rolling tide

Productive Lunar Cycles

Act during masculine (Yang) moons, and react during feminine (Yin) moons. Yang is for doing, Yin is for being; mimic the tide by rolling in with the masculine phases & receding with the feminine phases. Go with the flow.

Instinct, force, intention, initiation, projection, will, wishes, new ideas, birth, spontaneity, risk, hope, impulse, inspiration, beginnings. This is a time for brainstorming and starting new projects, but resist the urge to jump in head-first because this phase can be dark & murky – it is the very beginning of the cycle and there’s likely to be truths that have not yet been illuminated. Instead of wasting your energy on potential accidents or mistakes, channel it into plans & desires that you can follow through with at a more appropriate time.

Most comfortable for Aries, Sagittarius, and Capricorn moons.

Observation, activation, relaxation, contemplation, collection, inspection, reflection, appreciation, perception, intuition, interpretation. This is a time for pausing to analyze the facts and reflect on the known information. Intuition is your main tool during this phase; feel your way through the shadows – begin to understand what they’re made of with patience & self-control. Attract rather than seek. The moon is still young as a Crescent, so settling, acceptance, decisions, and finality should be avoided. Reach, but don’t grasp.

Most comfortable for Pisces and Scorpio moons.

Preparation, support, clearing, unblocking, building, direction, adjustment, solving, answering, advancement, progress, improvement. This is a time to work out the kinks in your plan, desire, or intention now that you have become intimate with its essence. Eradicate the flaws to make room for new, better methods or routes. Use this phase to build upon your current course and prepare for the favorable end result in a productive way. Make the necessary steps toward completion; don’t rush, and don’t worry about the details just yet.

Most comfortable for Gemini and Virgo moons.

Integration, acceptance, tolerance, openness, maturity, insight, organization, connection, correspondence, cooperation, patience. This is a time for buckling up & enjoying the ride. Continue to allow your energy to flow into your plan, desire, or intention, but relax knowing that it has been set into motion. Spend this phase reflecting on the ideal course of action, and remain hopeful but realistic in your mindset. Align your expectations with the current likelihood.

Most comfortable for Taurus moons.

Culmination, amalgamation, climax, full awareness, insight, manifestation, finality, completion, momentum, truth, answers. Your plan, desire, or intention has been fully initiated & followed through to this moment, the perfect opportunity for full force, definite action – this is where the process completes itself & all the truth comes out. Every detail is available to you now; everything is ready; everything is illuminated & conscious. The results will reveal themselves & you will know whether it is a success or a failure.

Most comfortable for Leo and Aquarius moons.

Gratitude or disappointment, new hope or resignation, contentment or complacency, satisfaction or dissatisfaction. The results are manifesting independently of you & action on your part is no longer necessary. This is the time to be grateful for the fruition, to recollect yourself, to come to terms with whatever consequences, and to accept the outcome of the process. Inner peace and/or conviction must be achieved before the next phase.

Most comfortable for Libra and Pisces moons.

Fairness, bargain, repayment, showing gratitude, making up for mistakes, correction, elimination, readjustment, cleansing, making way. This is a time for giving back what you have been given & balancing the gifts/rewards (or unfavorable circumstances) between forces. Settle the score & clean up the lingering energies to clear a path for the next lunar cycle. Regroup, review, recalculate, do not dwell. Begin preparation for the next New Moon.

Most comfortable for Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus moons.

Reflection, rest, restoration, recharging, incubation, closure, surrender, moving on, putting everything to rest. This is the time for letting go & allowing energies to return to you so you’ll be able to use them in the next lunar cycle. This is a perfect time for meditation; there is no need for any action or deep analysis at this point, this is the very end, where everything is meant to be quiet and peaceful. Calm yourself – your soul, body, heart, & mind – and just be.

Most comfortable for Pisces moons.

All lunar phases are comfortable for Cancer moons.

Applies to natal moons, lunar transits, & natal moons during lunar transits.

Monday Morning Musings

I am so excited for the College Football National Championship tonight. The game is on at the same time as Boy Scouts so Jim is taking Boy13 to the meeting for me. I asked Jim if he minded missing the game and his response was that he doesn’t want to be around me if Bama isn’t winning. Hmmph. 

We’ve had quite a weekend with snow and ice. It’s finally gotten above freezing, so hopefully, we can go back to our more typical rainy days. My family in California keeps checking in to see how I am handling this weather and I keep telling them I don’t mind. I really have no problem with a little bit of winter just as long as I know it’s not going to last. 

My physical therapist cleared me to go back to exercising, but with the caveat that I take it easy. Of course, she had to spell out what that meant for me, as I clearly don’t get it. Apparently, I can’t just start up right where I left off, working out every day. Go figure.

We took down everything Christmas related this weekend and the living room looks so much emptier! There’s even enough room for me to put the card table back out so I can start another jigsaw puzzle. Now, I just have to find the time to work on it.

Boy13 has become absolutely fascinated with WWI and WWII. He keeps asking me questions and I have no clue. Even worse, he will then teach me what he does know, at great lengths until my brain starts to seep out of my ears. I keep hoping this is a phase because at this rate, it won’t be long before I have no brain tissue left at all.

this-is-furious  asked:

Today I learned that Landon collins and HaHa Clinton-Dix are buddies and they're playing each other right now and I found a picture of them holding each other's jerseys and I am having EMOTIONS about it, I love sports boys

they went to alabama together!!!!!!! :’) that’s my boys!!!!! <3 i love them so much they’re so cool AND THEY’RE SO STINKING GOOD AT FOOTBAL JFC.

the picture, so everyone can enjoy :’)

James poking Lily, who fell on Albus, who then fell on Teddy. They were taking their Potter family trip to the coast, with Ginny and Harry, and the kids decided to watch the rolling tides, catching up with Teddy as he tells them stories of his new job as an Auror.

Taken by Harry with a wizard camera, with silent snickers from Ginny as she confirms that James is their son for the billionth time.


Ok so i’ve had a change of heart about the National Champ game lastnight. Everyone is all doom and gloom today because Alabama actually lost a game.
Well i feel like the Giant has finally been slayed!
No disrespect to Alabama they are an amazing team but no team should be in it and win it EVERY FREAKIN YEAR!
By doing this they build this insane dynasty which in turn takes top five star recruits away from other schools like my Sooners!
It’s nice to see a new champion for a change!
Alabama had won the last 5 of 8 national championships!
That makes college football get pretty boring!
I know some of you dont even care about sports but this is my shit right here. Some will ask how can u like clemson or be glad they won after they beat OU back to back years?
Well maybe OU should have played better!
Is clemson supposed to come out on the field and lay down for OU? Hell no. Just a rant. Just my thoughts on lastnight.
Congrats Clemson! See ya in seven months!


Poem by my-fickle-muse
Artwork by kaspark via @1000drawings

one pupil presides

           a sullen sun

                    hanging heavy 

                           in a tiny sky

weary from the waves

exhausted of the tides

tides modest and gentle with unassuming grace

tides swelling with catastrophe 

                  bearing ruthless claws

                               recoiling like snakes

                                          dragging their fangs on the beach

one pupil hangs 

          heavy in a tiny sky

weary from the waves

                exhausted of the tides

                                  rolling in and out

                                                    behind the eyes.