Murdoc Niccals | Strobelite [2017]

For real though, Griffin inviting you into the podcast as a participant and having the story say that it doesn’t know what you’re going to face, but it knows you’re going to win?

It’s such a good use of not just audio as a medium, but podcasting itself, where you interact with the creators on a more regular and personal basis, where you go on the journey of creation with the people making the story as they’re doing it. It’s just such a clever and beautiful move to make the audience a part of the actual story like that?

And then there’s the fact that you’re going to win. It shifts the story tension from the plot to the people and what they’re experiencing. We don’t need to worry about winning - we’ve got that down. It’s how we get there that’s important, as a story, as characters, as people. It’s an out of verse message to the audience, as well as a call back to decisions that both Lup and Lucretia made about what they were and weren’t willing to do to win.

It’s always been clear that the mcelroys love their fans I think, but this final arc is basically a love letter to their audience confirming that, it’s just fucking gorgeous.


these three looked like they were about to drop an album so i figured i would have a little fun with them hahaha

Track 01. I’m Miserable and Everything’s a Wreck

[from this set]