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I'm already seeing people saying "not gonna read unless they keep the FF and all of Archie's stuff" and im rollin my eyes...I get they hate mainline game 2.0. I get they miss Sally & the crew. but really???

To be fair, I can’t blame them. This would be the 2nd semi-hard reboot in less than 6 years, that’s pretty fucking nuts and it’s hard to just..stop being invested in the characters

My tools for rollin

My hands are as a machine

They feel the imperfections

They are burned by the lighter

Nothing compares

To the sound of a lighter sparking

When you light up that blunt

The inhale and exhale

I feel surrounded by wonder

Even astounded by something boring

I feel as if the stars guide me home

I belong in the silence of space

No one to hear my screams

No one to judge me

No one to laugh at me

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All The Pretty Girls

|Chapter 8|

“Tonight we are going to see the clash of four exquisite WWE competitors in our Monday night main event…” Michael Cole stated, fixing his headset a bit. 

“You’re absolutely right Michael, Seth Rollins and my future wife Kendra Guerrero will be facing Randy Orton and Charolette Flair. Quite the match ahead of us tonight!”

The audience cheered as the titantron showed Kendra walking down the hallway backstage, she kept mumbling something to herself, shaking her head back and forth. “There’s the flavor of the month….”

She stopped walking, stopping herself from running into Charolette. Letting out a sigh, she tilted her head to the side. “Oh this should be good…” She stated, looking at the blonde with annoyance. 

“I just wanted to wish you luck tonight, I don’t want to brag or anything…actually, wait, I do. You are no where near my talents Guerrero. Never will be. And it’s only because of Seth that you are even in this position.”

Kendra smiled sweetly, stepping closer to Charolette. “Didn’t I beat up your daddy?” She asked, making the crowd cheer. “Trust me I didn’t forget about you Flair. You’re this ugly thorn in my side, and I’m so ready to get rid of you.”

The blonde’s face looked all distorted, as she glared at Kendra. Charoletres’s face went neutral before she started to laugh, a fake laugh at that. It put Kendra on defense mode. “You’re funny Kenny…I like that…too bad that’s all I like,” she stated before she shoved Kendra really hard, causing her to fall back on her butt. She grunted as he butt hit the concrete flooring. 

“Tonight, I’m gonna get rid of you…see it’s YOU who is this giant eye sore. And quite frankly a pathetic little diva….see you in the ring Guerrero!”

Charolette turned to walk away, but Kendra wasn’t going to let this go that easily. She jumped up and speared her at her waist, lifting the blonde off the ground for a moment before tackeling her to the floor.


“WOAH! Kenny! What are you doing?” Seth called out, rushing over and wrapping his arms around his girl. He struggled to pull her off of Charolette, but when he finally did he groaned at her fighting him. “Calm down Ken! You can have your way with her tonight in the ring!”

Charolette slowly pushed herself up, rubbing her spine. “You’re gonna pay for that Guerrero!” The blonde said pointing her finger at the shorter girl. “I’m gonna make you my bitch!” Charolette stomped off, grumbling.

“Well that wasn’t very PG.” Seth commented, hugging Kendra closer to him, causing the crowd to laugh


There was a moment where Kendra thought, ‘this was not safe!’ but that quickly faded as she climbed ontop of the backs of Fandango and Tyler breeze to complete a pyramid that had the New Day at the bottom.

“This is going to be the greatest picture in history!” Xavier said looking up towards the staff member they found to take the picture. 

“But of course, I’m here, peasants.” Tyler commented causing Kendra to snort.

She had a good hour and 15  minutes until the main event tonight. Her main event. Of course others would be there too, but who cares. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and looked at the phone. Giving a classic smile as she balanced. 

“Okay guys…1…2….3…”

Posing with her friends Kendra made different faces for each picture. For one she even kissed Fandango’s cheek, making him gasp in delight. She smiled and slowly slid off of them as the friends dispersed. 

“ You’re fooling around while we have a match to prepare​ for?" 

Hearing his voice, Kendra rolled her eyes making Fandango snicker. 

” Listen here, us beautiful people do not prepare anything for no one … do the preparing.“ Breeze stated shooing Seth Rollins away from the group with his hand. 

Kendra tilted her head to the side, eyes gazing at Rollins with an amused look. She could literally watch him get destroyed by Breeze all day, but decided to step in before other words were shared. "Calm down…I have no doubt about our win tonight…I don’t need to prepare Seth. What I need is for you to maybe, take it up a notch. You’re kinda falling behind.”

Fandango and Tyler Breeze snickered, watching the interaction between the couple. Seth looked appalled. He felt like he had been slapped in the face. “What are you saying Kendra? That I’ll make us lose the match?”

“You said it not me…..but don’t worry Rollins, I’ll pick it up and we will destroy Orton and Charolette..and then you can thank me later.”

That had literally come out more sexual than it needed to be. Infact it wasn’t supposed to be sexual at all. Kendra quickly kissed his cheek before walking off; her favorite Colby related hobby, the duo following after her. 

Squinting his eyes Seth glared at the spot she used to be, not happy at all.

“She’s got alot of nerve…..”


“Are you ready for the match?” Mercedes asked, walking with her best friend to the entrance hall. 

It was probably the millionth time someone had asked her that question, as if it was some big match where the loser would face sudden death. 

“Yes….of course. It’s not like I’ve never wrestled before.” She stated. 

“Yeah but, you’ve never faced Charolette before…and I heard around the locker room that you and Orton are gonna trade a few blows. Out of all people…Randy freakin’ Orton. I worry a little as I do with every match of yours. Just don’t want you to get hurt serious or not.”

Ken’s heart felt all warm, she smiled and through her arm around Mercedes’ waist, pulling her close to her as they continued the journey. 

“I’ll be fine. As Roman Reigns says, 'believe that!’" 

Shaking her head the shorter diva cracked a smile. Though the feeling in her stomach didn’t evaporate. Something bad was going to happen, she knew it.

"Just be careful…promise..”

“I promise….cross my heart and hope to die..”


Alot of screaming.

That’s all Kendra could hear as she watched Seth drive Randy into the corner of the ring, their corner. She looked at the Apex Predator in complete annoyance. He had no right to even be in the same corner as her, let alone the same ring. 

“Get him Seth!! Show him how old and pathetic he is!!” She cheered. 

Rollins continued to throw punches at a hunched over Orton, the ref finally having to pull him back from the corner when he was ignoring the count. Raising an eyebrow, Kendra took this opportunity to lean down and wrap her bicep around Randy’s neck from behind, choking him while she kept an eye on the distracted ref. 

“HEY! HEY!!!!!”

Ignoring a screaming Charolette, she squeezed harder on his throat, grunting softly. When the ref started to turn around, the second generation diva released Orton and got back into a standing position, acting as if nothing happened. 

A smirk graced Seth’s face as he looked at his girl slyly. He slowly strutted back over, “my girl…my girl…” He stated prideful. Playing into the role, Kendra gave him a flirtatious look, her long eyelashes batting at him. 

“My architect….” She replied, shocking Seth. A bigger smile spreading, at that moment he completely forgot about Orton. A big mistake on his part. 


Before Rollins even knew what was happening, his face was already coming in contact with the mat. 

Kendra shreiked in horror, as the RKO was hit. She shook her head in disbelief. Placing her hands on the sides of her face for dramatic affect. 

“Rollins is completely laid out! And here is Orton going for a pin!”

'Nope!'  Ken thought quickly going under the ropes. She sprinted towards the cover and threw herself ontop of Randy to stop it. 

The crowd was electric as she pounded away at the former Legend Killer’s back with closed fists. “You big idiot get off him!!”

Randy stopped the pin and tried to get away from Kendra. He stood up, taking her with him as Kendra wrapped her limbs around him still pounding away. “You dumb oaf!!" 

Seth sucked in a deep breath and glanced up as he rolled onto his stomach, surprised at what he was seeing. Was it just him or did Kendra look genuinely upset? With quick thinking, he got up and distracted the ref acting injured and in pain. 

Charolette saw right through this and started to argue with the ref. "Oh please! He is not hurt he is trying to distract you!!”

“The only one distracting anyone is you Ms. Flair! What are you up to??? ” Seth responded back. 

With the ref stuck between the two entertainers, Kendra randomly let go of Orton, letting him breath. She dropped to the mat on her feet like a cat before kicking Orton right between the legs.

Filled with oohs and cheers, the crowd watched Orton drop to mat. “Seth!!!” Kendra yelled to get his attention, before slithering out of the ring all together. As soon as she got out she was met with a big boot to the face, one she never saw coming. The impact caused Kendra to snap backwards, catching the back of head and neck on the edge of the ring. 

“Son if a bitch!" 

That’s all Kendra heard as things started to fade to Black. But that wasn’t Seth’s voice, it was Randy’s.


It hurt. 

Just a throbbing and what she would call a white pain. 'What the hell happened?’ She wanted to open her eyes. But she really couldn’t at the moment. 

"Doc said she will be okay just a concussion. She has her father’s thick head, luckily..”

Was the Paul? And where was she?

“I knew something bad was going to happen….I just knew it…”


“They obviously didn’t know how close she was to the ring, it was accidental…”


“No offense but I want who ever did this to my girlfriend to be punished…”

Colby… obviously

Kendra had had enough of all this conversation. “I’m not your girlfriend you idiot.” Her voice came whispering out of dry lips. Brown eyes suddenly fluttering open. “And all of you are too freakin’ loud..”

Paul leaned over looking into Kendra’s eyes he raised an eyebrow while the WWE EMT looked over her and gave her ice for her head. Eddie would never forgive him if something happened to her. That much he knew. “How are you feeling kid?”

“Like a truck ran me over…twice…everyday…since kindergarten..”

Paul and Randy cracked a smile glad to see she was mentally her same self. But Colby didn’t find anything funny, he was scared shitless wen he saw the mystery person in that stupid mask practically kick her head off, causing the match the go to DQ. “Uh, hello your were brutally injured out there?! I want answers?!”

“Shut up Colby and move!!” Mercedes hip bumped him as hard as she could to get him out he way and looked at Kendra. “I’m glad you are alive…” She gently joked. Kendra gave her a cheesy grin. “Were you worried about little me? I told you I’d be ok…" 

Raising her hand she moved the ice pack to the side of her head, slowly sitting up with the help of Paul. "Thank you all for worrying about me, really..I’m fine just a headache.”

“I don’t like whatever storyline this is going into who was that masked idiot?!!”

“The only idiot is you?!” Mercedes argued. “It was obviously Dana Brookes. She and Charolette are in this little duo.”

Squinting her eyes slightly at the light Kendra was done with all of this. She wanted to be out of the room and heading to the hotel. 

“Are you just upset because you want a rematch?” Orton questioned. “Because I’m down to kick your ass any time you inconsiderate jackass!”

“Woah there is no need for that."Paul stepped in as Colby just glared at Randy. "I’m sure Kendra wants to head back to the hotel, get some rest…am I right?” She gave him a thankful smile and slowly slid off the table she was on. 

“Do you wanna grab your things and bring them to my tourbus? I’m gonna start the journey to the next city and I can take care of you?” Randy asked moving closer to her. He was still a little worried about her head and neck. Her fall was kind of brutal.

“No she doesn’t!”

Kendra sighed and glared at Colby. Why was he even still here. “No, that’s okay Randy, I’m fine really. Just wanna get to the hotel.” He nodded as if he understood completely ignoring Lopez. Randy looked directly at the Architect as he leaned over and kissed Kendra’s cheek as a goodbye. Enjoying every moment of it. “Call me if you need anything okay.” Randy gave Lopez a cocky smirk before patting Paul on the shoulder and walking out of the medical room. 

Mercedes continued to block Colby from Kendra, taking her hand. “I’ll take care of you tinight, and you don’t get a say so…I’m rooming with our favorite little hugger, so we can both take care of you.”

With a smile on her face Ken laced her fingers with her bestie. “I’d like that alot” she mumbled. Grinning in satisfaction, Mercedes started to pull her towards the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow Lopez for training.” She said as acknowledgement. Giving a small wave to her boss Paul before being pulled out the door. 

“You are so forceful,” she told Mercedes, jogging slightly into the hallway. 


Their hands broke apart, and Kendra tenderly touched her head. “I just wanted to get you away from Colby…don’t tell me that you are going easy on him?”

“I’m not!!” Kendra assured. “I’m ju-”

“Thank God you’re okay!” Kendra stared hard at Mercedes before reluctantly looking away, her eyes finding Eric or rather Enzo as she always refered to him. “I was so worried. But Carmella didn’t think it was a good idea to come to check on you…I’m glad I did though." 

She let out a gentle sigh. Her head feeling a little fuzzy, though she would never admit it. She had been telling herself over and over that she didn’t want to deal with any of this. But she knew she was acting like a baby about everything that was Zo. But that’s what happens when you feel like second place. She quickly took Mercedes hand again and gave the leopard print wearing man a faint smile. "Thank you for checking on me, but we gotta get going, I need to lay down. ” It was an excuse, obviously. 

“Oh…no ofcourse. We need you to be 100% out here…” He was bummed of course. She had been doing everything in her power to avoid him, not to mention she was always with someone. He could never get her alone. “Feel better baby doll.”

Without another word, he turned and made his slow journey back the way he came. 

“He looks like a wounded puppy…way to go!” Mercedes gently elbowed her. “He’s way better than Colby, you know minuse the getting back with his ex girlfriend….hey you know maybe Randy is free?!”

And that was enough for the night, Kendra shook her head. “I need to lay down…like, yesterday.”

Letting go of her hand she headed the opposite way of Enzo, leaving Mercedes to stand alone for a moment. The purple haired diva looked around before chasing after her.

“Hey, wait up!!”