The Secret to Making 'Magic Mike XXL''s Channing Tatum Strip
Choreographer Alison Faulk dishes on staging hit movie's hot strip-hop dance scenes

“Then for Matt [Bomer], we were just obviously so blown away by his voice. The man is a soul singer; he’s the real deal. It’s just so awesome. It’s funny because we actually talked about using that song before we even knew that he wanted to do it. Then in one of the first meetings we had with him we knew he was gonna sing and he was like D'Angelo’s ‘How about "How Does It Feel?”’ Um, yes?!
“It’s so funny: We were in one of our first rehearsals with Chan when Matt sent through his first take on it, and we were running around his house like little kids, freaking out: 'Man, Matt’s so good!’ He’s a perfectionist, so we knew we could push the boundaries with the style of it and give him like more of a challenging number. At first, there’s no gimmicks — he’s just dancing with a hat. Then you know after that, well you know…[laughs]. When he sings that song and he looks into your eyes with his big blue eyes, it’s like you’re mesmerized. I was so impressed with what he did with that number he really he took it and ran with it.
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Of course I have an eating disorder. Every girl in fucking America has an eating disorder. Janeane Garofalo has an eating disorder and that’s why she’s upset.  Every girl has an eating disorder because of videos like that.  Exactly.  Yes.  But that’s exactly what the video is about. - Fiona discussing the Criminal video (Rolling Stone 1998)
'Halt and Catch Fire' Recap: Building the Perfect Beast
The old Joe MacMillan returns — and the show hits new heights

And while we’re on the subject of good-reviews-of-things-produced-in-my-household (aka, ugh, sorry, I know I am being really self-promote-y here, but bear with me) … Rolling Stone on last night’s episode of Halt and Catch Fire: “further evidence that when it comes to prestige drama, Halt and Catch Fire is now operating at a state-of-the-art level.“

Chris has sworn not to read reviews, but one of you twist his arm to read this, okay? 

I’ve never heard the term ‘strong male character.’ That doesn’t mean anything. So what does 'strong female character’ mean? We’re so ready to put a label on something instead of leaving room for every different kind of expression, every vulnerable, weak, funny, vulgar, stupid thing. It’s just people, right? There are layers and levels, and you can’t put somebody in a box, you know?
—  Tatiana Maslany for Rolling Stone (x)

Waka Flocka Flame for President