rolling with ramos

  • lin manuel: hey anthony id like you to star in this little play i wrote
  • anthony ramos: alright cool lemme see the script
  • anthony: * reads the script *
  • lin manuel: so?
  • anthony:
  • anthony:
  • anthony: i get arrested are you fucking serious lin
  • lin manuel: what?!
  • anthony: i fucking died in your other play the fuck?????
  • lin manuel: uhhhhhhhhhh
  • anthony: * looks into the camera like hes on the office *
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Hamilton
  • Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Lafayette
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Laurens
  • Looks like he could kill you and could actually kill you: Burr

what she says: I’m fine

what she thinks: In 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda, lyricist of In The Heights (©1999), wrote a musical titled Hamilton: an American Musical. This musical is about the life of the ten-dollar founding father Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton had two very important people in his life; Philip, his son; and John Laurens, his best(boy)friend. During casting for Hamilton, their choice for the double role of Philip and Laurens was the most PURE being on earth, Anthony Ramos. Coincidentally, these are the only two men in the play that DIE other and Alexander himself. Lin-Manuel, the linnamon roll, MURDERS Anthony Ramos, not once, but twice, every night. Not only were they harsh, but they were both, in a way, for Hamilton. Laurens died in South Carolina in the place where Hamilton put him in command. Philip died in a duel against George Eaker, a man who spoke ill of his father, so he challenged him to a duel. Anthony Ramos doesn’t deserve this. He is the most pure being in the entire universe and he doesn’t deserve two deaths a night. Save my son.


Some spicy memes from last night.

Story behind this: me & my sister had a long day at camp and we were loopy so we looked at Hamilton memes for like 5 hours (not even joking) and decided to make our own. Enjoy !!!!

SAY NO TO MEMES !!!!!‼️🚨⚠️
  • <p> <b>The Hamilton fandom:</b> Eliza deserved better!!!! How could alexander CHEAT on a CINNAMON ROLL such as ELIZA???????<p/><b>Also the Hamilton fandom:</b> alexander hamilton was in love with John Laurens for his entire life and they BELONG together????<p/></p>

look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive at the same time as Lin-Manuel Miranda


Give a kiss, fly away
Never, never more