feet slipped a little and
         it was just enough and when Isaac
         crashed into him a second time Derek
         flew backwards into one of the trees. 

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can you tell us about how you met your wonderful boyfriend??? you guys are just the cutest together, and I'm really glad that he makes you so so happy. <33

Eric and I first met in January almost about 2 years ago now.
I was at a show with my friends having a great time when Common Tongue got on stage and I saw Eric going totally wild on stage the way he does jumping off, falling down the stairs, rolling all around on the ground, dancing all goofy. And I just was totally in love. They played some minor threat covers and I sang right along with him and he said that night he recalls thinking “who is this really pretty girl singing minor threat with me?!” At one point he ran off stage and disappeared to puke, then reappeared in the exact perfect timing to finish the song.
I went up to him after the show and said “Hi! I’m Kayla!” And he was having a smoke and huddled up in a hoodie being all shy and told me he was Eric but didn’t say anything else, so I walked away.
Later (forgetting he had puked) I offered to share fun dip with him and he said no. So I totally thought that he didn’t like me at all. I was pretty sad.
My friends even tried to set me up with his brother at one point but that’s another story.
About 2 weeks after I met him, I went out to a show where we all wore pajamas and Eric showed up wearing a Doctor Who robe and I just was thinking “Ok. Fuck you dude. You’re perfect and you need to be mine.” Spent then whole night trying to talk to him and only got a bit of conversation out of him. Added him on Facebook eventually (apparently I sent the request while he was looking at my page wondering if he should add me). We found out that we both liked Pat the Bunny and all his projects and I invited him to see Pat with me and he couldn’t make it, but after the show I ended up at a party snuggled up next to him by the fire.
At that point we were nearly inseparable.

Carson was not the type to enjoy her witch powers, they reminded her of the horrible person her mother was and was trying to make her. She was trying her hardest to waste all her power and it wasn’t working really all she was doing was setting fire to any and everything next to her. She hit something with one of her fire beams that wasn’t exactly having being burnt so it ricocheted and hit her instead, setting just her entire person ablaze. “Oh fuck me. I didn’t even ask for this. I don’t fucking want this!” she complained as she dropped to the ground and started to roll around to put out the flames. She turned over after she was out and saw a person standing nearby, “Are you just gonna stand there and watch or are you going to try and run away screaming at the crazy hybrid who can even control the powers she doesn’t even want?”

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TBH, you're one of the coolest people I've met on Tumblr. Thank you for being a bro (you're so kind!), pointing things out that caused me to realize and understand more about myself (you're so observant!), and being such a genuinely kind and laid back chill person! I follow a lot of people now but you're one of the few people who I'll make an effort to visit your blog so I won't miss any of your posts in the mess that is my dash. I love all your stories, blingees, art, and cat posts. <3 u BRO!!!

S-senpai!!! I AM ROLLING AROUND ON THE GROUND AND SCREAMING! Thank you so, so much! I love you too and I’m SUPER HAPPY that we are COOL BROS 4 LIFE!


Become a pile of Pancakes ! 

Roll around on the Ground ! 

Pet a random dog ! 

Take funny pictures of yourself! 

Eat a cactus ! ! 

Do Whatever you want until someone tells you otherwise …. then keep doing what annoyed them >:D 

My nephew learned how to tie his shoe this weekend. It took two nights, a handful of stubbornness, a few crying fits, and ample pep talks, but he nailed the tie on the night of Zora’s party. As a result, there were at least 10 people present to witness his milestone. And. We. Went. Nuts.

I told him I’d roll around on the ground once he got it, and I instantly grabbed him and did just that. It was so exciting to see how proud he was. To be the curator of that experience. That feeling of accomplishment. He woke up the next morning, hugged me, and immediately asked where his tying shoes were. I wanted to melt. I promised him a pair of “swim shoes” and some kite flying if he learned how to tie his shoes, so I kept my end of the deal. The irony of him wanting slip on shoes in response to learning to tie laces isn’t lost on me. Nonetheless, it definitely added to the magic of this weekend. Proud aunts be like…

maldagger replied to your post:I have never felt so unsafe in this park as I did…

Elaborate, please?

How much time do you have?  I’ll try to make this concise.  We have a team that moves plywood in front of the lift as it rolls around the park (otherwise it tears up the ground).  The team is mostly young women (me, the two house managers, the sound engineer, the ASM, and the M.E.), plus two soft-spoken guys (lift op and deck supervisor).  We stayed after tonight to changeover the lights for tomorrow’s show and as we were refilling the lift with gas, we heard a man shouting over at us from the tennis courts.  He wasn’t making sense and we all ignored him.  Suddenly, he was there by the lift (in flip-flops, with his dog) as we were trying to move plywood again.  He was asking questions about Shakespeare and tech and actors (and questions that didn’t make sense at all, he was messed up).  We had to be careful about where he was in relation to the lift so we didn’t run him or his dog over, but he was harmless (just annoying).

Then he started asking our deck supervisor (”E”) which one of us (the girls) he would “have.”  E shut him down, saying, ”C’mon man, we’re trying to work, leave us alone.”  But the man wasn’t having it.  He kept asking, persisting with more (and worse) questions about us while we continued to work.  At this point, it was just E, the girls, and this man (and his dog) on the ground (our male lift-op was up in the air/truss).  It was at this point that we noticed another man had come down into our end of the house to watch us (us, the girls, not the lift or truss work), and another man was standing at the top of the sidewalk, blocking it.  We decided to get out of there, but the first man was standing in the way of the lift, so we asked him repeatedly to move.  He kept asking his sometimes-creepy sometimes-nonsensical questions.  I finally interrupted our soft-spoken E and told the man that it was a safety issue, that he and his dog had to back up by the trash can up the hill so we could get our work done safely.  He laughed, started talking/rambling about life being short, and I said, “Sir, life is gonna be a lot shorter if you get hit by this lift.”   He then asked sharply how old I was, and I said that I was old enough and that that’s all he needed to know.  He said, “Listen, my girlfriend is the whitest bitch…” and that’s all I listened to before putting my hands up to cut him off and demanding that he clear off the premises.  I threatened to call the police (their substation is located on park grounds), and he looked down and started mumbling stuff, but looked like he was going to leave.  Then he got in my face and said, “Call them motherfuckers, bitch!”  I walked away, pulling out my phone as E stepped between us.  By the time I had the phone number on my screen, the man was gone.  We parked the lift and got out of the park, asking a nearby cop to patrol the area to make sure the guy didn’t do any damage to our equipment in retaliation.

I thought that was it, but then our M.E. returned to the park by herself to get her laptop from the booth (located far from the incident location and close to the parking lot).  The man popped out and starting saying nasty things to her, and she pointed to a nearby (vacant) cop car and told him the police were looking for him.  He left quickly and she stayed on the phone until she got back to her car.

This is our second night of having the full plywood-team on duty, and it just so happens that the team is mostly female and thus presents a huge target to all of the park weirdos (who are already attracted by the interesting work going on with the lift).  I am angry and a little freaked out and I do not want to go back tomorrow night.  I’d rather deal with a torn up ground than risk anyone’s safety over midnight plywood duty.

im honestly on the floor screaming right now i can’t do this holy shit it’s only vidcon day ONE and im on the ground rolling around in emotional pain i love dan and phil SO MUCH