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whenever Chirrut meets someone who is a) not trying to kill him and b) some degree of sighted, he’ll ask them to describe Baze for him.

he’s heard every possible description a dozen times now, but he still reacts the same: rocking back and forth, ducking his head and grinning immensely, and trying to hide his smile behind one hand, while asking for more and more minor details about baze’s appearance and responding to each one like an excited teenager with a crush.

Nobody here?

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During my very first D&D campaign awhile back the story setting was there were two guard captains that controlled the city, with the evil one controlling the majority of the guards which is why our party was hired by the council of heroes and the good guard captain to mitigate and hopefully stop his influence. The catch was us being hired was a secret until he was brought down. Over the course of the campaign we had several run-ins with the evil captain, and each time he almost killed at least one party member if not more. He actually succeeded in killing two pcs. Throughout the campaign many moronic things happened like the barbarian elf running naked through the streets in an attempt to cause a distraction for the rest of the party and the dragonborn cleric convincing most npcs in the poor districts that he was the second coming of Bahamut because he could use heal spells. By the end of the campaign there was a civil war in the streets of the city with us being trapped in an abandoned shack with the evil captain right outside with a dozen guard-knights threatening to kill a friendly and very helpful to us dwarf npc if we didn’t come out.
Evil Captain: Come on out, or short and stout gets it! I know you’re in there!
My Half-Orc Fighter: Uh…I would like to persuade him to leave? Can I do that?
The DM: Sure. Roll persuasion.
*Rolls Nat 20* Alright what do you say?
Half-Orc: Um…no we’re not!
Evil Captain: If you’re not in there, who’s talking?
Goblin Bard: I would like to persuade him as well.
DM: *sighs* Roll persuasion. *rolls Nat 20 plus 8 points in persuasion* *DM sighs yet again* What do you say?
Goblin Bard: The only person in here is me, your grandmother! And I’m very disappointed in you David! (The evil captains first name)
DM attempts insight check for evil Captain that has an ungodly amount of insight skill points *rolls nat 1* *DM sighs again*
DM: Dave is so distraught he drops his gear and as he walks off you see him taking off his armor as he goes home to rethink his life choices. With no leader the evil guards quickly surrender. Congratulations. *DM sighs*

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explain dnd to someone who's never heard of it or played it.

the reason why RPGs exist. it’s THE video game before video games were video games. so imagine playing Skyrim without an Xbox or a Tv.

How would you do it? first, you’d need a narrator telling you what’s going on “You’re walking along the snowy path and you hear the slow growling of a creature around the corner of a wall you’re about to curve around.”

and then, as the player, instead of directing the character with a controller, you say what you do.
“I ready my weapon. I want to sneak up and see what is making the noise.”

Now this is where the gameplay comes in. The narrator, or the GM/DM as it is known, is going to have you make a skill check.
“Roll for stealth”

You have dice, and you have a paper (or an app) that’ll have your stats. You roll the dice and then correspond with your stats. Typically with a 20 sided die. A 1 is a critical failure, and a 20 is a critical success. anything in between you’d have to refer to your skill sheet for the appropriate modifiers (don’t worry about this right now).

“Natural 20!”

“You turn the corner expertly watching your footing as to make sure you don’t step on any twigs or dead leaves buried beneath the snow and you are face to face with a dragon, asleep, on his bounty of gold and treasures completely unaware of your presence”

Now, DND, there is no rules when it comes to what you can do. You could say “I want to take some gold and leave”, you could say “I want to check for magical items” or you could initiate an attack, or you can maybe try and befriend the dragon. Maybe you didn’t even want to know what the hell was making that noise. Maybe you rolled a perception check and the DM told you it was indeed a dragon and you got the fuck out of there - you can do that. Whatever your imagination can come up with is possible in the game.

DND is what you make it. Some DMs put music for ambiance, some people dress up, some people have game boards and minis so you can visually see what’s going on (it gets hard to keep track of people’s locations during battles so this is necessary to some degree), some people play the same game for years, or do a game for one night - it’s whatever you want. You don’t have to roleplay but it’s a lot of fun when you’re really invested. and if you get a group of cool people together it can get hilarious.

I’d recommend watching Critical Role if you’re curious as to how DND is played. CritRole isn’t the only way DND is played but they’re really good at what they do.

Hope this helps!

The only thing that I miss about the old animation is how child like Nora’s face was like 

Don’t get me wrong I love Nora a lot but old animation Nora was more angelical  looking and I miss that so much


Theory and alchemy

We were playing a homebrew campaign, and my character was a mage. He always wanted to have a mobile alchemy-box, which contains the basic tools for alchemy. So after several adventures, he managed to gather enough gold to buy one. Though, he had to wait, until the party arrived into a big city.

So what you gonna do fellas?
Mage (me) (OOC):
Finally! I. MUST. HAVE. An alchemy box!
Allright my friend, I’ll go with you to avoid thieves.
*Note: My character always failed perception checks against pickpocketers, somewhat the warlock were quite effective…mostly.
I’ll go too, just in case.

In short: The trio found a shopkeeper, who not only sales alchemy-box, but a quite valuable one, for a reasonable price. With the help of the rogue (good charisma rolls), his dreams came true. The shopkeeper also gave him a manual.

You’re welcome.
So heading for the inn? I hope the others managed the book a room or two for us.
Indeed! Let’s not waste the time!

Some time later, the party decided to go shopping and looking for a quest/job, but my character was too excited. He decided to read the manual, and try his alchemy skills. Few hour later the party returned to the street, where the inn located.
Of course, the Dm asked me to roll a lot of skill-check. I did not fail, but there was a lot of “almost” success.

Allright, Perception check for everyone!
*Everyone rolled good.*
In short, you see some smoke comes out from the window of the room, you just booked.
*In the voice of disbelief*
Is that…our room? The window… of the room… we booked?
*With somewhat proud and sly voice.*
Ah! It seems our mage just discovered the fine little details between the theory and the practice in the Alchemy.
*From the window.*
HURRAY! *coughing* SUCCESS!
If my clothes got smoky, I’m gonna break his legs! 

The mounted magician

Context: a friend of mine bought a pathfinder beginner Box with some pre made characters and a simple dungeon crawl. The wizard character was proficient in the ride skill.

Dm: as you approach the cave, you see to the left a statue of a humanoid creature, but something seems off about it

Ranger: can I inspect…

Wizard (interrupting): I fuck the statue! Rolling ride skill! *17*

DM: you successfully mount the statue, after about 2 minutes of awkward grunting, you notice that the statue is coated in acid. As you finish, you take 1d4 acid damage. The statue is satisfied, and may call you later.

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"games like classic Traveller, in which it’s actually possible to die during character creation!" tell me more

(With reference to this post here.)

Sure thing. In a nutshell, after rolling up your attributes (everything in Traveller is randomly generated), your character starts out as an 18-year-old with no skills or resources to speak of, and you have to pick a career path. Early versions of the game assumed that all player characters would be military veterans, so various types of military service were the only options available, while later iterations add post-secondary education, civilian career paths, and even being a “wanderer” (read: space pirate).

Your character’s life is then divided into four-year terms, and you play each term out as a simple minigame to determine what you learned, what you experienced - and yes, whether you survived. As you can imagine, there are lots of random tables. In the earliest versions of the game, blowing your survival roll simply means that your character is dead, so there’s a tension between staying in longer in order to gain more skills, and the risk of blowing a roll and having to start over. Later versions of the game offer a variety of potential consequences for failing a survival roll, including scandal, imprisonment, or simply being horribly maimed.

Here - I’ll walk us through a basic example right now. For reference, I’m using the second Mongoose Publishing edition of the game (there are several) - you can find a bit of prior discussion on that subject here.

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Scouting Prowlers in MHXX

It is so much better in Monster Hunter XX than it was in MHX.

Every type of cat has a fixed main skill unique to its type, a sub skill, and 2 all-purpose skills. For example with the Heal cat, they all have true heal horn and either cheer horn or armor horn, and then heal Horn/mini barrel Bombay.

Beyond that you’ll see a number of skills, but it’s far from random. There are 39 support skills a prowler can have and they are split into 3 groups.

  • Group A is 7 big skills that can be the focus of your play style.
  • Group B consists of 13 strong skills. You’ll notice the two new awesome skills, the farcaster and acorn muncher are in this group.
  • Group C is a diverse group of 19 skills. 

When you scout a cat, it will have a set number of skills from each group. Here are the 7 groupings.

  1. ABBC 
  2. ABCCC 
  3. ACCCCC 
  4. BBBB 
  5. BBBCC 
  6. BBCCCC 

Group 1-3 get a single group A skill, and a various number of other skills. So you can never scout a cat that has 2 skills from group A, it’s just not possible. Group 4 through 7 don’t even include a group A skill.

There is no right answer into which group is best, but most players agree that Group 6, BBCCCC is the most versitile. In MHX you could teach a skill from one cat to another and in this game you can now teach 2 skills, so BBCCCC allows you to pull 6 skills from a nice pool and still add another 2. Note there are no restrictions on the group of the skill you teach, it can be anything, even the sub skills outside these groups that are unique to the prowler type, like Pierce boomerang from a fight cat.

Re-Rolling Skills

In MHX we had to keep scouting until we got a cat with the right setup but in MHXX you can re-roll skills. Go to the dojo or room service and you can spend wycademy points to re-roll a support skill and get a random different one from the same group. So with time and patience you can craft your perfect cat. If you do the G rank prowler quests that ask you to kill a monster or break a part, you’ll earn a green book item that lets you flat out choose which skill in the group you’ll get in the re-roll; this is faster and easier than re-rolling for a specific skill. If you are rerolling the sub skill, there is only one other choice it can be, so there’s not need to use a book for that one.

The same rules on support skills apply to the 36 passive skills a prowler can be scouted with. They are also split into Group A, B, and C and the grouping is independent of the active support skills (you can have ABBC on support but BBCCCC for passive skills). And like support skills, you can also teach 2 from other cats. As for whch group is best, again, it depends on the cat and your preference. I find it’s never necessary to scout a cat with a native group A passive (I recommend BBCCCC or CCCCCCC depending on your style).

Keep in mind you’ll want a group that can handle most of everything you want on it natively if you plan to have open teach slots for DLC skills.

After you break through the final G rank boss you can scout cats at level 60-62, so I recommend you focus on doing that first if you aren’t planning on maining prowler, otherwise you’ll just re-scout it later.

Do the math; your chances of getting your ideal cat is 1/49, so decide and plan which groups you want for active and passive and check every village for it. The book item/re-rolling let’s you focus on that and not the actual skills it has out of the box.

Happy scouting!

@animatedsuperchick19  Prompt:  In that exact moment as Adrien was practicing on the pole, Marinette walked into the room.

In the exact moment as Adrien was practicing on the pole, Marinette walked into the room. In Adrien’s state of shock he slid off the pole and landed with a thunk on the ground. He expected Marinette to be appalled or to be surprised instead she just started laughing.

“Nino why do you insist on teaching everyone in our class how to pole dance?” Marinette said when she had finally caught her breath.

“Dude it’s a life skill! Everyone needs to learn some time!” Nino defended as he slowly slid down the pole in Adrien’s room and gracefully touched his feet back down on the floor.

“It is sooo not a life skill.” Marinette rolled her eyes.

“Says my star student,” Nino retorted.

“Star student?” Adrien asked looking towards Marinette completely mystified. A pink blush covered Marinette’s cheeks as she shook her head.

“Yeah the girl’s got some moves!” Nino beamed.

“Nino stop telling everyone that I don’t want the everyone knowing I-” Marinette began.

“Can you show us?” Adrien interrupted. Nino and Marinette stared at him mouths hanging open.

“Duuuude! You can’t just ask a girl to do a pole dance for you! That’s just wrong!” Nino shook his head as Adrien backpedaled on his words, his face turning a bright crimson as he avoided Marinette’s stricken gaze.

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Opposites. (Daryl Dixon)

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After being grazed by Andrea’s bad shot, Daryl was fixed up and sent into his tent to rest. When everyone had gone to finish their chores, and after I finished mine, I brought Daryl a plate of dinner. He was lying with his back to the tent entrance, his back exposed and I could see the tattoo on his skin. When he heard the fly unzip he glanced over his shoulder, aiming his crossbow at me and I motioned to the plate, putting a hand up in surrender.

“Easy now. I wasn’t the one who shot you.” Daryl put down his weapon and glanced at the plate. “Does it still hurt?” I asked as I placed his food down and sat next to him.

“Nah,” he murmured. His body shifted so he was facing me now and sitting up. “Andrea’s a real bad shot, huh?”

I couldn’t suppress the smile forming on my face. “She’ll get better with practice. You’d just better be thankful it wasn’t anyone else taking that shot.”

“Ain’t nothing worth living for anymore.” Daryl muttered as he reached for his plate. My chest stung a little at his words. “How is she?”

“Still shaken up. Who wouldn’t be after almost taking you out? What were you doing out there anyway?” I asked curiously, watching him eat with satisfaction considering I rarely saw him eat anymore ever since Sophia went missing.

Daryl chewed slowly, shrugging nonchalantly. “Got lost.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“A skilled tracker like yourself?” I teased.

This time he rolled his eyes while he cleaned his plate and after he set it back down his eyes met mine. He was smirking slightly and I raised an eyebrow questioningly. “When you thought I got shot, were you worried?”

My cheeks warmed up slightly and I pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. “Um,” I picked up his plate and stood up, messing with my t-shirt nervously. “Do you want anything else?”

“An answer.” Daryl persisted.

“Of course I was worried. I thought you had died. You’re a valuable member of this group. Daryl.” I said, not completely bluffing. Daryl scoffed and shook his head.

“You know that ain’t the type of answer I want.”

“Get some rest, Daryl. Let me, or anyone else, know if you need anything.” I added quickly. Daryl smirked again and nodded before I headed out. My face still felt hot as I was washing off his plate in the sink inside the Greene’s kitchen.

Daryl and I didn’t exactly get along at the beginning of everything. He was impulsive and angry while I thought things through and kept a cool head. We were polar opposites and we butted heads a lot. Lately, the banter between us had somehow become more playful, flirty even, and it concerned me. It’s not that I didn’t think Daryl wasn’t attractive, I was just scared of how things would end or what would happen to the group if we were to get involved and then break up. Now more than ever our group needed stability. I couldn’t imagine getting caught up in a relationship only for one of us to die tomorrow.

I won’t deny it hurt me a little when Daryl said there wasn’t anything worth living for anymore. I had hoped he would try to live for me, I know I would for him. What was I saying? God, the guy gets shot and all these hidden feelings decide to rise up inside me like some schoolgirl crush.

Daryl continued to seek me out after our conversation. He’d ask me to go on runs with him or join him on a search for Sophia. We talked a lot, mainly about our pasts, or at least mine. It was something normal to talk about now a days. What had been and what we had been.

“A teacher?” Daryl questioned, studying the ground. “With little kids?”

I smiled. “Yes, Daryl, with children. Eight year olds, more specifically.”

“Did you always want to be a teacher?” he asked.

“Yeah, it felt like the only thing I was good at, and I liked it.” Daryl nodded and I could tell he was thinking of more questions to ask, so I stopped him. “What about you? You haven’t told me much about your life. I know about Merle. What about Daryl?”

Daryl shrugged. “Ain’t much to know. I was just some redneck. Still am.”

“That doesn’t mean you didn’t also have a life. Like the rest of us. What did you do before this?” Daryl stayed quiet, so I pressed on. “Did you have a girlfriend?” Daryl scoffed and looked at me incredulously over his shoulder. “What? I had a boyfriend. He was a bartender.”

“What was he like?” Daryl asked. I rolled my eyes deciding he wasn’t going to answer any personal questions. No matter how hard I tried.

“Quiet. He was kind, smart, he liked little kids but he kept that hidden with the rest of his soft side. He was tall and tough, but he was gentle and he had a lot of love to give out. I felt safe with him.” I thought more about my boyfriend and felt my heart ache with longing. I missed him. Daryl gave me a sympathetic look and I shrugged. “He died heroically. Like I always thought he would. He was protecting Jacqui and I, actually.”

“I’m sorry.” Daryl said after a moment.

“You remind me of him sometimes. You’re both reserved, but you care. Even if you don’t let on as much as others.” Daryl and I stared at each other and then he smiled.

“I don’t mind being like him. He sounds like a nice guy.”

“Yeah?” I grinned.

“Yeah,” Daryl smirked a little before continuing on the track he had found. “We got the same taste in women.” My cheeks burned brightly and I smiled to myself as I followed after him. Moments like these with Daryl were more than enough until we were ready for something more serious. Something greater than ourselves.

Requested: Daryl and Reader are opposites and have a love-hate relationship in which they dislike each other at the beginning of the outbreak but soon become closer after he is thought to be shot by Andrea. Man, this was a throwback. I miss the old seasons when all my babies were alive and well. Hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx