rolling landscape


Sunrise over Mt. Wilson in the San Gabriel Mountains, California


oddly one of the best parts of the big trip i went on was returning through the southern foothills of alberta during some late season storms. the rolling prairie is one of my favourite things about alberta. mix in some fall colours and nice storm clouds and i’m a pretty happy guy. 


Highlands of Victoria, Australia


Star Wars Locations ✹


Naboo was a bountiful planet in the Mid Rim, close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories. It was home to the Gungan species and to a population of humans known as the Naboo. The Naboo developed into a classic feudal society with a hereditary noble class and common folk. The Naboo are known for being peaceful, enlightened, and artistic, among other things.

Naboo’s surface comprised a vast array of different landscapes, from rolling plains and grassy hills to swampy lakes caused by the water-filled network of deep-sea tunnels. Beside its natural features, Naboo was considered a world of classical beauty due to the aesthetics of its population centers. 

Naboo’s main export was the plasma that flowed from below the surface of the planet. Blossom wine was also one of Naboo’s major exports, along with fine art and architectural influence.