Am I the only one who reads through the pvz almanac for fun like

this is gold

 poor snow pea

fricking bakery

grave buster is not what he seems

doom shroom, however, is definitely what he seems

but we’ll never know if lily pad is what he seems

well good for you threepeater

precious cinnamon roll

k then hold your silence i’ll see you in court

you’re a plant it is a miracle you have a tooth in the first place

with great power comes great responsibility

i don’t understand either

you raise a fair point

what. does that have to do with anything.



June Writing Challenge Masterlist

Here’s the masterlist for the June Writing Challenge! Enjoy some awesome fics down below. I’m happy that you guys were able to participate, but I’m sad to say that I only received about half of the fics that I was supposed to get. Which means that I won’t be doing a challenge for July, but oh well. Maybe I’ll do one for August.

Dean x Reader

Auto-Pilot - @deansleather

Friends with Benefits - @faith-in-dean

Stray - @jimeev3

Crowley x Reader

Cheers to the Lonely - @singingflames

Is It Crazy? - @killerofthesouth

Hidden - @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll

King Crowley - @crowstielean

Castiel x Reader

Would You Like That, ‘Girlfriend’? - @splendidcas

Castiel The Vampire Slayer - @grumpy-kittycas

Gabriel x Reader

Roomates - @jacky2kimberley Gabriel x Reader

Luck of the Devil - @nikita-alba Gabriel x Reader

Youtube Pranks -@bumblecastiel Gabriel x Reader


I Ship It -@fandomfreak202 Mark Sheppard x Reader

2001 Saturn - @crowleysplaythings John x Reader