rolling stones jacket


The Rolling Stone Cover (2016)

“Buck…Sam…Come on, it’s not funny. Stop laughing. Listen…Between you and me, this photo shoot wasn’t exactly what I expected. I thought it was gonna be like always. You know, me wearing a suit, an American flag somewhere in the back and…that’s it! *sigh* It’s all Tony’s fault anyway. - Listen to the stylists Rogers, they are professionals! And it’s Rolling Stone, they know what they are doing. A bit of public exposure in a magazine like this one is good for your image. Stop living like a hermit and stop avoiding the media at all costs! You’re Captain America, right? So let America see its prodigal son for once, blah, blah, blah! - I should have guessed that something was fishy when they asked me not to shave. And this tank top. Jesus. I don’t even remember agreeing to this! I’m better at making decisions in the field, so it seems…*sigh* AND FOR THE FOURTH TIME, STOP LAUGHING! You’re jealous, that’s all. No, you’re not, ok. Please guys, a bit of compassion would be more than welcomed here…”

Artist’s note: Do you remember this pic Chris did for Rolling Stone ? I thought the jacket was…*cough* unnecessary. (Photoshop CS6)