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Just about a week until we start rolling out first lessons for new set of courses at Learn Squared :) I’m really proud on this one, seeing amazing effort put forth among all teachers.
I’m personally having a blast with this one, learnt a ton from my students already and applying that knowledge to new content.

Here’s some sketching madness - a fraction of what Intro to Environment Painting course will be about :)

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Let us fill you in. This is Bon Bon Vie.

Bon Bon Vie is a brand that’s accessible, positive, and created to encourage people to “live the good life.” The Bon Bon Vie lifestyle isn’t necessarily about material possessions, but rather self-love, pursuing your dreams, and celebrating your own personal joy. Bon Bon Vie is where fellow shirt addicts fulfill their graphic tee fix while expressing their individuality.

Bon Bon Vie has received acclaim in publications such as (Essence Magazine), Rolling Out, Vibe Vixen and Clutch Magazine.

Meet Shari…

Bon Bon Vie is the creation of self-proclaimed t-shirt addict and Renaissance Woman Shari Neal. In 2010, she realized that she could design and wear her own stuff instead of spending her whole paycheck on t-shirts. What started as a small personal project quickly blossomed into a successful online store. While she refers to Bon Bon Vie as her first baby, she had an actual baby in 2014, a very sassy and spunky toddler named Maya. She resides in her hometown of Chicago, IL.

i know most of us tend to assume the worst about why laurent knows how to untie veretian jackets with a ‘servant’s proficiency’ but wait. listen. maybe it was because hennike used to eschew all servants and personally dress her son every morning and smol!tiny!laurent adored this so much that he demanded to be taught, and practised really hard to make his mama proud when he could lace them all on his own, like just consider

Ask Call!

It’s that time again! Time for me to roll out and SEND SOME ASKS 


Reply to this post letting me know who you’d like an ask for (and from). Be sure to read the following! It’s important.


Will send asks remarking on character flaws and shortcomings
Will likely try to antagonize a character she has no respect for
Will offer use of her services
Will question lore and personal history
Generally she’ll be far more invasive
Tends to pry


Will ask follow up questions
Will ask about a character’s well being or state of mind
May warn of coming problems
Will be far more friendly and gentle
Will remark on positive outward characteristics, like strength or size
Will question lore


Will focus more on outward appearances
Will generally ask many simple questions very rapidly
Always very, very friendly
Won’t shy away from antagonistic characters

I will not send you asks if you do not have the following:

A reference/character bio page
A plot tag
An ask/character tag

This is just to streamline the process for myself.

Obligatory question mark?

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No shit on the Grandpa-killing-a-man-with-a-can-of-beanie-weenies story? I gotta know what lead up to that.

I was a kiddo, visiting my grampa in Florida. His neighborhood had been hit by rolling black outs, and we went to the store to stock up on nonperishable food since the chow in the fridge and freezer wasn’t going to last.

While we were in the store, a guy tried to snatch me, and grampa beat his head in with a family sized can of pork and beans.

Cops showed up, watched the security cam footage, and let grampa go. Turned out one of the officers was the grandson of a guy in my gramps squad during WW2 or Korea or Nam. I don’t remember which.

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“Pleasure doin’ business with you, man.” his thick Brazilian accent came out as he smiled, exchanging the cannabis for money in a private like matter with the male and female in front of him as if he were just shaking the guys had then grabbed his skateboard out, rolling by the campus. Once the coast was clear from any administrators and campus security, he counted the money to make sure the exact change was there which thankfully it was or who knows what might have happened. The male bumped into a petite female, and eyed her down before rolling his eyes, she must have been new by the confused look on her face. Letting out a scoff, he shrugged his shoulders and continued on his way to class, he smirked and winked at the professor to make her squirm before sitting at the back at the class.


Arguably the most artistic rap album of our generation if not ever thus far. Not because none after weren’t better or more artistic… But because #MBDTF set the bar, at the least. The sonics, the mixing, the arrangements, the roll out…. In rap and Hip Hop nothing stood beside it. The level Kanye and his team went to on that album as rappy as it is, and so musical at the same time, was more necessary that we could see. Artistically one of the most important albums in Hip Hop; at least in our generation.