Some suggestions for DND Shows!

Since The Adventure Zone is coming to a close, i figured that i should suggest some shows that are also role playing game centered story telling. Some of these shows i absolutely adore, some i have any seen a small amount of and some i only know second hand information on. The brackets after the name of the show is the network/creator of the show. 

Swan Song: (Rollplay) A show that uses the system Stars Without Numbers. It’s a crazy and amazing space adventure. It’s got super diverse characters and npcs and an amazingly fleshed out world, it also has my favorite DM ever. Personally this show is something i adore so so much. It might be my favorite series ever. The show has such a diverse cast of characters and the world is amazing and i adore it so so much. The show is officially finished about around 50, 4 hour episodes. At the start of each episode the hosts start with a small amount of banter that some people may want to skip. This show also has a pre show where the DM plays the NPC turn before the game starts which gives the viewer some behind the scenes look. This supplemental show is not required by any means and it can be found here (CW: none that i can remember, although, the first episode the players are still learning that game so it’s slightly rocky, but it’s most likely that the viewer will be learning the system too. This first episode is still very entertaining though)

Apocalypse World (Series 1 and Series 2 (pilot) + official series 2 episode 1): (Roll20) This show uses the Apocalypse World rule system, a personal favorite system of mine. If you are looking for a great show that has a cast of well developed world, characters and explores deep questions, all while being gloriously told. The characters portrayed in the show are extremely diverse, with multiple Non-binary characters. The players are also extremely diverse, including POC players and non-binary player in Series 1. Series 2 contains a lovely trans player and non-binary player. The majority of the cast is also queer, leading to lots and lots of LGBT characters. This show was one i watched live and i’ve drawn large amounts of fan art for it in my spare time, it’s something i adore so so much. The show also has a post show done by the DM if you would like to see the NPC turn and see more behind the scenes, it can be found here (series 1) and here (series 2). Both series are vaguely interconnected and don’t have to be watched together as the majority of their cross over is in Easter eggs and references. I feel the experience is heighten by watching them in order but it is not necessary. (CW: Series 1 has some descriptions of body horror, disease and some very minor description of dub-con. Series 2 has heavy heavy descriptions of body horror and gore. Series 1 had poor video quality to start with, but it gets much better quickly and isn’t too much of an issue)

High Rollers: (Yogscast) A home brew dungeons and dragons game. The characters are interesting and the story is very very well done and interesting. I personally i quite behind on the show but from what i have seen i absolutely adored it. The show is still ongoing currently.(CW: None that i can remember)

Dice, Camera, Action: (Wizards DND) A Dungeons and Dragons campaign run by the official Wizards Of The Coast. The story and characters are very interesting, and the cast includes youtubers who people may know (Commanderholly, Projared, NateWantsToBattle, Anna Prosser Robinson, etc). I am also behind on this show so i cannot vouch for its continued high quality. The show is still ongoing (CW: None that i can remember

Mirrorshades: (Rollplay) A show using Shadowrun 1st Edition. The show can be best described as if ‘Chaotic Neutral party turns badass cyber criminals into adorable rom-com’. It’s incredibly entertaining and surprisingly heart felt. The show has a diverse cast of NPCs and an extremely interesting world. Like, Swans Song the show has a small amount of banter at the start of each episode that may be skipped. The show has now finished. (CW: Fantastical racism, drug abuse, that’s all i can remember

Burning Wheel: (Roll20) A show using the Burning Wheel system. The show is incredibly interesting and well thought out. The players all have intense passion for the characters and the system. The world that has been detailed and extremely thought out. The players for the show are diverse, including many queer players, a trans player and a non-binary player. I am very behind on the show but with the cast i mind i doubt the quality has decreased in any way. The show is currently on going. (CW: The medieval ages sucked so many of the warnings that come along with that; sexism, fantastical racism, implications of CSA. Those are all i know currently.)

Heroes and Halfwits: (Rooster Teeth) A show using home brew dungeons and dragons 5th edition. I have not seen far into the show but by episode 3 i am finding it extremely amusing. Much of the humor comes in the form of the players arguing with each other and finding ways to screw each other over. The show is on going. (CW: None that i have seen so far i think)

The Sprawl: (Roll20) A show using the ‘the sprawl’ system. The show follows a rotating cast of characters in a dystopian cyberpunk future. The show touches on many issues relating to the themes of cyberpunk. The cast is diverse, including queer players, trans and non-binary players. The characters are all also extremely diverse, including many cannon LGBT characters. The show is currently on going but has not been updated in a short time due to scheduling issues with the cast. (CW: All the stuff that comes with cyberpunk, fantastical racism, mentions of trans character going through brief dysphoria

Those are just a few shows i suggest! I’m sure there’s many more but those are ones i have personally seen and enjoyed a lot! I hope this inspires some people to check these amazing shows out! Have a lovely day!

After marathoning the tabletop streaming series ‘Swan Song’, I decided to make some fanart of my favorite relationship on the show; Piani Pic and her AI buddy Pi (in the body Piani created for them).

Piani didn’t have any sort of description on the show, so I always imagined her as a bit of a punk. The descriptions of Pi-bot were basically that it had parts coming from different places, one big arm and a screen for a face. I also tried to borrow a little color inspiration from Chappie with the blue and the orange since Piani’s player mentioned it as an inspiration.

PS: The characters on her arm read ‘Pi An Ni’ in Chinese characters (Mandarin and Cantonese are the native languages of Piani’s home planet).

Caligosaurus “Mist Monster” 


The Caligosaurus, or “Mist Monsters” as people have called them, are dangerous predators of the swamp.  Sometimes even referred to as the Deadly Pair, since they always hunt in couples, Husband and Wife.  

Their hunting patterns are truly fascinating for they change their environment to help them hunt instead of working with the environment.  When they find a deer or an elk they ingest some of the swamp water with their, rather horrifying tongues, which I will write about later, and eject them as mist through the bony tubes on their backs.  This mist quickly turns into a thick fog that hides their large bodies from their prey.  Then using their perfectly evolved feet they sneak close to their prey.  How to they see their prey?  Well they don’t, Caligosaurus emits a low grumbling growl that they use a source of echolocation to find their prey, because of their low frequencies, they can sense creatures through solid objects!

Now these pairs are usually split into 2 roles when hunting, there is one, usually the larger one that works as the main striker.  It’s job is to creep as close to the target as it can and delivery the bone shattering blow from his hardened skull at the target, rendering them incapacitated or horribly injured.  It seems like the closer they get the more deadly and powerful their attacks become.  While the striker is sneaking closer to the target, the other Caligosaurus is taking a wide circle to flank the target.  This role is know as the Support.  The support’s job is to either provide the 2nd hit if the first one misses or if the target is still moving.  It also serves as a distraction when the striker attack.  Using a louder grumble to attract attention when needed.

Their feeding habits are rather, vampiric… so to speak.  The reason why they afflict internal injuries is because they feed  on liquified meat and blood.  Their tongues have teeth and fangs that latch on to the corpse and they excrete some acid that melts the insides leaving them to suck dry the innard of the prey.

Now these Mist Monsters are very territorial, and only have one young.  When the young are of age when it is able to hunt for themselves, they are chased out of their home to find another to mate with forever.  These are the most dangerous time for them because they are incredibly weaken when without their partner.

Swamp hunters from nearby cities and villagers are well aware of these mist creatures, hey have actually trained their specific breed of blink dogs to recognize the scent of Caligosaurus and their territories so hunters and merchants don’t run into them.  Some breeders breed these blink dogs and rent/sell them to traveling hunters, travellers, and merchants.  When they do come into contact with a pair of Mist Monsters it is recommended to back up slowly and flee as fast as possible, for these creatures aren’t built for long sprinting ranges.


Name: Caligosaurus “Mist Monster”

Type: Large Beast, unaligned


AC: 13

HP:  5d10+11

Speed:  50ft


STR:   17   +3

DEX:   16    +3

CON:  15     +2

INT:     5       -3

WIS:    10     +0

CHA:    5      -3


Skills:   Perception +5   Stealth +2  

Senses: Tremor Sense, Echolocation, Passive Perception 15

Languages: ——-

CR: 1 ½  or 2



Releasing Mist:  The Mist Monster releases mist into the a 200 ft radius around it.  The mist obscures the view of its prey or predator.  Perception rolls against it will be at a disadvantage.   Anyone else who is in the mist has their passive perception halved.

Soft Movement:  Mist Monster can move quietly through any terrain, if they move slowly, or half their move speed.  Stealth rolls are rolled with advantage.

Echolocation:  Mist Monster emits a low wavelength grumble that goes through solid objects and helps them know where their prey is when hunting.

Partners:  Mist Monsters always hunt as a pair, a male and female.  When both are present within 20ft they get advantage on attack rolls.  When they are by themselves, they roll disadvantage on hits.

Moving With the Blow:  If a target decides to take an attack of opportunity, the Mist Monster’s attacks are always at a disadvantage.  (Maybe does half dmg on hit.)  The reasoning is if you punch someone who is running away, you would do less dmg than if someone runs at the fist.



Battering Ram:  The Mist Monster bolts forward with immense acceleration and headbutts it’s victim.  Needs at least 10ft running start to use this move.

To hit: +4

On Hit: Dmg varies on Charge distance:  10ft Charge (3d6+4)  20ft (2d6+2)  30ft+ (d6+1)

Victim must roll a DC con save of 16 (10ft)  14(20ft)  12(30ft+) or be knocked down and 10 ft in a direction.      Bludgeoning

Headbutt: +4 to hit,  5ft reach, On hit (2d6+4)  Bludgeoning