Buster ice skates past Cathy Henderson of San Marino.  Photo publshed in the Times Oct. 12, 1952. Credit: Leigh Wiener / Los Angeles Times

There was at least one question about the rollerskating rooster that I reblogged earlier, which I did on a whim, but now I’ve found out some more info.

This is Buster the Skating Rooster.  Here’s a better version of the image I reblogged.

A portrait of Buster on roller skates published in the Aug. 17, 1952, Los Angeles Times. Credit: Leigh Wiener / Los Angeles Times 

Fortunately, someone has written about these photos recently, giving us some more info.  The photo was originally taken by Leigh Wiener for the Los Angeles Times. He met Billy Lehr, who was teaching his rooster to roller skate, and presented the photographer with a rooster in overalls and his feet taped to roller skates.  Lehr would push the rooster and let him glide until his momentum stops.

Two months later, Wiener went back to see the rooster, who had now learned to ice skate as well, and the kids who hung around for the photo sessions couldn’t keep up with him.  The Times ran photos again, with the headline:  BUSTER THE ROOSTER CAN SKATE BETTER THAN HE USTER!

Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on whether Buster enjoyed skating.  I’ve seen chickens wear clothes and even booties with no problem before, so it’s possible he was super chill and didn’t mind.  

Plus, apparently he wasn’t the only skating rooster.  I haven’t been able to find any info on him, but this guy showed up in my searching:

                     ✻ ✻ ✻ DROPOUT BOOGIE ✻ ✻ ✻

Imagine that you’re rollerskating in the park in the evening. You are very good at it, but suddenly you lose your balance and you fall on your butt. You hiss in pain, but then hear footsteps approach you.
“Are you hurt?” a deep British male voice asks.
“No no, I’m all right.”
“Let me help you up.” You look up at the stranger and see Loki, the God who destroyed Manhattan. As a local, you recognize him. He has a hand stretched out to help you up, but you just stare at him wide eyed, afraid of what he might do to you since there’s no one else to be seen.
“Don’t worry, I don’t bite,” he says with a warm smile after a while and you hesitantly take his hand. He helps you back on your feet and you mutter a small thank you before starting rollerskating again. To your surprise he starts walking with you. You pay more attention to him than to the road ahead of you in fear that he might try something. That causes you to lose your balance once again, but before you could fall, Loki grabs your waist to hold you up. You notice that you’re suddenly very close to him and you shiver in fear. Loki notices it.
“You’re afraid of me,” he says, furrowing his brows. You don’t reply.
“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.” Loki moves to caress your cheek and you flinch, but his touch is soft and gentle. You relax a little, seeing that he probably isn’t going to kill you.
He keeps walking and talking with you as you rollerskate and it doesn’t take long before you start talking too.