rolls around because this is dumb

Prompt from anon. Bughead in assembly and they’re sitting in the back. Betty keeps reading Jughead’s writing over his shoulder until he gets really pissed.

don’t bug me


He doesn’t even turn around, just shakes his head as his pen flies over the notebook spread on his lap.

Betty rolls her eyes and nudges the back of his seat with her knee. “Psst!”

Jughead’s pen stops scratching and he finally looks over his shoulder, his jet black hair falling in a wave over his forehead from under his beanie.

“What?” He hisses, a little too loudly, and he gives a dirty look when someone shushes him from the row in front of him.

“Whatcha writing?” She’s playing dumb because she knows full well what he’s writing but he gets this cute little crease between his eyebrows when they are furrowed in annoyance.

“Leave me alone,” he says without heat before turning back around. She waits until she can see his pen moving furiously over the paper before she taps him on the shoulder.

“Juggie…lemme see,” she whispers, her whole body leaning forward so he’s the only one that can hear her. Everyone else is focused on Mr. Weatherbee’s speech about proper lunchroom etiquette. Betty couldn’t care less and obviously Jughead doesn’t either since she hasn’t seen him look up at the principal once since he’s been on stage. “Juggie…”

“Not a chance,” he mumbles and she rolls her eyes.

“I know it’s your book,” she says, her neck arching to try to catch a peek. “Come on, I won’t tell anyone what you say, I promise.”

“Bets,” he sighs and turns around, his face right in front of hers because she didn’t have time to sit back. His eyes dart down her face and back up again, just once quickly, before they settle onto her own. “No one is reading this until it’s finished.”

“Why?” she whines. “It’s not like I’m in it so why can’t I read a little?”

She watches in curiosity as Jughead’s cheeks darken, a blush creeping over his face as he squirms a little in his seat.

“Juggie, am I in your book?”

He tries to shrug noncommittally but she knows she’s caught him. “Maybe, I dunno. Does it matter?” He’s getting defensive and it’s one thing to rile Jughead up. It’s a whole other ballgame to actually make him angry.

“Sorry, Jughead,” she says when she sees that he’s actually getting upset. “I’ll drop it.”

After the assembly is over, she makes her way to her locker to drop her books before her next class. When she opens her locker door a folded piece of lined paper floats down and lands at her feet.

She’s grinning as she reads his small slanted handwriting on the page.

And even though the girl next door could be pushy and a little annoying, he knew that one day she’d break through his stubborn walls to find the man underneath. In a dark town full of secrets and deceit she was an honest breath of fresh air. A shock of sunshine against a pallor moon. Bright and unyielding gold to counter his somber blue.

Her teeth are digging into her bottom lip by the time she finishes reading. She folds the paper carefully, clutches it to her chest for just a second and tucks it into her history book before closing and locking the door.

Later on at Pop’s, when she slides into the booth next to Jughead and across from Archie and Veronica, she’s wearing a smile so wide she’s afraid she might break her face.

“What’s got you so happy?” Veronica asks with a smirk and Betty reddens when the entire table looks her way.

“Nothing,” she shrugs, her eyes darting over to Jughead. “Just happy, I guess.”

Jughead grins as he pops a fry in his mouth. “Always the little ray of sunshine.”

Archie and Veronica both laugh before going back to their conversation but Betty doesn’t miss the little smile that crosses Jughead’s lips before he digs into his food.

She’s smiling herself as she takes a sip from the milkshake that was waiting for her when she sat down and she knows he was the one to order it. She might be the gold to counter his blue but she doesn’t need to break down his walls to find the man underneath.

Because she can already see him.

Some Guzma Headcanons
  • Guzma loves piercings and has his nose and tongue pierced 
  • He tends to be really clingy and needy with the person he likes
  • He really likes the color purple (its probably his fav)
  • He likes to sleep in a bed that’s as big as possible because he rolls around a lot at night time
  • Guzma has really bad taste in music and likes super cheesy hip hop songs that he unironically jams out to at loud volume
  • He loves video games. He likes shooter games and Overwatch would probably be one of his favs. He likes good characters too
  • He’s into horror films but he likes to watch them with others (as a group of as a date) because he secretly gets a bit creeped out sometimes
  • He just… He just wants to be a bug type trial captain… Let Guzma be a trial captain 2kforever
  • He watches YouTube lets plays
  • He loves memes. Even the dumb ones
  • Guzma gets really paranoid when h sees chain posts and usually passes them on to everyone and people get so mad at him for it
  • He has a really loud obnoxious laugh. But its kinda cute
  • His voice is naturally very loud and booming, and he’s kind of tone deaf
  • He wears makeup, specifically eyeshadow and eyeliner. Plumeria and him share makeup tips sometimes
  • He’s incredibly ticklish and he hates being tickled because he starts crying from it

So time for dumb headcanon, Halloween rolls around and Victor decides that he wants to celebrate by watching scary movies with Yuri. See, this is a great idea because Yuri will get spooked and Victor can hold his hand and cuddle him during the scary parts and it’ll be great. But he needs some super scary ones to be sure this works, so he asks around and finds out Minako is a horror movie connoisseur and gets her to loan him the scariest ones in her collection. It’s fine, Victor doesn’t spook easily! This couldn’t possibly backfire!

So he convinces Yuri to join him for movie night and gets them all nice and cozy on the couch and gets the movie started, waiting for Yuri jump into his arms in a moment of terror….except wow, this movie is….pretty scary. Actually really really scary. And Yuri does indeed jump and grab at Victor at the first big scare, and promptly lets go and laughs sheepishly about it. Hopefully he’s too distracted to notice that Victor was clinging pretty tight to him too. But the scares keep coming and finally Victor slips and grabs for Yuri’s hand and Yuri finally realizes that Victor is just as scared as he is. Which Victor denies when Yuri asks, but eventually he has to abandon his pride and cling onto Yuri because dammit, this movie is just too much. How embarrassing.

The good news is Yuri actually agrees to sleep with him after the movie because there’s no way either of them can handle going to bed alone after getting so spooked.

Oh look, another dumb crappy comic! lmao Seto ranting about some shit. Probably involving Yuugi and his friends. This is it. This is the show.

This was way funnier in my head. I had this idea a while back and wanted to scribble it out before I forgot about it again. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head, it’s just a matter of digging through them. I’ll need a shovel.

Serial Killer Arin- Bits

This is the bits and pieces from what I had of a serial killer!Arin au before. It jumps around a little, but I thought maybe you guys would dig it! 

“You couldn’t be more obvious if you tried,” Suzy says as she sits down at the little flimsy table in their hotel room.

Arin turns away from the window, pausing the cloth in his hand where he’d been meticulously cleaning the already sterling silver of his knife.

“What do you mean?” He asks her. Though he’s playing dumb, because he’s good at it. He’s used to it.

“Fuck off, you know exactly what I mean,” she says, rolling her make up lined eyes at him. “I’m talking about your kills recently.”

“What about ‘em?” Arin turns back to the window, watches people milling about in the parking lot. His hand strokes over his knife.

“Gee, maybe just the fact that every guy you’ve gutted these last few days have looked like Dan.”

Arin freezes, his hand suddenly tight around the handle of the knife.

“Don’t-“Arin starts but Suzy scoffs.

“Arin, you’re getting real fucking soft on me. Soft people don’t do shit besides get in my way.”

Arin recognizes the tone, the annoyance. Suzy is better at this. He just needs to remember that. There’s something mucking everything up, his brain and organs all muddy. The last few kills haven’t even been that satisfying. Maybe Suzy is right. Arin is looking for dark hair and dark eyes, but it’s never in the right form.

“Fine,” He says, “I’ll kill a girl tonight. You’re pick.”

Suzy moves towards him, slides in his lap and Arin is careful to move the knife from her reach. She kisses him once lightly, smearing purple lipstick against his mouth.


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Calum’s instagram story just now omg just like imagine you and cal both are having a lazy day so you snuggle on the couch together under a blanket and lay there all day just watching tv and being bored because there’s nothing to do and the whole time you’re both just making dumb jokes and doing ridiculous things to distract from the fact that there’s nothing better to do. And one of you keeps falling asleep but then the other gets lonely then they annoy you and you end up pushing each other of the couch and rolling around in the floor and kill me now pls this is too cute bye


Because Gavril totally has a snapchat. There is no way he doesn’t. And he’s definitely sending this to Keagan (Karkat), who is rolling his eyes on the other end and agreeing that yes, Gavril, your other dumb boyfriend is cute.

Haven’t mentioned this yet in this AU, but Gavril’s polyamorous and in a relationship with Travis and Keagan both, which is to parallel Kar<>Gam<3Tav which I love. Need to get around to drawing Human Vantases so I can share more.

if you’re sad about today’s episodes just imagine this:

  • Robert and Aaron making dumb dubsmash videos at 3am even though they both have work in the morning  (✿ ♥‿♥) 
  • Aaron moaning at Rob that they’ve run out of white wine at a dinner party they’re hosting together at their house (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Robert and Aaron slow dancing together at The Woolpack after one too many pints and Diane telling them she has to start closing up now
    (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Aaron not being able to stop laughing whilst Robert chases him around their living room because he stole the TV remote  (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Robert rolling his eyes and trying not to fond too much at a little note with a love heart left on his pillow when Aaron left for work in the morning  (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Aaron blushing bright red when Robert leaves a bouquet of roses on his desk at the scrap yard (leaving Adam a laughing wreck at the door of course) (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Robert jumping at a scary part of a movie and Aaron teasing him but squeezing his hand to let him know he cares really (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Aaron and Robert sitting down for a meal with Chas and Paddy and when Robert leaves for the toilet Chas pats her son’s hand and gives him a wink and a smile (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Robert ruffing up Aaron’s hair and calling him a ‘cute wittle puppy’ in a baby voice leaving Aaron sulky until he mutters back “am not a puppy” 
     (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Robert confessing to Andy that he wants to marry Aaron and Andy starts getting brotherly emotional until he’s one cute memory away from crying   (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • Robert taking Aaron somewhere ridiculously expensive for their honeymoon just for the two of them to wind up in some dingy pub drinking cheap pints and giggling like school kids at the options on the jukebox  (✿ ♥‿♥)

That is all.

My aesthetic: Everyone else’s villains being unaffected by their heroes but then when they see Batman they freak.

Example: Captain Cold just laughs and rolls his eyes at Flash, but Batman takes a slight glance at Cold and he freaks out and turns himself in at Iron Heights because he might as well.

Another example: When Batman comes to Metropolis to team up with Superman, one of Superman’s big and terrifying villains is just like “Nah man that’s Batman of course I’m gonna lose-”

Bonus points if Batman isn’t even trying to do these things(Although he’s proud of it because that means they won’t be dumb around him) he just is absolutely scary to everyone.

Sometimes I think about Entry 48 and laugh a whole lot.

Because you’ve got Jay following Alex, which, y'know, you can’t really fault him for seeing as how Alex was his only lead, and he seemed to be doing a pretty okay job at not being noticed. Until now. Because for fuck’s sake Jay

If this is your idea of being inconspicuous, I think we need to have a talk. And of course, we won’t even talk about

But the absolute BEST PART of this that I only just realized is that Jay parked his fucking car in the same parking lot that the characters usually use, in the row of spaces closest to the road that Alex drove in on.

Like, no wonder Alex knew he was there from the moment he walked into the park.

ok but can bellamy and lexa as bros please become a thing i am so tired of seeing people fight over them please imagine them staring each other down and steadily getting alcohol poisoning during drinking games because they both refuse to give in. please imagine them trying to outdo each other to win clarke’s affection, but then bonding over their scars and war stories. please imagine bellamy tossing lexa over his shoulder when she refuses to laugh at his dumb jokes. please imagine him making stupid faces whenever she gives a pretentious speech, and her rolling her eyes sarcastically when he gives his rousing battle cries. please imagine him flicking her in the forehead whenever she refuses to speak english around him. please imagine them speed walking everywhere, racing to get there first. please imagine them fist bumping for literally any reason. please imagine them elbowing each other in the sides like the children they are. please imagine clarke and indra steadily getting more exasperated with them. please imagine bellamy replacing lexa’s war paint with mud or smth, so she steals all his books. please imagine the epic prank war that ensues until clarke forces them to call a truce, but they both cross their fingers behind their backs. please imagine lexa mocking bellamy while he tries to swim, and then him shaking all the water off on her like a dog.

please please please imagine them getting drunk together and at first they’re both still angry and hurting and hate each other, but slowly they open up and realize they may be different, but they still have a lot in common. imagine them waking up on the ground, hungover, trying to pretend last night didn’t happen, avoiding each other all day. imagine them realizing that’s stupid; they actually work pretty well together, when they try, and anyway they should set the good example. imagine lexa finally understanding why he was too important for clarke to give up, so she goes up to her with no explanation, and says “you were right.” imagine clarke telling bellamy about the kiss, and he teases lexa about it for weeks. imagine everyone else being bewildered and a little scared by this strange new friendship. imagine people thinking they’re hooking up!! and they don’t even realize what all the snide jokes and glances mean until clarke awkwardly asks about it, and bellamy and lexa look so disgusted and can’t even look at each other for days.

“She’s my friend, we’re just friends!” he tells Raven, still looking a little sick.
“You don’t have friends,” Raven says, clearly amused. “Not ones who are girls, anyway. You have fuck buddies, and adopted kids, that’s it.”
“I have friends,” Bellamy argues, petulant. “You’re my friend.”
Raven raises a brow. “We didn’t even like each other until after we fucked, and don’t try to tell me you don’t think of me as one of the kids, now. You just brought me a sandwich.”
“Clarke’s my friend,” he says, but Raven just gives him a look, because she doesn’t need to say it.
“We’re just friends!” He storms out of the tent.

imagine everyone betting on when he and lexa are going to kill each other, over clarke. imagine how over time, their friendship evolves from petty rivalries and smirks, to genuinely caring about each other. imagine bellamy and clarke influencing lexa to slowly open up her emotions, realizing they’re strengths and not weaknesses. imagine bellamy being the first to make her realize that she can have friends and feelings without being a weak leader. imagine her seeing him sacrifice, day after day, for his people, but in a way that builds him up and makes him happy, instead of tearing herself apart trying to always make the hard choice. imagine them learning from each other and growing as individuals. imagine clarke watching them forgive each other for everything that’s happened, and realizing that if they can do that, then she can forgive herself.

imagine them being HAPPY and working TOGETHER and everything is GOOD and NICE

The guy who...

…begged his friends to make sure he understands Love (because he doesn’t really) is suddenly making public romantic declarations on behalf of another person, without even bothering to talk to the other people involved?

I mean, I’m just saying.

This is chaos.

I love it.


But seriously Farkle, how hard would it have been for you to, I don’t know, TALK to Lucas or Maya at any point ever instead of just Riley Riley Riley? Or to, I dunno, blab your mouth when it’s just the four of you instead of everyone you know milling around? I mean, honestly. You poor dumb cinnamon roll. You know n o t h i n g. 💛