“Farmers of earth!” The mega-phonic voice boomed. “We know you face droughts, and ever diminishing crops and arable soil from putting toxic materials on your plants, killing the fish in your rivers and killing the biome in your soil, We are here to help.  Never till the soul! Cover the soil with mulch! It’s time-release plant food and saves 90% of your water. How did you not notice that plants grow big in the wild without any fertilizer or tilling the soil? Anyway, now you know better. You’re welcome.”

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“I got tired of driving 45 minutes to get an apple that was impregnated with pesticides. LA leads the USA in vacant lots. That’s 20 Central Parks (New York). That’s enough space to plant 725,000,000 tomato plants. I grew up there , I raised my sons there. I refused to be part of this manufactured reality…I manufactured my own reality.

Ron Finley


A Sculpture city.

I will start a town. Heres how.

  • Buy a bunch of beautiful acres cheap at auction.
  • Put ad in papers and here on blog
  • review applications in any form people want to write them including really good lists.
  • Groups of say 8 -12 people will agree to build 8 -12 houses and each receive one of them customized. with ¼ acre on it free land.
  • learn how to build 10 houses, get one.
  • Choice of sustainable architecture techniques Earthships, Cob houses, strawbale, adobe, log cabin, balloon concrete, Thatched, container home, tiny home, treehouse or geodesic dome home, (good for gardening in winter). Most of these designs are 10x -100X cheaper and hundreds of times stronger than regular architecture.
  • All water collected by houses
  • All sunlight wind and hydro power collected from river needed to build cob, straw bale, adobe, earthbag, houses.
  • Lay narrow bike/rollerskating (car less) streets of hempcrete..and other non asphalt (because it’s toxic leeching oil). A car, gravel, wood chip, or dirt road hidden out of the way.
  • Berry bushes, fruit trees and vegetable gardens everywhere lining every sidewalk.
  • Possible public buildings can include: amphitheater,  square, fountain, sculptures, 3d printer hut, school, cob resturaunt, cob farmstands, cob  ramen shop in a giant ramen bowl, artstudios, skate park, freshwater phytofiltered pool, a hot tub, Pottery studio using free clay from the river, and anything else you can think of..
  • At some point there should be a school of classes where every subject is taught by doing. For example: A science course where no reading is done prior to the first experiment, everything is learned and written down sequentially in order of each necessary step required at that time to conduct the experiment. 

Accepting applications in any form you want, even lists of ideas and suggestions at

Globalization should be for people not corporations. In other words, let people freely roam without any rules and make corporations stay within their countries or even cities borders. That would automatically fix the economy. It’s kinda like how regulations should be for corporations not people. Corporations destroy exponentially more and kill exponentially more. Taxes should be taken from corporations not people. Money doesn’t need to come from somewhere like they always say. Money is actually nothing but numbers in computers. Spying should be on corporations not citizens. Take any false choice and you know you have a situation where the thing is not a problem necessarily but it’s use against the poor exclusively should actually be reversed to suppress the powerful.

  • This is the dystopia where everyone knows but no one does anything. Yay, we get the greatest darwin award of all. In dystopias in the movies of course, everyone is forced at gunpoint, or brainwashed, drugged, dreaming, or coerced in some other obvious way to accept the dystopia, and maybe as soon as everyone learns the truth they revolt or something. This dystopia is internalized and ignored, coped with.

rollership  asked:

you are evil piece of murdering shit, mass murder is nothing to be proud of you are the monsters dropping bombs on babies heads and slaughtering children and innocent people in their homes. you are the worst of humanity.

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Your the first to actually talk to me about that stuff on here after 6-7 years of being on tumblr.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me, you fucking hippie.

You know there is another habitable planet in our solar system. It’s in the Goldilocks zone and everything. Venus. All it needs is a moon. With my extraplanetary ice collector Made from a tube with steam lifting and flowing up it that can collect a solid ball of ice big enough to put into a close orbit of Venus long enough to pull off atmosphere and eventually end up on the planets surface. There are so many ways to pull off its extra 800lb atmosphere. Larger ice, more ice balls, asteroids,  super fast close orbits, That’s to figure out. Let’s terraform it and make a, you guessed it.. Utopia.