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To anyone who thinks the 20 million gald thing in Xillia 2 is a joke

It’s not.

This man has to live in debt for absolutely no reason.

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His only loyal sidekicks are an 8 year old girl and his cat.

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And what does he get after he pays it all back?

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Awkward bathing.

They don’t call this game “Tales of Crippling Debt” for no reason.


Fate/30 Days Challenge - Day 12
Favourite Family: The Emiya Family


“I would never insult you. You’re too great a warrior, but perhaps not so great a man.” Lagertha of Rollo 1x01

“This is my fault. I… I did not treat her well. It’s the truth. You all know it. This is my fault.” - Rollo of Siggy 3x05

“I think that he’s finally realized he can’t back out of this now. He has to make it work- it’s going to be fireworks with Princess Gisla.” Clive Standen, SDCC 2015 (x)