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miles hollingsworth appreciation post.

miles is absolutely such an amazing brother to his siblings. after he got slapped by his father and hunter got smashed by a mug, he IMMEDIATELY went over to be sure that he was okay. he tried his hardest to get his abusive father out of his house to protect them. he wanted to leave his home to ensure that they were safe, because he thought he was the problem. he looked through smoke and through the school to find his sister. he made sure to protect them. he found hunter WITH a fully loaded gun, and calmed him down and comforted him. he told his mom about hunter’s mental health, and saved him from himself. he constantly visited his brother in the mental hospital. when frankie ran away and when she came back, he comforted her, and gave her advice. when hunter felt like he was unworthy to be loved, he told him all about his experience and problems with himself. he told him to be the best he could be, because couldn’t choose the way he was built.

this cinnamon roll deserves the WORLD. he has developed immensely since his first appearance in s13. he is a selfless caring individual who has made plenty of mistakes and won’t say that he hasn’t made them. he is just a teenager that deserves all the love and support possible.


Okay I know everyone’s prepared for nesta being hard to get and cassain not taking no for an answer. But what if, day one, Cassain is home and it’s late and nesta strolls into his room, a salve in hand. and he’s like wtf, trying to cover his bare chest because he’s a fine ass lady and all. And Nesta says that the healer’s needed to apply a save to his wings but she thought he’d much prefer if she did it.

And so, Cassain being a fine class lady rolls over and very painfully spreads his wings out for her. And she chuckles and remarks slyly to him that they’re too big for the bed. And then she starts to rub on the salve and he is hissing and groaning and desperately trying not to moan. And eventually he replies with, “when i’m healed I’ll show you why.” And Nesta giggles before sitting firmly down n his back, leaning over his wings and kissing him on the cheek before leaving.

And every night she does this, even when his wings are healed. She applies a salve to them, or she brings in a knife to show her how to sharpen them. And each time, before she leaves she gives him a kiss. One on the cheek. One on the forehead. A sly one on the harder membrane of his wings.

And then one night she walks into Cassain’s room and he’s not there. and she huffs waiting in a chair that she quickly made her own. And she keeps falling asleep in it, only to jerk awake because she thought she heard him fly through the window. An eventually she’s had enough of the chair because she really doesn’t want her back to cramp and she sleeps in his bed, hoping he won’t mind. And she almost drowns in his scent because dammit she’d been trying so hard to ignore the way it intoxicated every cell of her body. And when she wakes Cassain is stripping off his armour and topless, and he’s trying not to pounce on Nestas, sleeping on his bed because he can barely control himself since she placed a few kisses on his wings. And slowly there eyes met, and she just huffs and rolls over, showing him the free space because dammit she’s too tired for her game. So he gets in and she rolls over again, straight into his chest and she latches onto him. And she hears his breath hitch. ears her own hitch. And slowly she opens her eyes again and very, very carefully she raises herself up and moves until their lips are inches apart. And tentively she kisses him. And she didn’t expect anything from it, just expected it to be another kiss. But he reacts so quickly it scares her. One minute she’s going to pull away and the next he’s rolled on top of her and his wings have flared out behind him and he’s kissing her like a drowning man breathing his last breath’s and his first breaths.

And basically when Mor goes to wake Cassian up the next morning Nesta almost kills her for disturbing their moment as she rides him for all he’s worth.

So who votes we make this canon?

  • Teacher: okay who here knows about Alexander Hami-
  • Me: You mean Ham the Man? Oh well you see he was the first Secretary of the Treasury due to his position under Washington in the American Revolution. He founded the First National Bank never mind the fact he was a bastard son who never knew his father and who's mother died at a young age. And-
  • Teacher: how do you-
  • Me: shhhhhhhh did I mention how he was gay for John Laurens, fellow revolutionary and all around cinnamon roll?
  • Teacher: ....
  • Class: ...
  • Me: ... And I mean REALLY gay

Practically every form of popular music you can name - from the blues and rock and roll to hiphop and dubstep - was the music of black struggle in working-class communities, before it was stripped of social content for the mass market and commodified by wealthy, white record executives.

Apart from EDM, that was apparently the result of a laboratory accident.

Matteuesz appreciation post ❤️

Can we just appreciate how Matteusz doesn’t actually insult anyone, despite the fact he’s angry.

Yes, he upset Charlie right at the beginning but that was under the influence of the truth rock thing(?) and he spends the whole episode looking out for Charlie.

The closest he gets when he agrees with April when about Ram. But while he gets defensive he doesn’t actually directly insult anyone.

Moral of this post: I love Matteusz and he needs protecting at all costs, so can Charlie give him a hug please?

  • Weiss, nudging Ruby: Ruby, wake up, come on we're going to be late for class.
  • Ruby, groans and rolls over: But class isn't for another hooooourrrr.
  • Weiss, now shaking Ruby with much more effort: Daylight savings time was this weekend you dolt!!
  • Ruby, wrapping her head with her pillow: UUUGGHHHH
  • Blake, cautiously poking a mound of blankets on Yang's bed: I don't think I'm having any luck with this one either Weiss.
  • Weiss, tapping her foot impatiently before sighing: Ah well, let's just go to class. I guess I'll only be able to treat you to breakfast Blake.
  • Yang, bursting out of her blankets: FREE BREAKFAST!?!?
  • Ruby, already at the door: COME ON WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR BRE- I MEAN. CLASS.
  • Weiss, arms crossed and shaking her head as Yang and Ruby bolt out the dorm: We have the oddest teammates.
  • Blake, giving a small laugh: But you wouldn't have it any other way. And we both know that. Come on, let's get to class.
  • Weiss, smiling brightly, nodding, before linking arms with Blake and walking out: Very very true. Let's hurry!