Lucky Cat-ch Magazine for all your shipping needs. I even labeled all these dorks’ relationships:

The Cool Couple, the Chill Couple, the Cute Couple, the Cheeky Couple, the Captivating Couple, and the Courtly Couple


Harry Styles, ‘Harry Styles’

We Say: [O]n his superb solo debut, the One Direction heartthrob claims his turf as a true rock & roll prince, a sunshine superman, a cosmic dancer in touch with his introspective acoustic side as well as his glam flash. He avoids the celebrity-guest debutante ball he could have thrown himself – instead, he goes for a intimately emotional Seventies soft-rock vibe. No club-hopping or bottles popping – it’s the after-hours balladry of a 23-year-old star wondering why he spends so much time in lonely hotel rooms staring at his phone. Harry digs so deep into classic California mellow gold, you might suspect his enigmatic new tattoos that say “Jackson” and “Arlo” refer to Browne and Guthrie. - RollingStone



I had headcanoned that these two are what started the trend to begin with ;)


Alyanette, Adrienino, Chlobrina, Kimax, Julerose, Myvan, Nathalix

Bonus: Lila, Feligette, Gabalie, Tombine, Mirore


“When I met him I liked him quite a lot. He was a good fellow, you know. I got to know him very well, I think, and I felt very close to him: you know how it is with some people, you feel for them, you feel near to them.

“He was born on February 28th 1943 [sic] and I was born on February 25th 1943, and he was with Mick and Keith and I was with John and Paul in the groups, so there was a sort of understanding between the two of us. 

“The positions were similar, and I often seemed to meet him in his times of trouble. There was nothing the matter with him that a little extra love wouldn’t have cured. 

"I don’t think he had enough love or understanding. He was very nice and sincere and sensitive and we must remember him like that because that’s what he was.” 

[George, Brian Jones by a Beatle.]

(George gets Brian’s birthdate wrong, Brian was born in 1942, not 1943, but they still nearly have the same birthday)

Hey,” shouts a grizzled-looking dude on the bench outside the store. “Do you know who you look like?”

Styles turns, expecting more of the same, but this particular night denizen is on a different track.

“River Phoenix,” the man announces, a little sadly. “You ever heard of him? If he hadn’t have passed, I would have said that was you. Talented guy.”

“Yes, he was,” agrees Styles, who is in many ways the generational opposite of Phoenix. “Yes, he was.”

 - Rolling Stone Magazine - April 18, 2017