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          If there were bloopers for the Destiel sex scene:

                                                         Take 1

Misha as Castiel: *Staring heatedly at Dean*

Jensen: *Sings* It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.

Misha: *Starts pretending to strip seductively*

Director: *Chuckles* Cut!

                                                          Take 2

Jensen as Dean: *Roughly pushes Castiel against the wall*

Jensen & Misha as their characters: *Share an intense look*

Jensen as Dean: *Smirks then starts to lean in*

Misha: *Turns his head at the last minute and starts giggling*

Jensen: Lock it up, Mish!

Director: Cut!

                                                          Take 3

Jensen & Misha as their characters: *Making out heatedly against the wall*

Misha: *Suddenly jumps and pulls away from Jensen, covering his mouth with his hand*

Jensen: *Wide eyed staring at Misha with a mixture of disbelief and controlled horror*Did I just bite your lip?

Misha: I think you did. *Moves his hand away and licks his lips* Am I bleeding?

Jensen: “Oh fuck-”

Members of the crew: *Awkwardly chuckling*

Misha: Slow your roll cowboy. We haven’t even made it to the bed yet.

Jensen: *Blushes with a sheepish grin then turns away*

                                                          Take 4

Jensen & Misha as their characters: *In the middle of groping and thrusting on the bed, both unclothed from the waist up*

Director: Okay, guys, we better cut.

Jensen: Why? What’s wrong? I thought that was good.

Jared: *Walks on to the set.*

Misha: *Smirks* Good call.

Jensen: *Rolls eyes*

                                                          Take 5

Misha as Castiel: *Finishes frantically unbuttoning Dean’s shirt and pushes it off his shoulders*

Jensen as Dean: *Reaches out to grab Cas’ tie and then roughly yanks it down.*

Misha: *Stumbles forward into Jensen’s arms and makes an over exaggerated choking noise*

Director: Cut!

Jensen: *Looks down at Misha and sees him laughing hysterically before slowly looking into the camera wearing his own grin* Wasn’t that supposed to come off?

                                                          Take 6

Jensen: *Lying on top of Misha with a disappointed frown as he shifts around awkwardly* Anything?

Misha: *Shakes head* Not even a wiggle down there.

The whole crew: *Laughing and smirking*

Director: *Drops his head* Okay, guys. That’s a cut.

                                                          Take 7

Misha: Where do I put my hands?

Jensen: Wherever you want to, baby. *Winks flirtatiously*

Director: We’re still rolling!

Misha: *Says in complete monotone* I’ll just stick them down your pants. No one will notice.

Jensen: *Turns away from the camera and covers his mouth to keep himself from laughing*

Director: *Sighs dramatically* Cut!

                                                          Take 8

Misha as Castiel: *Looks anxiously up at Dean’s face, hesitant and unsure of his next move*

Jensen as Dean: *Whispers* It’s okay, Cas. I’ve got you. I got you… *Gently covering Cas’ neck with comforting kisses*

Misha: *Desperately clings to Jensen’s back* Never let go, Jack.

Jared: *Practically falls over laughing*

Director: Maybe this was a mistake.


Most important parts of this episode
1) cas is back
2) cowboy husbands
3) sam sticks up more than like half out a grave cuz he is a giant fucking moose
4) my nougat son
5) my nougat son dressed as a pre FBI agent
6) my nougat son dressed as a pre FBI agent dressed similar to cas.

I can’t handle all these good things.

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can you write about the blade all just assuming lance was keith's boyfriend by the way lance keeps calling and the way they talk to each other over video message

“see you later, space cowboy,” lance says, his voice soft and delicate.

keith tries to hide his laugh behind a cough, and he purses his lips to keep himself from smiling. “i told you to stop calling me that.”

“what?” lance holds his arms up defensively. “you’re a cowboy, and we’re in space. therefore, space cowboy.”

keith rolls his eyes and lets his smile shine through, unable to hold it back any longer. “yeah yeah, whatever. i’ll see you soon.”

lance winks just before the screen flickers off and the room goes silent. keith leans back in his chair and sighs, his lips still upturned as he replays the conversation in his head.

footsteps echo down the hallway, startling keith. he shakes his head and drops his smile before he turns to greet whatever blade is coming to check on him.

kolivan enters the bridge, his stern and stoic face so unlike lance’s free and open expressions. he feels a twinge of loneliness.

“have you finished your daily correspondence with your partner?” kolivan asks, and keith has to take a minute to process this.

“my…partner?” he repeats, worried that maybe something was lost in translation.

“the red paladin,” kolivan elaborates, “is he not your romantic partner?”

keith’s eyes widen to the size of the nearest elliptical galaxy, and he feels his mouth go dry as the color drains from his face. “wh-what? no, no he’s–he’s not-??”

kolivan stares blankly as keith sputters out half-words in attempt to defend himself. “i apologize for the misconception, then. you had simply acted in a way my culture would deem romantic.”

keith feels a knot in his stomach. he thinks he’s probably gonna throw up. “i didn’t think it was that obvious.”

he puts his head in his hands as a pit of anxiety takes up residence inside him. he stays that way, overanalyzing and overthinking every single interaction he’d ever had with lance until he hears kolivan clear his throat.

keith lifts his head and sees the strangest and most out-of-place look on kolivan’s face. he looks awkward, antsy, and so, so uncomfortable. “there is no shame in being infatuated,” he says, his voice strained and broken.

keith lets out a dry chuckle, if only to ease kolivan’s worries. “thanks for the attempt. i…still have to think things through, though.”

kolivan nods, unwilling to continue the conversation. keith accepts this, since he’s not exactly keen on having an emotionless alien giving him relationship advice, either.

“i’m…gonna get ready,” keith says.

“we will leave in thirty dobashes,” kolivan responds. keith nods as he stands, then skirts around his superior to the door.

when he’s alone in the hallway again, he breathes a sigh of relief, glad to be out of that awkward situation.

he can’t tell lance yet, but…he’ll get there.


“I’m sure the Library will be in good hands.”

The Mayor of Halloween Town

This is filling an anonymous prompt for Bitty dressing up as Jack Skellington, and Jack’s reaction.

Bitty pulled the garment bag out of his closet and considered.

He’d brought this with him specifically for Halloween. He’d done the puck bunny thing last year – speaking of terrible life choices. He wasn’t sure who took the pictures that ended up on the Swallow’s website, but he’d had people making rabbit ears at him for weeks.

The year before that he’d been Mrs. Lovett because pies, but this year, he wanted something not so … feminine, maybe, not that anyone would consider Mrs. Lovett a sex symbol or anything.

But this year, he was the captain of this team, and the Halloween kegster came just after the season started, and he needed something that would demonstrate that he was in charge. Or at least not make him seem cute.

On a visit home before returning for the school year (and wasn’t that a change: his parents’ home was now a place he visited), he’d spent an afternoon helping Mama organize the attic, moving some of his old things out of his parents’ way and making room for Mama’s new sewing machine in the guest room.

That was what gave him the idea, really. The old things in the attic, both the collection of Halloween Town figurines and the rack with his old figure skating costumes.

There was the tiny statue of Jack Skellington, the leader of Halloween Town. And there was the black coat he’d bought for his last costume – he’d planned to skate to Phantom – but, well, that skate never happened.

The coat had been a bit big then, and it was more than a bit snug now, but that would work for what he wanted. He still had black tights that fit, and a dance belt. He could do this: Not a burly monster or a bedraggled zombie, but the spritely skeleton who was clearly in charge of the holiday.

With the bag stashed in the closet, Bitty had gone along with it when the frogs started talking about a Halloween kegster. The new baby tadpoles (what do you call a frog before it’s a tadpole?) had been around for two months, and they were ready to be exposed to the drunken debauchery of a real Haus party. As long as Bitty could make sure they ate enough and drank enough water.

Ollie and Wicks were eager to prove their version of tub juice was just as revoltingly strong as Ransom and Holster’s, and the rest of the boys were itching for some fun.

But when Dex and Nursey came up with the idea of a Haunted Haus kegster, Bitty had wanted to talk them out of it. First, because he wasn’t sure tub juice and jump scares were entirely compatible; second, because he didn’t want people losing it in his kitchen, and there was no way on God’s green earth that any of the boys would allow guests upstairs during a kegster, and a haunted Haus meant people would have to go somewhere; and third, because he wanted to be Jack Skellington, and that just wasn’t scary enough for a haunted house. Or maybe that was first.

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*RUNS AND TRIPS TO GET HERE IN TIME* DID U SAY PROMPT!?!? Omg I love ur everything and I need to do this yes? Couples that nap together stay together!!! Since mccree and hanzo usually have horrible nights a cuddle session after something very wearing (an extra long mission/training/sex/idk u pick) hanzo just falls into mccree waiting arms and fluff happens~ (soft loving spoken words while u think the other is napping is my crack)

Hanzo barely registered the transport ship had landed, swaying on his feet with the rest of the crew. A deep ache throbbed in his shoulder from firing nonstop for hours. His fingers stuck in a half curl despite all his stretching.

Angela was waiting for them at the bottom of the ramp but he waved her off. He needed something far more important than a stream of healing nanite. Jesse was waiting, at the back of the crowd as always. Hat tugged low as he laned on a cargo box, ankles crossed.

They didn’t need to exchange words and both drifted from the hanger, not seeming to be moving with the same purpose. It was Hanzo’s fault after all and his insistence to keep their relationship private. It didn’t stop him from following the cowboy into his room instead of going one more door down the hall.

“Glad t’see you made it back in one piece,” Jesse began, the rumble of his deep, smoke seared throat easing the tension in Hanzo’s neck.

He grunted in reply, too tired to form words. It was easy to crowd Jesse back, his hands on the man’s hips guiding him. The bed hit the back of his knees and they tumbled together into the blessedly soft mattress.

“That rough, uh?”

Hanzo didn’t reply with words, choosing instead to burrow into the man’s side. It was a normal part of their exchanges. Jesse answered as he always did, wrapping him up till their chests moved as one.

Hanzo closed his eyes, nosing to press his forehead to the warm, musky skin of his boyfriend’s throat. Heat rolled off the cowboy but even under a blanket, Hanzo shivered.

“Shh, I got you, pumpkin,” Jesse murmured against Hanzo’s hair. “it’s alright. just me and you.”

Hanzo hummed, melting by degrees under the watchful care. Jesse’s flesh hand ran up and down his back, urging the muscles to relax. He stunk of battle and his gi was grimy but he was too tired to care. all that mattered was the feeling of home wrapping him up.

“we’ll just take a nice long nap. then you gotta get some food into you.”

Hanzo sighed in response. Hoping Jesse would understand.

“I’ll draw you a nice bath. you can have a long soak.”

Hanzo didn’t answer, choosing to use his energy to press closer if possible. Jesse got the hint, switching to humming some old country song. The deep notes rumbled in his chest like thunder and Hanzo was soon on the verge of sleep.

“was so worried you wouldn’ come back, Hanners. thought for sure this was the time our luck would run out. don’t know what I’d do without you.” Fingers wove through his hair, gently brushing strands back from his face. “I don’t wanna ever lose you. I ain’t ever understood how I got so lucky in the first place. someone so strong and clever, never thought I’d find someone else broken whose pieces fit perfectly with mine.”

Hanzo stirred, just enough to kiss Jesse’s collarbone through his shirt. “love you too.”

overwatch is a pretty good game and i think blizzard did an alright job making it but what if there was a character in it who was like, a cowboy but in the future? like a futuristic man with a cowboy hat and spurs who wears nice chaps and rolls around and says cowboy things? but its in the future where there are robots? does anyone else think this is a cool idea? i feel like it would add a lot to the game overwatch if one character you could play was a guy who is also a cowboy