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Off The Rails -the epic saga of Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Iwaizumi all falling in terrible weird love with each other- continues!

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The First Time - Tommy Shelby

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Request: Can I request Tommy seeing is child for the first time.

The First Time - Tommy Shelby

You sat on the bench in the train station. The station was full of families waiting for the train of young men to roll in from France. Polly stood with Ada near the rails, trying to see down into the distance. Finn had fallen asleep on the bench and you volunteered to sit with him. On your lap was a sleeping three year old, his face pressed against your chest as you gentle bounced him. You were glad to be sitting away from the rails as your nerves were out of control.  

Just before the call for soldiers rang through Small Heath you had gone to Polly’s early in the morning. She had been up but the boys were all sleeping. You told her that you needed to talk to Tommy, that it was urgent. You stood out on the stoop when she went in to wake him. Even today, almost four years later, you could remember the way he’d come outside half dressed, groggy from sleep.  

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memento-amare  asked:

(For the first sentence fic thing) "So tell me: do all vigilantes lurk or is this just a part of your unique charm?"

“So tell me: do all vigilantes lurk or is this just a part of your unique charm?”

“I wouldn’t call it lurking.. I would much rather say I was ‘observing’ and yes it’s on the top of my list of many, many charms.” Jason smirked as he walked closer to you. 

“Oh… And what were you observing?” You lifted an eyebrow, as you fought the urge to smile. 

“Oh not much, just observing the most beautiful red haired beauty I’ve seen accepting a certain dinner invitation from a certain Red Hood.” He leaned against the railing of the roof smiling. 

You rolled your eyes and broke into laughter. “You’re lucky you’re cute.” 

“Another one of my many charms.”

Send me the first line of a fic and I’ll write the rest!

Wings and Embers: A Nessian Pregnancy: Part Two


Author’s Note: I’m apologizing in advance

Dacia leaned on the railing watching Cassian and Baylor spar. She was itching to get out there and spar too. Bay… he was rather good. Who would have thought the bookworm was good at sparring? Then again, he was trained by Cassian.

Bay pushed up his glasses with the knuckle and continued punching into the bag that her uncle was holding. One two, one two.

She braided back her blond hair and rolled her shoulders.

Leaping over the railing, she free fell and tucked and rolled onto the ground. The one place where she wasn’t clumsy was the ring. Maybe it was her natural instincts, honed and lethal that made her graceful in a fight. And oh how she loved to fight.

She folded her hands behind her back, tilting her head, “You boys mind if I join you?”


Baylor pushed back his glasses and looked at Dacia wearily. A disarmingly chipper smile was on her lips. A weapon in her arsenal. The female was an excellent fighter and perhaps he needed a challenge. She may be taller than him, but he was trained by the best.

Cassian nudged him, “It’s up to you, Bay. You’re the one going into the Blood Rite.”

He had a point.


Dacia climbed over the rope, her feet landing firm on the mat, “You want me to go easy on you, Bay? I don’t want to have to tell my brother that I broke his best friend.”

He gave her a flat look and Cassian sighed, “here we go. I’m going to go check on Nesta. Try not to kill each other. Nesta is rather attached to you, Bay. And Elain would kill me if anything happened to her eldest.” She snorted as Cassian flew up to the balcony.

Bay rolled his eyes, as she said, “Care to make it interesting?”

“How so?”

“I have a friend. She-” His face turned pale. She sighed,  “What do you actually do when Ash tries to talk to girls?”

He sighed, “I’m not sure it’s any of your business, Cia.” 

She smiled. Maybe he was gay after all. Nate would be ecstatic and he could stop mooning over Bay and actually do something about his feelings for him. She held up her hands, “Okay, let’s spar.”


Cassian took off his mits and swaggered into the bedroom, freezing midstep. Nesta was lying in the bed on her side, facing Ash, his red hair pulled back in a leather strap. Sweat stuck to the back of her gown. Ash, leaning down, eyebrows knitted, Cassian could smell the worry coming off of his nephew.

“Can you fix it? I still have two months.” her hand was clasped onto Ash’s forarm.

Ash placed a hand on Nesta’s stomach, “I’m sorry, need to have the babies now.” Ash looked at him, “go get a healer, water, and towels.” He barked, “Now.”


Her fever had spiked in the last thirty minutes. She was hot and her heart was pounding. As Cassian flew out of the room, Nesta croaked, “I’m really sick.” It wasn’t a question. She had seen Elain give birth three times and she had watched her little sister try to heal pregnant females. Some, despite her best efforts, had died in childbirth. It left a mark on Elain’s heart.

Ash’s face was pale. He nodded,  “I’m going to do everything in my power to save you and the babies.”

She squeezed his hand, her voice hard, “You make sure the babies are safe before you try to heal me. Promise me Ash.” Her children deserved to live and Cassian, he would be broken if they lost them.

He kissed her forehead, his lips cool to the touch, “I promise.”

moths, willow trees, grey cotton dresses, dusty windows, old books, creaky wooden floors, broken clocks, howling winds, cluttered attics, woolen socks, piano duets, chests full of lost things, wax candles, foggy mornings, miles of rolling hills, sudden rainstorms, aged photographs, windchimes, echoes, wooden railings with intricate details, wardrobes, dirty mirrors, drawers full of buttons, and forgotten love letters

The Price of Freedom is High (Part 1/?) (Peter Parker x reader)

Request: Peter meeting a team cap reader in his personal/spidey life after civil war! I love your work Bonnie!

“Hi, I’m…I’m Peter.”

“Your point?” you snapped, holding your weapon at the ready in front of you.  “I don’t think that formal introductions are really a big part of a fight.  Maybe you haven’t been at this for very long.”

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jxst-saying  asked:

hi!!!!! "if you don't want to be with me anymore, just say it." with luke if you wanna. i know you're going to make me cry. ((-: xx.

insp. / quote sent in from a lovely anon

“Oh come on,” Luke chided, rolling his eyes and leaning against the stairway railing with his arms crossed in front of his chest and an indignant look stretched across his face. “You don’t have to lie to me, okay? I’m a big boy, I can handle rejection.”

Shaking your head, you sighed and simply brushed past him up to the second floor of the blonde’s loft, the city lights from stories below etching luminescent designs on the white ceiling above his California King size bed laid in the middle of the spacious room. The argument currently taking place was one you were absolutely sick and tired of; the lone subject Luke never failed to bring up despite the fact that you told him many times you refused to talk about it.

“Are you serious?” Luke asked in disbelief, following you closely behind as you slid your overnight bag you’d brought to his apartment the previous day out from under his bed before shimmying out of the shirt of his that you’d been wearing since you’d woke in the morning. “That’s it, you’re just gonna leave?”

You shrugged, keeping your eyes on the open window panes and willing the glowing grid of the city to not morph into a mush of lights; ordering yourself to keep your tears at bay. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Luke,” you stated, your voice quiet, meek, and the slightest bit hoarse as you fumbled for your pair of jeans previously kicked by the blonde’s dresser the night prior.

“What do I want you to say?” he repeated back to you, the pitch of his voice heightened with desperation. “I want you to tell me you feel it too.” Luke swallowed, his shaky exhale loud in the vast silence of his apartment as you pulled your jeans up your legs with difficulty; trying to ignore the burning of the boy’s gaze burning into your back. “I want you to stop lying to me.”

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Why I love my husband...exemplified by our ten minute trip to wal-mart

Let me tell you why I love my husband exemplified by our ten minute trip to wal-mart. We walk by pretty headbands and I say “oh,” and he says “you want one, get one,” stopping to look, helping me pick, saying “that ones cute.”

Because we walk through the little girls section and there are pants on the floor that he hangs back up on the rack.

Because he smiles as he helps a woman put her 50 pound dog food in her cart.

Because he calculates the cat litter prices and picks the most sensible buy.

Because he glides on the cart through the aisles, kicking off and rolling through with his feet on the rail, just gliding.

Because he puts his arm around me as he beat boxes while we wait in line.

Because he did all these little things in his sweaty cut off work shirt without complaining about his long day. We exchanged probably thirty words during this errand and most of it was about cat litter, but I smiled often.

I feel like we are all waiting for these grand gestures of love. Like someone needs to do something for us for us to love them. Of course I am guilty of this, also. I feel like we are so trained to be or maybe just naturally egocentric.

There is so much to love about each of us. we need to pay attention and appreciate those little (very big) things – especially tan arms in sweaty cut-offs ;)

The Accident

I had a dream,
That things had ended differently,
The car that was stopped so gently instead rolled through the snow,
Over the rails and into the water,
Again and again until coming to rest,
With blood on the dash and no beat in my chest,
But then I awoke,
And remembered I’m fine,
And instead was stopped by the wooden fence line,
And now I live another day,
With echoes of what could’ve been to lead my eyes astray,
To oblivion I could’ve gone,
But in this life I remain,
Without a single bruise scratch or break,
A dream dreamt in vain.


A young mother side-swiped by a big rig, and was rolled up and over the edge of the rail. Emergency crews couldn’t do anything for hours because they were afraid the car would fall the 50 feet to the rocks below.

There was an opening between the two sides of the freeway. A military convoy was headed back to their base with that green forklift. I think it was used for the tanks. It was able to extend from the South-bound lanes the military was on, across that void, to hold up the car in the North-bound lanes while emergency personnel were finally able to get them out.

The mother thought her baby in the backseat had died, as the infant hadn’t made any noise in several hours. She had fallen asleep. (Source)

Imagine the opposite of TV’s most dapper cannibal (R.I.P., Hannibal), and you’ll have a good idea of what Mads Mikkelsen’s character is like in this Danish feature — his seedy-looking compulsive masturbator is a complete 180-degree turn from the good doctor/gourmet he played on Bryan Fuller’s baroque, much-missed horror show. But this negative creep is just the tip of the oddball iceberg here; once this gent and his brother (David Dencik) go off to a remote sanitarium to meet the step siblings they never knew they had, things truly genuinely off the rails.
—  Rolling Stone on “Men and Chicken”: “Ten Best Things We Saw at 2015 Toronto Film Festival″
Seeing Him for the First Time (again)

Based off of this video

“Babe, don’t worry about it. I’ll be out in like 3 hours and then we can do whatever you want.” Harry says cheekily from his bed that’s being slowly rolled towards the OR. 

Niall steadies his shaky hands against the railing of the bed, rolling his eyes and trying to act calm. “Shut up, Harry.”

“Mr. Styles, I assure you, this is a routine operation. You have nothing to worry about.” Harry’s doctor says to Niall as he passes them by, going in to wash his hands and set up the OR. 

“See, Ni, I’ll be fine.” The brunette husbands assures, laying a hand on Niall’s and bringing it up to kiss it softly. “See you soon, yeah?”

Niall pouts a little bit, but nods nevertheless, “Soon.” He echoes, watching as the nurses wheel his husband off into the OR.

* * * *

About four hours later, Niall is finally granted access into Harry’s room. He was given a slight warning about just how loopy Harry was acting due to the anesthesia, but this was definitely not what he was expecting.

“It’s okay, just eat the cracker.” Niall coos softly to his husband who’s currently laying in a hospital bed, drugged out and busy looking at the small biscuit in his hand like it’s the most interesting thing he’s ever seen in his life. 

Harry doesn’t bother looking over at Niall, maybe because the cracker is just too enticing, or maybe he just didn’t hear the blonde. “I need some medicine.” He slurs to no one in particular, his head lolling to the side as he speaks. 

“They’re bringing ya some, don’t worry Haz.” Niall placates softly, trying his best to withhold his laughter as Harry hiccups and whines about his aching head. 

Unfortunately, Niall has never been the best at withholding his laughter and the few chuckles that do end up escaping his lips receive a dark look from his husband. Harry’s eyes meet Niall’s but they don’t stay there, as if he was surprised by something and hesitantly, the brunette looks back, confusion etched across his face. “Did…” He mutters, trailing off before returning more confidently, “Did the doctor’s send you?” 

Niall’s eyes widen comically, not expecting that at all ,despite the warning the doctor had gave him in regards to the heavy amounts of  anesthesia Harry was given in surgery. 

Niall opens his mouth to respond but his husband cuts him off, leaning closer as he murmurs, “love, you are eye candy… woah.” He says loudly,either unaware or unworried about the few other people who were still awake on their floor.  

Niall laughs out loud, head thrown back as he can’t believe what Harry’s saying. His husband was known for his 70s-esque vocabulary and terrible jokes, but this was one a whole different level. 

“You are the prettiest person I’ve ever seen…” Harry says, forehead scrunching in what seems to be frustration as he squints at the blonde in front of him. Niall’s smile changes to adoration and he casually brushes a hand through Harry’s soft hair, snorting as Harry leans up into his touch like a pleased kitten. “Are you a model?” Harry asks and Niall shakes his head as a blush settles across his cheeks, wondering if this was just Harry acting– but then again, no, Harry was no actor– this must be real.

“No, harry, no, i’m just.. I’m here with you now, alright?” Niall says, trying to settle Harry down, “Just eat your cracker–” Niall attempts, but Harry interrupts him.

“Who are you?” He asks, trying to sit up a bit better and gripping onto Niall’s shirt as if he was trying to keep Niall closer. 

Niall grins, holding onto Harry’s hand and leans closer, “My name’s Niall, I’m your husband.” He answers, watching in awe as Harry’s face lights up with absolute shock.

“You.. you’re my husband??” He asks loudly, flailing in his bed a bit as he stares into Niall’s eyes. The blonde nods, giggling like a child and Harry sits back onto the bed, slapping a hand to his own forehead in what seems to be complete and absolute awe. “Holy shit.” He says and Niall cackles once more, unable to control himself as he eats the rest of his cracker. “Dang, ooh… how long?” He asks, voice still drunk and confused. 

Niall smiles down at Harry, “About three years…” He says, not bothering to mention to 5 years they dated before Harry proposed.

“Do we have children together?!” Harry asks, eyes wide in uncertainty and doubt.

The blonde simply shakes his head in a tiny laugh, “Not yet, babe.”

“We call each other babe?” The brunette asks, rolling over a bit as he continues staring at Niall, “Do I call you baby?”

Niall smirks and nods, feeling as if he’s stuck in a loop. Harry was affectionate and loving enough when he was sober, and Niall was a bit too tired to be answering all of drugged-up-Harry’s 

“Have we kissed yet?” Harry asks, suddenly grip on Niall’s hand suddenly much tighter and Niall can’t control his laugh once again.

Niall nods tiredly, “We’ve done a bit more than just kiss, Haz.” He answers slyly, making Harry’s face drop as he stares at Niall longingly, like he couldn’t believe that he was even sitting next to Niall. 

“Oh my god, I hit the jackpot!” He shouts, flopping back onto the hospital bed and sighing loudly. “Let me see your face, come here.” Harry says, making grabby-hands at Niall, who simply places his face into Harry’s hands. Harry smushes his cheeks together and Niall giggles lightly, smiling brightly and Harry makes a low gasping sound. “Your teeth are perfect.” He whispers and Niall raises an eyebrow, remembering when Harry used to say the same thing when his teeth were bent and crooked across his mouth.

Harry is silent for a moment before leering at Niall cheekily, “Turn around.” He orders and Niall’s laughter, just like always, is the only noise that resounds throughout the hospital floor. 

* * * *

And a week later, when Harry’s fully recovered and sober the two spend their first night re-watching the video of Harry’s post-operation stupor. 

“I cannot believe you said all this.” Niall says after their conjoined laughter dies down. 

Harry grins down at Niall, pulling the blonde closer by the small of his back, “I can believe it… it’s what I’m thinking all of the time. Makes sense that I’d say it when I’m on drugs.” He shrugs and Niall’s cheeks redden. 

“I love you, you big sap.” Niall says, rolling his eyes before pulling his husband in to kiss him soundly. 

Lol that was so cheesy and short but keep in mind I spent 7 hours yesterday writing an 11 page paper that I’m still not done with. 

I have a pretty much free long weekend coming up and GUYS MY BIRTHDAY IS ON WEDNESDAY!!!!! I’ll be 17 :) :) :) 

Prompts are open! I do any niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here.

“The beast turned clumsily, too far and too fast. Quick as a cat, Brienne changed direction. ‘There’s the wench I remember’. She leapt in to land a cut across the bear’s back. Roaring, the beast went up on his hind legs again. Brienne scrambled back away. ‘Where’s the blood?’ Then suddenly he understood. Jaime rounded on Hoat. “You gave her a tourney sword.” The goat brayed laughter, spraying him with wine and spittle. “Of courth.”
“I’ll pay her bloody ransom. Gold, sapphires, whatever you want. Pull her out of there.”
“You want her? Go get her.”
So he did.

He put his good hand on the marble rail and vaulted over, rolling as he hit the sand. The bear turned at the thump, sniffing, watching this new intruder warily. Jaime scrambled to one knee. ‘Well, what in seven hells do I do now?’ He filled his fist with sand. “Kingslayer?” He heard Brienne say, astonished.
“Jaime.” He uncoiled, flinging the sand at the bear’s face. The bear mauled the air and roared like blazes.
“What are you DOING here?”
“Something stupid. Get behind me.” He circled toward her, putting himself between Brienne and the bear.”

Anchor :: Chapter 1

It’s up because I have no self control. ENJOY. Special thanks to kuno-chan, which-witch-is-witch, spiritypowers and officialrampion for being especially supportive of this fic.

Rated: T for violence, some language and sexual tension

Chapter 1

The waves lapped against the hull of the ship as a breeze rolled over the water. A man stood with one leg on the wooden railing around the ship, leaning over slightly next to the pulley that hoisted the anchor; the great weight was in the water, leaving only a thick metal chain to show for it. He gazed out on the horizon, squinting to make out the tiny rowboat making its way to his ship. Far beyond that was the Mainland, Port Bosco, with low rolling hills and a bustling marketplace. It was a good thing it was busy: everyone would have been too busy with their errands to notice a particular one of theirs.

“Is the girl there, Captain Kai?” his first mate Yung asked, as the pudgy man joined his side.

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cue the music!

[word count: 1,122]   [prompt: lyrics]

girls just wanna have fu-u-n. 

the fake ah crew’s greatest hits. 

look, journey isn’t that bad. i swear. no, geoff definitely didn’t pay me to say that.

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“Mind the gap,” intoned an electronic voice as the train abruptly sailed off the rails and through empty space, spinning through the air to land upside-down on another set of rails 20 feet below, before slowly rolling over and righting itself.

—from my dream last night about the London Underground

Roleplayer Warning on WrA

So. I just got bitched at because someone thought I wasn’t taking his character seriously. But I never got an apology because my mental health wasn’t being taken seriously until I had put him on ignore. Cool. Drama and chat log below. He’s continuing to harass me even now. :> 

Update: Since people keep asking… I did ignore him. He got onto another account to whisper me again. I have both on ignore now. When I mean he was harassing me through it was he was spamming that football toy on me while I was trying to roleplay with someone else who wasn’t him after the fact. Can’t really block in-game actions through the ignore feature. :(

Update 2: And to clarify. Yes, he did apologize through a third party because I’d put both of his accounts on ignore. The reason I am not posting the apology logs is because I only post what happens between me and him. Because I don’t think it’s fair to include other people’s reactions. I’m still not comfortable talking with him directly.

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