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Tom Holland | Marry Me?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Request: hi love! could you possibly do an imagine about tom proposing to you, but like can you try and make it different from the usual proposal? thank you! (send in requests)

Summary: Tom struggles to find the perfect moment to pop the question. 

Warnings: Deadass the most fluff I’ve ever written in my life

Word Count: 1.4K

Tom had been planning out your proposal for much longer than he’d care to admit to anyone, except maybe his mum; in fact, she was the first person to know about his future plans. It was right after the two of you had visited his parents home and Tom saw how well you had managed to fit into his family.  

He watched you laughing heartily with his brothers and talking avidly with his mother and he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face as he leant against the kitchen doorway. Only one thought was running through his mind as he stared at you; I am a goner and when you glanced at him, a smile completely lighting up your face, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

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Buggy Brownies and Thigh Highs (Smut)


A/N : First ever smut!! This took me a good few sessions to write and also Harry’s legs make me weak.

Word Count : 3500+

Summary : Y/N spends the morning doing what she loves most, making brownies and riding Harry’s thigh. 

                                                       * * *

Leaning against the kitchen counter, a cup of tea laced between my fingers, I watch Harry with a fond smile as he grips a bag of self-rising flour in one hand, and a regular bag of flour in the other. Even though half his body is turned, I can see the small frown of his lips as the corners of his mouth sink deeper and the confused expression across his face tightens.

“Y/N,” He begins, turning his body to face me and I can’t help but bite my lips to stop a chuckle from escaping them as I stare at what he’s wearing. A pink satin pyjama tank top is wrapped across his chest, his nipples evidently straining to break free from the suffocating material. The unmistakeable sound of clothes ripping silences Harry who is halfway through asking which flour he is supposed to use, and he sends me a bashful grimace as he prepares himself to be scolded at knowing he’s ruined my favourite pyjama top. To be honest, if it wasn’t for how cute Harry looked at the moment I would’ve whined but Harry is too adorable to chew out so I just shake my head instead.

“Sorry babe…” Harry starts, “I’ll buy yeh another one but a size or two up so a can wear it too.”

I raise an amused eyebrow questioningly.

“What?” Harry asks defensively, “The silk is comfortable and soft around my torso and yeh wear my shirts all the time!”

At that he gestures accusingly to my body and I glance down to see my attire. A long silk shirt hangs from the frames of my shoulders, vibrant colours and swirls lace a pattern across the predominantly black background and I tug at the rolled up sleeves so the material falls and pools around my wrists.

“I wear your shirts because I look hotter in them.” I tease, reaching down to pop open another button. Harry swallows roughly, eagerly agreeing as his eyes don’t tear from my fingers which softly toy with the button. Unlucky for Harry, my plans for this lazy Sunday morning consist of baking, only baking… for now.

“But you just look like a drag queen in mine.” Harry’s eyes snap up, any sexual aura in the room now evaporated, and he greets my teasing grin with an equally challenging glint in his eyes.

“At least a look fabulous in this top, darlin’,” Harry says, loosening his wrists and consequently spilling a little flour. “Yeh couldn’t pull this tank off even if the colour did suit yeh.”

Harry jumps and raises his arms in a victory hoot at the ‘sick burn’ and the straps of the top completely tear apart. I break into fit of giggles at his guilty expression and soon enough Harry too gives a small chuckle before apologising profusely.

“Sorry sugar.” He says before pulling the tank top off completely; leaving him standing in the kitchen with only a pair of tight boxer briefs adorning his legs.

“S'okay love.” I sigh, but Harry shoots me a very cheeky grin and shakes his head.

“No, Y/N. A was apologising to the sugar.”

Heat rushes to my cheeks and a wave of embarrassment washes over me as I realise Harry knocked over a bag of sugar when he lifted his arms victoriously. Using a hand to cover my face, I groan, frustrated that I fell for such an obvious trap and Harry giggles as he scoops the sugar back into its bag. With his back turned to me, I dare glance through the gaps in between my fingers and I rake my eyes over Harry’s bare back as it ripples and tenses. I can’t help but stare, he’s gorgeous. Though his body is not particularly muscly, it is toned and touring abroad has done wonders for his skin; leaving him deliciously tanned, almost like a caramel apple.

I sit back abruptly as Harry finishes cleaning up, determined not to give him the satisfaction that I was staring but the quirk of his lips reveal he knows I was ogling him and he winks irritatingly.

“Seriously babe?” He asks, “If yeh done harassing me with yeh eyes, a’d like to know which flour I’m su'posed to use to make these goddamn brownies.”

Fighting back an eyeroll, I stand up from my stool and join him beside the bowl with ingredients.

“I don’t know…” I reply, eyes fliting between the packet of normal flour and the packet of self-rising flour. “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to use self-rising flower for baking.”

“Even for brownies?”

I shrug and Harry must reckon that’s a good enough answer as he drops the bag of normal flour before eyeing the self-rising flour and pouring about half the bag in. As he cracks a couple of eggs and adds some butter, I realise we probably should’ve invested in a set of scales because brownie mixture is not supposed to look so powdery. Also, aren’t you supposed to use coco powder? Harry and I used hot chocolate powder as a substitute but that in itself poses an issue because the tub said it’s use by date expired four months ago.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

After we add some water to bring the mixture together, Harry takes the role of cleaning up the kitchen while I spoon the mixture into a baking tray (of course, making sure to leave a tiny bit of brownie mixture for myself and Harry to lick while we wait for the brownies to bake). Just as I draw away from the oven after placing our soon-to-be brownies in the oven, Harry’s strong arms wrap around my middle and he pulls me close into his chest. He buries his face into the crook of my neck and snuggles close, dipping the tip of his freezing nose right into the warm pool of my skin and I elicit a small yelp.

“You’re freezing, Haz!” I squeal, touching the spot he just nuzzled. “You need to put something on.”

Harry cocks his head to the side. “Put somethin’ on?” He toys, taking a step closer to which I take a step back until he traps me between his arms against the kitchen island.

“A’d like to wear this sunshine,” He tells me, amusement clear in his voice as he fiddles with the hem of the shirt between his thumb and forefinger. “Can a have my shirt back baby?”

His lips are dangerously close and with such a short distance between us, I struggle to think straight. Reciprocating his sultry change of mood, I slide one of my hands into his dry hair and place the other dangerously close to a carton of nearby eggs. Harry swallows harshly and his eyes flutter closed as I pull him closer and latch my teeth onto the lobe of his ear. I nibble gently and soothe the skin over with the flat of my tongue before tugging on his hair roughly to expose his neck.

“Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry…” I daunt, placing wet kisses down his neck softly. Suddenly, Harry juts his hips into mine and I bite my lips to stop a shaky breath. An overwhelming desire to properly kiss him floods my body, and I almost give into my primal instincts but when Harry tugs on the hem of my shirt I’m reminded of my mission.

“You’ll have to kill me for this shirt.” I whisper before quickly grabbing an egg from the carton, circling my arm up and around, and smacking the shell right down on top of his skull.

Not waiting for his response, I shove him back and run to the other side of the island. Harry, completely shocked, whips around sending egg yolk flying everywhere and I slap a hand to cover my mouth as I begin snorting at the sight of my furious, shirtless but most importantly egg-soaked boyfriend.

“"Oh Y/N… Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.” Harry taunts, mocking me similar to how I did before. He places a hand on the bag of self-rising flour and runs his other through his dripping hair. “Yeh should not have done that.”

In seconds, whatever remaining flour we had left is thrown right at me and I’m left coughing and spitting out flour as Harry creases in the corner while I mentally scold myself for being such an idiot and leaving my mouth agape.

“You suck.” I grunt, after spitting out the remains of clumpy flour and Harry’s grin grows wider if that’s even possible.

“And yeh swallow, my dear.” He winks before lunging for me. Harry’s long fingers find my sides instantly and he tickles me ruthlessly, taking every opportunity he has to blow raspberries into the crook of my neck. I squeal and slap his forearm but Harry only laughs, places a soft kiss on my shoulder, and slides his fingers up my body as he slowly peels his shirt off my body, leaving me completely bare besides the pair of cotton knickers hugging my bum. Harry shoots me a triumphant toothy smile as he pulls the shirt over his head and pushes his arms through the powdery sleeves; I, in contrast, pout and Harry ceases the chance to lightly trace my bottom lip with his forefinger. I don’t even think about when I automatically drop my lower lip further and gently suck on the tip of Harry’s finger.

The mood of the room flips dramatically.

Suddenly, I’m all too aware of Harry’s other hand caressing my hip and how his hooded eyes don’t even glance away from my lips that pucker around his finger. His eyes flutter closed as he gently pumps it into my wet mouth and I hum softly while reaching my hands up and running them through his sodden locks. The cold metal of his rings send waves of shock through my body, causing me to shiver as my body begins to shake at the temperature change.

“Are y- are yeh cold, love?” Harry stutters, pulling his glistening finger from my mouth - a string of saliva following. My eyes snap open and I nod quickly, letting a small whiny ‘yes’ slip past my lips.

“Maybe we should do somethin’ to warm yeh up then love? A don’t want yeh getting a cold…” Harry winks and he pushes himself up onto the kitchen island so that his bum and thighs rest on the surface but the rest of his legs dangle down. With a playful glint in his eyes, Harry pats his bare thigh invitingly and offers me an outstretched arm as he pulls me up on top of him.

Taking his hand, I climb up. My breasts swing as I move and my lack of clothing gives Harry easy access as he dips his head forward to suck and bite and leave marks all over them. He takes his time to treasure my body, nibbling lightly on my left nipple and rubbing the other; Harry uses his large, masculine hands to cusp and knead the rest of my breast and I automatically arch my back to give him more area.

Eventually he pulls away and Harry looks up at me through his darkened gaze. In a split second, I grab the sides of his face tightly in my hands and slam my lips onto his. A low, deep growl erupts from Harry’s throat and he drops his fingers to my thighs. Gripping them firmly, Harry groans into the lustful kiss and pulls me closer, determined to eliminate any space between us. My hands fly to his biceps for leverage as he hauls me up his thighs, my fingertips gripping his arms so tightly that little crescent moons are left in my wake.

“Ride my thigh, baby.” Harry pants, his damp breath fanning over my lips hotly. The lust in his eyes send waves of shivers through my body and the hairs on my arms stand up as goose bumps texturise my skin. “Ride me.”

His hands part my thighs and I happily oblige, following his movements and removing my panties as he plants his hands on my hips to steady me. From this height, I have to duck my head so that it doesn’t smack against the ceiling and the position is not all that comfortable but in seconds Harry has me back down into the comfort of his arms.

“Ride me baby, ride your daddy.”

I don’t need to be told twice.

Lowering myself onto Harry’s thigh, I grind lazily against the soft cotton of his boxer briefs. My lips part in a silent moan and Harry snakes one hand to the crook of my neck and captures my lips once again, while the other clutches the fleshy fat of my bum causing me to jitter forward and rut my hips right across his thigh.

“Harry…” I moan loudly, finding a rhythm and hazily grinding down on his structured thigh. The feeling is incredible, the friction rubbing against my nub providing a perfect sensation that flows in the blood around my body and makes my toes curl. Coupled with Harry’s wet tongue and perfect fingers, I really can’t imagine how I managed to live without this stupidly idiotic but all the same amazing boy for so long.

“Harry!” I cry out as Harry stretches his lanky leg across the kitchen and rests his foot against the corner of an opposite counter. The new position allows Harry to bounce his leg and a sob escapes my lips as his muscular thigh greets me halfway and heightens the pleasure.

“Don’t stop, fuck Daddy! Don’t stop!”

“Fuck…” Harry grunts, swiping a hand across his face trying to fathom how he got so lucky. There’s too much for him to handle as his eyes jump from my jiggling breasts to my euphoric expression to my bare pussy jerking across his thigh. Worse yet, Harry’s internal struggle only grows worse as I finally tug him free of his boxers and wrap my petite hand around the base of his throbbing and rather sore looking cock.

“Daddy, you’re so worked up.” I tease, instantly dropping his cock and moving my hands to fondle his balls. Harry groans loudly, throwing his head back as he fights the urge to thrust into my hand.

“Don’t tease me, Y/N.” He warns dangerously but I giggle and rub the skin of his balls between my fingers anyway, deliberately ignoring his leaking cock. This time around, Harry physically can’t stop his hips from levitating and I bite back a triumphant grin because there’s no better feeling than having your boyfriend like putty in your hands.

“I’m not teasing Daddy, just having a little fun is all.” Sending him a confident wink, I pinch his sac and Harry almost sobs, the pressure almost too much, too perfect to handle. Quite frankly, Harry isn’t finding the situation as humorous as I do and so he grabs my hips dominantly and presses me down harshly on his thigh so that I’m practically scraping against his skin. A high pitched moan escapes my chest and a few tears find their way down my cheeks, the pleasure absolutely indescribable.

“Yeh speak to much, love. I think yeh need something to keep yeh quiet.” Harry says in a raspy, rushed breath. I watch as he whips his head around, egg yolk clumping his curls together so that they fall in front of his eyes. A thin layer of sweat has formed around our bodies like cling film so I swipe my forehead with the back of my hand, but leave Harry untouched; the perspirant only highlighting his naturally toned body and adding another element of rawness to the whole ordeal. Suddenly, Harry turns back around, the bowl of raw brownie mixture in his grasp.

Harry gradually submerges his middle and forefinger into the mixture, then raises his hand and beckons me forward. I obey without hesitation and open my mouth enthusiastically as Harry slips his two fingers in. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to taste test the mixture first and so within seconds of pushing his fingers into my mouth, I gag and spit them out trying with all my might not to dry wretch on him or myself.

“Shit Y/N, did a push yeh too far?” Harry rushes, an atmosphere of concern complimenting his words. God bless the poor lad; worry floods Harry’s face as he fears he may have been too forceful and noticing his guilt, I immediately rush to correct him, hoping he hasn’t already fallen into a turmoil of distress.

“No, no of course not.” I exclaim. “It’s just those brownies are going to taste like utter shit.”

I can’t help myself from letting a few chuckles loose and when Harry catches on, he too begins giggling (though there’s still a hint of nervousness in his voice, concerned still laced in his knitted eyebrows).

“Yeh okay then? A haven’t poisoned yeh have a?”

Shaking my head no, I tilt my head to the side and stare at Harry for a moment. Reaching up, I use my thumb to iron out the creases in his forehead and I place a kiss upon his lips.

“No Daddy, I’m perfect.”

At that, the mood certainly returns to its musky and lustful atmosphere and I grab Harry’s cock tightly - but not so tightly that it hurts him; just the right amount of pressure to keep him crazy.  I begin moving my wrist, flexing my fingers around his cock and base trying to draw another whimper from him and I’m eventually rewarded when he cries my name.

“Shit, Y/N! Keep doing tha’!” He begs, his leg bouncing like crazy. This only spurs me on more, and I jerk him off lazily, both of us moaning and kissing each other in unison. Harry’s eyes are screwed tightly shut and he rocks his hips into my hand urgently, chasing his release with breathy grunts and moans. My chest tightens with pride as Harry’s fingers dig deeper into my skin and he begins shaking his head because he just can’t comprehend how good it feels. Sweat drips from his forehead and I use my hand to push back his falling curls to free his face. The expression he sports is one of pure bliss and I almost wish I could freeze time, just so that I could stare at him like this for however long I want. I realise though, Harry orgamsing is a better sight to see.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me - are yeh close?” Harry struggles, the hope in his voice clear as day. Relief shines in his eyes as I nod excessively and he clenches his fingers around my hips even more.

“So close!”

Without warning, Harry’s fingers have suddenly slipped under me and he rubs my clit furiously, rolling the nub between his fingers. It’s more than enough to send me over the edge and I squeeze Harry’s cock as I slump heavily over his body, coming loudly. My final moan triggers Harry’s own orgasm and he thrusts into my hand one more time before long spurts of come are landing on my arm and belly, sticky and slightly warm.

After coming down from our highs, we take a moment to lie there together, limbs sloppily intertwined and damp skin sticking.

“I love yeh so fuckin’ much.” Harry whispers, carefully drawing his hand out from underneath me and using those exact fingers to free my eyes from stray strands of hair. He places a soft kiss on my lips, ever so gently caressing my jaw juxtaposing the animalistic and crazed lustful self he was only a minute ago.

“I love yo-” A shrill ring abruptly cuts me off as the oven timer sounds, alerting us the brownies are done. Harry jumps immediately, and lightly places me down on the island before hopping over to the oven and opening it. The metallic device produces a tin of sickly grey looking brownies and my face twists at the sight of disgusting lumps of butter swimming in the tin.

Although both our standards where low, the brownies end up succeeding our already awful expectations and land themselves the title of the worst brownies we have ever tasted. Harry sighs and I can tell he’s a little disappointed.

“Am sorry these are shit, Y/N.” He huffs, chucking the entire batch into the bin with a grimace displayed on his face.

“Harry, love, don’t be upset.” I coo, delicately cupping his chin with one hand and with a confident wink, I run my fingers through his drying come on my stomach and stick the digit into my mouth. “I much prefer tasting you anyway.”

Needless to say, those buggy brownies were soon all forgotten about.

                                                          * * *

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Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Six

Originally posted by xehun

Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

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Word Count: 4.4K

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

-Okay this is my 3rd time re-posting this part. If it is STILL cut off half-way through, let me know! 


I stood there, with my voice caught in my throat. I didn’t miss the way Sehun’s face scrunched up in thought. His eyes darted from me to Eun Ji, who was still staring at me.

“I don’t think so.” I almost croaked, my smile falling slightly. I’m feigning ignorance, staring at Sehun with questioning eyes.

“No, no. I’ve seen you somewhere before.” Eun Ji pushed looking at Sehun, “How long have you two been together now?”

Sehun was a bit taken back by Eun Ji’s seriousness in her question.

“It’s been 2 months since we met.” I answered for Sehun, “I don’t think we’ve met. What was your name again?”

“Eun Ji.” She stated, glaring at me. This was expected, and I wasn’t surprised. It seems that Eun Ji is still stuck at Sehun’s hip. Her feels haven’t faded and she still wants to keep a tight grip on Sehun. It’s not clear if her personality has improved like Sehun’s has.

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Green + v

I lay on my bed squirming with my eyes shut tight. My body is on fire I’m so fucking hot. I want to touch myself so bad. All day I’ve been thinking about my better half Taehyung and my urges for him have been unreal these past few days. He left a week ago to go on tour and for me the week has been to long. 

We talked every night on the phone said little I love you’s and I miss you’s even had a moment to talk dirty to each other. But number one rule. No pleasing yourself if the other isn’t around. He’s not allowed to touch his and I’m not allowed mine. But it’ll be another night until he gets home. And I don’t know if I can hold it.

I sigh getting up and I strip out of my silk gown. I take my bra and panties off hoping that it will make me feel a bit better. The air temperature in the room is low enough as it is I don’t want to freeze myself out. I jump on my back rolling around until I settle on my back. 

“Well.. It can’t hurt…” I say as I bend my legs placing my feet on the bed. I open my legs wide as I shut my eyes. I let my hands slowly cup my plump breast squeezing at my nipples a moan sliding from my lips. I pull and pinch on my nipples imagining that it is him doing it. I trail my hands down my stomach in slow strokes like Taehyung would do.

I use my left hand to part my pussy lips letting my right hand trail up and down my slit shaking softly when I feel my wetness on my fingers. I start to roll my fingers around my clit slowly imaging it was Taehyung doing it his deep voice using taunts and teases to make me curl my toes. 

I shove two fingers inside of me wincing at how tight I am despite me and Taehyung always going at it. I start to thrust my fingers inside of me hard trying to curl them to feel the pleasure that Taehyung gives me. I moan his name softly licking my chapped lips my voice going higher the harder I rub my clit. The next thing I feel are two fingers being plunged inside of me as other fingers goes to rub at my clit. 

“Are you having fun?” Taehyung asks me and I open my eyes in shock as he finds my spot with his fingers curling them. 

“T-tae I-I..” I start out looking up in his eyes that are filled with lust and anger. I move my fingers away from my pussy to grab at the sheets as he starts to push his fingers harder inside of me. 

“What’s our rule?” He asks me growling as I tighten up around his fingers. 

“I-I’m s-sorry!” I squeal out pulling at his tank top. 

“That’s not what I asked jagi. What. Is. Our. Rule?” He asks me, pulling out and pushing back into me with each word. 

“ANNN! N-no t-touching yourself without the other!” I whine throwing my head back and he bites into my neck humming. 

“You do know your in trouble right?” He asks me and I nod my head slowly as he pulls his fingers from my core licking them slowly. 

He stands back taking his shirt off before he slowly drops his pants to the ground. He smirks darkly at me as he crawls onto the bed. He sits against the headboard and he pats his legs. 

“Ass up.” He says to me and I sigh nodding my head. 

I crawl to him laying across his lap and he starts to softly grope my ass. 

“Jagi.. Jagi.. What have you done? You couldn’t wait for me?” He asks me rubbing my ass slowly. 

“I thought you wouldn’t be back home till tomorrow!” I whine out. Taehyung sighs bringing his hand down to land on my left ass cheek hard. I yelp jumping a bit as I bite into the sheets. 

“You couldn’t wait?” He asks a bit rougher slamming his palm down on my right ass cheek. 

“I’m sorry!” I cry out my face turning red.

“Count them out Jagi.” He says and I nod my head. 

“T-there!” I whine out when he slaps my left cheek again a bit harder then the first time. 

“FOUR!” I yell when he slaps the same ass cheek my ass starting to slowly throb. 

By the time he is at ten I am panting fisting the sheets hard. My whole body is hot and I can feel tears brimming in my eyes from the pain of Taehyung’s head. He slaps my ass harder with every number torturing one cheek before he goes to the other. 

“F-fifteen.” I groan out my voice breaking as tears spill out of my eyes finally. I hear Taehyung hum before he spreads my legs wide. 

“That pussy is mine. Your not allowed to touch it unless I tell you so.” He says slowly trailing his finger up and down my slit. I groan nodding my head. 

“Go chose a toy.” He says to me patting my ass and I nod my head getting up slowly. I go to Taehyung’s drawer choosing a small black silver bullet before I retreat to my bed to give it to him. 

Taehyung pushes me on my back and I wince at the feeling of the sheets rubbing against my ass. Taehyung spreads my legs wide as he settles between my legs. 

“If you cum I will not fuck you for a week.” He threatens.

He slowly pushes the silver bullet against my pussy and I arch my back my breathing hitching as he moves the bullet around my clit my toes curling. I try to close my legs but Taehyung pushes them wide apart glaring at me. He slowly licks up and down my slit slowly his dark eyes watching me as his tongue flicks out against my slit. 

He slowly pushes his tongue inside of my heat tasting my insides a moan falling from his lips. I groan fisting my hands in his hair pulling it harshly as he buries his face deeper inside of my cunt tasting me. 

The vibrator presses harder against my clit as Taehyung continues to move his tongue slowly inside of me tasting my walls as if is our first time all over again. I throw my head back cries of his name leaving my lips as he presses his tongue against my sweet spot the vibrator intensity increasing. 

“T-taehyung please!” I whimper out my orgasm slowly starting to build in the pit of my stomach. Taehyung starts to make slurping noises against my pussy biting and licking and sucking on everything. I arch my back my voice dying out as I feel my orgasm approaching and I try so hard to ignore it I bite my lips shutting my eyes as the intensity from the bullet makes me want to cry again. 

And then he pulls from me. My body falls against the bed as I pant and catch my breath watching a smirking Taehyung whose lips as glossing with my cum. He leans over me crashes his lips down against mine his clothed member rubbing against my pussy. 

I start to drag my nails across his shoulders bucking my hips up to grind back against him. He moans into the kiss and I slide my tongue in his mouth. He dominates the kiss thrusting his hips hard into me earning a choked cry. He swirls his tongue around mine sucking on it growls and grunts falling from his chest as he pulls back to look down at me. 

“On your hand and knees.” He says backing up to take his boxers off. 

I get on my hands and knees pushing my ass back as I bunch my fingers up into the sheets. 

“Give me your hands.” Taehyung demands and when I do he handcuffs my hands behind my back. 

“I hope your ready.” He murmurs as he leans over his deep voice sliding in my ear. 

Taehyung rubs his cock up and down my slit slowly and I can feel his precum oozing out to make me wetter. He groans as he grabs my hips hard his nails digging into my skin as he pushes my legs wider. He slowly pushes his cock inside of me holding me in place as he feels me up. 

I bury my face into the mattress a long soft moan leaving my lips. He holds his hips there before he pulls out of me and slides back into me slowly rolling his hips. A deep raspy moan of my name leaving his lips. 

I tighten around his dick as he pounds hard into me once before he goes back to slow teasing thrusts. He lets my hips go to come around and grab at my breast. He pulls at my nipples starting to roll his hips deep into me. 

“O-oppa!” I coe out as he starts to thrust a tad bit faster into me rolling my nipples with his fingers pulling on them, his mouth starting to suck into a spot under my neck . 

“F-faster!” I whine trying to buck my hips back and Taehyung slaps my ass growling as he goes even slower. I whine shutting my eyes tears of frustrating starting to pool. 

“You want me to fuck you?” He asks me biting on my earlobe and pulling it. 

“PLEASE!” I yell at him as he giggles. 

“Promise me you won’t touch yourself again without me.” He says softly. I groan pursing my lips as I think about it. 

“Say it or I pull out and you don’t cum.” He says threateningly his hand coming to land on my throat. 

“I wont do it anymore.” I say softly looking down at the sheets. 

“I didn’t hear that.” He says rolling his hips. 

“I WON’T FUCKING DO IT ANYMORE!” yell at him. 

“Good girl.” Taehyung says kissing down my back. 

He pulls out of me before he drags me against his chest my back pressed against him. He raises me up hooking his arms under my knees as he plunges his cock back into me hitting my spot.

“SHIT!” I cry out as I lay my head against his shoulder as he thrusts up hard into me growling my name. I scream his as he pounds harder against my spot his hips becoming a automatic not giving up. 

“Your little pussy always wraps around my cock so good. You little slut.” He growls into my ear his nails digging into the insides my leg leg. My cuffed arms softly scratch into his stomach as I roll my eyes back my breathing starting to become shallow as he fucks hard into me. 

“Are you going to cum? Cum on my big cock as I bury my seed deep into you. And then after this I’m going to fuck you harder in the shower. Against the counter.” He says thrusting harshly into me his cock abusing my spot making my toes curl from the delicious pain I feel inside of me. I nod my head pathetically my voice failing me only to make out gibberish mixed with his name. 

I arch my back in his hold. He nudges my head and when I look at him we kiss sloppily our teeth knocking against each other as bites are being placed every where. He holds my gaze his forehead pressed against mine as his thrusting starts to become out of sync.

“TAEHYUNG!!” I shout out as my orgasm washes through me my body going limp in his hold. Taehyung groans thrusting into me a few more times before he’s coming undone. 

“—!” He cries out cumming inside of me holding me down on his cock as he cums deep inside of me some sliding down my thighs. 

We both breathe hard trying to let our highs fade. He groans pulling out of me as he lays me on the bed. The cuffs are gone from my hand and I instantly tackle him with hugs and kisses all over his face. 

“I missed you baby.” I say softly as he giggles holding me. 

“I missed you too. But we aren’t finished here. This is just a break before round two.” He says winking at me and I bite my lips nodding my head. 

unconditionally || dylan o’brien

author: @broodybell
pairing: dylan x reader
word count: 929

authors note: inspired by my earlier post but some differences, maybe a part two? i am sorry for the lack of imagines and effort, this was something little and fluffy to fill a long void of not posting for a while. i just thought this was really sweet and honestly something i really need rn :(( 

summary: dylan has been away filming for months and comes back to surprise reader. 

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Eyes Closed

Pairing: Dave x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1618

Author’s Note: So, I would’ve posted this last night but my computer started acting up so I had to wait. I wrote this in an hour and I’m pretty proud of it. It’s cute.Thanks to my lovely babe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me. She’s amazing y’all.

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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TRIGGER WARNING: somewhat forced sex, mutilation, slight suicidal thoughts, abuse

Pairing: Lay x Reader

Type: Horror

Plot: Don’t get in a strangers car.

His words had resonated in my head, bouncing across my skull and tattooing into every spot of bone that it had pierced. What had he meant? Was he delusional? Such a man who had taken me surely must be suffering from something that is hand in hand with such delusions. But even if his words made no sense they somehow shook my heart in its place. I couldn’t understand it, nor come to terms with it, but something deep inside me dictated the reality beneath those words. I was his, and I was trapped.

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For the Love of Harry, Chapter 9 (conclusion)

Thank you for all the wonderful messages you’ve sent, telling me how much you love this story! It means so much to me!

The first 8 chapters are at the top of the Masterlist page, so make sure you’ve not missed any of it so far, or refresh your memory by rereading it before starting this conclusion.

I hope you enjoy this final chapter. So much fun to write this saga!

Enjoy! xo



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Now You Know What Happened

Past Cas x Reader, Present Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 2.1K

Warnings: A whole lotta angst (are you even surprised?), cheating

Written By: Kace

A/N: I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and now that it’s written, I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s base on The Pretty Reckless’ “Going to Hell” and in this fic, the reader becomes a singer and writes and performs this song. Actual song lyrics are in bold. I hope that makes since and I hope you guys enjoy this.

You never would’ve thought you’d end up here. The blinding stage lights hit your skin as you walked on stage, your band already set in their places. The screams from fans, demons and humans alike, echo through your ears.

You were never meant to be a singer. Sure, singing in the shower was always fun but you grew up a hunter. You were meant to hunt everything that goes bump in the night, but here you were, singing your heart out and practically praising the very things you were raised to hate.

The electric guitar and beat of the drum began to fill the small stadium as you looked out into the crowd. Shocked and hurt blue eyes met yours. You were instantly pulled back into one of the hardest parts of your life and you remembered why you were here. Why you left hunting. Why you hated anything that had to do with him.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1600

Summary: Bucky’s POV; It’s been nearly thirty years since you were separated from the man you called Зима, Zima, Winter. He was made to forget you, and he never knew why. What had the two of you done wrong? Now that he’s found you again… well…

Warnings: Angst

A/N: So, up to this point, every chapter has been nothing but angst and little bits of fluff. I’ve been considering including some “minor” smut - unless it takes away from the story - but I want you guys to weigh in on that. So leave a comment, a message, an ask, choose whatever form of communication please you. 

If looks could kill, the doctor would be dead and buried several times over by now. (Y/N) seems to be the only person in the room not glaring a hole into his rigid form. Even Fury is pissed.

Natasha, needless to say, was livid when I told her about his proposed “drastic measures”. She said, and I quote, “over his dead body”, cracked her neck and knuckles and then attempted to pursue him with murder in her eyes. It took both me and Steve to talk her back down. We argued in whispers until (Y/N) came into the room, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

“Is everything okay?” she whispers, her head cocked to the side.

“Sorry, Kitten,” I wrap my arms around her when she moves to stand at my side, “we didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s late.” She mutters, pressing her head to my chest.

“I know. Go back to bed. I’ll be there soon.”

“Not until you tell me what’s going on.” She looks up at me, “You’ve been acting weird since I found you in the gym earlier.”

“Just tell her, Buck.” Steve says from where he leans against the kitchen counter.

I sigh, turning to face (Y/N) completely, “Dr. Kennedy came to see me this morning. He said that if you missed one more session, he would have to report it to Fury and then drastic measures would be taken.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means he might try to admit you to a hospital on a more permanent basis.” Natasha answers for me, her voice rough with anger.

“You mean we could be separated?”

Tears immediately begin to form in her eyes. I shake my head and cradle her head gently in my hands, forcing her to look me in the eye.

“I’m not going to let that happen. Okay? No one is taking you from me.”

Steve pushes off the counter and comes to stand beside us, “We’ll go to Fury ourselves before we let that happen.”

“What if there’s nothing we can do?”

“Then I kill the doctor.” Natasha wears a devious smile.

“Come on, Kitten, don’t you trust me?”

She smiles and nods her head slowly, “Of course.”

“Then trust me when I say everything’s gonna be fine.”

Fury sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose and leaning back in his chair.

“When she was placed under my care, it was made very clear that she was to meet with me each week to maintain a constant psychological evaluation. Her release from that condition was meant to be at my discretion.”

The green of Natasha’s eyes darkens. She’s sitting on the other side of (Y/N), but I can practically feel the tension radiating from her body.

“Personally, I think some time away from Sergeant Barnes might be good for her. He’s done nothing but corrupt my attempts at healing her mind.”

Steve shifts beside me, his fists clenching against his knees as his back stiffens.

“She’s not well, Mr. Director, and if Agent Romanoff, Sergeant Barnes, and Captain Rogers can’t see that, then I have no choice to but to resort to drastic measures.”

(Y/N)’s hand tightens around mine as she stares off at some spot on the wall ahead of her.

Fury sighs again, the sound laced in exasperation, “You haven’t exactly said what it is you want to do with her.”

“I think it’s best for her if she carries out the remainder of her therapy at an inpatient facility where I will personally see to her care.” He looks over at us, “Of course I would have to restrict visitation at first.”

I move to speak but the rage coming from beside me silences me.

“Who are you to decide what’s best for me?” (Y/N) shouts, rising to her feet so she can properly face the doctor.


“Shut up! Okay? Just shut up! All you’ve done for the past six months is make me talk about my dreams, my fears, my past. I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to keep reliving that life. I just want to forget my past and move on. I want to focus on the life I have now, the one I plan to spend with Bucky, Natasha, and Steve at my side. And you want to take that from me!” (Y/N) steps closer to him, my grip on her hand being the only thing to keep her from getting right into his face, “I’m done letting other people dictate my life. My submission cost me the life I had all those years ago. It left me sleeping in ice for thirty years. It took the man I loved away from me. I don’t care what corruption your think he’s caused. No one is going to come between us ever again.”

“I think you have your answer, Doctor.”

“Mr. Director, please_”

The loud crash of skin against skin raises the tension level in the room to an all new high. The doctor’s face is glowing red with a palm print splayed across his cheek, the print small but defined. (Y/N) is breathing hard, anger burning out of her eyes are she stares down at her hand.

I stand, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her against me, slowly guiding her backward so that she sits in my lap as I take my seat back. I take her hand as gently as I can and press it to the cool metal of my left arm.

“Like I said,” Fury says, trying his best but still failing to stifle the look of satisfaction on his face, “I think you have your answer.”

Dr. Kennedy turns to glare at us for a moment as he cradles his face. Then he turns and leaves the room, the door slamming shut behind him.

“FRIDAY, remove all of the doctor’s security clearances and put him on the blacklist. I don’t want to see his face back in this building.”

“Of course, Mr. Fury.”

Maybe it’s just me, but even FRIDAY sounds pleased.

“Are you okay?” he asks, looking directly at (Y/N).

She nods, “Thank you for being on our side.”

Fury shakes his head, “Don’t thank me. Thank him.”

(Y/N) and I both turn to look at Steve when Fury points at him.

“What did you do?” I ask.

“I made a promise.”

(Y/N) stands and moves to stand in front of Steve. She takes his hands and pulls him to his feet before wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him tight.

“Thank you, Steve.” She whispers, her voice choked with emotion.

He returns her embrace, “You’re family.”

“Your mind was made up well before we made our argument.” Natasha interjects, her eyes on Fury.

“It’s not my job to tell any of you to live your lives. When Captain Rogers brought the situation to my attention, I decided it wasn’t my decision to make. Now, why don’t the four of your get out of here. Go… do something with this new found freedom.”

Steve and Natasha stand to the front of the jet, in uniform but minimally armed. (Y/N) and I stand to the back, facing one another. I adjust the scarf that’s wrapped around her neck and zip her jacket a little higher.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask, keeping my voice low.

“Natasha was right. Every fear I have is rooted in that place. It’s time for me to face it.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“I’m proud of you too.”

Her words catch me off guard, and she smiles as she chuckles softly.

“I don’t know what it was like for you having to adjust to this new world. If it’s anything like what I’ve been going through then I know you’ve come a long way. You’ve made a life for yourself, and even if I wasn’t here now, it comforts me to know you would have been okay.”

“I was okay. Then I found you alive, and I realized I wasn’t as okay as I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had accepted that you were gone and that I would never really know what happened to you. I had accepted that I would never get the chance to make things right with you. There’s was so much left unsaid, and I just…”

My head falls as I choke on my words. Her hands are warm against my cheeks as she raises my gaze to hers.

“It’s okay, Bucky. We’re together now, and after we leave this place, we can finally leave this past behind.”

Her gaze falters, and this time it’s my turn to raise her chin, “What are you thinkin’, Kitten?”

“I’m afraid.” A tear breaks free from the shallow pool of her eyes, rolling down her cheek, “What if I remember things? What if they’re not good things?”

“Then we work through those memories together.” I lean down to her, pressing my forehead to hers and lowering my voice to a whisper, “We’re in this together.”

She nods, sniffling a bit before raising her chin higher, her lips pressing gently to mine. Her fingers wrap around my wrist, her thumb caressing the back of my hand as she bites her bottom lip. Natasha’s voice is gentle as she pulls us back to reality.

“You guys ready?”

“You ready?” I ask (Y/N), pulling the hood of her coat up.

“Ready.” She says, her smile small but her expression sure.

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Percival Graves x Reader - I Deserve Better

Title: I Deserve Better

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1933

Warnings: This one is a little sad.

Request: Hey loved rule four! !!! I was wondering if I could have Percival graves x muggle!reader where someone they get into a fight because she doesn’t wanna sneal around anymore?

Sorry if it’s a bit shorter than my normal stuff.

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I’ve been needing to study Cullen’s face. I’ve done 4 faces before I’m like this: 

External image

Sleep is now before I draw more of his non-existent face shape.

It’s ok De Dean x reader

It’s ok De Dean x sister reader

Disclaimer: I do not own the character or the picture

Summary: A hunt with your older brother goes bad.

Warnings: blood, character death, angst

Words :286


“Y/N! Y/N! Where are you?!” Dean yelled.

You struggled to sit up slightly trying to lay eyes on your big brother. “De.” You whimpered collapsing back onto the ground. You had been hunting a group of demons and had been ambushed. One had managed to sneak up behind you while you were fighting and created a long gash from your shoulder to the small of your back. Dean saw you on the ground in the alleyway.

“My god Y/N!” He rushed over and dropped to his knees beside you. He saw the blood pooled around you. There was no denying it was yours. “Oh my…oh my god! Y/N. No.” He grasped your shoulder and tried to turn you to look at your wound but when you let out a cry of pain he stopped.

“It’s..ok De.” You tried to say but it came out in such a faint whisper you weren’t sure if he heard it.

“This is all my fault.” He said grabbing your hand. He had tears rolling down his face. You tried to reply to tell him it wasn’t his fault but you started coughing. “No Y/N please don’t die on me. Please don’t. I can’t lose you. I was supposed to protect you that’s what big brothers are for.” Your vision was fading to black you knew it was almost over.

“…you Dean.” You stammered out before everything went black. Dean sat beside you holding your hand for what felt like hours. His body was trembling and his face was stained with tears. Part of him knew that he needed to leave that someone was sure to find the two of you in the alley but he couldn’t bring himself to move.

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a blurb where your in a car accident while niall is away promoting his album?

“Outta my fuckin’ way!  Move!”

You could hear him before you could see him.  Despite the dull ache radiating through your shoulder and head you knew it was Niall.  You were confused.  He was supposed to be at the Graham Norton show performing and doing promo for “This Town”.  The studios were over 2 hours away.  How did he get here so fast?

An instant later the door to your hospital room flung open, with Niall skidding in to the room, his eyes wide, face drawn.  “Love?” His voice was barely a whisper as he took in the sight before him.  You assumed you looked terrible, but the gasp he let out just confirmed it.  He raked his hands through his hair and managed to choke out, “What the fuck happened?”

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Let’s post something sad for now. Possibly triggering if you squint but it’s not so bad. Jongin is always um, the mean one in my fics so this time around it’s Kyungsoo’s time to shine. (By the way, if you follow ‘loyalkaisoo’ then you might have seen some scenes from here on her blog. I was the one who sent them so, yeah.)


“At this moment you look at me thinking, wow, you’re everything I have ever wanted. You understand me like no one has ever before.” Kyungsoo blinks, letting the pools of fake tears roll down his cheeks. He turns his head slightly to the right, almost meeting Jongin’s warm stare but not quite. “And then one day, Jongin, you’re going to look at me thinking, wow, you’re not everything I have ever wanted. Everything you said to me was just a fabricated lie meant to bring me pain,” Kyungsoo pauses and stops.

Jongin moves closer to Kyungsoo, taking the smaller’s hand into his without hesitation. “Look at me, Soo,” he commands softly. Kyungsoo looks at him with a well-practiced torn gaze. “As long as you love me and I love you, nothing can separate us.” Jongin gets a sad sigh as a response and a series of words that leaves his mind in a muddle.

“You don’t know what you’re saying, Jongin,” Kyungsoo whispers, and says, “I should be in a psychiatric ward for everything I have done. How could you love someone like me?”

“Because you’re Do Kyungsoo and to me, you will always be the one I will love forever,” Jongin states in a sincere voice. “I love you. I love you so much, hyung. I don’t care if you have–”

“Why must you lie to my face, Jongin? I have done bad things. I should just…” He trails off with a whisper, shaking his head as Jongin pulls him into his arms.

“Please just accept my love for you, hyung,” Jongin begs, mumbling his words into Kyungsoo’s dark hair. “Whatever you have done, I still love you and nothing will change my view for you.”

“Someday you’re going to be standing in front of the calm looking ocean staring far into the horizon listening to the water slosh against the wet white sand and you’re going to think what must have gone through your head to fall for someone like me. You’re going to stand there with a pensive look in those chocolate eyes you have, you will have your fingers in your mouth chewing on your nails - a habit you picked up from me - and you’re going to look back and think why. 

You’re going to regret ever meeting me, giving me your number, letting me in into your sad life, allowing me to live with you in your tiny apartment, sharing borrowed oxygen, eating scraps of food because you couldn’t manage to buy us food, and you know what?” Kyungsoo breathes, lifting his head up from staring down at the steaming cup of tea sitting in front of him. He stares at Jongin who holds a somber look in those dark eyes. He might be biting back a sob but Kyungsoo is not too sure.

Jongin’s silence is his way of telling Kyungsoo to proceed to further break his heart.

“You’re going to hate me like you never have before. You’re going to wish that I had never existed just so that I would never bring you true pain, but Jongin, you’re a stupid naïve person who fell too hard way too quick for that little brain of yours made up of fragile tissue and blood vessels to ever catch up and understand that not everyone you meet in life is going to be nice to you, that not everyone you meet will be a gem because look at us now. I am nothing but a piece of charcoal. You fell for an illusion that doesn’t exist. Someone you made up because you failed to acknowledge who I was.”

Jongin might have made a small sound that of a pathetic whimper and a few tears might have escaped from his glimmering eyes but even if it did Kyungsoo doesn’t care.

The truth hurts. Kyungsoo learned that the hard way. But everything in this disgusting world hurts. You cannot escape the inevitable.

“You gave me all of your trust when you allowed me to enter your weak heart, Jongin. That was stupid of you to do that because I don’t love you nor did I ever fall for you. Maybe there were times when I liked the way you smiled at me like I was everything right in the world and maybe I liked the way you kissed me at night when you would please me in ways no one has ever before but people grow bored and I grew bored of you. I am not at fault here, Jongin, you are.”

Through broken whimpers and soft sniffles, Jongin speaks in a tiny voice, his breath hitching in his throat. “Then why did you tell me you loved me on the rooftop of our school? Why would you lie about something as fragile as that, Kyungsoo?”

“Simple,” Kyungsoo responds with, a ghost of a smile slowly making its way onto his lips. He circles the cup with the tip of his finger, pulling it away to lick at the slick digit. “I felt pity for you that you were throwing away your entire love over someone who isn’t worth a dime, Jongin. This,” he gestures with his hands, waving them around him and Jongin, “all of this was just a game to me and you lost. Game over.”

Jongin’s mouth is open and closing like a gaping fish struggling to get oxygen back into its lungs. “What do you mean this was a game to you? Why… No, you’re lying to me! I know you love me Kyungsoo.”

A tilt of the head and Kyungsoo’s dark eyes are focused on Jongin’s. He’s smiling now, chuckling almost. “Am I lying, Jongin? Tell me, what do you think?”

But Jongin is getting up from his chair to approach Kyungsoo who is looking at him with a bored expression on his delicate looking face. Jongin doesn’t answer and instead brings out his hand to grasp Kyungsoo’s wrist to tug the short male up. “You love me, Kyungsoo. Say it, please. Tell me you love me,” he whimpers, a low sob leaving his mouth.

Kyungsoo looks down at the tan hand holding his wrist in place and looks up at Jongin, brown eyes chasing the tears that spill down those swollen cheeks. “I don’t love you. Game over, Jongin. You have lost.”

That same night when they are lying outside on the balcony looking up at the night sky, there seems to be a shift in the air. Someone breaks and it might have been Jongin, Kyungsoo, or both.

“Twelve fifty-four in the morning is when I am the saddest,” Jongin whispers to Kyungsoo who lies beside him quietly, blinking up at the vast sky filled with twinkling stars.

“Why?” Kyungsoo whispers back with curiosity in his voice.

“Because,” Jongin sighs brokenly, reaching his hand out to grasp the dark sky, “that is when I want to die.”

By morning Jongin is gone. The window to their balcony is wide open letting in the toxic city air and the police sirens and mostly the screams.

Kyungsoo rises from his space on the comfortable bed, bringing his fists up to rub the reminisce of sleep away before the sounds of screaming reach his ears. It is then that he notices Jongin’s warm body is missing from his spot. The sheets are cool to the touch. The elder sits up as slowly as he can, taking his time to get out of his bed to approach the balcony and look down.

Of course, Jongin chose the easy way out. How cowardly of him.

But somewhere in the deep confines of Kyungsoo’s mind, there are days and nights where he cannot sleep and on those sleepless nights, he finds himself missing Jongin. Kyungsoo too is a coward because he also took the easy way out.

(On a side note, don’t take the easy way out. If you need help please contact someone. Remember, you are loved.)

No Pressure

#83: “I can’t swim!”

Lin Manuel-Miranda x Reader

Modern AU

Warnings: drowning, cussing

Authors note: Based off of real life experiences !! I never learned how to swim lmao and yeah here’s basically what happened except no hot guy showed up to save me

You always hated summer.
Yeah, sure, it was finally nice enough outside in New York where you didn’t have to wear a heavy winter coat and get bundled up, but trading your winter coat for a swimsuit was a choice you rarely would ever take.
You weren’t a social person, at least not a horribly outgoing one. But you had *friends.* So when you were invited to a summer party, how could you say no? Your friends had taken you shopping for a new bikini, and per usual, you went right along with whatever they picked out, even if inside you thought it was too skimpy and showed too much cleavage and was way to complicated to put on. Had it been your choice, you’d be wearing a t-shirt and shorts, sitting on a chair, reading a book. You would have even been fine with tanning, or rather horribly burning your skin.
To your dismay, when you arrived at the pool, all of your friends wanted to get in the water.
“Come on, Y/N!”
You struggled to come up with an excuse.
“Sorry, I don’t want to get my hair all wet. Just washed it. Got a date tonight.”
You lied, biting the inside of your cheek, begging for them to believe you.
Eventually, they nodded.
“Fine. But you got to get in the shallow side with us at least.”
You sighed with relief and allowed yourself to be dragged to the 4 ft area.
You smiled to yourself. If you could just keep them over here, then everything will turn out fi-
“I’m bored. Deep side! Sorry, Y/N.”
You had to swallow a protest.
They grabbed your hands and led you to the deep end of the pool. You wrenched yourself away from them and quickly hopped out of the pool.
“I can’t get my hair wet, guys! I’ll sit with my feet in!”
They began to argue, saying that they wanted a jumping into the pool picture.
“Then I’ll take the picture. Come on, I don’t want to get in.”
They pouted.
“We want you in the picture. Come on, just get in the shot!”
Grudgingly, you agreed.
Your friends ran off to harass some poor stranger into taking a picture for them, and you sat down on a chair, trying to figure out how to escape your situation without making it obvious that you could not swim.
Yes, you couldn’t swim. You had never been taught, and had always just stayed in the 4-5 ft pool. It hadn’t affected anything when you were little, but then in middle school everyone wanted to go deeper. It didn’t matter anyway. You weren’t ever invited to stuff anymore, why should you bother to learn to swim?
You were shaken out of your thoughts as your friends came back, with a quite handsome stranger behind them. He had dark black hair, tied back in a ponytail. He was tan, and was absolutely gorgeous. You were smitten the instant you saw him.
“Y/N! Come on! Picture!”
You sighed and got up and made your way to the edge of the pool. It was 16 ft deep, and the dark blue water looked unforgiving and cold.
Your friends grabbed hands and made the leap. You just had time to whisk your hand away before your friends had jumped in the pool, and were submerged under.
You breathed a sigh of relief.
The man handed back the phone to your friends, and they crowded around to get a glance at how they looked.
You turned to the man.
“Thanks. Sorry they disturbed you.”
He smiled.
“No problemo. See you around.”
He waved and walked away.
You turned back to your friends.
“You didn’t jump!”
You sighed.
“I told you. I can’t get my hair wet.”
Your friends rolled their eyes.
“SUCH a baby. C'mon guys.”
They walked away, leaving you standing there. You fought away tears as you reclined on the lawn chair and closed your eyes. Maybe if you napped they would stop bothering you…
A few minutes later, you heard a lot of snickering around you. You didn’t open your eyes, praying that your friends would eventually see that you were asleep and not bother you.
“Shh, put it there.”
There were lots of giggles, and you were getting curiously scared.
“Ready? 1,2,3!”
You felt the top of your bikini being lifted slightly, and something being put in.
You opened your eyes and shot up quickly. You began screaming as you looked what was in your bikini top.
A dead cicada.
There was a dead cicada touching your bare skin.
You lifted the bottom of the top off, and dropped the cicada out.
You screamed as you hurled the dead bug as far away as you could, and turned to your hysterical friends.
They were crying with laughter, and they sat wheezing on your chair. You glared at all of them.
“Fuck all of you.”
You got up and went to sit at the edge of the 5 ft pool. You were fuming.
Eventually, they came to sit next to you.
“Y/N, that was so funny! Your face-”
You got up and moved to a different edge, unaware that you were headed for the 16 ft pool area.
You sat down, and dangled your feet in the water, barely acknowledging that this water was noticeably colder.
“Aw, Y/N. Don’t be like this.”
You ignored them.
“Y/N, stop being such a sour pus!”
When you didn’t respond, they got a bit angrier.
“Y/N, you’re such a baby!”
Then, you were submerged in the deep cold water. You vaguely heard laughter above your head, but you could barely comprehend what was happening.
You panicked.
You began to kick your legs, and flail your arms. You continued to sink downwards.
Apparently, panicking only made things worse for you. You opened your eyes, then immediately shut them from the sting. You couldn’t breathe. You tried to kick up, but that just released the little breath you still had and reduced you to coughing.
Icy water clawed its way into your lungs, and you began screaming. You couldn’t breathe at all, and now your eyes were open and searching for any way to escape.
You found none, and by now you had sunk to the bottom. You attempted to kick upwards, but your attempts were futile as you had no energy left.
You began to black out from lack of oxygen, and slowly felt yourself beginning to float upwards.
Then, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and bring you towards the surface. You couldn’t comprehend what was happening, but then you broke the surface of the water, and took a gulp of air. You began to hyperventilate as you coughed up water and choked on the air in your lungs, mingled with the water.
Your mind was every where, so you didn’t remember the stranger, (who you now knew was a man) lifting you out of the water and into a chair.
You were shivering as he wrapped you in a towel and began to calm you down.
“Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?”
He asked in a calm voice.
You shook your head, and opened your eyes slightly.
It was the man who had taken your picture earlier.
He was quite handsome, as you’d said before, and you were attempting to display your thanks, but all you got out was a cough.
“Th-than-thanks. F-for th-that.”
He nodded.
“Don’t mention it. Are you okay? Oh!”
He got a mildly panicked look on his face.
“Please don’t cry!”
You hadn’t even realized you were crying until he’d mentioned it.
He took the edge of your towel and used it to wipe away your tears.
“Do you wanna leave? I mean, I can take you to my place so you can dry off.”
You attempted to smile, and nodded.
“Yes, pl-please.”
He carefully helped you up, and you slightly shook as you gathered your things in your bag.
He helped you to his car, and promised that he’d come back for your car.
He opened the door for you, and climbed in on the other side.
“Before we go, I always make sure the girl I’m taking to my house knows my name. Not that you’re a regular girl. You’re beautiful. Er, sorry what I meant was, these different circumstances-”
You cut him off.
“I’m F/N L/N.”
He smiled.
“Beautiful name. I’m Lin. Lin Manuel-Miranda.”
Lin stared the car, and drove began to drive you to nicer apartments in New York.
He parked the car in a spot behind the building, and escorted you through the doors.
“Let’s take the elevator, yeah?”
He handed you your bag, and grabbed his out of the backseat.
On second thought, he stopped you and took your bag along with his, so that you could hold your towel around you.
“Thanks. I really appreciate this. You don’t have to do this-”
He silenced you.
“No, I do have to do this. Your son of a bi-”
He cleared his throat.
“Your friends pushed you into a pool after they were being horribly rude to you, and you almost died after they cried wolf, instead of trying to help you. So yeah, I kinda do have to do this.”
He pressed the button for the 5th floor, and you began your ascend.
Lin led you to a door marked 51, and he ushered you inside.
“Here. Set down your bag and shoes. I’ll start the shower and grab you some warm clothes. I’ll be right back.”
He ran around the corner, leaving you to neatly place your shoes and bag on the floor near the coat rack.
He returned moments later, with a fresh towel, a shirt, sweatpants, and fuzzy slippers.
“Here. Take a warm shower. I’ll be out here if you need anything.”
He dashed away, and you made your way to the already steaming shower.
You peeled off your wet swimsuit, and stepped in the hot shower.
Fifteen minutes later, you emerged to find Lin sitting on the couch, with a steaming mug on the table.
“Hey. Come and sit.”
You sat down tentatively, and accepted the mug of hot cocoa that Lin offered you. He tossed you a warm blanket, and flipped on the TV.
After a few minutes of silence.
“Hey Lin?”
“Thank you. For saving me. It was stupid. Why did I go to the pool if I can’t even swim? It was a stupid decision, and I just-”
He interrupted you.
“Yeah, on your ‘friends’ behalf. They pushed you into a goddamn pool! I knew that as soon as I saw you not jump in that picture that you didn’t know how to swim. You looked scared. I felt bad. So I waited, and made sure that they didn’t try anything on you. I saw them put that dead cicada down your shirt, and then toss you into the pool. I saw the fear in you eyes as soon as you started falling. So I immediately jumped in and got you out. So I didn’t 'save’ you. No. I just did the thing that those girls SHOULD have done.”
You were silent for a moment. How many times had these girls forced you into something that was against what you YOURSELF wanted? Like making you get that bikini? Or going home with that one guy from the bar?
“Yeah. Yeah. They aren’t good to me. They really aren’t good friends at all. They force me into all kinds of things that I don’t want to do! They expect me to be constantly feeling no pressure when they want me to do stuff for THEM.”
Lin nodded.
“They’re that type, huh?”
“No pressure this, no pressure that. No pressure, but you have to look good for once. No pressure, but don’t fuck up my makeup or I’m telling everyone about your secret. No fucking pressure.”
Lin grabbed your hand.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. That you’re in that situation. You’re honestly beautiful. Intelligent. And I’ve only known you for a little while, but still, you’re a great gal. Honestly.”
You swallowed.
“Hey Lin?”
Lin glanced up.
“No pressure, but you should kiss me.”

Audrey Jensen x Reader - Hurt

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, bluuuurd
Words: 1553
Request: “
The day of keirans birthday party audrey and the reader go together as a “couple” and the reader does her own thing while audrey does her own thing but.. When Zoe, Noah, and audrey kiss the reader sees it and gets really sad and they have a fight?

(Continued) After the party and fight the reader avoids audrey and is invited to a pool party by Noah but what the reader doesn’t know is that audrey was also invited and they both arrive at the same time. Audrey tries to talk to the reader but the reader continues to avoid her and goes off with her friends.” - @duhitskenna (fave)


“Why is everyone dead? Why is everyone always dead?”

“What are you talking about (Y/N)? Everyone is fine,” Audrey questioned softly, gripping my waist, trying to regain my attention as my gaze wandered around the room.

“Death. There’s so much of it,” I sniffed, tears rolling down my face, “It’s everywhere and I don’t know how to not notice it.”

There was blood everywhere. Splattered across the walls, matted into the carpet, soaking my clothes and staining my hands. Bodies littered the room, laughing and gossiping as their heads barely hung from their decaying bodies, necks slit and insides falling out.

“We’re all just walking corpses.”

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Pairing : Percival Graves x Reader (Husband!percival x Pregnant!Reader)

Request :  Hhhmmmmmm…I have choice in requests…Percival Graves becoming jealous due to someone flirting with the reader OR The reader finding out they’re pregnant and telling Percival?

A/N: I know I said I would only do the  pregnant one but then I was eh lets try mixing both into one fic because why not. So, here it is:) 


You had everything planned perfectly. You would have dinner first, then bring him into living room, pass him the crystal ball that you jinxed to spell out ‘Percival Graves : Husband and Father.’ in golden words and start a whole new chapter of your life. So when the clock hit 8, the table was set, the food was cooked and the crystal ball was safely kept in a velvet box at the pocket of your dress.

You patiently brushed off his grumpy attitude when he walked through the front door and slumped down for dinner. Then, you told yourself to hold in together when he wouldn’t bother to make  the slightest effort to hold a conversation.


‘How was work then?’ 

He paused cutting his chicken as his eyes flickered from his plate to the salt in front of him, as debating if he should answer or not. He grumbled a reply back that sounded like stressful. ‘Why did you leave work early today?’ he asked, in a commanding tone, changing the topic abruptly.

‘Didn’t you get my memo? I wasn’t feeling well.’ I replied.  ‘Did a certain William Frampton have anything to do with your sudden illness?’ Percival questioned, in a rather accusing tone. I was growing annoyed at him but I forced myself to remain calm for later. ‘Change your tone, Percival. Frampton happened to be at the same place in the same time.’

‘Yeah, he sure was.’ Percival replied, passive aggressively. Silence filled the room as you stared at him in annoyance. ‘Aren’t you two awfully close these days?’ he continued. 

The mood was officially ruined, just like your appetite. You weren’t going to deal with this nonsense right now, at least not today. ‘ I am not even hungry anymore.’ you said, pushing back in your chair to leave the table before you jinxed your own husband in anger.  ‘Enjoy eating your accusations!’ you called back, walking into the kitchen with your plate. 

You could hear him stalking behind you as he stood in the kitchen, with his sleeves rolled up and anger on his face. ‘You have an attitude every single time an argument comes up.’  You turned around in disbelief, dramatically pointing at yourself. ‘I have an attitude?! You are the one who started this!’

You could see the irritation in his eyes when he opened his mouth. ‘Oh, of course my wife somehow manages to fault everyone else!’ 

You could feel the heat of warm tears pooling around your eyes, a clear warning sign that you are going to cry soon. You quickly turned around to attend to your dirty dish, because the last you want right now is to tear up in an argument.

‘You have gotten so awfully close to him in the past few days! Then, you leave work early. You make weak excuses of being sick. Why are you lying to me?What has gotten into you?! Are you and Frampton seein-’ 

Something snapped in you and the next thing you know, you had smashed a plate  against a wall. ‘William Frampton is a healer.’ you said through anger. ‘And yes, we are close now. But not for the disgusting reasons you have came up with. I left early today because I was sick. And his presence there was a coincidence.’ you exclaimed. 

‘Oh and I made this for you.’ You added, throwing the velvet box to him.

Your eyes betrayed you as you felt the tears freely slip down your face. ‘ I’m pregnant, you idiot.’ you said quietly, crossing your arms against your chest, leaning against the sink.

The room was filled with an awkward silence as Percival’s eyes stared at the crystal ball. ‘Shit.’ he muttered out in realization and shock. You refused eye contact when his gaze was finding yours. From the corner of your eyes, you could see Percival walking towards you, flicking his wrist to fix the broken plate midway.

‘I am so sorry. I got so caught up in my judgement. I never bothered to think. He said in an apologetic tone. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you held some fault too. ‘I am sorry too. I should have told you earlier, then we wouldn’t be fighting.’

Percival smiled in return, his eyes flickering to your stomach.

 You then held his hand softly and placed it on the area where a baby bump would be obvious in weeks. ‘Our baby is in here.’ he breathed out, voice filled with joy. ‘ We are having a baby!’ he repeated the words in excitement, with wide smile on his face.

‘I am going to be dad now right?’ he asked, snaking his arms around your waist. ‘That’s how it works, yeah.’ You joked. Percival leaned down and placed a soft kiss on your lips, a kiss filled with love, joy and promises. ‘ I will be there with you every step of the way, my love. I will be there for you and our child. I love you so much.’ he whispered, pulling away.

‘I love you too, Percival.’ 

A/N: To the anon who requested this, I sincerely hope you don’t mind the combination of both request! Did this turn out anything like what you wanted to read? tell me if you liked it and it was fun writing for ya

anonymous asked:

bad boy/daddy/6'2/dom!dan with pastel princess/little/5'2/sub!phil hc please! dan is really overprotective and phil teases him in public so smut happens xx

+Dan and Phil are more opposite in appearance than anything else. Dan is 6’2” and has a bad boy persona about him. Phil is 5’2” and loves every color. They’re the definition of “The Odd Couple.” People are afraid of Dan just because of his appearance, but not Phil. Phil knows that Dan’s a big softy who will do anything for him.

+They’re wandering through town, slowly working through their errands. Dan’s eyeing everyone who walks past them. He wants nothing more than to protect Phil. He thinks his sweet, little princess is too innocent for the harsh world.

+Phil pretends not to notice. He knows that Dan is way too overprotective of him. He doesn’t mind though. He loves how safe Dan makes him feel. He’s more interested in teasing Dan.

+Phil knows it’s unwise to tease Dan; especially out in public. He can’t help it though. He has this itching desire to be punished. He wants Dan to put him in his place and show him who’s boss.

+Dan’s at the end of his rope. Phil’s been brushing up against him and teasing him all day. After the twentieth time in the last hour, Dan can’t take it anymore. He grabs Phil’s hand and drags in towards their flat. “That’s it. We’re going home,” he growls in Phil’s ear. A small smile breaks out on Phil’s face. He’s so happy that his plan has worked.

+They make it back to the apartment and have dump their bags on the floor. Dan picks Phil up and Phil wraps his legs around Dan’s waist. Dan carries him into their room and places him on the bed. “You’ve been so naughty Princess. Teasing Daddy in public. I have to punish you now,” Dan says in a low voice. Phil nods his head. “I’m sorry Daddy,” he replies. Dan rolls his eyes as he helps his baby strip. “No you’re not baby. You wanted to be punished. Now lay across my lap,” Dan orders. Phil complies. Dan may treat him like a princess, but Dan’s definitely the one in charge.

+Phil lays across Dan’s lap. Dan spanks him while Phil counts. Tears pool in his eyes and his cock leaks against Dan’s thigh. By the time Dan’s finished, Phil is aching and wiggling in Dan’s lap. He can feel Dan’s hard on through his pants. Dan moves Phil onto the bed. He strips off his clothes and grabs the lube.  

+Dan retracts his fingers and uses a spare tie to tie Phil’s wrists behind his back. He slides a blindfold over Phil’s eyes. He knows it will drive his baby crazy that he can’t touch or see Dan. He uses his slick fingers to open Phil up. He lubes up his cock and slides inside.

+Phil moans that the stretch. He can’t see Dan and is tugging at his restraints. He wants to touch his Daddy so bad, but he knows that it’s part of his punishment. Dan starts a quick, fast rhythm. Phil moans louder with each thrust. His cock is so hard against his stomach that it hurts. “Please touch me Daddy!” he begs. “No. You’ll cum from my cock and you’ll thank me for it,” Dan replies. He grabs Phil’s hips tighter so the man doesn’t rut against the sheets. Phil can feel the tears forming in his eyes. He needs to cum so bad. Dan’s ramming Phil’s prostate hard. He’s praising him for being a good princess and taking his punishment so well. Phil’s orgasm suddenly rips through him. “Daddy!” he cries as he empties onto the sheets. His hole clamps tightly around Dan’s cock and Dan unexpectedly cums. He works them through their orgasms. Phil is babbling ‘thank you’s to Dan while he comes down.

+Dan pulls out and unties Phil. He removes the blindfold and cleans them both up before wrapping Phil in his arms for snuggles. He praises him for being wonderful and lists all the things he adores about Phil. Phil preens quietly against Dan’s chest.

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