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I’m really pissed off about the way Harry’s been treated since he’s been in NY. To our knowledge these are the worst fan interactions he’s had in a while, and they’re happening several times in a row now?? How little respect does someone have to have for Harry in order to think it’s okay to huddle around his car, keep him from rolling up his window, and demand a photo? I don’t care how many $12 albums you’ve bought over the years… you could have single-handedly purchased enough merchandise to set him up for the rest of his natural born life, and he STILL would owe you nothing except the same human decency you owe him. Being a fan doesn’t mean you effectively own him, or any celebrity. If Harry is in a hurry, not feeling well, busy, or even if he just doesn’t fucking feel like it, he can decide he doesn’t want to take a picture with you. Harry has never once been rude to fans or done anything except go out of his way when he can to make sure everyone has a great experience. Look how far he’s gone for these people - these people who harassed him and treated him like some sort of caged animal at a zoo.

Harry. Does. Not. Deserve. This. Treat him with respect or leave him the hell alone.

Things That Murdoc Has Canonically Done:
  • Sees a giant moose, first thought is to launch rockets at it
  • Tried to seduce an MTV camera crew while they were still recording
  • Took his clothes off and tried to have an orgy in the middle of a show
  • Decided to build a robot version of their guitarist instead of finding another one
  • Got drunk at a show and mistook 2-D for a groupie
  • Uses a (very slow) stair lift instead of just walking down the steps
  • Built a mansion on a pile of floating trash
  • Dressed as a nazi, and was completely unaware it might be offensive
  • When Bruce Willis was driving alongside them, getting ready to shoot at them, his solution was to roll up the window
  • While making a music video, decided to just randomly start doing pelvic thrusts
  • Believes the best way to kill an eel is to ‘MELT ITS FACE!’

Russel Noodle 2-D

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A Life Less Ordinary by Jebiwonkenobi

It takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something; Derek Hale is an asshole, and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him.

Burn by night by thebrotherswinchester

Sheriff Stilinski has been kidnapped by Alpha werewolves. As bait. For his own son.

Cupboard Love by mklutz

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

Daddy’s Do’s by apocryphal

“Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.”

[Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]

Everything’s Better Under the Sea by tryslora

Everything changes when Derek goes under while surfing, hits his head on a board, and sees a man with a tail swimming away. He wants to know who that was, and what it has to do with Beacon Hills, the one place he never meant to come back to.

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Bro. Bro. i want to take a sip on this krisgate. I only joined this fandom last year so I've only read the legal side of kris leaving -law suits, sm cover up- and ive never read details because most articles talk about all 3 vaguely. Omg. What is all of this? Is there a luhan-gate and tao-gate too? what. happened.

WAit??? do new baby exo-ls really not know exactly what went down during the breakup of 2014?? like is it really that vague did sm cover up that much??? this is wild i feel like im homer abt to bestow the odyssey on all of u xdbskznks if i don’t post that means sm’s sent someone to take me out

it was all really confusing tbh because qe were getting info left and right and some of it was just rumors to instill panic but like basically kris didnt tell exo he was leaving he just straight up rolled out a window or something and then filed a lawsuit and it was wild bc exo started unfollowing him on ig really suddenly (rumor has it they were forced to do it mostly bc baekhyun kept following kris despite everyone else unfollowing before he suddenly unfollowed and a really wild rumor flew around that said that they used violence to make bbh listen) exo m was back in korea and on lockdown and suho did have one interview where he talked about kris (i dont really remember but i think he was telling kris to come to his senses or something this might be made up tho but i think sm was attempting to get kris to not file the lawsuit first) exo had their first concert tour in a couple days and it was honestly v sad i bet they were exhausted :( lawsuit stuff were coming out and exo didnt even talk about kris again until their second happy camp (even tho they didnt even use his name anyway) and like 2014 was a mess bc when a new lawsuit news development came out suddenly baekyeon was found out (conspiracy theorists say their relationship was used to distract the public from sm’s lawsuit and their human rights violations)

anyway luhangate was relatively less dramatic mostly bc luhan told exo about it. he was basically hospitalized from being overworked the months before but sm kept making him work and his last stage was the concert in beijing and im pretty sure the rest of the band knew he was leaving because they all looked sad and kept clinging to him (specifically yixing and minseok) and luhan looked so teary eyed and so so so tired and sick it was heartbreaking. luhan left and suho said something about supporting luhan even tho luhan filed the same lawsuit as kris

taogate was just….woah….because he sprained his ankle and he was made to get medicine by himself and at the beginning of 2015 he was apparently “sent” to LA for rehab for his leg but i think exo already knew at that point (there were no bday wishes for him on ig at least not publicly….im emo… baektao hort cried) then a statement came out that taos father wanted him to leave for health reasons and tao just never came back he started making new music but technically speaking he hasnt filed a law suit and is technically under contract (unless they negotiated by now idk) so he wasnt allowed to sell albums, he still made mvs tho and rumor has it he still talks to exo members when he goes back to korea and he said he still talks to luhan but probably not to kris tbh….

tbh the whole 2014 mess was why exo cried so hard when they won the daesang at the end of the year because they thought they’d lost it all after everything and they worked so hard to get it back….my babies….tbh also krisgate was the reason why let them rest culture began among international kpop fans….we’re all still hurt….and thats what you missed on glee

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  • [they've run out of gas and are stuck on the side of the road]
  • Ally: WHAT WAS THAT?!
  • Dinah: It's the wind!
  • Lauren: FUCK THIS SHIT! I’m rolling up the windows.
  • Normani: Ok fine.
  • [they roll up the car windows]
  • Camila: Wait…what if there’s someone there and we can’t hear their footsteps because of the windows being up?
  • Normani: Fuck, you’re right. Windows back down.

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Jason: "Why couldn't Wonder Woman have adopted me instead?"


Cor Et Cerebrum universe bc why not and also I don’t have to do a ton of legwork to get Bruce and Jason to talk.

Some language

Jason Todd has been moping around the manor for five weeks when Bruce has finally, finally had enough. He likes having him there, he really does, and most of the time it works out just fine.

Except Jason has picked up the awful, grating habit of muttering, “Why couldn’t Wonder Woman have adopted me instead?” every single time he’s even mildly annoyed. In his defense, Bruce visibly flinched the first time Jason said it, half-joking, and he’s been throwing it around since then probably in hopes of getting a similar reaction which Bruce will not give him the satisfaction of seeing.

Jason is pretty fond of his new catchphrase and the week that Bruce reaches his limit is the same week Jason makes sure he overhears it while Jason is talking to Alfred, Damian, Tim, Dev, and Dick, in that order. The final straw is when he’s sitting on the floor in the study while Bruce works at the desk, and Jason puts his book down to ruffle Titus’ ears and without provocation says it to the dog.

“You’re a good boy,” he says to the drooling face, the dog’s whole body shaking in excitement. “I never had a dog. Why couldn’t Wonder Woman have adopted me instead? She’d let me have a dog.”

Bruce slams the folder in front of him shut and Jason waits for the shout or the tense reassurance that Jason could, in fact, procure a dog if he so desired.

But instead Bruce picks up his cell phone.

“Diana,” he says after a moment. “I have a problem.”

Jason stops petting Titus to listen and Bruce stands and leaves the room.

“Get a bag,” Bruce says stiffly when he returns, Jason still sitting and too shell-shocked to move. “Now.”

And if Bruce is going to take it to the next level, Jason is going to match him step for effing step. He throws stuff in a duffel upstairs and stomps back down toward the front, where he finds Bruce waiting.

“Hurry up,” Bruce says. “She’ll be here soon.”

Jason follows him to the end of the lane where Bruce takes the duffel bag and motions for him to sit down on it. Bewildered, amused, angry, and still silent, Jason complies.

Bruce pulls something out of his pocket and then crouches and safety pins a piece of paper to Jason’s shirt.

“Ow,” Jason mutters, even though the pin didn’t actually prick him.

“Sorry,” Bruce says, and Jason feels a touch of guilt but doesn’t fess up. “We’ll miss you. Have fun.”

And then Bruce leaves.

A few minutes later, a car turns into the drive and stops. The window rolls down and Dev looks at him. Tim is in the passenger seat on the far side, with wide eyes, sipping something orange through a plastic straw.

“Mate,” Dev says, leaning out the window to look around a bit.

“Yep,” Jason says.


Jason isn’t a minor but he’ll let this detail slide for now.

“I’m calling his bluff,” Jason says, and Tim snorts.

“Bloody hell,” Dev grumbles and rolls up the window and drives toward the manor.

Another few minutes go by, slow in the early fall afternoon, and then there’s a soft whoosh and Wonder Woman lands on her booted feet in front of him. For all his bravado, he hasn’t actually spent all that much time in front of her, and if he’s honest, she still intimidates him far more than Clark ever does. He forces himself to give her what he hopes is a cheeky grin.

“Hiya,” he says. “Guess you’re the new mom.”

“Your father conveyed such wishes,” she replies solemnly.

She looks up and Jason turns at the sound of footsteps approaching across the fine gravel. It’s Bruce again, this time with a mug in his hand. He raises it to Diana slightly in greeting.

“He is certain?” Diana asks and Jason is starting to feel a little nervous. She sounds so serious.

“Ask him,” Bruce says, with a shrug. He stops and puts one hand in his pocket while he sips the coffee. “He’s been talking about it for months.”

“Are you certain?” Diana asks Jason and Jason is still unwilling to back down. At some point, one of them has to break and either admit it’s a huge farce or beg him to change his mind.

“Yep,” Jason says. “So, whaddaya say we get the frick outta here?”

“I have always wanted a son,” she says, now beaming. “I always thought it unlikely to find one that agreed to the terms of Themyscira.”

“You’ve found him,” Jason says, giving Bruce a slightly alarmed look. He was not made aware of terms.

“Do not trouble yourself,” Diana says, seeing his expression. “Castration is a brave but noble undertaking to dwell among my women. And we are not barbarians. You will be permitted to be sedated for the procedure if you desire it. There is no shame.”

Jason feels the blood rush to his cheeks and then immediately drain from his head.

“The–” is all he gets out. The world around him has gone fuzzy, wrapped in gauze and protected from sound.

He does not hear or see Bruce sputter into his coffee.

But he does turn to look at Bruce after and mistakes the attempt at Bruce’s self-recovery for a dark scowl.

So, Jason figures he brought this on himself.

“Shall we go?” Diana asks.

“I…” Jason looks dumbly down at the note on his chest and tears it off with a frown. “I think I’ll stay,” he says faintly.

“That is unfortunate but understandable. I have reason to believe your current family holds great affection for you,” Diana says kindly.

“Sorry to waste your time,” Bruce says, as Jason climbs to his feet and says a hasty goodbye. The boy goes up into the manor and disappears inside.

“How did I do?” Diana asks, smiling at Bruce.

“Fine,” he says, scant on praise as usual. “The castration bit was a little over the top, don’t you think?”

“It was very effective,” Diana retorts. And Bruce can’t argue with that.

“Thanks again,” Bruce says. “I’m going to go do damage control.”

“It was my pleasure,” Diana says before flying away. Bruce watches her go and then turns back to the house. When he goes inside, Jason is sitting on the steps in the foyer with a defiant glare.

“I wish the Kents had adopted me,” he snaps before Bruce can speak. “They’d never do something like this.”

Bruce opens his mouth and for a long moment, is frozen, but then he laughs and holds out an arm. Jason is still sulking, pretty convincingly for someone wearing combat boots and almost as tall as Bruce.

He steps right into the hug with his arms stiff at his sides and his chin dipped down. Bruce squeezes him, an arm firm around Jason’s shoulders.

“You didn’t really think I’d let her take you, did you?” he asks.

Jason grumbles something indistinct and shakes his head.

“You know she was joking, right?”

“Fuck me,” Jason mutters in disgust and relief at once. “I’m never gonna be able to even look at her again.”

“Give it a few months,” Bruce says. “You’ll survive. And maybe stop throwing your dad out with the bathwater every time I turn around.”

“Are you calling yourself a baby?” Jason asks without looking up, but Bruce can hear the grin in Jason’s voice.

“Maybe. Maybe I’m sensitive.”

Jason barks a laugh against Bruce’s shoulder and steps back.

“Deal,” he says.

“Crap,” Tim says from the top of the stairs. They both look up to where Tim and Damian both have armfuls of books and action figures from Jason’s room.

“Put those back,” Jason orders sharply, already hurrying toward the stairs. “Now, you miscreants.”

“Why did you permit a return policy, Father?” Damian asks, stepping back and tightening his grip. Tim has already fled and abandoned him there. Damian wastes no more time in following and Jason’s heavy boots sound out as he storms down the hall. There are outraged shouts and a scream a moment later.

“Change of heart, sir?” Alfred asks calmly, walking by with a tray of tea things.

“Something like that,” Bruce says, still looking up the stairs and trying to decide if it’s worth intervening. There’s another yell and he decides they’ll come for help if they need it.



There’s a loud crash.

He shakes his head and goes upstairs.

“I knew she wasn’t serious,” he mutters to himself when there’s another crash. “Why didn’t I go with her?”

💋Lake House (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Grayson and the reader are friends and they go on a trip with a lot of friends and they are forced to share a bed for a week in the hotel and like Grayson takes off his shirt to go to bed so this makes the reader really embarrassed because she likes him and then she wants him to feel the same way and she puts her pajama which is only a T-shirt and panties and it’s all hot in the room and all!

Warnings: This was supposed to be just fingering, but I got carried away but sex.

A/N: I hope I did this justice for you! I decided to make it a camping trip type thing because I want to go camping so bad right now and it’s all I can think about! Requests are OPEN. (P.S. I hate myself for writing this cause now my emotions are all over the place)

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“Gray are you ready?” Ethan hollers at Grayson as we pack the last few bags in the back of the truck. This weekend was a getaway weekend we all needed. School had just gotten out and the boys were in Jersey for a the week. This weekend I would be surrounded with my greatest friends; Grayson, Ethan, Cam, Aaron Lizzy, Jackson, and Brent. I honestly couldn’t wait for campfires, s’mores, movies, tanning and swimming. I was currently wearing a pink nike tank top and shorts with little pompoms on the end.

“Yeah I’m coming now.” Grayson walks down the stairs and walks towards us. He was wearing a white t-shirt that was tight around his biceps and black joggers. I won’t lie, Grayson and Ethan are both incredibly attractive. Both are my absolute best friends. Grayson just has a special place in my heart. Grayson throws his duffle bag on top of everyone’s things then turns to me.

“Are you guys ready?” Lizzy asked starting her car. Gray, E, and I were driving the truck while everyone else piled in Lizzy’s car.

“Ready. You know where you’re going Lizzy cause we’re just going to follow you.” Ethan says with a light laugh as he hops up in his truck. Grayson hops in on the passenger side, so he can help me up in the truck. He grabs my hand and he bends down to help me in the truck. His arms wrap around my waist as he hoists me up in the passenger seat as he sits in the middle.

“Yeah sorta. We’ll map it!” Lizzy hollers as she rolls her window. Ethan laughs and rolls his window up too and starts the truck. I lie my head against the window planning to sleep through this road trip. From what I’ve been told, this lake house is about two hours away so hopefully I can get a nap in so I’ll be wide awake tonight for summer fun. I roll my body a little in the seat in attempt to be comfier. I felt Grayson rest his hand on my thigh. I look to him and he was just scrolling through twitter lying back against the seat. I shook my head before I finally drifted off to sleep.


I woke up to a breathing in my ear. I flutter my eyes open to see Grayson’s head was resting on mine. I’m also on his chest. I could hear him slowly start to wake up. I leaned up off his chest and looked around. I see trees everywhere and Lizzy’s car in front of us.

“Morning sleepy heads.” Ethan says to us as his eyes remain on the road. “I think we are almost there or we are in the beginning scene of some horror movie.” Ethan says and I feel Grayson grip my thigh.

“Grayson?” I asked and he opens his eyes.

“My bad Y/N.” He says removing his hand. I mentally kicked myself as I shouldn’t have said anything. His warm hand felt good against my cold thigh. “Where are we?” He asks looking around.

“We are in the beginning of a horror movie. Slenderman should be coming out of the woods any second now.” I said causing Ethan to raise his hand for a high five. Of course I slap my hand with his as we both laugh. Grayson just stares at me looking done. “Hey I think that’s it up ahead.” I pointed towards a two story cabin looking thing. I see Lizzy turn off the road to pull into the driveway of the cabin. Ethan follows behind.

“This place actually doesn’t look terrifying and we have a lot of land around.” Grayson says as he looks around the property. Not a neighbor in sight and the lake is our backyard. We pull into the driveway. I open the truck door hopping down. Grayson hops out after me and we go to the back of the truck and start unloading everything for everyone. We all grab our luggage and walk in behind Lizzy who unlocks the cabin. Everything inside looks so vintage. The walls were wood panels and there was a red area rug in the middle of the room. The stairs had a wood railing that lead upstairs to the bedrooms. The living room and kitchen were separated by a bar and the living room had a collection of movies right next to the large flat screen tv.

“Alright let’s go upstairs I’ll show you guys your rooms.” Lizzy says as she leads us up the stairs. I see Grayson in the corner of my eye smiling at me. I smiled back as I walked up the stairs. Lizzy stops at the room right after the stairs. “Okay guys, Jackson and I will be in this room if you guys need anything. Brent and Aaron you guys will have the room right next to us, Y/N and Gray get the room next to the bathroom and Cam and Ethan you guys get the last room at the end of the hall on the right. Everyone understand their assignment?” Lizzy asks and we all agreed. “Okay we will be having S’mores at 8 tonight.” I go inside my room and I see there is just one queen sized bed.

“Hey roomie.” Grayson says behind me and I feel my cheeks heat up.

“Grayson! Why aren’t you rooming with Ethan?” I asked confused. I thought Cam and I would room together and Grayson and Ethan would room together. Grayson laughs.

“I’m sorry Y/N did you not want to room with me?” He asks cocking an eyebrow.

“No it’s not that it’s just–” He cuts me off.

“No haha it’s fine. Umm Ethan snoring sounds like a chainsaw and I can never sleep so Cam and I played rock, paper, scissors and I won so that’s why I’m here.” He says throwing his bag on the bed.

“Oh yeah no I don’t blame you then.” I laughed. Grayson looked at me smiling. It was just an awkward silence now. I checked the time and it was almost 6. “Oh crap hey I’m going to take a shower and get ready for the campfire okay?” I said to Gray who had already taken his shirt off. His body looked so good. His dark toned abs that made my stomach jump.

“Yeah that’s fine I’m going to go for a run anyways. I’ll see ya later Y/N.” He says as he walks out of the room. I go into our bathroom and take my hair down from my ponytail. I peel my tank top off and slide my shorts down. I walked to the shower and turned it on realizing my shower things were still in my suitcase. I muttered ‘shit’ under my breath and realized I was just in my bra and panties. Grayson was gone on his run so no one was in the room. I peek through the bedroom door and I see no one was in the room. I tiptoe to my blue and purple luggage unzipping and opening the secret compartment on the side which had all my hygiene products inside. I pulled out my cherry mint shampoo when I heard footsteps come up the stairs. I hurried to gather all of my shower things.

“Don’t come in I’m naked!” I shouted, but I knew Grayson had his headphones in and wouldn’t hear me. I stand up and run inside the bathroom knowing full well Grayson already saw me.

“Shit I’m sorry Y/N I forgot my phone, but I did enjoy the view.” He says as I can visualize him smirking. I groan to myself until I realized something, he said he forgot his phone? So he did hear me say I’m naked. Grayson purposely walked in on me naked. I smiled to myself as I took off my bra and underwear. I stepped in the shower as I melted into the hot water.

After about 30 minutes I stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me this time. I brushed my teeth and blow dried my hair until about 7. I walked out of the bathroom still drying my hair when I see Grayson sleeping shirtless on the bed. I start to feel my cheeks turning red again. I decided a nap sounded like a good idea before the fire. I go through my suitcase when I remembered I had plans to stay with Cam meaning my only pajamas were my T-shirts and underwear. I threw on a white t-shirt and my blue lacey panties and quietly slipped into the covers on the other side of Gray. I try to doze off to sleep but I can’t. My leg brushed against Grayson’s legs which meant he was just wearing his boxers to bed. I can’t get over how attractive he is. I just want him more than anyone. I want his lips on my neck as his hands wander all over my body as I kiss down his toned body to the hem of his boxers. Him moaning because of me. Just drives me crazy.

“Not wearing clothes because of me or what?” I heard Grayson’s voice boom in the quiet room. His leg rubbed up and down mine as I felt chills run down my spine. “Did you know you have a cute butt? Like damn” He says chuckling and rolling over so now he’s facing my back.

“I thought you were sleeping?” I asked.

“How do you expect me to be sleeping when all I can think of is your cute ass? Damn the things I want to do to you.” He says as I feel his hand grip my waist pulling me into him. I can feel his hard dick on my ass which made me gasp.

“Gray..” I moaned quietly.

“If you want me to continue then turn around.” He says and I roll over only for his lips attack mine hungrily as he pulls me on top of him not breaking the kiss. I straddled myself on top of him and I grinded into him. I felt his hands grip my butt as he pushed me harder into him.

“Grayson.” I moaned into his chest. I sat up and pulled my shirt off and Grayson’s hands immediately went for my breast and squeezes them. Grayson then flipped us so he was on top of me kissing me hard. His tongue slides inside of my mouth deepening the kiss. He is still squeezing my breast and he pulls away from me. “Grayson what’s wrong?” I asked as he leaned back. I could see his boner standing up in his boxers.

“Do you see what you do to me Y/N? You’re the only girl to make me like this.” Grayson says and he pushes my legs apart. I see him smirk as he rubs his finger hard over my panties causing me to squirm. “Wow did I really make you this wet?” He asks as he still rubs me.

“Only you.” I said and his smirk grows on his face. He loops his finger through my panties and he pulls them down my legs. He looks in my eyes and he leans on the bed. He leans over me and kisses my lips passionately as he gently inserts a finger inside of me. I bucked my hips in shock as he just keeps kissing me deeply. At first, his fingers are slow and gently like his kisses, then his kisses get rougher. He is lightly grinding into me as my hand grips the hem of his boxers. He pulls away from kissing my lips and kisses my collarbone roughly for sure to leave a purplish bruise. I grinded into his fingers as he picked up the pace. I went from gripping the hem of his boxers to now gripping his hard on through his boxers. He let out a growl of frustration and looked me in the eyes. His dark eyes were clouded with lust. He fingers me harder and deeper now hitting my G spot. “Fuck Grayson!” I screamed as I bucked my hips into his fingers.

“Yeah do you like it when I do that baby? Does it feel good? Has anyone else made you feel this good before?” He asks huskily and I shook my head. “Baby I want you to say it.” He says kissing my collarbone again and my free hand grips his shoulder and I dig my nails in.

“Grayson this feels so good.” I moaned and arched my back. I felt Grayson smirk and he pulled his fingers out. I look at him confused before I saw what he was doing.

“This is because you’ve been so good baby girl.” He says as he gets off the bed and pulls my hips towards the edge. He pulls his boxers down and pumps himself a few times before getting on his knees. He then begins to eat me out and I moan.

“Fuck!” I screamed as he sucks on my clit making me rolls my hips on his face. I could hear him jerking himself off as he continued to eat me out. His tongue would go around my clit and run up and down my slit. “Grayson…” I moaned rolling my hips. I tangled my hand in his hair and pushed his head into me and he hummed. He gave my clit a kiss before he climbed on top of me.

“I promise I’ll make you feel so good.” He says attaching my lips to his and he slowly slides into me. I jumped out of shock at first, but soon I grinded back into him. I wanted this for so long and I couldn’t get over the fact it was happening. “Mmm Y/N you feel so good and you’re so wet for me. Gosh you get me so hard.” He moans as he places his head on my chest as he thrusts harder into me. I could feel my toes beginning to curl.

“Grayson I’m close.” I moaned as I rolled my hips with his.

“Me too baby. Cum when you’re ready and I’ll be right there with you. Cum for me.” He says gruffly as his hand goes to my clit and he rubs vigorously. “Moan my name when you cum baby girl.” He says as he continues to rub me. I feel myself twitch and I released on Grayson.

“Graysonnnn fuck!” I moan as I claw into his back and soon he cums after I do. We ride out our highs before Ethan walks in the door.

“Hey guys the–OH MY GOD!” Ethan says and slams the door shut. I looked at the alarm clock. It was 8:14.

“The campfire!” I said looking at Grayson.

“Well in my opinion I felt this was a lot more fun then roasting marshmallows.” He says as we laugh.

“Hey umm we are roasting marshmallows, but I see you guys are busy.” We heard Ethan mumblr through the door as Grayson and I laugh. “If you keep wearing just a t-shirt and underwear then this will keep happening and that’s a promise.” He says smirking.

“I’m okay with that.” I said smiling and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Maybe this trip will be better than I thought.

When you, stop wanting us

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It was funny.

Somehow you found it funny because everyone had warned you about dating a celebrity and he was. He was that exactly; a celebrity. He was a proper celebrity with proper fans and before he was your boyfriend, everyone warned you the danger of dating Jay Park but you were stubborn. In some ways when you think about it now, it was good that you were stubborn because loving Jay was the greatest thing you have done, loving Jay was easy and simple.

That was until it was no longer that.

There was always that, the familiar tone of ‘I told you so’ whenever people asked you about Jay nowadays but it was never that for you. They warned you of all the girls he were always with, all those songs he crooned and all the raunchy lyrics he wrote. It was never that with Park Jae-beom.

He was a man; a complete gentleman.

He made you happy, and when you met him it felt like forever since you’ve been happy. You were in your mid-twenties, young and beautiful. Your face reeked with youth and your smile never losing its ‘breath of fresh air’ but life as someone in mid-twenties was hard. You were trying to find yourself and you were trying to make a name for yourself. You were filled with passion and spirit to carve your name in the world and who would be more attractive at that age than a 30 years old CEO, who was filled with confident, youth, composure and security.

You found warmth in Jay.

You found love with Jay.

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parts; (one)(two)

summary: you’re a world-famous pop star which everyone learned to either love or hate. when a video of you making out with 5 seconds of summer’s bassist leaks, your management decides to make it seem like you’re dating calum.

word count: 1,957

warnings: mentions of drugs and stuff

author’s note: oops i totally had writers block for like six months uhhh (also how do u make proper endings?? i am clueless)(ya girl also didn’t proofread so if i have any mistake i’m sorry but i’m probably too lazy to correct it)

“You’re angry.” Calum stated once the both of you re-enter his car. His voice wasn’t careful, like he didn’t care about the 7 photographers that just swarmed the both of you all the way to his car. At most times, when you look at Calum Hood through a screen, you’ll see a shy and timid boy; that’s why you never expected him to act like a total asshole towards you. You’ve never really met the guy but you did like his music, though you weren’t as vocal about it. “You’re really angry.” His obnoxious tone showed that he cared no more than a speck of dust, but it bothered you to the bone.

You didn’t make a sound as he said those sentences, but you only looked at him with a blank expression on your face before looking out the car window. You felt relieved when he started the engine, indicating that this stunt would be over with, at least for the day.

“You know,” Calum started, his eyes still trained at the road as his left hand pressed a button to let the window on the driver’s side down. “It might be a little unprofessional to call my co-workers cute,” His left hand replaced the right one that was resting on the steering wheel as it opened the glove compartment to grab onto a box of smokes. “But you’re pretty cute when you’re angry.” Calum’s compliment, rather than making you blush, just made the blood in your veins boil a little faster.

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Thunderstorm || Jughead Jones

Prompt: 1 and 98 w jughead pls

1: “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”
98: “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”

Jughead and the reader get into an argument which leads to the reader storming out of his house (This takes place after the events of 1x04 and I just want my son to have a roof over his head ok therefore he lives with Archie in this fic and Archie’s house is now Jughead’s house as well). A big storm arrives as the reader begins her trek home and Jughead gets worried and goes to find her. Fluff ensues!

A/N: This was my favorite oneshot to write so far. Hope you enjoy!

Gif: @satan6darkmage


This wasn’t how today was supposed to go. It was supposed to be perfect. Romantic. You scoffed as you pulled your jacket closer. So much for that. It was your and Jughead’s six month anniversary. What started off as a harmless conversation about his family had led to a screaming match. You sighed, feeling guilty that it ended up like this. Especially today. Archie and his father were out so you and Jughead had planned to have a nice dinner at his house before having a movie night together, the both of you wanting to watch as many classics as you could before your curfew at one. Before long, you guys started arguing at dinner about his family. Before you knew it, you were storming out of his house, Jughead slamming the door behind you. Now you were making your way back home. Jughead had picked you up in Fred’s car at the beginning of your date so you were left walking the two miles back to your house at the abrupt end of it. The wind, which had been calm so far, was beginning to bite at your skin. You attempted again to pull your jacket closer but it was no use. You were freezing.

“At least this can’t get any worse.” you mumbled as the wind blew your hair all over the place.

You were wrong. All of a sudden it started to rain heavily and you were instantly drenched. You looked around for a place of shelter, but it was nearly impossible to see through the darkness and the rain. Fortunately, your eyes landed on the park across the street from you and the massive tree at the corner of it. You dashed to it before a loud boom of thunder erupted from what seemed like was right behind you. Surprised, you screamed at the sound but continued running until you reached the base of the tree. You weren’t getting drenched anymore, but a good amount of rain still reached you under the tree. You began to shiver and hoped that the storm would be over soon.

Jughead meanwhile was in his house, fuming at himself. He had escalated the fight. It wasn’t your fault. Somehow his family got brought up during dinner and you had wanted to talk to him about it. Instead of asking nicely to talk about it a different time, Jughead got defensive and snapped, asking you to leave it alone. Things went downhill from there. Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a clap of thunder followed by a very, very distant scream. He quickly got up and raced to the front door swinging it open.

“Y/N!” he yelled.

No response. Jughead quickly grabbed his jacket from the closet and Fred’s car keys before dashing out the door.

Your lips were turning blue by the time you heard a car coming down the street. You looked up and saw Fred’s car, slowly cruising around.

“Oh, for the love of—“

The window of the car rolled down, revealing Jughead.

“Y/N! Come on, get in the car!” he called.

You shook your head.

“Leave me alone, Jughead!” you called back. You didn’t need his help. You could wait the storm out on your own.

Jughead groaned in frustration.

“Y/N, I’m not playing!”

“Neither am I!”

Jughead slammed his hand down on the steering wheel before rolling the window back up. You thought he was going to speed out of there before you saw the car turn off and Jughead running towards you, his jacket held above his head. You crossed your arms ready to put up a fight when he scoffed at you.

“I’m not going to drag you to the car if that’s what you’re thinking.” he mumbled. Before you could respond, he quickly draped his jacket over your shoulders, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Thank you.” you said softly, your anger not forgotten.

Jughead shrugged and the two of you were silent, not looking at each other.

You sighed after two minutes of silence.

“I’m sorry.” the two of you said at the same time, making you chuckle and your boyfriend smirk.

“I’m sorry I brought up your family.” you said.

Jughead shrugged again.

“You were only trying to help. I’m sorry for snapping at you.” he responded.
You shook your head.

“Still… it wasn’t the time and place to do it.” you said.

Jughead sighed and put his arm around you and you snuggled into his warmth.

“What an anniversary, huh?” he asked.

You let out a breathy laugh.

“Some anniversary.” you muttered.

Jughead smiled at you and the two of you were silent again.

You’re the only thing left that is important to me now,” Jughead said. “I can’t lose you too.”

You looked down, tears welling in your eyes as you remembered his relationship with Jellybean. How he missed her.

You looked at your boyfriend, and he turned to look at you.

“I’m not going anywhere.” you said, putting your hand on his cheek.

He smiled softly at you before you tilted your head up and kissed him, closing the small gap between you. Jughead smiled into the kiss before abruptly pulling away.

We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”

You laughed at your boyfriend’s comment.

“Shut up.” you said as you pulled him to you, crashing your lips together again.

Jughead’s arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him. The kiss became more passionate until thunder boomed again, the two of you jumping.

“You know we shouldn’t be under a tree during a thunderstorm, right?” Jughead asked as the two of you pulled apart.

You laughed before taking Jughead’s hand.

“Want to make a run for it?” you asked.

Jughead’s smile was the only answer you needed.


A/N: And scene! Let me know what you thought of it!

you should be angrier, but you’re not. in this situation,
people expect you to scream or throw something but
mostly you’re just crying at stoplights with the windows
rolled up. you are supposed to feel something sharp,
something you can use as a tool, but you just ache
which is no use at all. years after the fact, you still
find yourself feeling sick when you realize all that is left
of you and the person you loved are rotting apologies
thrown across state lines. there was a better way for this
to end but you can’t change the story or explain it away.
mostly, it comes down to this: there are things that grow
with water and there are things that drown. in this story,
he is the water and depending on the day, you can either
breathe or you can’t.
—  Fortesa Latifi - facebook thinks you know this person

“Cas.” Dean’s voice is low and dangerous, and Cas is actually trembling, staring at the ground. He’s faced armies of angels and fought his way through Hell, but nothing has ever been as terrifying as the growl in Dean’s throat at this moment. “What. The. Hell. Did. You. Do.”

Cas keeps his head bowed apologetically. “I wanted to do something nice for you.” He braves looking up slightly, sees Dean’s shaking hands, and feels that twist in his gut again.

“So you. You… What did you do?”

“I took the Impala to a car wash.”

“And you sent it through the wash. Without rolling up the windows. My car, and everything in it. Is soaked.”

Cas wonders how long Dean is going to speak in these halting, broken sentences. “I’m sorry,” he pleads. “It was an honest mistake. I truly thought I was doing something you would appreciate.”

Dean’s pinching the bridge of his nose now, silently taking deep breaths, shoulders still tense. Cas wants to reach out and rub that stress away, but he’s no longer sure he’s allowed.

And then Dean finally looks up, green eyes burning, chest heaving.

Minutes later, Cas is on his stomach in the backseat, naked, pushing his hard and aching cock into wet leather as Dean fucks into him. The whole car is damp, smelling of industrial soap, but Cas barely notices the mess he’s made.

All he’s noticing is the stretch and burn of Dean inside him. The only dampness he feels is Dean’s sweat dripping onto his back.

Dean grunts and growls into his ear about punishing him, about teaching Cas his lesson, and Cas absently thinks that this is absolutely not an effective punishment. Dean sinks his teeth into Cas’ shoulder blade and pushes even deeper, and Cas wants to run out and commit the crime all over again just to feel this over and over.

Dean’s hand smacks Cas’ ass, then curls around and underneath him to grab his dick, stroking only twice before Cas is coming, making an even bigger mess of the Impala.

“Gonna have to clean that, too,” Dean huffs, voice hoarse and broken because he’s close.

And then Cas can feel Dean coming, can feel the hot pulses as Dean curls around and into him, muscles tensing the relaxing, pushing both of them down into the wet mess Cas has made.

Dean nibbles lightly at Cas’ ear, and Cas knows he’s forgiven.

“Next time, just let me take care of the Impala,okay? Just buy me porn. Or a pie.”

Cas grins, relief adding to his orgasmic high. “Okay. I can do that.”

Tips I’ve picked up that always work

Never gotten caught with these bad boys

-Cup trick: where you take a not clear cup, like a coffee cup, and while walking around the store drop small items into your (clean and empty!) cup. 

-Elastic belt trick: take a piece of elastic from the sewing store (the good kind) and tie/sew it around your waist. Make sure it fits, but is not tight! Then, wear a semi-baggy jacket (It’s that time of year!) and when you conceal, do it on your person by sneaking this to fit snuggly into that elastic band

-The inflatable bag: Take a very large ziplock or two, depends on the bag size, and blow them and stick them in your bag to make it look full. Then, while in a blind spot, as you put things in slowly deflate the bag to make it look proportionally as full as it was when you left. 

-The Big Boots: take a large pair of non-sus knee high boots. make sure you can fit like, half your arm in the boot, because its so roomy. you know what I’m taking about. As you “shop”, drop things like jewelry, makeup, small packs of condoms, stickers, buttons, you know the drill. It may get uncomfortable in your shoe, but eh. Worth it, right?

Some (un)common knowledge:

-If you’re gonna lift clothes then for petes sake look at the price tag before you hold it up to your body or take it to the dressing rooms

-Don’t lift nail polish by putting up your sleeve it will fall out and break and BAM you’re caught

-Putting something between your thighs as a way of lifting is really hard because you have to walk out perfectly normal

-If you get shaky hands or get really nervous, pull out your phone and pretend to call/text someone to meet you at the store. This way, when you leave without buying anything, it looks like you went outside to find your friend

-Dont start pulling out your goods in the parking lot. Rookie mistake here. Wait until you get in your car with doors locked and windows rolled up. Even better, wait till you’re at home. 

-Scope the store out a couple of days before you lift

-Trust your gut

-Try to avoid backpacks; instead go for a purse type thing. Easier to slip things in

- Don’t try to avoid LP. Ask at them only one or two times, if you make eye contact with them, just smile and wave. If you think someone is watching you, go up to Lp and ask shit like “do u have wet n’ wild mascara? Is there any pink ribbon here? What foundation tone should i use?” Seem interested while they talk. But don’t get too friendly. 

-Be cautious and observant but not paranoid and jumpy

-if you get a bad vibe, leave with what you’ve already concealed. Not getting your hair dye is better then getting a fine.

-Lifting while wearing a skin tight sundress is hard mode. 

-Barcodes don’t set off alarms unless theres a RDIF under it so check!! 

-If you cant afford a hook or magnet, then use a seam ripper for what you can. If you don’t mind small holes in clothes, that is. 

Anything else to add?

No Falling

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 884
Warnings: None
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by:@mysaintsasinner Prompt: Fireworks / Quote: “Only a fool would fall in love with someone as deadly as me”

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Mood Song

“LES Artistes” - Sanitgold

I was tagged by @pixeltrashcan​ and @beautiful-enigma88​.

If this song comes on in the car, I will serenade anyone with their windows down. It was a toss up between this song, “Lovers Who Uncover” by Crystal Castles (I’ve been listening to them a lot this week), and “Late Night” by Foals (I’ve been trying to kill this song for weeks, I’m in love with it).

Share your moody songs! I tag: @sandy-sims, @randomcoffeesimmer, @impishlyxpervertedxsims, @cat-nerd-sims, @josiesimblr, @brazencoquet, @slybears, @keikosim, @budgie2budgie, @zauglom, @eslanes and anyone else I follow that wants to do this… I love music, I listen to everything people link up here 😂

anonymous asked:

can you plzzzzzz do jikook for “stop talking. now.” "please, stop it." thank you!

a/n: hmu w some short prompts and i’ll write you smt

stubbornness is the only thing that has jimin’s hands on the steering wheel, the job of driving originally having been pre-assigned to jungkook, but seeing that at a point in the night jungkook came to be on the verge of drunkenness to the extent of possibly mounting a roof while wearing a tin foil hat, the responsibility passed on to jimin.

of course, while the two were discussing the decision, jungkook had put up quite the fight, vigorously crying out that he was perfectly fine and in no way tipsy (“IN NO WAY, I SAY!”), but jimin refused to let up. after further arguing (which, on jungkook’s part, became more meaningless words than actual reasons), jimin, undoubtedly, won and proceeded to promptly drag jungkook away from the bourbon and tequila and to the car.

if jimin may say so himself, this was his brightest moment of the night, because jungkook has been acting so positively tipsy that jimin is thankful that he’s the one manning the the steering wheel.

his dimmest moment of the night was agreeing to leave in a car with jungkook in the first place.

as they cruise down one of the many boulevards of town, now miles away from the party, jungkook’s head dramatically whips to jimin. he seems to be trying to sport a devilish, suave look, but it turns out 35% confused, 65% constipated, and 100% ridiculous.

jungkook clears his throat and grins wolfishly, albeit crookedly. “so, did it hurt?”

jimin raises an eyebrow at him, to which jungkook wiggles his. jimin scoffs and rolls his eyes, making a right turn into highway 101. here, the roads are empty, like a secret town of pavement, the city lights peaking up in towers on the both sides of the car and the chill of the night blocked out by their rolled-up windows.

“let me guess. when i fell from heaven?” jimin rolls his eyes.

jungkook giggles, looking satisfied with the reply he received. “nope!” he cries, eyes crinkling as he smiles.

a look on perplexation crosses jimin’s face. “what?”

a smirk blooms on jungkook’s features as he leans forward, and jimin feels his skin heat up. he’s awfully glad that the highway is empty, because they would’ve crashed seven times by now if it were crowded.

“did it hurt,” murmurs jungkook, eyes shifting to meet jimin’s coyly, “when you fell for me?”

jimin practically veers off his lane. “w-what?“ 

god, he’s glad the highway is empty: at some point he slammed down on the break and switched the gear shift to park, too busy gaping at jungkook, who seems very tipsily pleased with himself.

“cat got your tongue?” jungkook says, the expression on his face smug, as if he has to right and audacity to feel so, as if-

“god, oh my god. please, stop it. stop talking, like, now.” jimin buries his face in his hands, noticing the way jungkook’s expression slightly warms, before jimin gets himself back together. he shakily adjusts the gear shift to drive and his eyes back to the road, taking a deep breath and press-ganging his heart into reeling back to its normal pace.

“i am never going to let you drink again,” he mutters as the car starts rolling again.

a laugh bubbles from jungkook’s lips. the corner of jimin’s vision can make out that jungkook has leaned back in the passenger’s seat again, but the way that his eyes fixate on jimin makes it feel as if he’s still only inches away, tempting and tangible. jimin’s muscles are tense as he continues down the highway, body locked up and defensive because of how raw and exposed he feels under jungkook’s scrutiny, with his presence so prominent, and jimin has to roll down the windows to breathe through it.

after minutes of flicking through silence stretches and radio bursts, jimin spares a full glance at jungkook. the night wind is blowing his hair without care, sweeping across his grin, and if it doesn’t make him breathtaking, then jimin doesn’t know what does (the answer: everything). jimin blushes.

“not another drink for the rest of the year,” he thinks, and then too late realizes that he said it aloud.

jungkook catches his words too, unforunately, chuckling and sitting up. “imma tell you a secret, jimin. come here, come here.” he beckons him with a hand, and jimin, if hesitantly, does as told, still keeping his eyes on the road. jungkook closes the distance between them until his breath is cresting over jimin’s ear, his grin hot on his lips.

jungkook whispers: “i’m sober.”

Like She’s Mine (part two) - Stiles Stilinski

part one here

warnings: swearing, teen pregnancy, mentions of sex

I was sitting in Lydia’s room, going through her magazines in the hunt of what’s in for the summer.  Rompers, short styled overalls, and suspenders with skirts and tee shirts were the majority of what I came up with.

It was an early morning for teenagers on a saturday Allison Lydia and I had thrown a sleepover the night before.  Mostly laughing about the party Lydia had nearly three weeks ago.  More so how Allison and I didn’t remember the majority of it.

“Yeah yeah, we’re kinda lightweights” Allison said, rolling her eyes.

“We? I drank more than you did Alli.  You are the lightweight around here” I said, causing Lydia to snort.  Which only made us all laugh more.  I fell back on the bed, in an uncontrollable fit of giggles while Allison began to hit me with a pillow.

“You’re mean!” She said, laughing as she attacked me.

“Stop it!” I squealed.  “Stop! Sto-” I gagged suddenly, my hands flying from my stomach to my mouth.  I scrambled off the bed, feeling bile rise in the back of my throat.  Allison called my name in concern, Lydia trailing behind me as I rushed to the bathroom, but i slammed the door shut, hacking into the toilet as soon as I lifted the lid.  I hurled and heaved, trying to catch my breath.

“Hey, hey y/n?” Lydia knocked softly, before opening the door.  She came up next to me, kneeling right behind me and pulling my hair back as I released the last of my stomach’s contents.

“I’m sorry” Allison said from the doorway.  I hastily pulled out the roll of toilet paper, ripping off some and wiping my mouth before throwing it into the toilet and flushing.

“It’s okay, I just haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday so it just caught up to me when we were fooling around” I said, turning on the sink as Lydia continued to caress your back.  Allison looked guilty, but didn’t say anything else.  I rinsed my mouth out thoroughly, swishing, spitting, repeat.  “I’ll be fine, seriously, the feeling passed” I said with a smile.  Even though my stomach said otherwise.

“You sure?” Allison asked, not fully believing me.

“I’m sure.  Now come on, we gotta be at Lou’s in half an hour, and I look like shit.

Roll montage of the three of us packing up our things and getting changed while singing and dancing around to the radio.

Lydia pulled up by the storefront, and Allison and I grabbed our bags.  She’d driven us to work, seeing that she’d picked us up for the sleepover.

“You girls have a nice day!” Lydia called with a slight laugh as she waved a hand out the window.  I waved back as Allison blew a kiss.  Lydia drove off after that, rolling up her window and probably playing the music she liked rather what Allison and I forced her to play.

I unlocked the door, letting Allison in first.  We made our way to the back room, where our employee lockers were.  Allison didn’t have a lock on hers, the girl trusted everybody.  But I had one.  I sat on the floor, back against the metal doors as she put her overnight bag into the locker, and pulled out her working apron.  Filling the pockets with sample packets of flower seeds, a spray bottle of water, one of plant growth fluid, as well as a rag because she hated dirt.

“You sure you’re okay hon?” She asked in worry, and I nodded again.  I watched as she tied a neat bow behind her back.  Then finally made myself stand and get ready for the day.  Saturday was our busiest days of the week.  Sometimes friday nights, lovers coming in to get flowers for their loved ones.

Allison had made her way out to the cash register.  She was probably sitting on the stool while texting Scott.  Which was usually how she passed free time when there was no customers.  I finished putting my bag away and tying on my apron, and dragged myself out of the back room.  Grabbing the inventory clipboard off of the counter Allison was at, the only counter actually, I made my rounds through the small shop.  Literally anywhere I walked, she could see me.

“So has Theo talked to you at all?” She asked, slipping her phone into an empty pocket of her apron.

“Why do you ask?” I questioned, making a check mark next to aster.

“I don’t know… you talked about him half the year, then you guys finally get together and you drop him completely”

“Well I wasn’t exactly looking for a boyfriend…” I trailed, giving Allison raised brows.  She shrugged her shoulders.

“Have you talked since school ended? We were there for a week after the party” Allison asked.  “Or at graduation?” I shook my head again.

“Nope.  He was the perfect one night stand.  In where you don’t mention it happened at all” Allison made a ‘huh’ sound.  

I figured she didn’t understand the concept completely, she’d confided in me that Scott was her first serious boyfriend.  That he’d taken her virginity (and she his) and that he’s all she’d ever wanted.  So I didn’t expect her to really understand that sometimes you just need a good time, with the promise of no commitment, and secrecy.  Secrecy was loosely used though.  Inner circle friends knew, but not the whole school kind of thing.

“Stiles must be happy about that” Allison commented.  “He hated Theo”

“I know” I responded, making another check next to callas.  A personal favorite of mine.  I always thought they’d look beautiful in a brides hands.  I didn’t say anything else to Allison, writing a note that we needed more tulips.

“I’m sorry if I upset you-”

“Alli, if you apologize to me one more time today, then you will be the one puking” She laughed, and the rest of the day was breezy.

Customers were more on the lag side today, just a few people.  I always liked when a man came in around six thirty, getting a collection of roses in his work clothes.  Made me happy to know there were still decent men in the world.

Scott picked Allison up at the end of her shift, which was around four.  So it was just me here for the next three hours.  I sat at the cash register with a book and an apple.  I’d greet a customer when they’d come in, offer help, which most declined, and sat contently on that stool.  Around 6:45, my phone rang.  The best picture I have of Stiles popping up.  The one where he was laughing and fell off the couch onto the coffee table, completely sprawled on it.

“Hey what’s up?” I said when I answered.

“Need a ride home?” He asked, and I sighed in relief.

“Thank god, yes” He chuckled.

“Why didn’t you just ask?” He said, and I heard the engine of his jeep turning on.

“I didn’t want to sound pushy” I replied, to which he laughed again.

“Alright, well I’ll be there in ten, have you eaten?”


“Good, we’re getting chinese takeout cause I’m craving it” Wow he was right that sounded really good.

“Okay sounds good, see you soon”

“Bye” I hung up the phone and set it on the counter.  The store was empty, so I decided to just close up shop and flip the open sign to closed.  Then made my way to the employee room to take off my apron and collect my things.

It wasn’t a long wait for Stiles, I just sat on my phone scrolling through pictures of vacations, pregnancy test ads, videos of my OTP, anything to keep my mind occupied from my growling stomach.  God I needed sesame chicken.  As soon as I saw the headlights of the jeep pulling in, I grabbed my things, and rushed out the door, making sure to shut off the lights and lock the door.  Stiles didn’t even have time to open his door, as I was already in the passenger seat and throwing my bag to the floor.

“Hi there” Stiles said with a laugh while I buckled in.

“Hi” He replied with a big grin.  “Come on, what’re ya waiting for? I want food!” I exclaimed.

“You sure chineses is okay?” He asked, driving out of the lot.  “Lydia told me you got really sick this morning”

“I’m fine, chinese sounds great” I said, waving my hand dismissively.

“She said you threw up y/n-” Stiles said with a look.

“It was just cause we were messing around and my stomach was pretty much empty is all, I’m fine now” I told him.  He licked his lips, a sign that he was debating on whether or not he believed me.  “Stiles I swear it, okay? I’m fine”

“Pull over the car!” I screamed, and Stiles did immediately, into an empty lot.  The smell of the asian food wafted through the air and gagged me.  I stumbled out of the jeep, tripping over the curb I’d run to, and puking on the grass.  I heard a door slam shut, and Stiles ran over to me.  “No- n- go!” I managed to say before vomiting again.

“Shh… no no I’m here…” He pulled all my hair back, collecting it in a ponytail in his hand.

“It’s gross-” More bile rose.  Stiles looked away, probably because it probably made him want to throw up too.  He just rubbed my back and cooed soothing things.

“I think you’ve got the stomach bug y/n” He sighed.  I groaned.  It’d gone around the school before graduation, but I didn’t think I could get it this late.

“I guess” I sighed, moving my head down till it fell on my knees.

“It’s okay” Stiles said softly, still rubbing my back and holding my hair.  “You can come back to my place and have a shower or a bath okay?”

“No Stiles if I get sick again I wanna be by myself” I know he was about to protest.  “Think about it this way.  You want me accidentally puking on your bed?” He thought for a moment.

“I don’t want you to be alone” He countered.  I was the quiet one now, contemplating what I wanted to do.  Eventually I nodded, and he helped pull me up.  “Here” He shrugged off his flannel and handed it to me.  I looked at it for a second, and he rolled his eyes, stepping forward and wiping my mouth gently with the fabric.

“Stiles that’s sweet and so disgusting” He chuckled at me and I took the ball of plaid from his hands.

“Come on sicko let’s go home”

I stood in the shower repeatedly washing myself for probably twenty minutes, then soaked in the tub for half an hour.  My skin smelled rosy like soap, but was all wrinkly at the tips of my fingers.  But I didn’t care much.  I got out and wrapped a towel around myself, as well as one on my hair.  There were folded pajamas Stiles gave me sitting on the counter, but I sat on the floor in the towel, wrapping it around myself like a blanket.  My head was buzzing, and I wanted it, no, needed it to stop because it was about to make me cry.

At some point I pulled myself together and yanked up the soft pants and silky jersey.  It smelled like Stiles, and suddenly I didn’t feel so nauseous anymore.  When I finished, I pushed open the door and slowly made my way down the stairs.

“y/n?” I heard Stiles call, and I turned on the steps, holding onto the rail.  I hummed in response, and he went down to where I was stood.  “What’re you doing going downstairs?”

“So I can sleep, I’m exhausted physically and mentally” Stiles cocked his head to the side.

“Well then go upstairs to bed were… were you gonna sleep on the couch?” I nodded, rubbing my eyes with my fists.  He shook his head, and laid a hand on my back.  “Come on, let’s go to bed” I didn’t say anything, just let him guide me up the steps and into bed.

“But if I pu-”

“Look, there’s a little garbage can right there, and even if you miss, I’ve already brought in extra sheets” I smiled a wavering smile and thanked him.  His brows cinched.  “Are.. are you crying?” He asked, pulling the blankets over me.  I shrugged.

“I-I guess?” I stumbled.

“y/n, why? What’s wrong?” His hand smoothed down my hair, and he kneeled in front of the bed facing me as I lay on my side.  “Hey… hey shh.. What’s going on?” He stared at me as I wiped my eyes.

“I don’t know I guess… I guess…. I guess it’s my parents being out of town for another week and Alli kept asking me about Theo and am.. Am I a whore? For sometimes just needing one night with no strings attached?”


“But maybe I was hurt he left? It’s been three weeks, I don’t know Stiles, I feel ridiculous” He shook his head, smiling softly at me.

“y/n you’re not a whore don’t ever think that- don’t even say it, you’re not.  We all do things we’re not proud of and that’s just something some of us do-”

“I don’t know anyone-”

“Liar you know Lydia used to, you think anyone ever dare call her that? No of course not, it’s called being smart and nice about it” I buried my face into his pillow.  “So you slept with somebody.  You both wanted it, you were safe about it, so maybe you forgot it, but hey, that’s a part of the fun right?” I sniffled.

“I feel dirty Stiles” He shook his head, pushing all my hair back behind my shoulder.

“Well don’t.  Because it all worked out fine, didn’t it?” I thought for a moment, then smiled softly and nodded.

“Yeah, yeah it did” I said quietly.  Stiles grinned, and kissed my forehead.  “Thanks Stiles”

“Anytime y/n” He said, ruffling my hair and standing up.  “I’ll see you in the morning”

“You’re not gonna stay?” I asked, watching as he wandered to the door.

“My Dad’s down in his office and he wanted some help on a case… I thought it’d be a good opportunity-”

“No no, go help him” I said, waving him off.  Stiles smiled at me and flicked off the light.

“Goodnight y/n”

“Goodnight Stiles” I murmured back.

“Alli… Alli please stop crying it’ll be okay” I assured repeatedly.

“He… he hates me, he must hate me” She whimpered.

“Lyd, Lydia can you come here?” I called.  The strawberry blonde came rushing in, and I took the bundle of crying blankets from her arms.  I rocked softly back and forth and cooed.

“Maybe we should call-”

“If you say Stiles I will scream” I responded.

I shot up in bed, a cold sweat sticking my clothes to my skin.  I took in my surroundings, barely registering I was in Stiles’ room when I felt my throat swell. 

“Shit” I cursed, springing out from under the covers and rushing into the bathroom.  I gripped the bowl of the toilet, puking and crying at the same time.

When I  woke up next, it was to Stiles shaking you gently.  You hummed, opening your eyes.

“Hey, hey Alli’s here” He said softly.

“Okay” I said, sitting up and tying my hair back in a ponytail right away.  I needed it out of my face.

“She said you texted her?” Stiles asked.

“Yeah, a few hours ago I woke up really sick and didn’t have a ride or anything” I told him, swinging my legs over the bed, just sitting on the edge.

“I could’ve driven you home-”

“I know I know I just… I needed a girl and I had a bad dream with her in it” I said the second part quietly.  Stiles nodded in understanding.

“Alright well text me” He said.

“Of course”

“And if you get sicker then go to the doctor, I’m worried about you y/n” I smiled at him and shook my head, standing to crack my bed.

“Don’t worry Stiles, it’s just a stomach bug it’ll pass” I assured, walking out of the room, to which he followed behind me.

“But you’d tell me what’s going on right?” I turned as I grabbed my bag from the floor.  I’d dropped it at the stairs last night before going up to take my shower.

“Stiles, of course I would, stop momming me okay?” He sighed.

“Fine fine, I’m done pestering” He said.  “Give me a hug before you go though” I rolled my eyes but let him pull me in by my shoulders.  He squeezed me for a moment.

“You’re not dirty y/n” He said, and I closed my eyes, silently reeling in the moment.

“Thank you Stiles” I whispered, and he rubbed my back for a second before pulling away.  He smiled and I reciprocated it.  Then picked up my bag and walking to the door.  “Tell Noah I say hello and thanks for letting me stay overnight” He nodded, and I opened the door, waved goodbye, and walked out to Allison’s car.

“I think black looks nice on anyone’s nails” I said, and the brunette rolled her round eyes at me as I applied the polish to her fingers.  “And it’s insta dry, and it’s done by me so you’re promised perfection”

We’d been sitting in my kitchen for the past half hour as I did Allison’s nails.  She had her eight month anniversary with Scott tonight, and the only hint he’d given her was formal.  So she’d asked me to do her nails for her.

“Oh right, your Lydia’s little manicure prodige” Allison said, waving her drying hand around in a dazzling manner.  I smirked, maneuvering the brush down carefully.  “Anyways, Stiles seemed surprised to see me at the door this morning” She said, and I kept my focus on her hand.  “You didn’t tell him I was coming?”

“I didn’t even tell him I got sick Al”

“What? Why?”

“Because he’d get over worried and it’s sweet but… I don’t know last night I got super emotional about it and just opened up” Her eyes widened, as well as a smile on her lips.

“Open up about your crush on him?”

“Hush up it’s minor” I groaned under my breath, doing the last stroke of black paint on her pinkie.  

“Okay sure” She said sarcastically.  “What’d you open up about?”

“About sleeping with Theo, mom and dad being gone for the next week, feeling… feeling bad I guess”

“That’s not a bad thing y/n” Allison said softly.  “Confiding in each other is just what friends do”

“Sure, but I told him I felt like a dirty whore” I said.  She stared at me in shock.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that” She said, blinking slowly.

“I barely meant it, sure sometimes I think about it but I don’t really feel like that my mood just… it just got weird” I said, biting my lip.  “Do you really think my crush on him could cause this kind of thing?”

“Mood swings?” I nodded.  “It could, I guess” She said, shrugging a shoulder, and inspecting my finished manicure on her nails.  She smiled, and I put the bottle of midnight black away.  “Do you love him?”

“Of course I do, he’s my best friend” I responded.  Allison smiled innocently at that.

“Do you love him as more than that?” I looked at her, a long glance from my curious eyes to her soft but inquizitive ones.  “You could?” She questioned my silent answer aloud.

“Sometimes… sometimes it’s all I can think about” I told her hesitantly.  “Other times, it’s the farthest thing from my mind” Allison nodded, thinking through my answer.  I didn’t say anything more, unsure of what I even could say.  That was the bottom line truth.  I looked through my other polishes, and pulled out a turquoise color from the box.  I shook it, and opened it up.

In seconds the smell  made it’s way to my nose and I choked, vomit pushing against my lips.  I barely made it to the kitchen sink.

“y/n!” Allison cried, rushing over to me as I puked into the garbage disposal.  “God you poor thing” She whispered, rubbing my back just like Stiles and Lydia had done to me previously.  “Girly we need to get you some medicine, what do you have around here?”

“Nothing that’s gonna help I tried-” More bile came up before I could finish the sentence.  Allison sighed quietly.

“I’m going to schedule you a doctor’s appointment, okay?”

“Yeah yeah go ahead, Doctor Alberts is in my contacts on my phone please get me in today or tomorr-” More puke.

“Hi, hello I’m calling to make an appointment with Doctor Alberts for my friend y/n? Uh, y/n l/n? She’s been getting sick a lot lately” I listened as Allison spoke, resting my elbows on the counter and holding my head in my hands.  “Yes an appointment today would be perfect” Allison spoke.  “Three o’clock? Yes just give me one moment to check with her” I gave Allison a weak thumbs up.  “Three is perfect thank you so much ma’am, alright, you too, bye” She hung up my phone and came over to me.  Allison turned on the faucet, and ran a dish rag under the cold water.  I let her press it to my head.

“Thanks Alli” I said, and she nodded, guiding me to the living room.

“No problem sweetie” She said softly as I laid down on the couch.  “Get some rest, you’ve got four hours till we go okay? I’ll just wake you up if the time comes and I’ll drive you there and everything, okay?” I nodded.

“Thank you” I mumbled again, and she nodded before I closed my eyes.

“I’ll go get you a blanket honey, I’ll be right back”

The drive to the office wasn’t long, thankfully.  The heat in the car was going to make me vomit again right onto the dash.  But as soon as the feeling came we parked and I got into the air conditioned building.  Allison sat with me in the waiting room, my leg bouncing anxiously as the place was silent.  Not filled with people, maybe six but I tried not to count.

There was actually seven not counting Allison, or the baby in a woman’s arms.

“y/n l/n” My head jerked up to see my doctor standing by the door.  I smiled in relief at the familiar face.  I stood up and turned to Allison.

“I’ll be right here, you’re okay” SHe said kindly, and I nodded, before walking up to the older woman.

“I’m sorry but we must do this every time” Doctor Alberts sighed as she handed me the cup.

“Thank you” I said quietly, and made my way past her, and to the bathroom around the corner.  I did what you had to do, and placed the cup in the compartment before washing my hands.  When I finished I stepped back into the hall, and she guided me to a room.  Closing the door behind us.

“Go ahead and have a seat” She said, patting the cot with the paper over it.  I nodded, wiggling to get up on it as she looked through her patent files.  I watched as she clicked on mine.  “How have you been miss y/n? I haven’t seen you in awhile” She asked with a kind smile.

“Besides the puking, alright” I shrugged.  My doctor pulled on rubber gloves, and opened a cabinet.

“Graduated high school right?” She asked with a smile, getting out the arm wrap and pump for my blood pressure check.

“I did, and got into Berkeley”

“Is that where you’re going?” She asked, securing it around my arm.

“I haven’t decided yet, I was hoping to have heard back from Corcoran by now.  It’s in DC by my friend’s by now”

“Oh well that’s nice, but also far, what made you want to go there?” She asked, pumping the rubber ball in her hand, eyes on the dial on my arm.

“My best friend is going to DC as well, well, we haven’t heard back from the school yet but I just know he got in” I told her.  She smiled, unwrapping my arm and typing something into the computer.

“I see, you want to stick together” She commented, and I nodded.  “I’m going to go get your results back from the lab, I will be back in a moment” Doctor Alberts said, and I smiled with a slight nod.  When the door closed after she left, I texted for Allison to come in.  She arrived two minutes later.

“Hey, everything alright?” She asked instantly.

“Yeah she went to get my pee back” I said, causing Allison to giggle and roll her eyes as she sat in a chair next to the bed I was perched on.  “I’m uh.. I’m sorta nervous”


“I don’t know I guess… what if it’s like.. Cancer or something?”

“Darling I can pretty much promise you that it’s not cancer”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep” I sing songed, raising a brow down at her.

“Fine, if it’s cancer, I will shave my head with you” The door opened and Doctor Alberts chuckled quietly.  Glasses were sat on the bridge of her nose as she gazed down at the clipboard in her hands.

“It’s not cancer miss y/n” She said, setting the board on the counter.  I breathed out a sigh of relief.

“I mean I didn’t think it was that would be insane I don’t even know how that could’ve happened you know? But there was still that worry-”

“Miss y/n..” Doctor Alberts said slowly.  “You’re pregnant”


surprise bitch 
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You Should Know Better Pt.6

Summary: Umm…After a night out with Landon, Natalie is on the way home when Officer Merriweather pulls them over. Things begin to get heated in all sorts of ways.
POV: If you think I fucked with that POV last chapter…Just wait. Natalie, Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 3800ish - these chapters keep getting longer
Author’s Note: *Throws the beginning transition paragraphs at you.* BE HAPPY. Okay, the first few paragraphs are a flashback and the single words that break up the interaction are Landon speaking, so, yeah. 
Parts: 6/- (Part One)  (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)  (Part Seven)
Quote: “I told you the drill before, you move, you fall.” 
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