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Summary: A night that should have had Killian Jones in and out of her apartment forever leads to something more than Emma Swan bargained for - a friendship. She’s never really had anyone to drink with, never really had anyone to sit on her couch with her and make fun of daytime dramas with, never really had anyone to care for, and anyone that cared for her. Eventually, this friendship grows into something entirely new. Modern!AU Captain Swan, written for Kristiana a.k.a. rolliejogger.

Word Count: 11,106


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there is a lIght in your eyes

[ part i. ] we push and pull

She should want this. She should. Why wouldn’t she? The problem was not that he was not attractive (far from that, actually), nor that he was a particularly bad kisser (it was very satisfying, if truth be told). Yet, she wasn’t feeling any of it.

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  I am so excited to post this, because all the blogs here are beautiful and amazing and I absolutely love them. I am sure I forgot someone for which I am so sorry about. I follow too many blogs to count and that’s why I’m just gonna leave my blogroll here.


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Name: Lily /Liliana /Lillian (whichever you prefer)
Age:  too old for this world ;)
Gender: Female

Selfie: (took it a couple of monts ago)


Food: Ice Cream
Drink: Coffee
Book: LOTR
Favorite Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Song: Just random songs without any constant preference
Movie: Everything sci-fi or fantasy, I guess (hard to name an all time favorite though…)
TV Show: I was really addicted to Star Trek: TNG for years
Band: None
Solo Artist: None
Place: Somewhere where nobody’s bothering me…
School Subject: Geography & Astronomy
Sport: None
Male Actor: None (or too many to pick just one LOL)
Female Actor: same^


Best Friend:  A girl from school that I knew my whole life :)
Siblings: None
Dream Job: Something involving a fair amount of risk, like for example - volcanologist :)
Fears: probably losing people I care for…
Political Ideology: I hate politics
Religion: OrthodoxChristianity by birth, but I’m not a believer.
Tattoos: None.
Piercings: Earrings.
Languages: Romanian, Russian, French, English, some German, I perfectly understand Ukrainian (don’t speak much of it though).


Reason Behind URL: 
A typo ;) Was supposed to tag a post with #killian jones, but ended up writing #lillian jones LOL, I thought I’d keep it (weird but I first thought about the similarities to Davy Jones:))
Reason Behind Icon:
My current one? Besides a certain smile & bare chest? None ;)
# of Posts:  1,621
Why You Joined: I have no idea… I joined 3 years ago, but never used my blog until last year (somehow I still remembered the password) and it was because of ‘The Hobbit’ I guess…
First URL: lilyzv
# of Blogs:  about 9; main blog, a couple of fandom ones, some to store things I don’t want on lillyanjones and some saved urls.

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ouat :3

thaaaaaank you angel <33

The first character I first fell in love with: Emma

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Henry? 

The character I love that everyone else hates: gosh, I don’t know. is blackbeard hated? if yes, then blackbeard hahaha
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: 
The character I would totally smooch: Killian

The character I’d want to be like: Ruby

The character I’d slap: Lily

A pairing that I love: Captain Swan

A pairing that I despise: apart from the obvious, Regina/Charming lol

send me a fandom


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my NOTP too I don’t ship it it’s okay | I ship it hard |OTP

I really hate Neal (please no one send me hate for this) I just cannot forgive him for leaving Emma to go to jail, I don’t care that he thought he was doing it to save people there was no reason for her to go to prison because of his crime. And then he didn’t even return for when the curse was broken so yeah he ruined her life and I can never ship them. 

Killian Jones wouldn’t even consider for a second to damage her happiness and security for the sake of her “savior duties” he loves her too much to leave her side. He’ll always come back for her and that’s why I’m captain swan all the way!   

Send me your notp!


thank you so much justinobriens for tagging me :)

  • Rule 1: Always post the rules.
  • Rule 2: Answer the questions that the person who tagged you asked you and write 11 new ones.
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Questions I Have Been Asked: 

  • what is the last picture you have saved on your camera roll? a picture of zach roerig bc actual angel.
  • what’s your zodiac sign? cancer.
  • are you more introverted or extroverted? i can be both it depends hehe.
  • what’s your favorite Disney movie? tangled or monsters university atm. 
  • if you could be locked in a room with anyone for a day who would you choose? damn so many people but it has to be dylan o'brien.
  • what is your absolute favorite song of all time? Of right now? don’t by ed sheeran aka babe.
  • what cheers you up when you’re feeling down? tv shows & youtubers.
  • have you ever met any celebrities? IF YES THEN TELL ME THE STORY THAT GOES WITH IT. if not then who would you want to meet? i’ve met josh cuthbert when i was randomly outside pizza express; he’s a nice guy & good looking aswell lul. and i want to meet justin bieber, paul wesley or dylan o'brien.
  • artist you recommend I listen to? ed sheeran’s new album and the 1975, chance the rapper depends on your taste.
  • do you want to get a tattoo? If yes then of what? yeah, but i dunno yet :)
  • what is your favorite thing about yourself? that i’m skinny aye.

My Questions For You Guys:

  • celebrity crush at the moment?
  • favourite album you own?
  • favourite footballer?
  • if you could be a type of famous, what type would you be? (like youtuber, tumbler, musician, actor, band member)
  • funniest celebrity?
  • a singer/band you find really annoying?
  • favourite youtuber(s)?
  • otp of all otps?
  • favourite fictional character of all time?
  • what’s a tv show that makes you most emotional?
  • if you could bring a tv show back (a cancelled/finished one), what tv show would it be?

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