rolling around in a pool of my tears

I’ve been needing to study Cullen’s face. I’ve done 4 faces before I’m like this: 

External image

Sleep is now before I draw more of his non-existent face shape.

loonyluna  asked:

why is deathless so painful my heart has been ripped out of my chest why would you recommend this book (I loved it so much I'm going to recommend it to all of my friends)

okay so this is how the deathless reading process goes:

phase 1: okay but why did i do this to myself i never asked for this this is TOO MUCH i need a break i need to lie down i can’t handle this i’m in pain pls help me i never should have picked it up
phase 2: i need to get as many people to read this so they can all suffer with me and we can roll around in our own pools of tears while we reminiscent our favourite scenes and then proceed to cry some more