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I said I was kind of going on a hiatus. Too many things in my brain pan, but I connected with such a wonderful person, @careamorran, and had to write a thing based on a spectacular piece of art :D The post is here, and I really just wanted a little fun and maybe a little angst ;)


The blast of sunlight in his eyes is the conscious train rolling down the track. You know, right at his face.

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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

Everybody is talking about the Mike/Eleven relationship this season (and not without good reason) BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THERE AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THE GLORIOUSNESS THAT IS THE MIKE AND WILL FRIENDSHIP.

Just a few examples of this goodness:

  • Mike literally refusing to leave Will’s side pretty much from the moment he got infected by the shadow monster until the final episode. 
  • Mike sleeping in a hospital chair next to Will’s bed at the lab
  • Will confiding in Mike about all the shadow monster episodes
  • “I’ll take care of him. Let me take him home.” (on halloween night)
  • Mike instinctually trusting Will about Dart being the demogorgon no questions asked
  • “If we’re both going crazy then I guess we’ll go crazy together.”
  • When Will had forgotten a lot of things because of the virus, but he hadn’t forgotten Mike
  • Mike trying to phone Will throughout the school day when Will didn’t show up to school
  • Joyce trying to send Mike home when Will’s infected and Mike is just not having ANY of that bullshit
  • The only time we see Will’s facial expression change when he’s under the control of the shadow monster is when a single tear rolls down his face after Mike has finished telling the story of the day they met
  • Oh no Will’s in trouble! *first thing we see is a camera pan to Mike’s worried face*
  • Oh so when Will wakes up in the disguised shack of course Hopper will be there in case something goes wrong. Joyce and Jonathan obviously, because family. Oh and Mike Wheeler, despite the fact that the rest of their gang of friends remained in the house.  
  • are you telling me that mike and will are like family because i am not emotionally ready to deal with that
  • When they’re all telling stories to get Will to snap out of it and Will’s own mother and brother have told heart-wrenching emotional stories and nothing’s come of it and the thing that finally gets Will to fight back and start replying in morse code is Mike telling Will about the day they met
  • Basically my emotions went everywhere when Mike was talking about the day that he became friends with Will 
  • “It was the best thing that I’ve ever done.”

You can go on and on about any of the other relationships between characters. But you cannot deny that the friendship between Mike and Will is literally the purest thing to ever exist on television.

To conclude, why are people not talking more about this beautiful example of everything good about the world that is Will Byers and Mike Wheeler’s friendship

The Argument | BTS Reaction

: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. You ran off and began to cry. But he finds you, trying to calm you down and apologize, regretting his actions straight away.

Jin: You and Jin had an argument over him overworking too much at the restaurant he owned. He was purposely working late and going in early - hardly having even an hours sleep. You can’t remember the last time you spent a full night in bed with him, or woke up with him beside you or even gone to bed with him the same time. 

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Originally posted by pinkharold

This is so angsty, but I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you to whoever requested. Keep spreading the love. xx - L

You overhear Harry talking badly about you at a party.

Warnings: angsty, light smut

Word Count: 1,728

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Imagine Drunk Crying Over Steve’s Hair at Tina’s Party

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: You get sheet faced at Tina’s Halloween party, where you end up crying about how beautiful Steve’s hair is.

Warning: Underage drinking. Drunken shenanigans.

You stood there, atop the coffee table in the middle of Tina’s living room, spinning around with your trusty red solo cup in hand, only pausing to stamp your feet against the table along to the tune of the drums. You weren’t even sure what song was playing, but you liked it, and you liked dancing atop the table, and you like the drink in your hand. You tipped the cup up, downing two more gulps of the red liquid you had grabbed from the spiked punch bowl. You let out a “Whoop!” which was met by a chorus of “Yeah!”’s, courtesy of the high school boys watching you dance around in your skin tight Daphne Blake costume. Your best friend, Nona, had come as Velma, but you had since lost her the hands of Faye Collins and the promise of something good to smoke in the back room. With Nona gone, you were left to your own devices, and you were not a good decision maker. Nona was 95% of your impulse control, after all.  Which is how you found yourself atop this table, spinning around once more, your red solo cup falling to the floor, as it was now empty and severed you no purpose. That is also how you found yourself tripping over your kitten heels, and promptly falling off of the wooden coffee table.

A surprised “Oh!” had hardly left your lips before you felt warm arms engulf you, and you found yourself looking up at your savior.

“Oh my god, Steveeee,” you drug out the boy’s name as you looked up at his face. If you were sober, you may have noticed the melancholy that had settled over his usual content facial features, you may have even asked if he was alright. But you weren’t, and a dopy smile made its way onto your face instead.

“Steve!” you said again, as if truly registering who he was this time. You reached both of your hands up to Steve’s face and patted the poor baby’s cheeks, a fit of giggles over taking you. Steve blinked down a few times at you, drunkenly laying in his arms. His left arm was placed under your thighs, his right arm on your upper back, fulling supporting your body weight as your feet dangled a few inches above the floor. You head had lolled to the sighed as you drunkenly laughed at something that was only amusing to you.

Steve would be lying to himself if he didn’t find a small amount of pleasure in your sudden appearance, even if you were drunk. The way you E/C eyes lit up when you had realized it was him, the large smile had had over taken your features and caused your eyes to scrunch up to the point where they were almost closed. Even the way you said his name, as if you were truly happy to see him, and it lifted up the spirit that Nancy Wheeler had just crushed with one single word.


“Y/N,” Steve said your name causing your neck to snap up quickly. Again with those damn shining eyes, looking at him as if he was the world. Steve’s heart beat quickened as he looked down at you.

“Yea, Stevie?” you asked, your voice excited. And you were, you had a crush on Steve for months now. A crush that had never went anywhere, seeing as how he was completely enamored with Nancy.

“Where’s Nona?” Steve asked, his gaze sweeping over the living room crowed by the students of Hawking’s High. Nona had proved harder to find that someone dressed in an florescent orange outfit should have.

“Dunno,” you said, your voice aloof. “I tired looking for her, but…” your voice trailed off as you looked up at Steve. Why did Steve want to find Nona? Nona didn’t even like Steve. Nona liked Nancy. Nona thought Nance was pretty, very pretty.

“Pretty,” you mumbled. Your hands, which you had let fall around Steve’s neck during your giggle fit, moved up again and you ran them up and down his face quickly. Steve blinked a few times and jerked his head back, trying to get anyway from your flailing hands, amused laugher left his lips and it was like music to your ears. You beamed up at Steve again, letting your hands rest on his face. “Real pretty.”

Steve’s heart jumped in his chest as you stared up at him with that intense gaze, a stare Nancy had never looked up at him with, he wasn’t sure about what it meant. But he did know that he liked it. He liked it very much. But you were drunk, and drunk people did stupid things.

“Come on Y/N, let’s go find Nona so she can take you home,” Steve said as he tried to put you back on your feet. Steve began to dip you down and your head started to swim.

“No!” you cried shrilly, jumping up and wrapping your arms back around his neck tightly and curling your body up against his. You were fully on his chest now, his hand under your knees instead of your thighs and you were looking up at him with big, bambi eyes. “No, I’m having fun, I don’t want to go home!” You whined, “Why are you trying to get rid of me Steve?”

Steve shook his head as he looked down at you, helplessly drunk in his arms. “I’m not trying to get rid of you Y/N, I’m trying to make sure you get home safe.” Steve attempted to explain, slightly amused.

“Y-Yes you are!” you accused, a pout forming on your face, “That’s mean!” Steve’s smile faltered.

Your eyes traveled back you to Steve’s face, memorizing every detail. You loved his warm brown eyes, the few beauty marks that adorned his face and… Your E/C had started to water as you looked up at him, and Steve began to panic.

“Oh shit, don’t cry, I’m sorry,” the words flew out of Steve’s mouth at a rapid pace. By this time tears were rolling down your face and Steve felt like complete and utter crap. A few minutes ago the girl he loved just told him she had never felt anything for him, now you were crying in his arms because he was a giant asshole. No wonder Nancy didn’t love him.

“You,” you hiccupped, “Your,” your voice was interrupted by the sobs leaving your body.

“I know, I’m an asshole, I’m so sorry Y/N I didn’t mean-” Steve was completely crushed by how upset he had made you.

“Your hair is so beautiful,” you wailed, shocking the hell out of the Steve.

Steve had to pick his jaw up off the floor before he turned his confused gaze to you. All at once, every bad emotion he had been feeling before was replaced with confusion and curiosity. “What?”

“It soooo fabulous,” you cried as your hands made their way to his hair, where you ran your fingers through it, sending a pleasant shutter down Steve’s spine. “Steve why is it so pretty?”

“So pretty?” Steve was so confused as he looked down into you beautiful, teary, E/C eyes, gazing at him.

“Magnificent!” you said, eyes full of wonder as you continued to play with his brown locks. They were soft between your finger tips and you let out a content sigh as your head fell against Steve’s chest, your eyes fluttering shut as you continued to play with the boy’s hair.

A hearty laugh left Steve’s chest, shaking the both of you, causing you to blink your heavy lids up at Steve.

“Was’ so funny?” you asked, sleepily. All of a sudden the night’s events had caught up with you, and Steve’s arms were the most comfortable place you had ever been, and you found yourself sinking into them.

“Nothing,” Steve muttered, still chuckling, “You’re just adorable,” Steve said as he shifted you in his arms.

“Adorable?” you mumbled.

Steve hummed as an answered, and you looked up at him with bleary eyes, “So are you, Nancy is so lucky,” you yawned out. “I wish I was Nancy so you would love me too.”

Steve’s heart stopped in his chest.

“You love me?”

You offered no answer to his question, as you were already sleeping in his arms, a goofy smile still lingering of your lips, one of your hands tangled in his hair, the other limply laying over his shoulder. Steve shook his head and smiled softly, holding you a bit tighter.

“Come on Y/N, let’s get you home,” Steve whispered and began making his way through the crowd with you securely in his arms.

BTS Reaction | After Sex

Requested by Anonymous“I absolutely love your writing! A reaction to the boys after they have the deed if ya know what I mean? Thank you!”

Note → Thaaaaanks, girly. But yo..I take fluffy or angsty reactions so don’t be afraid to request! ♡

Jin — Dropping down beside you, Jin’s eyes fluttered shut as he leaned his head all the way back, releasing a relieved ludicrous groan as he watched you writhe from your intense and much needed climax. “Damn,” he whispered in the dark room, reaching towards you to pull you into his chest as unshed tears colored your eyes, “you were absolutely beautiful.”

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Suga — He chuckled lightly as he loomed over you, having already released the pent up overwhelming surge of going to the afterlife within you. “Fuck, jagi,” he muttered, blinking as his bare chest laid against yours whereas you squirmed softly from feeling his seed roll down your center. Digging his face into your neck, he laid on top of you while he smiled, “that was amazing.”

Originally posted by my-eccentric-mind

J-Hope — Surprisingly, the boy was quiet throughout it all.

You felt him twitch inside you, his muscles tensing as he soon released his arousal and filled you up with him. He gave you a small smile, pecking your lips lightly before slipping out and resting his head on your breasts.

“So..wanna shower, jagiya?”

Originally posted by almostsurprised

RapMonster — “Are you tired?”

“No,” he groaned, attaching his lips onto yours before rolling to his side of the bed to keep his larger body from smashing yours. Lazily, he pulled you into his arms and it wasn’t long until the recent scenarios exhausted him completely — his soft snores making you smile within the darkness.

Originally posted by ksjknj

Jimin — It was like he was possessed, turning into a different man with demanding needs once you two went about your escapades, but once it was over; he was mortified as he laid beside you shyly, his blond hair tousled and his cerulean eyes glistening with embarrassment. He would just pull you into his arms with a small “I love you” escaping his lip.

Originally posted by lonastic

V — Your fingers were intertwined with his, and as his eyes scanned your shimmery bare body. His lips didn’t waste time in meshing with yours as his eyes fluttered closed, trying to remember your recent activities as soon as he can with a tired smile before wrapping his limbs wrapped around your body like a koala.

“You’re my everything.” He whispered, and you were thankful he couldnt see your reddening face.

Originally posted by springdayserendipity

Jungkook — He couldn’t forget the look on your face melting his heart nor the way his body fit perfectly againstly yours like distorted puzzle pieces. It was invigorating, captivating — that he couldn’t help to be rough on you and see you try to hide your moans whenever he made you see a different galaxy. So when he laid beside you while staring at the ceiling, he asked, “let’s do it again?”

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Stairs Suck

So the party entered a tower. Our rogue player fell asleep so we rolled for her. For context, the party is a Rogue with crazy high Dex, a Warrior with decent dex, a Dragonborn Paladin with crap Dex, and a Cleric (me) with the shittiest Dex of the whole party. The Rouge and the Warrior are already on the second level.

Paladin - Ima run up the stairs! (barrels up the stairs with his greatsword)

DM - Ok make a Dex save roll. (he rolls low) You step on a loose step and the stairs flatten into a slide. You slide down and crash into the Cleric.

Cleric - Shit (gets crashed into by a huge ass Dragonborn)


Paladin - Im going to run up again!

DM - Ok make another Dex roll (rolls low again). A spiked wall comes down and slams you in the face. You slide down and crash into… who is down there again?

Cleric - (ooc face palm) Me

This went on about 7 times the whole session. We started with full health but by the end the Paladin and I were in single digits. The Warrior and Rouge got up without taking any damage. Got to the top of the tower to find… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (nice view though).

As we were heading down…

Cleric - Do I remember where the trap steps are?

DM - Make a wisdom roll (I roll high since its my second highest stat). Ok you do.

Cleric - I sit down on the step above the trick step.

DM - Ok…?

Cleric - I trigger the trap.

DM - Oh ok. You slide down. Whos at the bottom again?

Paladin - Shit

Cleric - (ooc) OMG WTF

Everyone else - (laughing uncontrollably)

Rogue - (woke up) Um what are you guys laughing about? Did we find anything? 

anonymous asked:

Hello hi! I have a prompt if you're feeling up to it? There is so much of Andrew looking after sick!Neil but can we have it reversed? I think Andrew would low-key (highkey) love the focused attention from Neil (also,,, Neil not being sure how to look after sick people and turning to advice from the other foxes as discreetly as possible bc there's no way Andrew wants them knowing he's anything less than impenetrable)

(I did my best w this prompt from one POV, sorry it took so very absurdly long! lots of Andrew thoughts with a side of useless boy dialogue)

He wakes up bleary and dry-mouthed, his tongue catching on his hard palate like papers rustling together. Andrew squints into his pillow, pressing two fingers into the eyelid of one streaming eye. The sun is too dilute to touch him, and the breeze from the cracked window chills him so much that it hurts, muscles locked and shivering.

He knew he was getting sick when the hurt that lives inside him flared real, visible and disgusting. All this hacking, running, sweating makes him vulnerable, loud when he wants to be quiet. Neil had called him overdramatic. He’d dragged the covers to his side of the bed in reply, battered sleep’s door until it splintered.

Now he feels like he always felt in the heart-racing countdown to withdrawal, fighting through sweat and aches and cracking lips, cracking skin, cracking strength. Whiskey won’t help him here though. Nothing will help him here, after rowing through the confused, freezing night and only now washing up in foggy morning, fever lapping at him.

Something drips onto his hot forehead and his chest pumps hard, startled. His eyes flash open.

Neil is frowning, looming over him and holding a cold rag that’s a bit too wet. It’s clumsy, but it feels better when Neil arranges it on his sweaty brow. His hand stays on the compress, a sustaining pressure, like he’s healing with just his hands and his willpower. Water runs into his hair like tears.

“How are you?” Neil asks. His other hand walks from the bedspread to Andrew’s side, he can feel the fingertips becoming a full-palmed press. It’s the comfort of a person who always feels better when he’s touched hard and deliberately, alive in a way he can feel.

Andrew doesn’t reply, but he knows that his closed eyes and relaxed body mean something to Neil. He trusts him with his hot forehead and his bedside.

“You look bad,” Neil continues.

“I am not playing,” Andrew says hoarsely. “If that’s what you’re angling for so tactfully.”

Neil’s hands retreat, Andrew’s forehead folds under the rag where no one will see. “I’m here because you’re my— I’m not worried about our goalie, I’m worried about you.”

“You’re here because this is your room,” Andrew corrects.

“Fine,” Neil says, voice full of the opposite. “I’m going to practice, anyway, since that’s all I care about.”

Andrew feels him leave their bed, and he finds that the wet smell of his hair was keeping his headache at bay. Another drop of water rolls down his temple, and he scrubs the compress from his face so he can watch Neil leave, but he’s already gone.

It haunts his heart, for a while, the snapped olive branch, the hurt that put its fist in its mouth and left the room so Andrew wouldn’t see it properly.

He knows, deep in him, that he’s not being any different than usual, but he also knows what Neil might have expected, seeing him spread out in their bed with his eyes wet. He’s trying to fix Andrew’s surface like he never tries to fix what’s underneath.

Neil doesn’t have the vocabulary for sickness that isn’t terminal, though. He can’t fathom something between a bandaid and a prosthetic.

He drifts, for hours, so thirsty that he can feel it in his skin, so stuffed from throat to nose that he can only breathe dry and heavy through his mouth. He can hear the wheeze inside of him.

In foster care, they would make him sleep in the garage when he got sick. They didn’t want him to infect a house full of already difficult children. He remembers watching the shadows of feet moving in the light under the door, the way the cold only made him sicker and angrier, a yoga mat between his body and the concrete.

He blinks and his eyes are crusted together. He can taste salt. He thinks of Neil and the pain in his chest changes. He latches onto the feeling, like the garage door opening in the morning, letting him back into the warmth.

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now or never

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader 

Words: 1.1K 

Warnings: none 

A/N: I can’t believe I wrote this so fast, wow. Sometimes I even surprise myself. This is for @buchonians‘ writing challenge, congrats again on 1k! Prompts bolded somewhere in the text, heh. Sorry if there are any typos. 

Bucky chews on his cereal absentmindedly, he is vaguely aware of Steve’s rambling beside him; something about an upcoming mission, new training programs and whatnots, Bucky couldn’t care less. His attention solely focused on something else, or rather, in someone else.

From where he is standing, Bucky has a perfect view of where you’re sitting on the common room, still wearing your pijamas and your hair a disheveled mess but he can only see the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on.

It happened more often than not you woke up before sunrise, you would sit on the common room to read one of your favorite books while waiting for the rest of the team to wake up so you could all have breakfast together.

Today had been no different, you had all had breakfast together, well, everyone but Bucky who had been too entranced in hearing you talk and laugh with Wanda about some romantic comedy you had watched together on the weekend he had completely forgotten he had to eat—or breathe even.

One after another, the Avengers had left the table to do whatever they did when they weren’t saving the world from ending, until it was just you, Steve and him on the table.

By then, Bucky had poured himself some cereal that had turned soggy because he had been to busy blatantly staring at your lips the whole time he forgot the thing was even there. Ultimately you had left too— although not to far, much to Bucky’s relief, leaving him alone with Steve.

“Buck, are you even listening to me?” Steve waves a hand in front of said’s face, driving his friend out of his trance.

Bucky shakes his head and turn his attention from you to meet the blonde’s annoyed stare “I’m sorry, pal. What were you saying?”

Steve sighs, running a hand down his face. Bucky only rolls his eyes and goes back to what he was originally doing before Steve interrupted him.

“Just ask her out man” Steve whispers, leaning in so you can’t hear them. “You’ve been crushing on her for… what? Almost a year, now?”

Bucky scoffs. Sure, it might’ve been a crush for the first three months, but now? No, this was more than just a simple crush, the guy was utterly and completely head over heels for you. You had him wrapped around your little finger and you weren’t even aware of it.

How couldn’t he? Aside from being more beautiful than Aphrodite herself, you were smart, kind, funny and didn’t take shit from anyone, not even Bucky. You stood your ground for what you believed for and fought against the entire world if needed.

You were the only one who didn’t tiptoe around, like everyone else did; didn’t treat him like a monster,  like Tony often did, or Steve, who still thought of Bucky of the same man he was back in the forties. With you Bucky wasn’t the Winter Soldier nor Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes, he was just… him.

And he loved you for that, more than anyone could ever begin to imagine and the mere though of losing you—there could be no other worst thing.

“Alright” Bucky turns to place his empty bowl and spoon down on the sink “ I’m going to do it Steve. Wish me luck.

And with that, Bucky strode off to you, leaving Steve behind who was already smiling like a proud dad.

“Hey Y/N” He greets “Fancy meeting you here

I live here, Buck” you giggle, and that sound alone is enough to make him forget he just made a fool out of himself in front of the girl he’s been trying to impress for the past year.

“Right, right” Bucky rubs the back of his neck with his hands, his mind going overdrive trying to come up with something to say without choking on his spit— or embarras himself, again.

“James, are you okay?” The sound of his real name on your lips makes his mouth go dry. Only you called him that— actually, no one was allowed to call him that but you. He had make sure of that, even if that had meant hearing the team teasing him all day long for almost a week.

It was worth it, everytime, it was worth it.

“Jesus Christ, James. You’re burning up” Bucky’s too lost in thoughts he doesn’t feel when you put your palm over his cheek, nor doesn’t catch when you leaned in so much you’re practically sharing breath.

Bucky closes his eyes, and gets lost in the way your touch feels against his skin. He lets himself imagine what it would be like, to be able to touch you like this, every day, to hold you down and kiss you until he’s out of breath. If he leans in just a little more he can just—

“Wait, right here, okay? I’m going to bring you something” He’s brought back to reality, and instantly misses the warmth of your touch when you pull back, then run off to God knows where until you disappear completely from his sight.

“Well done, punk. She thinks you’re sick” Steve says appearing beside him, Bucky had already forgotten the blonde was even there.

Bucky huffs, then proceeds to plop himself down on the couch. Steve mimics his actions, putting a comforting hand on his friends back. “It’s all right Buck, it’ll happen, trust me”

“What am I supposed to say anyways?” Bucky yells, throwing his arms up in the air. Steve eyes widen and  then opens his mouth to speak but before he can Bucky continues “Something like: Hey, Y/N, I’ve been in love with you for the past year so, before you have our babies, would you like to go out on a date with me?”

“Well that does sound lovely, James” Bucky’s blood runs cold. He slowly turns his head to find you standing by the threshold with your arms folded over your chest and a huge grin plastered on your face.

“Y-Y/N” Bucky gets hastily back on his feet, rubbing his palms on his jeans to wipe away the sweat. He can hear Steve softly chuckle beside him, and if he weren’t so worried about what’s happening in front of him he would’ve broken his friends nose. “I-I was just— that was not—”

You lift a hand up and he stops his rambling. “Pick me up by seven, sharp, or else we won’t be having any babies”

And with that, you disappear back into the hallway once again, leaving behind an ecstatic Bucky and a little bit more than confused Steve

“Steve, I did it” Bucky beams, throwing his fist up in the air. “I have a date”

Steve raises to his feet “Well, you kinda did it, I mean technically—“


“You’ve got to be kidding me! ” Steve groans

tags: @sanjariti 

“it’s a bit impossible to forget about the boy who traces the constellations in the sky“ 

- @seung-vi / inkingbrushes 

sweet summer love

Summary: Summer love is the best kind of love, and Steve doesn’t know where he’d be without it - or you.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: y’all, Steve has got my ass whipped. enjoy another fic of my favorite boy, and let me know what you think! | masterlist

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By a Window - Steve Harrington

Originally posted by allyouneedisdreamanddream


Title: By a Window

Pairing: Steve (Harrington) x reader

Word Count:  610

Warnings: Kinda fluff, kinda angst, cursing, super cuddly Steve!!

You sat by your window, the rain pattering against the glass. It was warm in your room, cozy and comfortable. You were cuddled up into a La-Z-Boy crying softly to yourself over how mean Billy was to you. After school, he insulted you and called you names - just like he usually does - but he took it a bit to far when he started to throw a punch at you. If it weren’t for Steve catching Billy’s fist, then you were sure you would’ve had a black eye. You were too in shock to do anything, so you ran home in the rain - not caring about getting wet. Steve ran after you but found himself being thrown to the ground by Billy. You looked back at Steve, watching him throw punches at Billy, but you didn’t stop running.

Once you got home, you changed your clothes, getting into something more comfortable. Then you started to cry, the tears rolling down your face like the rain pouring outside. You pulled your knees up to your chest and bit your lip, willing yourself to stop crying over someone stupid like Billy. Now here you are, refusing to believe that you had left Steve to get beaten up by Billy fucking Hargrove. You thought that Billy was stupid, but Steve proved that someone could be even more stupid by protecting you from him. You turned your head to the side wanting nothing more than to wish the whole world away until you heard knocking at your window.

You looked to the glass and met eyes with a certain brunette who used Fabergé Organics and four puffs of Farrah Fawcett spray. He was dripping wet from the rain, his hair was drenched and raindrops dripped from the tip of his nose. His lip was busted and bleeding, his cheek blue and bruised. He’d gotten a good beating.

“Permission to enter, y/n?” He grinned at you through the window.

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“Baby Fever”

Summary: Bucky wants to have a baby with his wife.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Self-doubt, Fluff

Word Count: 462

A/N: A short little drabble!


It was crazy. He knew it. How could a brainwashed murderous assassin have a kid? All he knew was that he wanted one. He wanted to have a little baby with the woman he loved. His heart ached with all the love he wanted to give to his own child.

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