rolll out


He barrel rollled out of the exit.

((Me:*ships Yandere-iplier and Rainbow*

Emerald: *poker face*

Me: *makes them have romantic moments*

Emerald: *poker face with slight cringe*

Me: *writes lemon fic about them*

Emerald: *poker face with a hint of lenny face*))

anonymous asked:

wanted-immortal - "INTERRUPTION"

((A compromising position, hmm~?))

There were some days he really hated his twin. This was one of them.  Most of the day had been fine, he was sleeping for a while. It’s just that when he woke up he was only in his pants and had various limbs tied together. In chains of crystal. Sitting up with as start– and subsequently rollling out of his bed– causes him to see the note she left. 
Hey there Moko, sent Methuselah your way saying you were sick. Have fun~

Ges damn it, Miki. Implying the fact that he ties himself up in free time isn’t going to sway Rain. At all. 
Any attempt at regaining some grace is removed when he remembers that he had drained his magics before going to sleep and the fact that his arms are stuck behind him and his legs are bound to the point where he can’t bend his knees. 

As such he just growls and thrashes about in irritation, resulting in slightly flushed features that turn into a brilliant red when the door opens.
“…Hi there.”