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Give and Take [M] (ft. Taehyung) | 01 prologue

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→ friendswithbenefits!au with a twist (edging, oral, overstimulation, uh some really dirty shit, and oh yeah, Taehyung teaching you sex)
→ 12.6k (oneshot) 
→ part 1 | part 2 coming soon!

A/N: sorry im such a sinner omg but thank you so much for 1k followers + 1k notes on You Who! This is a surprise upload :) Enjoyyyyyyyyy

Your thighs are trembling, but he just gives you a glare and continues lazily moving his fingertips against your skin, dipping a knuckle into your heat before slightly pressing his thumb over your clit. 

And repeat. 

Taehyung,–fuck–please.” You moan, straining against the neckties that bind you to his headboard. 

He props up his chin in his hand in between your legs and glares up at you. The hand in between your legs stills and you groan at the lack of sensation, and clench your teeth. He rolls his eyes. “Can you take this or not?” 

You let out a breath, calming your heavy breaths before loosening your grip on the binds and letting your body relax a bit. Closing your eyes and swallowing your dry throat, you speak up. Your voice is small and hoarse from the previous hour of exertion. “I-I can.” 

“Good. I thought so.” 

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So last Tuesday night I finally decided what to cosplay for the Adventure Zone live show at comic con on last Friday night. Three days and thirty dollars later I present my void fish costume feat. rolling duck buddy. I am so glad I was able to make it in time for the amazing show!! Everyone there was so cool and seeing the boys in the flesh was everything I hoped for. 

It has been a while since any project on this scale came together with so few hitches and I am really proud of how it turned out!

gods of wood and stone

(this may or may not ever turn into something, so I thought I’d leave it here as the product of my procrastination.)

Obito gets lost on the way back to the afterlife.

It sounds like the start of the worst joke ever, like something Kakashi would mock him for forever after finding out about it, but it is, Obito admits to himself with great reluctance, actually true. This is definitely not the Pure Land, Rin is definitely not waiting for him, and he is definitely alive, because apparently using Kamui to skip out on your path to the afterlife leaves you alive even when you don’t want to be.

The worst part is, Obito can’t even regret it. He’d make the same decision again, because Kakashi needed his eyes so he wouldn’t just stand on the sidelines like a useless lump or throw his life away trying to take a hit. With Kamui, Kakashi has a chance at getting them a victory against Kaguya. Without it—

Without it he’s dead, and Obito doesn’t need the blood of any more teammates on his hands.

Cursing quietly, Obito pushes through a particularly tight net of tree branches, trying to figure out where he is. Another dimension, he can tell that much—Kamui gives him a good sense of such things—but unless he wants to kill himself with chakra exhaustion he can’t teleport back out of it. He could try it to get back to the afterlife that way, or just use a kunai, but—

Obito is a stubborn bastard. He was fine dying to save his friend, because there was no other choice and he was dead at the end of the war anyway, but if he’s alive? Yeah, fuck that, Obito is going to survive. It’s what he’s always done, and even if it’s against the world’s best interests, Obito is going to keep it that way. He’s alive, and no one can take that away from him.

The forest thins out up ahead, the spaces between the tree trunks widening as the ground grows rocky, and Obito makes for it, hoping to find some higher ground so he can at least get a look at his surroundings. The earth is covered with old leaf-litter, soft and silent underfoot, and Obito feels like he should know it, like this whole area is familiar, but he can’t quite place it.

He rounds a thick stand of trees, pushes through a thicket of brambles that curl away from the touch of his Mokuton, and hears—

War. War like the one he just left, the one he started, but without the monstrous roar of the bijuu or the overwhelming lash of chakra from shinobi with no concept of human limits. The earth trembles beneath his feet, the air rings with shouts, and there’s a clang and crack of weapons meeting. Fire roars, the smell of scorched cloth and flesh rising in its wake, and there’s a loud cry.

A familiar cry.

Obito reacts without even thinking. He dodges around the last copse of trees, chakra already surging within him, and bursts out onto the battlefield just as there’s a flash of yellow light.

Years of learning how to craft a plan, how to alter it on the fly, how to act and react and take advantage of every skill he’s managed to cultivate—that’s enough to let him take in the fight in one swift glance, ignoring that fact that it should be impossible. Senju on one side, heavily armored and fighting desperately; Uchiha on the other, backs bared because their stupid pride won’t let them wear armor, but pushing the Senju back. Two sources of chakra brighter than the rest—one on the far right, two heads with long black hair, a dragon made of wood, a familiar gunbai and a curl of scorching flame. The other is at the far end, almost dead-center. A fading glow of gold, black hair, Uchiha symbol, and he’s turning but it won’t be fast enough.

But Obito has faced a man who’s even faster, and he can make it in time.

It’s nothing conscious that drives him—the connections are simpler than that. Half a moment to judge, another bare fraction of a heartbeat to let Kamui whirl to life, and there’s a beat in Obito’s blood that sounds like the cause the cause the cause. Nothing solid, nothing certain, but trained instinct and denial working in tandem as he whirls off the battlefield. A portal into the Kamui dimension, and almost before he fully materializes he has another forming, leading right back out, and he snatches up a staff from a pile of stored weapons and is gone. As soon as he’s through he shifts his body sideways, back into the other dimension as he phases through the man—no armor, just robes, and fuck but Obito can’t believe he’s part of a clan filled with such arrogant assholes, thinking they’re too good to wear armor in a fight—and brings the shakujo around.

A sword collides with it in a flash of yellow light, and red eyes framed by white hair go wide.

Obito snarls, in no mood to call for a truce here and now, and plants the butt of the shakujo in the ground. He leaps, using it as a pivot, and slams a foot into Tobirama’s armored chest with all the force of his chakra behind it. The future Nidaime goes flying, and Obito lands lightly, yanking the staff up as he turns.

Uchiha Izuna rounds on him with a victorious laugh, red-and-black eyes bright with triumph, and opens his mouth.

Obito sweeps his feet out from under him, dumps him on his ass, and buries him in grasping roots that drag him to the ground and pin him there. “When the hell is it ever going to be enough for you bastards?” he snarls right in the man’s dumbfounded face. “How many innocent people need to die in this stupid fucking war before you finally decide that you’ve had enough revenge?!”

There’s no answer, only blank gaping, and Obito growls, pivoting on his heel. Several knots of fighting shinobi are watching him with one eye, clearly wary, but not enough to stop their own battles. It’s not going to be enough to save them, because in a split second Obito has made up his mind. It’s a stupid decision, probably the worst he could come up with, but if there’s a chance in hell of stopping all of this before it starts, Obito will take it.

“Stay there,” he growls at Izuna, leveling his shakujo at him, and then turns. A burst of speed sends him hurtling right at a Senju kunoichi with her hair in a topknot and the ponytailed Uchiha she’s fighting, and he shoves right behind them, knocking the woman into the man and pinning them both with Mokuton. The Senju lets out a startled cry, but Obito is still moving. Branches and roots erupt around him, grabbing for shinobi without discrimination.

Those in Obito’s path don’t have nearly as much of a chance to fight back; Kamui makes him a ghost, and even when he’s tangible his speed leaves him all but untouchable. He plows through the ranks separating him from the other fighting pair, drives forward with a wave of Mokuton subsuming everything behind him. There’s a snarled knot of fury growing larger and larger in his chest, a twist of something that’s very close to grief, and he’s had enough.

With a shout, Madara shoves Hashirama away, then whirls in, sword sweeping down. Hashirama catches it on a thick burst of wood, shoving him back, and in the same moment Madara’s eyes flicker up above Hashirama’s shoulder, taking in the rest of the battlefield in an automatic sweep.

Obito, barely three yards away with his shakujo already swinging, catches his eye and bares his teeth in a wolf’s grin.

Oh, he’s going to enjoy this.

Hashirama must see something in Madara’s face—either that or his instincts give him warning, but Obito likes the idea that Madara’s dumbfounded expression serves as warning enough. The man ducks, rolling to the side, and the ring of the shakujo sweeps across the space he just occupied. It just misses Madara as he leaps backwards, a fireball bursting from his lips, but Obito phases right through it, landing lightly and spinning the staff through his fingers.

Madara feints left, but this is man who trained Obito to begin with, almost a century younger and far less skilled, and Obito easily spots the misdirection. He lunges the opposite way, catches Madara’s sword when he reverses directions, then twists past the blow, drives an elbow into Madara’s gut, grabs him by his long, thick hair, and uses it as a handhold as he spins, knocks Madara’s feet out from under him, and drags him down to the ground.

From above and behind him, there’s a cry, and Obito wrenches the sword from Madara’s hand, keeping the other man pinned with the shakujo against his throat, and half-turns to level the blade at Hashirama. It taps the Senju’s chest as he pulls up short, eyes wide, and Obito snorts.

“One move and I’ll happily put another hole in this waste of space,” he growls, seeing the way Hashirama’s eyes flicker from him to Madara and back.

Hashirama stares at him for a long moment, then nods and takes a careful step in retreat. One half-glance around them and he says very quietly, “You have Mokuton.”

Madara makes a sound like a pissy cat dropped into a pond. “You have the Sharingan,” he spits, as though this personally offends him. “You’re an Uchiha.”

“And that fact has been responsible for pretty much all of the misery in my life,” Obito retorts, and for a breathless, terrible moment he’s back in that clearing under the full moon, a handful of seconds too late to save Rin from Madara’s manipulations. One blow and he can stop all of that here and now, can prevent so much of the pain that might come.

Hashirama must see something of that in his eyes, because he takes a quick stride forward, only to pull up short when Obito snarls and levels the blade at his throat again. “Please, don’t!” he insists.

“Get lost, Senju!” Madara snaps at the same time. “This is an Uchiha matter, I will handle—”

“Clearly it is a Senju matter as well,” Tobirama says coldly, coming to a halt a short distance away, but his eyes are on Obito’s sword where it touches his brother’s collarbone.

“I don’t think so,” Izuna counters, equally chilly and just as biting as he edges closer, Sharingan eyes narrowed and wary. “Just because some Senju bastard couldn’t take no for an answer when it was coming from an Uchiha kunoichi—”

Instantly Tobirama whips around, offended rage written clearly across his face, and he grabs for his sword, only to be pulled up short when Hashirama reaches back and grabs his wrist.

“But—” Tobirama starts to protest.

“Izuna,” Hashirama says, carefully even, and he doesn’t look away from Obito but there’s a spark of tightly contained fury in his dark eyes. “Mind. Your. Tongue.”

Izuna flicks a glance between Hashirama and Tobirama, swallows, and takes half a step away from them. “Brother,” he complains.

Madara gives Obito a dark look, but he doesn’t try to move. “You wouldn’t stand for such an insult to our clan, Izuna,” he huffs. “Don’t expect the Senju to have any less pride.”

Narrowing his eyes, Obito presses the shakujo in a little more firmly. “Don’t bother taking that high and mighty tone, Madara,” he bites out. “You’re the one I hold responsible for all of this, and I’m going to fucking take it out of you hide.”

Red-and-black eyes go wide, and Madara almost flinches away from him, hands rising in something like surrender.

Obito doesn’t want surrender, though. He wants to rip into Madara the way he wasn’t able to before, wants to get a hand in his chest and tear the heart right out of him, pay back every bit of pain that Madara inflicted on the world, through Obito and through Zetsu and by his own hand as well. Wants to rip and slash and hack away until this monster is nothing but a pile of bloody flesh, unable to hurt anyone ever again. It overwhelms him for the space of a breath, white-hot rage the only thing inside of him, and before he can think to stop himself he tightens his grip on his shakujo and—

Big hands grab him, one arm around his waist and the other around his chest, and with a jerk he’s hauled right up off of Madara, dragged back against a broad chest as dark hair tumbles around him. “No,” Hashirama says, halfway to a plea, and his grip tightens enough to force the air out of Obito’s lungs.

Obito freezes, stiff and stunned at the touch of another human. Years, it’s been, since anyone touched him to do anything but inflict pain, and his muscles go tense and tight in anticipation of a blow.

There isn’t one, though. No hit, no pain, no kunai slid into his kidneys to gut him and leave him for dead.

No pain, just—

A trickle, wet and hot, against the back of his tattered robe. Blood, by the smell, and since Obito doesn’t bleed anymore it has to be Hashirama’s, has to be from when he knocked the sword aside to save the man who will eventually kill him.

It’s too much. The thought of it, the reality of standing here over Madara, able to end everything before it begins, and Hashirama is the one to save him—

What Obito did, the people he killed—that’s on his head. But it’s on Madara’s too, on Zetsu’s, on Kaguya’s. Uchiha Obito should have died in a cave-in when he was thirteen, but he didn’t, and the reason for that is right in front of him. The reason he didn’t carved a seal into his heart, killed his best friend, and gave him a twisted, broken vision of the world as an illusion, and then set him to unmake it.

Obito is responsible for his own actions, and he knows it all too well. But Madara was the trigger. If Obito was the sword then Madara was the hand that forged and wielded him, and that has to mean he bears at least a part of the blame from the hell of the past few years.

No,” he snarls, and though he shoves backwards to loosen Hashirama’s grip and get away he doesn’t reach for Kamui, doesn’t try to hurt the man (again, again, something in him whispers, hurt him again you mean). “Let go of me! He deserves whatever I do to him!”

Hashirama’s grip isn’t harsh, but it is immovable, and he’s as solid as an oak as he drags Obito back another step. “Don’t,” he says quietly. “This isn’t the way.”

Naruto, Obito thinks, guilt and grief and regret and anger all wound up and tangled together. He curls his fingers into fists, takes a breath that vibrates with anger, and does the hardest thing he’s ever managed in his life.

He opens his hand and lets the weapon go.

New Girl

Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader

Request Summary: Being the new girl is hard, especially when you have ADHD.

Author’s Note: Again, I do not have ADHD and I tried my best to make this as accurate as possible. I’m sorry if I offend anyone as that is not my intention.


You clutched your backpack strap tightly, foot tapping impatiently as you waited for the woman in the office to give you your schedule.

Your eyes darted around the room, looking at the trophies up on the shelves. You noticed that most of them were for athletics and not academics.

“Here you go Ms. (L/n).”

You were brought out of your thoughts when the woman spoke, holding out a slip of yellow paper and a smile. You reached out and grabbed it, giving her a small smile and a “thanks” in return.

You walked out of the office, standing outside the door, and looked at your schedule. Once you memorized the schedule, you began your hunt for your class. It took a while, but you were eventually able to find it.

Standing in front of the door, you took a deep breath and mentally prepared for what was about to happen. Lifting your hand, you knocked on the door a couple of times and waited.

Shortly after, a man opened the door and smiled, inviting you inside. You offered him the yellow slip which he took, and turned around to find all eyes on you. Your own eyes scanned the classroom, looking at all the students. They landed on one kid in particular, who sat towards the back of the room. He had big, dorky glasses and curly/messy hair.

When he saw you looking at him, he smirked and sent a little wave, to which you nodded your head slighlty.

“Welcome to the class (Y/n).”

You grabbed your yellow slip and thanked the teacher, going to sit down in the empty chair next to the kid with glasses. You grabbed a notebook and a pen from your backpack and began to take notes.

“Hey,” you heard someone whisper.

Turning your head, you saw the kid staring at you.

“Hi,” You whispered back awkwardly.

“Mr. Tozier, would you please refrain from talking in class,” the teacher asked.

“Sorry Mr., it’s just really hard for me to concentrate when a beauty like her is around.”

Giggles rang out throughout the class and the teacher huffed, rolling his eyes. You ducked your head down to hide your red face.

Shortly after the incident, you began to absentmindedly tap your pen against the edge of your desk. The girl in front of you turned around and glared at you.

“Can you stop? That’s annoying,” she spat.

“Sorry,” you said, placing the pen on the desk so you wouldn’t be tempted to tap it again.

The girl turned back around, whipping her ratty blonde hair in your face.

“Bitch,” you mumbled under your breath.

The kid next to you snickered and you smiled, look in at him from the corner of your eyes.

Eventually, class ended and you took your time packing up.

“Hey,” you heard someone call. Looking up, you saw the same kid from earlier.

“Hi,” you replied, tapping your finger on the desk. He seemed to notice, but didn’t say anything.

“So, you’re the new girl, right?”

You shrugged.

“I guess I am.”

He nodded and eventually held his hand out to you.

“The names Richie Tozier, what about you beautiful?”

Rolling your eyes, you placed your hand in his.

“(Y/n) (L/n), also known as the girl who’s going to kick your ass if you keep flirting.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Richie winked.

By the time you were both done talking, you had already finished packing up.

“I’ve got to get to my next class. I’ll see you later Tozier.”

You began to walk away, pausing when he yelled your name.

“Yeah?,” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Want to hang out with me and my friends during lunch?”

“Sure why not.”

“Just make sure you don’t fall for anyone else while you’re there.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be hard for me to forget a face like yours.”

You sent him a wink and continued walking to your class, leaving Richie standing alone in the hallway.

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Could you do a YJ verse (like during S1/early time skip ish) Dick being a lil ridiculous/v dramatic with Bruce in front of the team?

“I’m bored,” Wally says to the static on the TV more than the other occupants of the room, and he exhales loudly as he flops back onto the couch so that everyone knows how completely and utterly serious he’s being.

Dick snorts and leans forward in his seat. And Wally’s says Dick’s the dramatic one. Which—well. He’s not wrong. Dick grew up a performer. Drama is what he does. But that doesn’t mean that Wally isn’t a drama queen, either. Maybe Dick’s rubbing off on him.

“Hi bored,” Artemis says, eyes trained on the textbook in front of her. “I don’t give a shit.”

Dick chokes, and so does Wally, except Dick is managing to let out somewhat strangled laughter while Wally is just straight up spluttering, looking almost affronted by the fact that Artemis had just done that. Kaldur sighs exasperatedly, and Conner and M’gann both share confused looks.

“What the hell,” Wally hisses when he manages to regain some of his composure. “What the hell.

Dick’s grin is big and teasing. “You totally set yourself up for that.”

“I’m actually surprised you didn’t see it coming,” Artemis says, flipping a page of her book before scribbling something down in a notebook next to it. She doesn’t even crack a smile, and she sounds completely unbothered, so much so that it sends Wally into speechlessness again, and Dick starts cracking up all over again.

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Preferences: Training

I actually did it, I’m so proud of myself. These are a little less fluffy than usual, but I think that’s expected from the topic. I hope you enjoy and sorry for the long wait!

I added Sartaq and Hasar to the list!!!

Requested by @dreams-of-feysand and @writergash

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Rowan: He is a hard ass during training. He pushes you to your absolute limits, whether it be in sparring, weight lifting, or magic wielding. Rowan becomes the commander he was honed to be for three hundred years, his tattooed face becoming hard and his keen green eyes constantly assessing. Because of this, whenever you see that spark of pride in his eyes, or his features soften with respect, it makes that little accomplishment all the much bigger. Rowan always knows how to make you feel strong and worthy with each bout around the ring.

Rhys: He knows how strong and capable you are. He knows that you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. He knows all of this – but it doesn’t stop him from being careful and protective when training. It’s almost as if he’s scared to hurt you, which is sweet in a way, but also incredibly annoying. You can tell when he’s holding back and it only takes a couple growls from you and a few choice words for him to smile as if asking if you can really blame him, and then advancing with full force. Rhys would still never dream of harming you in the sparring ring – or anywhere else for that matter – but eventually he does match you swing for swing.

Dorian: He is a skilled swordsman and takes great pride in his ability to teach others. It starts out with you wanting to impress him, joining him in the training room and completely failing with your sword until he notices and comes to give some advice. Always the smooth charmer, Dorian plays the classic move and sidles up right behind you, his hands covering yours on the hilt and guiding you through the strike and parry. From then on, not a day went by that you couldn’t be found in the training room with Dorian, learning his techniques and skill. Those days were actually what led to you and Dorian to falling in love.

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It had been a very weird week.

There was nothing going on really, everything was very chill and Virgil found it a tad bit confusing.

Not in a bad way, mind you but in a peculiarly calm way?

Videos had already been uploaded and Thomas was taking a well deserved break. After he took a long nap, the host opted to just lounge around the house, something Anxiety was very content with, especially since Joan and Talyn would pop in every now and again.

The only problem with this was that it left the emo in a…buzz?.

The weird buzzing feeling wasn’t bad just odd. It reminded him of that feeling that comes right before you fall asleep. Just the thought of it made him yawn.

Absolutely refusing to waste a good opportunity for a nap, that and not wanting to fall on his face, Virgil moved to lay on the couch in the common area. Placing on his headphones and closing his eyes, the dark side drifted off to sleep.


It didn’t take long for Logan and Patton to walk into the commons.

Pat of course was the first one to spot the sleeping persona. Gingerly he moved next to the tired trait and gently shook his arm.

Anxiety’s eyes opened a smidge.

“Hey kiddo know that a nap sounds nice right about now, but wouldn’t it be more comfortable for you to sleep in your bed rather than the couch?”

Virgil didn’t reply instead, he streched out his arms and made some sleepy grabby hand motions. Patton of course was all to happy to comply, the emo was always clingy when he was sleepy.

Dad smiled as he began helping the younger up, in a half lean-half standing position. The half awake side wobbled a bit before simply wrapping his arms around the Father’s waist in a hug.


Pat gave the younger a pat on the head.

“Come on let’s get you to bed, right Logan?”

Apparently Anxiety didn’t realize Logic was there until Morality had mentioned him.

Slowly the youngest trait turned to the teacher with half lidded eyes and stretched out his hand. He managed to grip the Logical side’s watch, holding onto it firmly as he dragged him towards himself and Patton.

Logan of course tried to back away but unfortunately failed, as tired as he was, Virgil was rather strong.

The emo successfully dragged the trio into a group hug-well, he dragged them together, Patton was the one who wrapped his arms around the two.

“Aww, group hugs are the best!” Smiled the Father all giddy like.

Logan rolled his eyes fondly, his cheeks were currently a small tinge of red.

“Yes, I suppose they are”, he murmured distractedly as he stared entrancedley at Patton, they were still hugging.

“Yep, an’ now *yawn* Princey owes me fifty dollars”

Both Parent and Teacher jumped after hearing a small camera shutter sound. Turning they saw (a still sleepy) Virgil off to the side and on his stairs with his phone still in the pose of taking the picture.

Both ‘adults’ were very confused as to how the youngest trait managed to escape them so easily.

“How…how did you, do that-?” Stuttered Logic shocked. Patton’s face was easily mimicking that of his counter part.

The dark personality smirked clicking finger guns before heading up the stairs.

Patton and Logan just blinked.

After a moment Dad sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“You know, sometimes I wonder about that boy”

Logic pushed his glasses up.

“I believe this is what happens when he gets too sleep deprived”

“Probably Teach”, shrugged Patton as he moved to sit on the couch, “you up for some Office re-runs?”



It was late into the evening when Patton called them down for dinner. Logan was the only one who came down.

Roman was off questing so the Father didn’t expect him to show up but Virgil couldn’t possibly still be asleep, right?

Popping into the younger’s room with a knock, the Parental was surprised to find that Anxiety was not in his room. Frowning he checked with Thomas. The host was absent-mindedly watching TV, Virgil was nowhere to be found.

Now worried if the youngest had, for some reason, deemed it necessary to 'duck’ out again, Patton quickly grabbed Logan and went to look for Roman. This way all three of them could go find Virgil.


Virgil couldn’t sleep, he had managed to drift off for a couple minutes on the couch but now he just wasn’t able to slip into unconsciousness.

Sighing he got up and headed to the one place that made him feel calm.

It was a small cove like area in Roman’s Kingdom. It was always nice and quiet, he was pretty sure it was inspired by 'How to Train Your Dragon’ but he digressed.

He found his usual “seat” a small space between large thick leaved trees. There were four things about this spot that always made him comfortable. There was a tree on the left, a tree on the right and a tree further back making a surprisingly straight triangle.

Here’s were it got better, just before the “back tree” as he called it, was a stump, it was smooth flat and decently round, perfect for sitting on. And with him sitting there he could easily and comfortably lean his back on well, 'the back tree’.

His spot was just perfect, no rain could get in because all the thick leaves were huge and angled downwards and away from the stump. It wasn’t too dark, nor to bright and the air was always fresh, especially when it rained, which coincidentally, it was now.

Sitting down on the stump and leaning back on the tree, Virgil relaxed to the sight, sounds and smells of the rain.


Patton had all to easily found Roman, he was in the midst of saving a Princess from a Dragon. At the sight of his two-not three-counterparts Princey moved faster. The Dragon didn’t even see it coming and soon ducking, rolling and dodging meant Prince ended up with a beheaded fire breathing reptile. Even Logan was impressed with the tact and skill the Royal used.

With the Princess saved and sent on her way home via Roman’s horse. The Royal joined his two elder personas and set off to find Virgil.


He was startled out of a light doze when something brushed against his fingers. Eyes snapping open Anxiety bit back a curse only to see that it was a harmless, though slightly wet rabbit sniffing his fingers.

A rare warm smile graced his lips as he reached down to stroke the fluffy creature. It let him pet it for a few times before hopping over and sitting on his shoe covered feet, seemingly quite content.

Virgil chuckled and let the rabbit be, it was warm and his toes were getting cold anyway. He leaned back again only to realize that there was more than just a rabbit with him.

There was a mother duck and her ducklings, a couple toads, a tortoise of all things and two deer, a mother and a fawn. All trying to get out of the rain and his spot was apparantly very good for that. He stayed quiet, happy  that the creatures trusted him enough to come close. He was about to close his eyes again, when from out of his peripherals he saw something getting tossed by the wind.

The next thing he knew, something small and wet had crashed onto his chest. Frowning he looked into his lap to see the wet and shivering mess that was a bluebird.

The creature had pretty little green eyes and one very dark feather that may have very well been navy blue. Gently Anxiety picked up the shaking creature and helped dry it off using his hoodie sleeves.

All the other animals seemed intent on staring at him during the process but for once he didn’t mind the attention. By the time he finished the little bird was a little puff ball.

Laughing, he gently smoothed down the creature’s feathers and it chirped out a thank you before fluttering to his shoulder and nuzziling his cheek.

He held out a finger and the blue bird perched on it.

“You’re one of Roman’s birds aren’t you?”

He received and affirmative chirp.

“Hmm, *yawn* I wonder what he’s up to…”

The bird didn’t respond this time, not that it mattered to him, all he knew was that he was warm and the smell of the rain was making him sleepy.

He barely noticed when the bird flew off his finger, his eyes had already slipped closed.


The blind search hadn’t gone on for long when the trio was stopped…by a blue bird?

Logan was utterly confused as to why this little creature was chirping at them, well more accurately chirping at Roman.

“It says that 'the dark one’ wants to know what I’m doing” translated Prince with a frown.

“The Dark one as in a Witch or Virgil?” Asked Patton with a quirked brow.

“I don’t know, let me ask”

“Roman I highly doubt a bird is going to tell us where-”

“It says that 'the dark one’ looks like us, im willing to bet it's  Virgil, let’s follow it”

With that Roman took off, Patton following.

“Right behind you kiddo!”

Logan rolled his eyes, thoroughly questioning his mental state to be following a bird.


“Shh, don’t wake him”

“Don’t disturb the animals either”

“Well we have to get to him somehow”

Virgil opened a bleary eye at hearing voices.

Dad was the first to notice, nudging his elbow onto Prince’s side, he tilted his head, gesturing to the youngest.

“Ro, he’s up, go get him”

As much as the Royal wanted to grumble, this was his Kingdom, the animals were less likely to attack him for moving their new ward.

Gently he moved towards the sleepy emo and removed the rabbit from off his feet. Virgil, still very much half-actually less than that-awake, streched out his hands and made grabby hand motions at Roman. The Prince smiled and easily picked him up bridal style, the emo happily curled onto his chest and drifted off.

Roman bit back a chuckle, Virgil was always clingy when he was tired.


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Ajax x Reader

Requested by @yourphotographyteen16

“Come on, in the truck or the box.” Ajax offered as you glared at him.

“I will not go anywhere with you.” You huffed, turning away from him when you found his men had surrounded you.

“Come on sweetheart, don’t be like that, what’s a little mutation between friends?” He chuckled, glancing at you when you growled.

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you’re okay

so this is a mixture of an anonymous request I got and a headcanon I saw (that I can’t find to link) but I hope you enjoy!!

Ship: Malec

Word Count: 2,500

Alec’s vision was blurry as sweat rolled down his forehead, getting in his eyes. Sand was flying out behind him as he sprinted down the beach, trying desperately to get enough leverage and coverage to turn and aim a shot at the dragon demon that was following. Izzy was somewhere behind him, but she could handle herself, and the dragon was after him anyways. He chanced a glance back to make sure she was okay, only to see that he was losing ground and the demon was on his heels.

“Dammit,” he groaned, willing his legs to push him faster, harder. He felt his speed rune burning as he used the last of it, along with the heat beside him as a fireball landed dangerously close to him. He almost didn’t see the figure in front of him. They weren’t moving, only planting their feet and preparing to strike.

The flicker of a silver ear cuff was the only give away.

Alec ducked quickly, rolling onto the sand as he felt the familiar power of magic soar over his head, striking the demon directly in the chest. Alec knew what was coming, he’d seen it when he’d shot the dragon in New York.

“Magnus look out!” He called out, but it was too late. The demon had already spawned back from its remnants, creating six smaller, but still lethal demons. Three of them turned to Alec, the other three to Magnus. Alec grasped for his seraph blade, slicing through the two closest to him. Magnus was holding off the other one headed for the younger boy along with two that were after him, but he failed to see the one coming up behind him.

With a sickening hiss, Alec watched in horror as the demon struck Magnus in the back with its tail and the stinger at the end of it. Magnus’ eyes went wide with shock, and he turned slowly to see what had hit him. Alec was on his feet in a flash, aiming a careful arrow that soared beside Magnus and landed in the neck of the demon. The three remaining demons scattered into the woods, and Alec fell to his knees beside Magnus, who had slumped to the ground.

“Ouch,” Magnus said slowly.

“Hey, hey it’s okay. You’re okay, you’re gonna be fine, everything is going to be fine. I’m right here,” Alec murmured, his hands hovering uselessly over Magnus’ body, unsure of what to do.

“Catarina. I need Catarina,” he murmured, his body stiffening as he fought the pain that was beginning to spread.

“Can you make a portal?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Take my strength. You’ve done it before, we just need to get you back home, and then we can fix this, okay? Take it Magnus,” he urged, grasping onto Magnus’ hand tightly, willing him to take everything he needed. He felt a sudden drain, as if his energy was being zapped from his muscles, but it gave Magnus just enough strength to create a small portal. Alec all but dragged him through it, both of them tumbling onto the floor of the apartment.

Magnus groaned at the impact, rolling over onto his stomach. It was only then that Alec could see the blood running from his upper back, his jacket tattered and burning away from the poison of the sting.

Catarina!” Alec yelled, lifting Magnus as gently as he could off the floor. He swiped everything off of the coffee table before laying the warlock down gently on his stomach.

“Not. Here.” Magnus panted. Alec felt himself begin to panic again. He turned away, only slightly, scribbling out a frantic fire message and sending it with all the force he had, praying it would get to her in time.

“What can I do? Tell me what to do Magnus,” Alec pleaded, feeling his eyes fill with tears.

“Stay with me,” Magnus murmured, his hand searching, reaching up from where it was hanging beside the table. Alec took it in his, squeezing tightly. He was shaking, and his rings were clicking together slightly.

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here,” Alec reassured him. Magnus smiled at that, his lips moving as if he wanted to speak, but his head lulled back onto the table.

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Things you might not know about the production of Sense8

As found in the behind-the-scenes documentary, Sense8: Creating the World

  • All of the scenes were shot in the countries they were shown to be in. So they really did shoot in Mumbai and Seoul and Berlin etc. 
  • They hired local actors and crews for each of the countries, which helped increase the realism of the scenes.
  • Between main, side, and minor characters, there were around 180 speaking roles.
  • When the cast visited each country they wouldn’t break between them. They’d be in one country shooting one day, and then shooting in another in the next. 
  • The scene with Riley and Capheus, and also with Will on the plane to Iceland was literally shot on a plane to Iceland. 
  • The cast described traveling around the world together for 4 months as something that created a family bond between them. They all grew very close and considered the feeling of the few times where they could all be together as ‘electric’.
  • They described being in the different cities as having different vibes and feelings that could only be experienced by really being there, which added a lot to their portrayals and helped them a lot with understanding their characters. 
  • There were scenes that were shot two, three, or even four times due to having to do certain parts in different countries. This often meant that scenes could be changed a little as they had chances to watch over previous takes and see if they could improve it in some way in the new city.
  • The show really shot in the middle of the Gay Pride parade, and the scene where Nomi fell off of the motorbike was in the midst of the ‘Dyke’s on Bikes’ part of the parade.
  • They also had real wide-shots from the Mumbai Ganesh festival, however it would have been impossible to shoot the acting parts because of the vast amount of people that attend.
  • When shooting scenes where the sensates ‘share’, they don’t shoot one character doing the scene, shoot the other, and then put them together through editing. Clever camera shots where the camera pans away for a few seconds meant they would often literally switch places by one doing things like ducking and rolling away on the ground whilst the other jumped in their place.
  • Aml Ameen said that when he played Capheus driving the van, 90% of it was actually him. He got to drive around Nairobi, and was actually pulled over by the police at one point and the crew had to explain what was going on.
  • In Riley’s opening scene that establishes her as a DJ, she was playing to a real audience. She came on between two other real and well known DJ’s, and the audience wasn’t aware that she wasn’t a real DJ.
  • The very first scene Miguel shot as Lito was the sex scene in ‘Demons’.
  • The wrestling match that Lito, Hernando, and Daniela attended was a real match, with a real crowd and fighters.
  • Kala and Rajan’s dance scene was repeatedly shot all in one take rather than in short parts unlike traditional Bollywood movie dance scenes.
  • Brian sustained multiple injuries during the course of the show through Will’s action sequences including hurting his shoulder and his triceps, including an internal bleeding bruise. 
  • Doona Bae was extremely excited about the cast coming to Seoul as that is where she lives, and so she gave them all tours around the city.
  • Similarly, Max Riemelt cooked dinner for his cast mates and showed them around Berlin.
  • Jamie Clayton said that her favorite scene in San Francisco was when Nomi was escaping by bike and decided to try and steal a car to get away before realizing she couldn’t drive, mentioning that she herself doesn’t know how to drive either.

And plenty more. It’s on Netflix. so you guys should definitely watch it if you haven’t already!