25 Random Asks

1. Eye color?

2. Hair color?

3. Favorite color?

4. Your current relationship status

5. Your relationship with your parents

6. Favorite holiday?

7. Do you ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?

8. Do you live with your Mom and Dad?

9. Who did you last say “I love you” to?

10. Are you scared of spiders?

11. Do you like the snow?

12. Do you have any siblings?

13. Have you ever gone on a rollercoaster?

14. Favorite musical instrument?

15. Favorite dessert?

16. Do you swear a lot?

17. Last thing you ate?

18. Top 3 ice cream flavors?

19. Your favorite warm drink & favorite cold drink?

20. What do you want to dress up as for halloween?

21. A song that’s been stuck in your head:

22. When was the last time someone complimented you & what was it?

23. Did you wake up cranky?

24. Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets?

25. Are you a morning bird or a night owl?

Heaven Scent Chapter Five

Heaven Scent | Dan Howell rarely leaves the house unless he has too, too socially awkward to function normally around other people, and generally making his only friends through Louise, a sweet beta who took him under her wing a few years back when they were both still in college. It’s no surprise, then, that the omega has yet to find a mate, despite craving one rather a lot. It’s not until he attends Louise’s birthday party and gets accidentally-on-purpose set up with an attractive alpha named Phil Lester who smells absolutely heavenly that Dan starts to fall into a proper romance, complete with courting and scenting and the like. | Phan | Mature | A/B/O dynamics (Omegaverse fic), Fluff, Getting Together, Eventual Smut, Courting | 8,724 Words this chapter

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

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Chapter Five

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Mix & Match

01 ODD
The intro track to express ODD EYE CIRCLE’s identity. Girls who have released solo singles each have gathered to sing under the name ‘ODD EYE CIRCLE’. They say that we’re all odd as people.

02 Girl Front
The title track of ODD EYE CIRCLE’s album.
While the girls have been passive with their crush, not being able to tell the person they like, ODD EYE CIRCLE sings, “Love is not to be waited for, it is something I look for.”
This song depicts new standards of girls asking the boys out and expressing their love with dignity. Kim Lip’s ‘Eclipse’, JinSoul’s ‘Singing in the Rain’, and Choerry’s ‘Love Cherry Motion’ merges in this track to form a new structure as a metaphor of three moons (ODD) gathering to form a new team.

The international title track which will be released in English for the fans outside of Korea. The track is in the styles of dream pop which has almost never been done in Korea to satisfy both international and local fans. Be ready to experience a musical rollercoaster ride.

04 Chaotic
A track that requires the most techniques as vocalists. It is said that if any member of LOOΠΔ were in another k-pop girl group, she would be the main vocal for the group. This track is the track to get a taste their vocal flair. The song drives in a very cool and energetic way.

05 Starlight
Fans who like LOOΠΔ 1Δ3 might be surprised with ODD EYE CIRCLE as their music is in the complete opposite style. While LOOΠΔ 1Δ3 has focused to create sounds of cliche images of young girls, ODD EYE CIRCLE is creating their music in the original shapes of a girl-crush in the form of a pop-tune. They’ve put stories among girls, more important than stories about boys, into this track, Starlight. Story told under the starlight endlessly until the morning comes.

I realize Melissa said the roller coaster landing in her backyard happened in the beginning of summer, but having just rewatched Rollercoaster the Musical, it begs the question: did the roller coaster land in Melissa’s backyard during the original episode, or during the musical episode?

Bear with me a minute:

The roller coaster lands in Melissa’s backyard and she screams in terror, running into the house and into her room, hiding under the covers. After reassuring herself everything is fine, she decides to take a walk. On her walk, she hears music and follows it, ending up in Phineas and Ferb’s backyard to catch the tail end of Carpe Diem. She slowly backs out of the backyard and returns home, deciding the song was a hallucination and she should go back to bed and rest.

anonymous asked:

Have you sakamaki brothers ever been to Scarowinds? (I think that's how you spell it?) It's the amusement park Carowinds but this time everyone dresses up for Halloween, and they ride Rollercoasters. There's music, funnel cake, and not to mention awesome costumes and wonderful rides.

♥Shu: No… There’s so much people at that kind of places… And it’s too noisy for me.

♥Reiji: Well, to be honest I’m not really interested in amusement parks… I rather stay at home.

♥Ayato: Hell yeah! The rides are the best part!

♥Kanato: Did you say funnel cake?

♥Laito: Yup~ I went once with Ayato-kun. Though, roller coasters are not my thing…

♥Subaru: Well… The others went not too long ago without me, because I don’t really care about that kind of places…