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#Regrann from @leniza_evy - Hey guys! New video on my YouTube channel! 😃 Click the link in my bio and watch the full tutorial on how I achieved this style using @longing4length’s Hourglass Rollers! 💁🏽 #hourglassrollers #rollerset - #luvyourmane #naturalhair #melanin

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My boyfriend's reaction to my wig

“I can’t deal with you with white girl hair. I swear my mom and my sister had the same hair cut at some point”

I kinda love that my boyfriend loves my natural hair-prefers it even. I mean If I wanna wear a damn wig ima wear a motha fuckin wig  (okrrr?) but the fact that he loves my hair is so great. So many men have made me hate my hair length or my hair texture. After shaving my head i really learned how fragile some men are when it comes to their confidence. It used to always kill me how some men like NEEDED me to be in a 12 dollar synthetic wig in order to feel like a man. The guys i dated after shaving my head were way more quality.

My boyfriends been with me since my hair was shorter than a pixie cut and I love him for that. It will probably sound silly to most non black people but as black women, we’re always shamed about our hair texture even by each other. So having someone that loves me and celebrates my hair is so revolutionary to me.

Like I said if I’m feeling my fantasy and I wanna rock a wig ima do it, but i"m glad I have a guy that prefers what’s underneath it. lol.

on THAT note ima bout to go shower again and do this rollerset. The rain and my hair do not see it for each other.


How to destroy a rollerset on Natural Hair  

Y does this keep happening to meeeeeee


ugh i hate how sometimes i put on a bunch of makeup and I still don’t feel pretty. :/ 

I think it’s my rollerset. Didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Didn’t really need to do one either. ugh. I hate how much my hair shrinks.