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I lied. I thought of another idea. MarcoAce and a power rangers au

“I blame you,” Ace shouts punching the thing, it looks like one of the cheesy villains from the cartoons that Luffy use to watch on Saturday mornings, in the face and launching it back to take out several more. “This is your fault.”

“How is it my fault?” Marco demands, Ace is sure he’s making some kind of face underneath his helmet. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You planned this date in the middle of our last fight, they knew we would be here today!”

Marco pauses, barely ducking an appendage, was that an arm or some kind of tentacle?, “You might be right.”

“I am right. Duck!”

Marco rolls away from where he had been standing as Izo lands, violet armor glinting in the light, Thatch and Haruta on his heels.

“Took you long enough!” Ace snaps. “We all know you were following us anyway!”

“I would never!” Haruta snaps, the bright green armor protecting her from a beam of light from a weapon. “Maybe. I might have been.”

“I knew it!”

Marco sighs, “We can argue later! Right now we have people to fight.”

“Are they really people?” Izo mutters. “They look like those tentacle monsters in the porn we all know Thatch keeps under his bed.”

“I do not!” Thatch shrieks. “Izo!”

“I will break you both,” Ace says trying to move out of the way of the strange person shouting and saying they would be victorious. “I don’t want to know about Thatch’s porn. We all know too much about each other.”

“You love us,” Haruta sings bouncing over one of her targets. “You adore us, Red leader.”

“We look like crayons,” Izo mutters. Marco sighs, this is a reoccurring problem. “Really ugly crayons.”

 “I’m bright yellow, fight me Izo.” Marco states calmly.

“True,” Izo sniffs. “Violet is closer to my color.”

“You’re all jealous that I got blue!”

“Thatch, I would trade you for one corn chip,” Haruta states drolly. “One single corn chip.”


“We don’t have time for your drama!” Ace shouts. “I want to get back to my date.”

Thatch coughs, “Make out like teenagers.”

“We are teenagers,” Marco reminds them calmly. “And no, we have plans to watch movies with his brothers.”

Tribute to my best friend. You were always there for me, through sunshine and rain. When my dysfunctional family was crumbling down, when I was bullied in school, when the entire world seemed so bleak, you wagged your tail and smiled at me. And suddenly everything was going to be okay.

We dug giant holes in the backyard, filled it with water, jumped in and covered ourselves in mud. The best days were when we got to go to your favorite lake. You really loved to roll in duck poop and dead fish. I held you in my lap even when you smelled like rotten fish. I had to shampoo you twice and it was all so much fun.

With each divorce and remarriage, we had to move and give you away when the new place didn’t allow dogs. But somehow you always made it back to me. When emotional trauma gave me amnesia for one year, I couldn’t remember the people in my life but I remember you. If my mom had gone through with the suicide, I would have been okay because I had you.

I grew up and you grew old. Now I’m old enough to be okay on my own, and it was thanks to you. I’ll always miss you. Thank you for the 17 years of unconditional love.


Isaac x Fem!Reader Smut

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Jealous Isaac, Fingering, Oral

Aiden leaned against your locker, making your eyes roll as he ducked down to whisper in your ear. He was only doing it because your boyfriend Isaac was watching him, you knew about the pack rivalries but why Aiden had chosen you to bother you could never figure out.


“So what’re you doing after school?” Aiden asked with a smirk.

“Leaving early so I can go with Isaac to his away game.” You say with a smarmy tone, shrugging your bag onto your shoulder and skilfully slamming your door shut while linking your arms in Lydia’s as she and Allison happened to walk past.


You missed the defeated nod that Aiden gave Isaac who smiled to himself as you flipped your hair and walked like Lydia had taught you.

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Call this a court?

Leave it to Nepeta to be the voice of reason right now. Or, at the very least, asking the important questions. Much like anything else in Homestuck, things will be revealed when the questions are asked and at the appropriate time.

… This is going to get confusing real quick. Past CG 2?! Just how many Karkats will we see in this memo?

Awww, Nepeta wants to include Karkat. She must have not been privy to the other conversations, or she’d understand Terezi’s stance on the matter. Oh, I’m sorry, Her Tyranny.

Awww, poor Nepeta. Well, it could be worse; Terezi could have threatened Nepeta with a noose. Then again, I don’t think Terezi would do that to Nepeta. At least, I hope she wouldn’t.

Listen guys, an anon told me that their friends LAUGH at me behind my back and I feel so cyber bullied right now

Girls are so MEAN, and middle school is so TOUGH, I miss elementary school where people just sent me death threats 😢


“Dean, do you see that?” Sam froze on the busy sidewalk and just stared off in the distance.

“See what?” His brother asked, confused. He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary up ahead. “Come on Sam, let’s just get something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Give me just a minute.” He mumbled, jogging away. His brother only rolled his eyes before ducking into the cafe.

Stopping short of the coffee cart, Sam looked her up and down, jaw dropped with no indication of it closing anytime soon.

A few people stepped around him, giving him odd looks but other wise moving on without a word.

She paid for her coffee, smiling brightly as she did so. “Thanks. You have a good day as well sir!” As she turned, he watched as her large wings moved gracefully with her body, mindful of not touching anyone around her.

“Woah…” He whispered just as she caught sight of him. She tilted her head and followed his gaze, which went just above her shoulders.

“What are you looking at?” She asked curiously, but before he could even form a single syllable, her [your eye color] eyes went wide.

“Can… I touch them?” Sam inched closer to her, hand outreached. “Please? I’ve never even seen Cas’ wings like this before. They are amazing.”

She was moving back, almost falling as she stepped off the sidewalk, her hands raised to ward him off. “No you can not touch them! How rude. I don’t even know how you see them!”

Frowning, he reached out and grabbed her wrist so she would stop before she fell or bumped into someone. He was going to ask why they were so black, but as soon as their skin touched, the world melted away.


All of the sudden, Sam was on one side of a meadow that was filled with beautiful wild flowers. And she was on the other side, direct opposite of him.

They barley got to glance at one another, before a faded version of each of them appeared in the middle of the meadow.

“Sammy…” Her faded counter part giggled as his pulled her against his body in a tight hug. “We didn’t have to come all the way out here for you to hug me.” She gave a devilish smirk. “We’ve done much worse with Dean asleep just mere feet away.”

“I know.” He gave a small laugh, running a hand through his hair as he blushed slightly. “But I didn’t bring you out here anything like that. I wanted to give you something.”

“Oh?” She tilted her head, bitting her lip as she tried to hide a smile. “What is it? You know how much I love presents.”

“Don’t freak out.” He smiled and kissed her cheek as she began to look worried. “I promise it isn’t anything bad, it’s just not what you’re going to think it is.”

“That’s very confusing, but alrigh-” Her breath caught as he got down on one knee and gazed up at her. “I’m going to assume you aren’t proposing. Thank you for warning me.”

He nodded before putting on a serious face. “Not proposing, yet. But this is important. I’ve know since that day at the coffee cart that you’re my one and only Y/N. My soulmate.” Her wings fluttered slightly behind her and he smiled at the motion. “I got you this.” He held up a ring with two little black angel wings on it.

“That’s so pretty…” She whispered, a happy little tear slipping down her cheek. She tried to touch it, but he pulled it back so she couldn’t.

“If you take this, then it means one day, maybe soon, maybe years from now, who knows. You’ll want to get married, and start a family with me.” He licked his lips, only a tiny bit worried she was going to reject him.

“Oh, of course Sammy! I couldn’t picture myself having a life with anyone but you!” She dropped to her knees and hugged him tightly before leaning away so he could slip the ring on to her finger.

“Soulmates?” He asked.

“Soulmates.” She nodded, leaning in for a kiss.
Both Sam and Y/N gasped for air as they were thrown back in reality and the people on the busy sidewalk began making their way around them once again.

“I think we may need to talk.” He said, swallowing hard, not taking his eyes off hers.

“I think you’re right…” She nodded, a smile playing at her lips.

She took his outreached hand and they headed toward the cafe he had left Dean at.

Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard to explain to his brother, given everything they’d seen over the years.

But who knew…

And why hadn’t found Dean’s soulmate yet…?

I don’t know how
I can go from
Excited to
Tired of
In a two minute
Bed roll over.

There are ducks
To be watched,
There are flowers
Budding in to view.

Sun streams in
Through blinds.
Horizontal lines
Of life, and still–

These blankets
Block out my
Reasons to
Be happy.

we ordered pizza for dinner but when it arrived i saw out the window the delivery guy was a guy i went to highschool with and im here in harem pants an avengers t-shirt and greasy hair/greasy face and i cant be having this, so i duck and roll and run out of view while yelling at mum why she has to get the door SO mum goes with it but then the first thing i hear out of her mouth from my hiding spot in the kitchen is “DID YOU GO TO HIGHSCHOOL WITH MY DAUGHTER? WHATS YOUR NAME??”


Requested By @callmeawalkingdaydreamer

Alec chuckled as you continued to spar with Jace, grinning when his Parabati had to block several of your advances. Jace ducked and rolled so he could have the advantage, taking out your legs as you turned.

“Better luck next time (Y/N).” Alec chuckled as you sighed and backed away from the blond.


“Can’t beat me (Y/N)!” Jace cheered making all three of you laugh.


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