rolling balls


Concept: a point-and-click adventure game where you play as the nominal protagonist’s cat. There’s some epic quest happening in the background, but from your perspective you’re solving all the puzzles in pursuit of doing ordinary cat stuff, often with your owner none the wiser. Like, you unravel the riddle that’s stumped generations of heroes and open the path to the forbidden fortress because your favourite jingly ball rolled under the door, or whatever.


hi guys! i’m easing back into commissions with some funky fresh mons!!!

for $15 ya get:

  • ANY pokemon in this style (including shinies, legendaries, alternate formes etc)
  • single character
  • full color w simple shading
  • 1-2 simple props / clothing
  • optional color block bg (can be made transparent by request)
  • can be pokesonas, ocs, pmd characters, fictional characters as pokemon, anything goes! (just provide refs!)

⭐BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL! get two comms for $25! same rules apply⭐

catch ‘em all and help a local gay survive capitalism!! contact me via aislingwood27@gmail

thanks so much for your support!! ✌️

I’m feeling a lot right now… so so much for Louis and the way things have been for him. I know we always say to read between the lines with print interviews etc but from what I took away from his interview in the observer was heartbreaking in a way. he talks about the reasons why he’s going solo now. Talks about doing it because of momentum and to keep the ball rolling, he wants to work hard, doing it for the fans and of course for his mum. 

But the vulnerability of his tone and the way he’s been portrayed. The whole underdog thing really breaks my heart.. because we’ve all know he’s felt like this from the start. But its been used against him.. its been used as a tool to make him cooperate and oblige so he can feel like he’s doing something for the band. So he can contribute his part. Can you even imagine the mental battles he would’ve been having this entire time… he wants to fight for what he knows is right and for what he loves and for his band because we know that’s the kind of person he is, but he also believes he has to do things he doesnt want to do because it’s his duty. Because he owes it to the band.. because he believed he couldn’t bring anything else to the table. 

I’m so proud of where he is right now. I know a lot of people judge him for things that are currently happening, but that interview really showed his vulnerable side and of course that was the plan. To have the GP back the underdog. But I also hope a lot of fans can read that and go “wow… okay. Well… this is why he’s agreed to do x y and z”. 

Even if that was also part of the plan… to get fans on his side again, I don’t fucking care. He deserved it. He deserves all the love and support and like he said, for people to start to understand the real him and not who his favourite superhero is. I’m a proud Louis fan right now. And I’ll be here supporting him till the end.