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I’m Yours

Title: I’m Yours

Summary: The life of a hunter is always dark. But, with Dean Winchester as a friend and a partner, there are definitely moments that are so worth living. And maybe, just maybe, one of these moments will change Dean’s and the reader’s life forever…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Bobby Singer, Sam Winchester,  Mary Winchester, John Winchester (all mentioned)

Word count: 3977

Warnings: A bit of angst I suppose. Mentions of nightmares. Loss of a parent. Kid Dean (yes, that’s a warning). Implied smut. Language. And. Fluff. So much fluff, guys.

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @becs-bunker’s 21st birthday challenge. My dear Becky, thank you so much for letting me participate and for being kind and patient enough to grant me an extension. Life’s been insane lately, but I do hope that this fluffy piece of writing is worth the wait. (Also, happy belated birthday).

As always special thank you goes to my wonderful twin @ravengirl94 who’s like the most brilliant person in the entire world. Honestly, I have no idea what I’d do without her. So. Thank you, twin. You’re the best.

My prompt for this fic was the song I’m Yours by Jason Mraz (that, by the way, brings back so many childhood memories).

Again, thank you all for bearing with me. You guys are the best and I love you all! Enjoy <3 

Fingers soundly intertwined with Dean’s, you let out a content sigh as he pulled you closer to him, long torso pressed up against your own as you walked down the shore together, warm sand dancing between your toes.

It was one of those rare days when the world seemed to be doing just fine without you, so, you’d taken your chance, batted your eyelashes pleadingly at the eldest Winchester and, when his defenses began to crack, you managed to get him to agree into spending the entire weekend at the beach with you.

“I still can’t believe you talked me into this.” He grumbled into your ear as if his thoughts had aligned with yours, hands rubbing circles on the fabric of your sundress.

“Oh, please. You’re enjoying this.”

“Hmmm, not nearly as much as I enjoyed helping you shower this afternoon.” He gloated playfully, lips brushing up against that soft spot on your neck. “In fact. I think we should do that again tonight.”

“Seriously?” you chuckled, incredulity strapped into your voice. “How can you not be exhausted?”

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Extremely bland Mass Effect AUs (that change everything)
  • Saren frustrated at Nihlus not turning away on Eden Prime because Nihlus was taught that decent sentients have face-to-face conversations and he’s a polite motherfucker, dammit. Shepard arrives, Saren gets arrested, whole plot avoided.
  • Middle-management leviathan looks at proposal for galactic space AI thing. Cans project because project manager asked for too much money and was known to be ‘a colossal dick’. Whole plot avoided.
  • Harbinger sleeps through galactic alarm clock. Says ‘fuck it’, and rolls back to sleep. Whole plot avoided.
  • Shepard court-martials the requisitions officer for overcharging, gets Spectre X gear, plot completely the same because of that godawful inventory system means that it was recycled into omni-gel accidentally
  • ‘Hello Saren, want to destroy all life in the galaxy?’ ‘Nah’. Whole plot avoided.
  • I avoid Mass Effect completely. Nothing changes, but I’m not rolling on the floor, bawling at the injustice of it all and that’s technically an AU goddammit

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please give me the angst! "I'm a horrible father" for Jamilton <33

 Parenthood is hard. It consists of waking up at godawful hours of the night to change a diaper, having to buy two boxes of granola bars so there would be enough food for the whole soccer team, and watching your child become less and less dependent on you. It does get easier over time, but it also gets harder. Watching a child go off to college is painful, but knowing that they will succeed is the ultimate reward. By then, you know the title of “parent” has been earned. 

Taking on the role as a step parent, on the other hand, is a much harder task. If they miss the first few years of their partner’s child’s life, there may be defiance. A child might call them by a parental pet name, but the minute the step-parent pisses them off, there’s the chance of being called by their first name. Every little fault can build up until one day, the step-parent is denounced from being any sort of parental unit. They are shunned, hated, unacknowledged. 

And that was Thomas’ case. 

From the start, it felt like his relationship with his husband’s children was not the best. Angelica liked him all right, but Philip… Philip was another story. 

The boy begged for his mother and father not to divorce and when they did, he was crestfallen, defeated even. Change was never his strong suit, so when Thomas walked into the Hamiltons’ life, Philip was indignant. He would mumble, refrain from eye contact, chew with his mouth open, do anything to draw Thomas away. It didn’t work, and when Philip gave up, Thomas asked for Alexander’s hand. 

The first few years went smoothly. The family was generally happy, but Thomas, he knew that he wasn’t a Hamilton and Philip helped him make sure of it. He was rarely in loop, he never got hugs, it was like an icy friendship at most, even as the kids grew older. 

By the time Philip flew the coop and Angelica was the only one left in the house, the iciness became a complete disregard. Alexander assured his worried husband that Angelica was simply being a teenager, that she was ignoring him too, but Alexander didn’t see those looks Angelica threw his way, like he wasn’t even worth looking at. Thomas was tired, so tired, and he didn’t want to deal with it anymore. 

So, one day, while he was home alone, an idea sprang on him. He didn’t have to deal with such aloofness in the house he lived in for eight years. He didn’t have to deal with the bullshit anymore. He loved Alexander so much, so tenderly, even if they yelled back and forth at the office, but at what cost? 

Thomas began to pull out bags, clothing, toiletries. He stripped the walls of what was his, the lie of a family portrait remaining over the mantle. If they were his family, he wouldn’t have even had the smallest inkling to pack up and go in the first place. The  last eight years of his life was a lie, and it was a shitty thing to walk away, but what choice did he have anymore? He clearly wasn’t any sort of father to them, no matter how many ballet recitals he went to, no matter how many field trips he chaperoned, no matter the countless times he offered a shoulder to cry on, only to be turned away. 

Tears pricked his eyes, the packing gradually becoming harder and harder to do. He crashed after a few more minutes, turning into a puddle of tears on the floor. 

The walls of the office seemed to close in on him, and it became harder to breathe. Why was it so hard to leave if all of it only caused suffering?

Was it that stupid ring he put on after promising his life to Alexander? Could it be the countless pictures littering the walls, showing him the life he was supposed to have? 

Every plastered smile, every loving touch, was fake. It was all fake. 

A mix of guilt and self-hatred coursed through Thomas as he stared at the pictures. Although he knew the children wouldn’t care, he still felt as if he let them down. What was his alternate? There didn’t seem to be one, so he reached for his hand and began to remove his wedding band. 

“T-Thomas… What are you doing?” a thin, meek voice asked. She sounded surprised… and even hurt. 

When Thomas looked up across the room, he found Angelica standing there, hugging the archway frame. Her umber eyes were lapping up the sight in front of her, the sight of the pathetic Thomas, crying like a baby. 

Just before Thomas could answer her, however, Alexander peered in and nearly collapsed at the sight. Thomas noticed how his knees buckled and how tears instantly sprung to his eyes. 

Again, guilt washed over him. But what could he do?

Thomas slowly stood, wiping his own tears. Then, he looked Angelica in the eyes and said, “I’m doing something I should’ve done a very long time ago.”

For once, culpability flashed through her eyes. “What?” she said, just barely audible. 

“No, Thomas, why would you? What did I do?” Alexander said, choking on his words. Thomas looked over, finding a look of horror in his gaze. “You love me, don’t you?” 

Then and there, Thomas wanted to cave. He wanted to put everything away and fall in submission of the children, but he couldn’t anymore. 

“Alexander, I will always love you, always,” Thomas choked, “but I am not happy. I haven’t been since we got married and I’m tired of living a goddamn lie every day.” 

Thomas zipped his bags, then threw their straps over either shoulder. As he did, Alexander begged and pleaded for a clear explanation, marriage counseling, anything that would keep him, but his hysterics didn’t work. He just continued hauling towards the door. Just as he reached it, Alexander stood before him and kept a hand over the knob. 

Please, don’t leave me,” Alexander bawled, tears rolling down his tears at a constant. “Thomas, please.”

Alexander sounded so desperate, so broken. Thomas felt like a monster doing that to the man he loved and adored so dearly, but he had to put himself first for once. 

To what seemed to be Alexander’s surprise, Thomas put his bags down. He wrapped his arms around his husband in a loving embrace and ducked his head down to kiss the smaller man. Their lips met, melding with each other for the last time. The kiss made leaving only ten times harder, but as soon as Thomas pulled away, he grabbed his bags and reached for the doorknob Alexander released while they embraced. To assure that Alexander wouldn’t be able to close it, Thomas wedged his foot between the door and doorway. 

Alexander’s chestnut eyes bore into his own, heartbreak written all over him. Very quietly, he said, “Why?”

“Alexander, I am clearly made for you and you for me, but I was not made for your children.” Each word hurt like knives cutting him in his side. “I’m a horrible father and they made it apparent. I don’t know what I did, but I’m tired of being treated like shit.” 

Just one more time, Thomas pecked Alexander’s lips. Then, he nudged Alexander aside, opened the door, and walked out. 

Not once did Thomas look back, no matter how much he wanted to. 

She Trusted You!

 Summary- The reader saves Mary’s life when Toni tries to kill her, evidently causing the reader to revealing a dark secret about herself.

parings- samxsister!reader, deanxsister!reader

Warnings- slight spoiler alert, beginning-ish of season 11, swearing,

You always hoped you’d never have to tell them, that they’d never find out because you knew that when they did… Things would change and not for the better. This was something that haunted you ever since you could remember, you had known the boys for a couple of years. You weren’t related by blood but they took you in when you needed somebody. You were their sister and they were your brothers, no matter what anybody said. They were your family.

It seemed though, that this time you knew they’d have to find out. You found yourself in a situation where you knew you’d have no choice but to tell them, Sam was tied to a chair bloodied, Mary was on the floor choking and Dean was pointing a gun toward the blonde headed woman who was slowly killing his mother. You lifted up your hand “volabunt in pariete!” You yelled, then the woman flew into the wall hitting her head and becoming unconscious from the impact. You ignored Sam and Dean’s stares and walked towards Mary, helping her up “are you okay?” You asked, she nodded her head thanking you. Dean was about to speak when Castiel entered the room followed by a man.

The car ride back to the bunker was torturous and silent, there was no music, and the looks on the guys’ face broke your heart, Sam looked disappointed whereas Dean looked pissed. Your heart was pounding in its chest, you had an idea about how the guys would react and it wasn’t good. Mary saw you shaking and placed a hand on your arm in reassurance, you smiled slightly and went back to staring out the window, preparing yourself for what was going to come. 

As soon as Mary closed the bunker door you heard somebody cocking a gun, causing you to tense up, you slowly turned around and saw Dean pointing a gun in your direction causing your breath to hitch in your throat. “Dean, hear me out” you said, your voice shaking. Dean scoffed “why? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just shoot you?” He asked, you swallowed a lump that was buried in your throat “b-because I saved your moms li-” you muttered, stuttering but Dean cut you off “You think that’s a good enough reason to let you live? You lied to us Y/N, for years you have lied to us! We trusted you Y/N! We trusted you and you betrayed us!” Dean yelled, his gun still pointed at you. You glared at him “I betrayed you? How the hell did I betray you? I saved your moms life, Dean, I didn’t have to but I did! How is that betrayal?” You challenged, Dean lowered his gun but still kept a stony expression on his face “I think you should leave.” He spoke, his voice low and demanding. You shook your head as tears filled “really? After everything I’ve done for you and Sam” you chuckled humorlessly, you turned around and went to walk to your room when Dean spoke “what have you ever done for us?” You froze, not caring that the tears were flowing freely from your face, not caring that Sam and Mary were still in the room “what have I done for you? hmm I don’t know how about saving your asses over and over again? How about being there for you Dean, when Sammy was possessed by that dickbag Gadreel, I was there for Sam when you were being infected by the mark. I have always been there for you both and you know it!” You bawled, tears rolling down your face non-stop, Dean’s expression softened slightly but you turned your back and walked away, into your bedroom, the slamming door echoed throughout the bunker.

The boys were in silence after that outburst, what you said was true, you had been there for the both since the day you met them. Sam cleared his throat and looked towards his mother “uh, sorry about that” he muttered awkwardly, “it’s not me who you should be apologising to” Mary spoke, crossing her arms looking between the boys, Dean furrowed his eyebrows “why should we apologise? She lied to us mom, for years! We have no reason to apologise” he concluded, placing his gun on the table. Sam quietly left the room to check on you, leaving his mom talk to Dean. Mary sighed “because she was scared Dean. I heard her talking to Castiel about it today. She didn’t want to tell you because she knew you’d react like this, she knew you’d want her to leave. She trusted you Dean, remember that” she reasoned, then she left him in silence.

It was much later. Sam and Mary were both asleep, you knew because they came in to check on you before they did. You snuck into the kitchen hoping to avoid Dean, you grabbed a glass from the cupboard when somebody behind you cleared their throat, causing you to jump and drop it, it smashing on the floor. You looked up and saw Dean, you quickly looked away, crouched down and started picking up the pieces, you were rushing wanting to get out of the room as soon as possible when a piece of glass sliced across your hand, you let out a hiss of pain, dropped the rest to the floor and rushed over to the sink, you turned on the tap and placed you hand underneath, washing away the blood. Dean grabbed your wrist, pulled you over to the table sat you down and started tending to your wound. You were both silent as he wrapped your hand in a gauze, he taped the end then sat on the table next to you “thanks” you mumbled under your breath. You about to leave when Dean spoke “I’m sorry” he said, you hesitantly looked at him “it’s fine, Dean” you spoke softly, he shook his head “no, no it’s not. I shouldn’t have told you to leave and I regret what I said. You trusted me, and I broke that trust.. and you were right, you’ve been there for Sam and me so many times, and you have saved our asses a lot. I’m so, so sorry Y/N” he sounded so sincere, you nodded your head “Dean I’m not mad you’re like my brother, we’re family of course I forgive you! and you haven’t broken my trust, it will take a lot more than that to shake the trust I have for you” you said, chuckling slightly at the end. Dean placed his arm around your shoulders, your head resting on his shoulder his head on top of yours. “You tired?” He asked, you shook your head no “you wanna go for a drive?” He asked again, you looked at him “you mean, do you wanna go to the local diner and test every last pie they have” you said, he laughed and nodded “yeah sure” Dean stood up and was about to leave the room when you quickly hugged him “I love you Dean” he smiled and hugged you back, “I love you too, kiddo.”

I’m not really happy with the ending but it’s 3:24am and I am soo tired!

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tags- @winchesters-favorite-girl

Warning: May Come with Protection

Warning: May Come with Protection

Content: A little bit of angst with a pile of FLUFF

Request @savingpeoplepuntingthings: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a fic where reader is Dean’s teen daughter and just had her first breakup with her cheating boyfriend and feels really insecure and is blaming herself so Dean comforts her. Suuuuper fluffy please. Thanks so much you’re writing is amazing!!! 💘💘💘

The metal chimes hanging on the porch frame jingled as the front door slammed. The abrupt act of violence churned a fraction of the anger boiling in every deep crevice in your brain adding a fleeting relief of pleasure. You stomped up the stairs throwing an exasperated growl to the dark and empty living room. You didn’t care that the noise was embarrassingly immature. You were sick of acting mature, of shouldering the responsibility of moral obligations all the time. You reached your bedroom door, hand strangling the unsuspecting knob with brute force, retching the wooden panel behind in reckless abandon. Your bookcase shook, despite being over labored with an abundance of books. A framed mirror tapped against the wall with shock waves, a picture dislodging from its flimsy hold and fluttering the ground. Your smiling blushing face stared up at you, head tilted to the side, hair pressed on his cheek. Dejection slammed against the fury inviting an onslaught of self-deprecating thoughts to replace the blank rage. You scooped up the photo wiping away the welling tears with the back of your sleeve. Feet dragging across the floor, you threw yourself across your bed.

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Hey this is my submission for the polycoolkids angst prompt thing! (I’m sorry I’m on mobile so idk if I’m doing this right)
Its totally late, but for the polyam cool kids angst prompt I did the aftermath of the episode Drop Beat Dad. Sorry for the daddy issues SC :(
Sour Cream fell onto his bed with a thud. He face-planted onto his dark blue sheets and let out a muffled sigh that shook through his exhausted body. Can you really blame him? His day had been a little crazy. Maybe even more than that.

He felt a comforting hand begin to gently rub circles on his lower back, and sighed again, this time with relief.

“Jenny,” he began, “have I ever told you how much I love you?”

She laughed. “Hm. Probably gonna need to hear it again. Especially after you forced me to drink your nasty guacamole soda.”

Sour Cream quickly shot up, nearly bumping into Buck who sat on his left side, tracing drawings with his finger into the crumpled sheets.
“Ugh! Don’t remind me,” he groaned. He still couldn’t believe the events that had transpired in the last 24 hours. It’s almost like his life was some dramatic sitcom, probably titled Everybody Hates SC, where his life just continued being some wild shitshow filled with catastrophes.
Okay, well, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but he sure did feel bad about it all.

Buck patted his head. “Hey now. Calm down baby, it’ll be alright,” he said softly, holding onto Sour Cream’s hand and rubbing his palm with his thumb. “Just tell us what happened, okay?”

He felt his pale cheeks redden a little, heat bouncing off of them in small little bursts of flame. It always made him happy, if not just a tad embarrassed, when Buck called him baby. It was their special word, one Buck only reserved for Jenny and SC on special occasions. He supposed being lied to and heartbroken by his father qualified as one of these moments. At least every cloud has a silver lining, he supposed.

Jenny, not one to be left out, grabbed onto his other hand, holding it tight within her own fierce grip. Yet, there was a softness to her grasp, as if he could feel her love and adoration for him flowing through his arm and into his heart. God, he sure was getting sappy. This was some next-level romance movie type shit he was thinking here. But, now wasn’t the time to think about how hopelessly in love he was with his best friends, for now, it was about his semi-annual DJ rave thing incident. He was still working on a title.

Trying to keep his usual calm demeanor, and not-so subtly failing, SC cleared his throat and told them everything. He told them about little roadie Steven, and Mr. Universe’s bathroom, and Yellowtail, and how he had looked his dad in the eyes and yelled at him, cursing him out as he ruined his show. He even felt a few tears prick in his eyes when he told them his dad didn’t care, doesn’t care, and never has cared.

“I thought I could finally make him proud, you know? A part of me thought, like maybe, just maybe, my dad would finally stay if I could do this one thing,” he admitted. “He’s never been around, but it’s not like I really minded. When he did it was just always so exciting, like hey, this is where I come from. This guy makes it work in the music world and he isn’t trapped in this dead end beach town surrounded by fishing boats and doughnut shops. Made me feel like I could be somethin’. I don’t know, it’s dumb guys, I’m sorry-”

“Hey now, let me stop you right there sweetheart,” Jenny said. “He’s your dad, baby. Of course you wanted this, we know you did. It’s not dumb, it’s natural. Hell, sometimes I wanna yell and scream at my daddy for being, well, him, but I still want him to be proud of me, we all do.”

Then pointing to Buck she said, “Even Mr. Mayor’s Son over there will agree with me, won’t you Bucky-baby?”

Buck suppressed a groan. “It’s just natural, man. Don’t feel bad about how you feel, just let it run it’s course. And hey, we’ll always be proud of you.”

With those few little words, SC finally let himself break down. The day’s exhaustion wore on him as his endorphins came down from the rush of his show and the bass booming behind the blasting speakers. He felt all of the remaining energy leave his body, and the rush of his anger subsided to a gentle, whispering hum. He let in his sadness, letting it fill every corner and crevice as he finally let out what he had been holding in for years.

Holding onto Buck and Jenny for dear life he cried. He sobbed, and cried, and bawled; tears rolling down his face and slickly plopping onto his shirt. He held onto them, and they held onto him.

“There, there baby, let it all out. Just let it out,” Buck soothed, wiping fat tears from SC’s face. He kissed his boyfriend’s cheek, tasting the salty tears on his lips.

Jenny ran her fingers through his hair. “It’ll all be alright, darling. It’ll all be okay.”

And hey, maybe it would be. Maybe it didn’t matter how his dad felt about him, maybe it didn’t matter that he had left him and his mom alone for all of these years. Maybe it didn’t matter that he had hated Yellowtail for years for taking away his mom, for taking away the spot he so desperately wished his real dad would fill, for taking away the life he knew. Maybe it didn’t matter that life was hard and guacamole soda is disgusting. It just didn’t matter. All that mattered to him right then and there was that moment. That moment where he sat next to the two people he loves more than anything and finally let himself be free of everything that was holding him back. They were all that mattered to him, they were his life, they were what kept him afloat during nights when he went to bed feeling like he wanted to scream, they kept him going when he felt his dreams being crushed, they were there for him through it all. And he loved them. He loved them, and loved them, and loved them. Not even his dad could take that away from him.

“I really love you guys. I love you both more than anything.”

“We love you too.”


But could you just imagine the complete horror Kurt felt when he was released into the fighting cage with Angel. The feeling of total shock at the heart-wrenching realization that he had no choice but to fight this other kid. Having to do something so against everything he believes in. Ugh my heart

More than this - Stiles Stilinski / Theo Raeken {part 9}

*gif is not mine, found through google image search*

[part 1-8 (Masterlist)]

A/N: Hey guys, again sorry for the long wait, i have soo much on my plate right now and i still need to finish a request. I know i know, you guys miss Stiles but in this chapter, there is no direct Stiles x Reader interaction, BUT he is mentioned and IT’S IMPORTANT for the following chapter! So don’t skip this if you’re just here for Stiles. For those who are disappointed with the lack of Stiles x Reader, please be aware that this is a journey (omg i sound like a show writer i hate myself lol i’m jeff) Don’t worry guys, i love you to pieces.

Warnings: None, fluff, fluff FLUFF. (okay kiinda a subtle mention of sex ya know me)

(y/d/n) = your dad’s name

I was lying on my bed, head on Theo’s chest and our legs entangled. We we’re watching a movie on Netflix together. After the party, Theo decided to stay over because my parents weren’t home for the weekend, so we spent the whole Saturday together. It was now Sunday morning, and tomorrow the holidays would begin. No school, god bless.

Theo drew little circles with his fingers on my back while I was quietly sniffling at the sad scene in the movie. I didn’t like romance movies that much, I preferred horror, thriller, that kind of stuff. But when I did watch a romantic movie and the scene was sad, I usually cried like a baby. By the time the credits were rolling I was practically bawling.

“Oh my god Babygirl, I didn’t think you’d get so emotional.” Theo chuckled, rubbing my back.

“Shut up! It was heartbreaking okay? Can you imagine how her life will be, now that she lost him forever?” I tried to wipe the tears away but it didn’t work, since new tears were already running down my face.

“Stop crying (y/n), I can’t stand it when you’re upset.” He said, pulling me into his arms even more, hugging me more tightly.

Theo sweetly kissed my head and kept rubbing my back in a soothing manner. It took a few minutes and I stopped crying, feeling rather tired now all cuddled up, the only thing I heard was Theo’s steady heartbeat and his slow breathing.

But as soon as I felt like falling asleep, he broke the silence.

“Do you ever wonder…how we ended up like this? I mean, at the beginning it was supposed to be a casual hook-up. And got me wrapped around your little finger.” Taking my finger in his hands, he playfully bit it, making me laugh.

“Well, I am glad we ended up like this. That it’s not just a one-time thing.” I stated, touching his cheek.

“Me too.” He said with a serious smile on his face, pure adoration in his eyes.

Since my parents would come home soon, the two of us decided that it would be the best if Theo left. I helped him gather up all his things and led him to our front door. He swung his overnight bag on his shoulder and stood in the doorframe, ready to head home.

“So..this was nice. I mean, the weekend together.” He mumbled, a shy smile on his face.

“Yes yes it was. I liked spending so much time with you. In bed for example.” I grinned, taking a step further.

“Oh that’s what you’re thinking about.” He smirked. “Well, now that you’re on the family trip for the next week, you will unfortunately have to wait for it.” I shivered at the way he let his fingers glide over my forearm, the desire in his eyes making me blush.

“How am I going to survive a week without” I leaned in, “this.” I whispered, then closing the distance between us and kissing him passionately. Before things got too heated we parted again, breathing heavily.

“I’ll miss you” he hummed while hugging me tightly.

“I’ll miss you, too.”

I watched him as he got into his car, waving one last time before he took off.

An hour passed and my parents arrived from their work trip, greeting me enthusiastically.

“So how was the weekend honey?” my mom asked me while we were at the dinner table.

“It was…fine.” I said, before immediately shoving a fork of pasta into my mouth, hoping no one spotted the soft pink that crept up my cheeks just by the thought of the time I spent with Theo.

“Oh, I almost forgot! You know your dad and I have been planning our camping trip the last few days, and guess who decided to join us!” I looked up from my plate raising my eyebrows at my mom who’s smile went extremely wide.

“The Stilinski’s!” my mom clapped her hands happily and I almost choked on my pasta.

There is no way in hell that my mom just said I was going to spend the next week on a campsite with-

“That’s great isn’t it? I talked to John this morning and he said he’s so happy to come with us! You and Stiles have been friends since you’ve been three years old and now that you two made up we thought this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate that!”

“Wow, uhm, yea that’s..that’s awesome.” I chuckled nervously, playing it off like I was totally okay with it because I didn’t want to disappoint my parents. Our camping trips have always been a tradition and they plan everything weeks in advance.

After dinner, I went to my room to pack my bag for tomorrow. I had a list of things I needed for our trip on my desk and began to put all the things on my bed that were on it. When I put the item in my bag, I made a little checkmark on my list. This way I was done in no time and I could make sure that I didn’t forget anything. Checking the “red big sweater”, I was finished.

It was about nine pm and I was laying in my bed, thinking about the trip and how it was going to be like to spend a whole week alone with Stiles after what had happened between us. We were practically friends again but there was still some kind of unspoken tension between us. It wasn’t like it used to be, even if we denied it.

That night I slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about strong arms holding me close, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, a person with green and sometimes amber eyes.

As soon as I woke up Monday morning, I could hear my parents arguing downstairs. Every holiday, the morning of our departure, hell broke loose. There was no other time in the year when my parents, especially my mom, were this stressed.

“(y/d/n), did you put the air pump in the trunk already? I am not driving back like last year because we forgot to bring it!” I heard my mom yell.

“First of all Love, we wouldn’t have had to drive back if you’d gotten over yourself and just slept under the sky, it wasn’t even cold! And secondly, you wanted to drive back too because you forgot the hand sanitizer.” My dad replied.

And this is how it would go all morning.

Did you think of the paper towels?

We can’t forget the first aid kid!

What if I don’t have enough socks?

Do you REALLY need this sweater in three different colors?

Briefly going over my list and bag again, I was ready to go. Before I left the house I threw on a light jacket and stepped into my beloved Doc Martens. After entering the car, I plugged in the aux wire to my phone. Even though my parents hated my taste in music, I got to be in charge of the playlist because I despised  driving with a passion. Short routes were fine, but everything as of an hour made me sick, which is why I had to take medicine for travelling.

Listening to Work Song by Hozier, I nodded my head and tapped my fingers on my legs in the beat of the music, letting my mind drift off to escape the time and traffic.

When, my, time comes around

Lay me gently in the cold dark earth

No grave can hold my body down

I’ll crawl home to her

(The Song has nothing to do with the storyline, I just adore this song. It’s so beautiful, go listen to it.)

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The stages of reading 'Twist and Shout'...

Me: Oh, they’re so cute together!

Me: Fucking Hester…

Me: Wait, what…? No, Dean!

Me: Adam? 


Me: Oh god, finally, he’s home.

Me: Dean, what are you doing? Dean, stop!




Me: *rolling around on floor bawling and singing Elvis to myself while my family calls the local mental hospital*