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Party Hard / Eric Harris

Request:  Can you write an imagine where your at a mutual friends party of Eric. You guys don’t really talk or anything, but you get pretty fucked up and you go and sit on Eric’s lap and you start talking to him and then you start kissing he’s neck and leaving hickies and he gets so turned on lol cause he’s never even kissed a girl before and there he is with you on your lap all of a sudden so he makes he’s dream come true (getting laid) ❤ thanks!

Sorry if this kinda sucks, I tried and finished it on my phone so sorry for any errors, I hope you all like it!

Music bumping and windows shaking, that’s always how her parties were. Loud as fuck. You didn’t go often really, only when you were bored or didn’t have any tests to study for. But tonight you were getting fucked up. Four shots and five coolers into the night you were starting to buzz, and you noticed that one kid, ah what was his name, Hellir? No, Harris? Something Harris… Eric Harris, ah yes that was it, but you noticed that as you sat with your friends and partied through the night, his attention seemed to be focusing on you. Deciding to attempt to ignore it, you did another round of shots with your buddies.

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Nevada Ramirez & Crybaby: and ‘Cookie’

Yea… this happened… I’m still really distracted by Raúl and the puppy…

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Canon Character: Nevada ‘Trujillo’ Ramirez (Trouble In The Heights)
OC: ‘Crybaby’ Caroline, long-time girlfriend and consistent thorn in his side.
The Ta-Do: House party, not too far from their new apartment.
Warnings: Cussing, drug use (smokin’ reefer), feels.


While pouting, she twist a bit at the waist, mostly just to please him. “What'dya want?” Hollering, over the music coming from someone’s shitty speaker system. “I’m busy.”

Nevada groaned, started shouldering his way through the crowd so he could manage to curl a hand around her wrist. “You’re not busy,” he splayed fingers out towards the little collection of now-hushed girls she was standing with; pretty young ladies wearing too-short skirts, gossiping and chatting about nothing really important- “You’re chattin’, c'mon.”

He tugged at her waist, Caroline rolled her eyes and began reciting her ’I’m sorry’s to the girls who understood, as she was drug through the little apartment. There really shouldn’t be this many people here, she thought to herself, while struggling to maintain the pace of her man’s strides. It was probably a fire hazard, or should be…

But nobody really cared about that.

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