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6, 13, 23 (wrestling meme thingy)

6) Least favorite tag team/stable?
-Hands down the League of Nations. 

13) Have you picked up any habits from wrestlers, e.g using a word or acting a certain way? 

23) If you could meet any wrestler, who would it be and why? 
-Of course it would be Seth Rollins cause he’s my favorite and I just want to tell him how awesome his taste in music is. ;-; Also want to meet Sami Zayn cause who wouldn’t want to meet that adorable ginger?

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“Hey, Cheyenne, who do you think is better? Ambrose or Rollins?” A woman with strawberry blonde hair asked, looking up at the other waitress with a smile.

“DaVeria, my opinion remains unchanged.” Cheyenne answered as she pressed the touch screen of the restaurant’s POS system a few times, not even glancing up. The first woman wasn’t actually named DaVeria. It was her last name, and she didn’t exactly like her first name.

“What’s been up with you and Ambrose? Seriously.” The woman answered, raising an eyebrow. “Rollins is far more my cup of tea.”

“Because he reminds you of Clarissa?”

“In a sense, yes. They’re both…”

“Power hungry?” Cheyenne finished, smiling a bit.

“No. Ambitious.” DaVeria answered, frowning. “Just in different ways.”

Cheyenne laughed, glancing up at the blonde and noticing how surprised she looked. “What’s up?” She asked, looking over her shoulder.

“Oh! Hey, Dean!” The brunette said, smiling as she added, “I didn’t know you were coming in.”

DaVeria was only sputtering out noises, trying to get her voice to work.

“DaVeria says ‘hi’. She’s not the best with words.” Cheyenne added, laughing sheepishly.

And I’m sweatin’ like steam and you can feel the flow… When I’m Rollin’ in my 5.0 😎
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Was rollin to Cannibis Cup with my boy @sendog but work calls and I’m gone man on my way to set in Burbank dealing with this LA traffic lol my work ethics on steroids you already know. #TMGang #TMClothing #sag #actor (at 10 Freeway)


“And all of my friends wanna get into heaven
And all I keep thinkin’ is “I wish you were here”
I heard that they been callin’ me “The Great Depression”
Rollin’ and tumblin’, breakin’ my own heart again”

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if you post a selfie of your face/hair in profile I'll draw you punching Seth Rollins

HOOOOOLY SHIT OH MY GOD message me off anon and i’ll send u one when i get out of the shower

Last movie you watched? The Best of Me - Nicholas Sparks

Last song you listened to? Chivalry is Dead- Trevor wesley

Last show you watched? Agent Carter & Law& Order SVU

Last book you read? All my books for school (The Reader, The Bloody Chamber, Maus)  :( Sadly no time for others

If you could be anywhere else, where would you be? Iceland, or in the stable with my horse :)

If you could pick a decade to travel back in time to, which one would you choose? 1950´s <3 😍

If you won the lotto and millions in cash, what would be your first move? Make sure how much I donate, give to people in need

What fictional character would you like to hang out with for the day? Too many!!! Tony Stark (and eventually with the rest of the Avengers), Jessica Jones, Amanda Rollins, all my favorite book characters 

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