rollins the cat

Okay a shadowhunters spin off called “Warlocks” featuring Cat, Dot, Magnus and Ragnor as the mains (obviously)

• every episode starts with the four of them sitting in Magnus’ loft, drinking and staring dramatically into the camera

• basically they take a incident that happened with one of them and drag that person
“Magnus, whatever you think you cannot adopt everyone of the new downworlders"
“You call Raphael baby, like who looks at that salty vampire and goes that is my baby boy”
“Rich coming from Ragnor, didnt you run away and hide in a cottage cause you were tired of dealing with shit”
“Didnt you gatecrash a shadowhunter wedding cause you were tired of not dealing with shit™”
“Dot you literally lived with Jocelyn and Clary, you dont have any right to call me out”

• first episode is them dragging Jace and Clary for their stupid ass choices throughout the shadowhunters series and for not thinking before they do anything
“Like in what universe is going after valentine alone a good idea?”
“Let us just go to an alternate dimension without telling anyone”
“My mom is dead. Why dont I go to a warlock known for illegal magic to bring her back”
“What a goddamn splendid idea”

Memories so many of them
“Do you remember when Magnus decided it would be a good idea to twerk on wannabe”
“Cat, remember when you decided that you had enough and absolutely destroyed that racist bastard by being the perfectly catty babe you are?”
“Dot throwback to the time when you broke up with that bitch of a girlfriend you had and like threw her out in the middle of the night i c o n i c”
“Ragnor that time when that woman thought there was something stuck in your throat and that is why you were turning green”

• M a d z i e Like she visits quite regularly and she would run on screen out of no where, screaming and shouting in glee, wave at Dot and Ragnor, wink at Cat and high five Magnus and then just go away again.

• special episode in which Alec finds out. Like he enters the loft expecting to find Magnus alone as expected and he finds the four of them sitting on the couch, sipping ridiculous drinks and goes ????

• “you are doing what?”
“Are all warlocks this extra?”
“Or are you guys a little special?”
“Why wasn’t I invited. Magnus we are having words”
“That is unfair”

• guest starring Tessa Gray. she tells the viewers her story and the others just sit there eating ice cream and randomly bursting into tears
“J e m. He was so beautiful”
“The world is unfair, gosh is it unfair”
“Fuck it. I dont care. I am going to meet jem and give him a hug.”
“Will was so damn hot”

My neighbor Braun Strowman… coming to theaters never. ; v ;

Inspired by how adorably tall Braun is compared to the rest of his teammates.