Skydancer by In Heart’s Wake

Tumblr User Request…

An Anon Tumblr user asked for some Rollershipping (Korrina X Serena) from but they declined

I offered to draw it

Their response:
“hi,i’m that guy who asked on yuri seeker this :… and you said “i could if you want”…well,if you can,you have my permission.”

Korrina X Serena/Rollershipping

Pokemon X & Y Yuri
Tsoy #745
Adobe Illustrator

Korrina and Serena appreciation post

Watching as Korrina eats and gets all happy about it.  ´ ▽ ` )

Abububu, gotta love every moment involving Serena, Poké Puffs and Pokémon enjoying them.

I love that she doesn’t take Korrina as a gym leader for granted and questions her about the victories because yeah, it would be a bit hard to believe.

The horror on Serena’s face as she watches Korrina stamp Pikachu’s footprint on her book is priceless.

Shaaaame that it had to be TR because I would have LOVED to see this, specially because of Fennekin’s type advantage against Lucario!

Here I am crossing my fingers that Serena will get really interested in mega evolution because she’s blushing and all hyped asdfghjkl; also, that wink at the end *wink wink*