Finished piece of the Rollplay Mirrorshades group.

I had so much fun with this. There’s a lot of stuff I wanted to put in there but edited out, the biggest being Mr. Extreme in the upper right corner (alas, it was too cluttered with him in there). But I did try to keep in a few easter eggs, like the NERPS logo on B0nB0n’s shirt, the black feather on Breakdown’s necklace, and (this one ended up impossible to see, but) the lace print on Nightsass’ shirt actually reads NightSass.

This was such a fun show and an interesting setting, I’m glad I got to finish a fanart for it. I wish it had been done by the show’s big finish, but oh well, you can’t have everything.

Rough map concept for my pathfinder group. Filling in details as I think of good names.

Decided to use a blocky Pokemon game style layout just so the map would be clearer and easier to replicate. Now that I have general land mass shapes down it’s about filling in rivers, cities and mountains now!

After marathoning the tabletop streaming series ‘Swan Song’, I decided to make some fanart of my favorite relationship on the show; Piani Pic and her AI buddy Pi (in the body Piani created for them).

Piani didn’t have any sort of description on the show, so I always imagined her as a bit of a punk. The descriptions of Pi-bot were basically that it had parts coming from different places, one big arm and a screen for a face. I also tried to borrow a little color inspiration from Chappie with the blue and the orange since Piani’s player mentioned it as an inspiration.

PS: The characters on her arm read ‘Pi An Ni’ in Chinese characters (Mandarin and Cantonese are the native languages of Piani’s home planet).

Come inside, my minions are waiting

Today I want to inspire, today I want to be simple, today I want to create a sample dungeon for all those DMs out there searching for ideas.

Feel free to steal and don’t worry about giving credit, this isn’t about me, its about you. It’s for those DMs pressed into a session an hour from now and haven’t created anything, it’s for those who are in a creative block and need a band aid for a session till their creative juices return, it’s for new DMs learning the trade. So get your printer ready, today is your lucky day. Here, I present to you a dungeon for your campaign.

Level: this is where you come in, everything I put are suggestions, not skill checks, saves, that is up to you to scale based on what level your players are. What I do, however, is give you a description, a basic story and setup.

What you need to know: A God has imprisoned a creature, or nemesis, and the people who have died from this creature now haunt the location as spirits. That’s the basic idea, the rest is explained below.

Premise: Within a series of hills, a recent landslide has revealed a black iron door built into the cliff. Upon inspection, the towns garrison became sick and fled after visions of their own death. Local authorities are now turning to adventurers for answers.

If players questions the locals, some will report seeing figments of shadows in the area and are starting to have nightmares of these same figments.

Feel free to have players experience the same things when near the doorways, or during investigation, but it’s not necessary.

The local authorities will reward the players depending on how much they uncover as incentive to explore the entire place. A suggestion is x amount of gold per room explored plus a bonus for finishing the dungeon.

I’m giving no map as you don’t need one, but feel free to branch off if you like and add to the premise, weave it into your campaign or make it an off-shoot.

1 - the grass and trees have shriveled and died in a 30 feet radius around the door. Upon inspection, the iron slabs of the door hums with energy.

  • Anyone who touches the door will have a vision of shadows perched along the rim of the cliffs watching them. Once they take their hand off, the visions leave.
  • There is a secret panel which players can roll for which reveals a lock, which can be picked.
  • If the door is unlocked, a loud hiss is heard within the slab of metal and the sound of a heavy click. The door can now be opened, but weighs about 500 lbs, so its not easy to move. Can force strength checks if you like or have your players find an inventive way to move the door.

2 – a room of blue stone. Runes covering the walls in any language the DM wishes. It’s a warning, this place is a dungeon sealing away an ancient evil and going further is to disobey (insert any God’s name here)

  • A - a large black iron crank the size of a wagon wheel rests on a wall. The players need a combined strength roll to roll → opens B
  • B - a black slab of stone blocks passage, several 1000 pounds in weight. Carved into the slabs is a rough depiction of the creature sealed inside. Can be anything you want, something the players haven’t seen, something maybe a few tiers above them, or something related to your campaign.

3 - a long hall, at first dark, illuminates as a series of blue crystals flicker on giving off a faint blue glow. The stone, still blue, is now more glossy and almost reflective.

  • A - a large black iron crank the size of a wagon wheel rests on a wall. The players need a combined  strength score to open B
  • B - a black slab of stone blocks passage, several 1000 pounds in weight
  • Note: once the slab is fully lifted in room 2, the crank in room 1 releases and begins to close, sealing the players inside.
  • If the players stop the crank in room 1, then room 2 will begin to close.
    The goal is to keep both cranks stationary. You can make this harder by having each crank exert many 100s or 1000s of pounds of force when released, making them dangerous to stop once in motion and impossible to hold. This will force the players to figure out a more complex solution to keep the cranks locked into place other than tying them up.

4 - another long hall of glassy blue rock. Within the reflections, the shadows from before can be see following the players.

  • This is for effect, to spook your players. They can’t be interacted with and do nothing harmful.
  • A circular black iron gate blocks the path further.
  • Within a secret panel in the wall, there is a lever that opens the gate. It rolls to the side with a few hisses and moving clinking parts as if powered by steam or magic.

5 - A square room with a dome of mirror-like blue stone in the ceiling. A circular gate is on each wall. In the center, an idol of the God from before carved in the material relating to the God you choose.

Examples: a dwarven God could be metal or stone while an elven God would be wood

  • A - the statue speaks once the players enters in the language your players understand or, for added difficulty, the language in room 2.
  • Who defies me (the god of such and such)? Begone while I still show mercy.
  • For added effect you could have additional dialogue or a preset of questions it will answer and minimal dialogue. This is a chance to offer background on a religion, a place, creature or even a lead-up to the next adventure. But remember, it is inanimate and not intelligent, only a statue.
  • B - three gates are false gates and lead to nowhere
  •  - There are secret panels on each side of the room with hidden levers. Pulling the lever drops out the bottom of the floor similar to a pit trap. The shaft underneath can be of any length and leads the players to room 6.

6 -  The floor contains spikes, blades, poisons, ooze anything you wish the players to drop into on. On the rim of the room is another circular gate.
A secret panel reveals a switch. Pulling the lever gives you two choices: either the floor drops open again or it opens the gate.

  • If you opt to have the floor drop, choose a different thing the players fall into for variety’s sake.
  • If you opt for it to open, it leads to room 7

7 - another hall of polished blue stone.

  •  A - the players must roll to notice this next effect, that stones are faintly translucent and behind them are treasures. These are the items the creature imprisoned in this dungeon has owned and is considered tainted by its presence and therefor buried with it.
  • The players must break open the stone to get to their treasure, which can be breaking the stones with weapons, strength rolls, or something more complicated like using magic - acid to devour the magic stone.
  • If you choose, you can have some stones be trapped once removed with blades, poisons or spells
  • You can opt to have the treasures be illusions of one thing, then turn out to be something different once the stones are removed, like gold becoming copper or a magic sword being a spike trap.
    The best result is a mix of all three to keep your players on edge.
  • For added effect, the treasures can be marked with blessing of the God, or marked with the creatures taint in some way. Examples would be faint runes, evil prayers, its own likeness, etc. This also gives you the added option of having future problems with the religious order serving the God you just defied.
  • B - the hall ends in stone but beyond the layer of stones is a hidden black iron gate the players must breakthrough to get to.
  • You can have the stones be translucent giving them a chance to see the gate or hidden completely altogether.
  • The gate itself should appear a smooth slab of black iron but have several secret panels hiding locks the players must unlock to open the gate.
  • C - Touching the gate behind the wall sends waves of black shadows into the halls, shambling towards your players. They are the deceased killed by the creature, encased in this place and vengeful. For the best effect, have them be endless and slow advancing, maybe no more then 5 feet around.
  • Seemingly endless in number, they cant be fought off and should have some sort of crippling ability, paralyzing stat damage, level drain etc.
    This is to induce fear and a general panic in your players.
  • The goal is for the players to get through the gate and seal it on the other side before the shadows kill them

8 - a chamber of black stone with a black 5x5 meter cube in the center. A lever rests on the wall near the gate.

  • A - the lever reseals the gate and the shadows punch and moan on the other side. For added excitement, you can tell the players the door is beginning to rust, warp, bulge as time goes by. If you’re really evil, you can even have the spirits break through
  • B - the iron block is a cube of solid iron with a lock on each side.
  • Unlocking all four locks will result in the slabs opening and revealing the creature up above, suspended in a haze of blue fog by basic suspended animation spell or something more profound like the actual will of the God
  • The creature will not move or be able to move till touched. Once the players do, the haze sucks into the creature’s body and the creature is animated, interacting with the players in one of two ways:
  • 1: the creature can attack, and killing it will cause the shadows to fade as they have been appeased.
  •  or 2: have the creature try to negotiate with us and make a deal. It can be anything: allowing it to leave, or forcing us to work for it and anything in between. If we refuse, it attacks. If we agree, the spirits tremble and leave, too fearful of the creature.

Ending: Regardless what your players choose to do, the dungeon is over. You can have the walls crumble away or remain, its your choice. Maybe the creature teleports your players in its dying breath to some remote location or takes them to a secret hideout to be enslaved. Maybe the religious order protecting the dungeon could arrive and hunt your players down for  trespassing, or a legion of the creature’s minions could arrive, hoping to release their master only to find your players holding its head.

The choice is yours, but remember: the best dungeons are the ones that lead crumbs to the next adventure.                             


Couple of weeks ago I noticed, that Jesse Cox is in an RPG Show called RollPlay. Actually, I would skip this, but it has a Numenera in it, so I stuck to it. After guys and a lady had play 4 weeks, I think it’s time of some caracters conceprts/fanart, right?

Wanna know more about the show? Visit

Wanna know more about Numenera? Visit

Also, go grab some aether lattice manipulators!

Ok, we all know the flower shop/tattoo artist AU but what if “I work at Lush and at home I take aesthetic pictures of the products for my blog and I recognize you from tumblr because you’re internet famous for modeling grunge clothes why are you here” AU.