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GOT7 at a Theme Park

Jackson: yells at everything, refuses to go on any ride after he’s forced on the gyro drop. Holds cotton candy and a giant teddy bear he won while yelling “SOMEONE HAS TO WATCH THE KIDS!”

Youngjae: takes half a day to get on a rollercoaster but then becomes a convert and goes on EVERY SINGLE ONE. Takes photos of everyone and everything, including the pets he sees

Yugyeom: goes on every single ride because Jinyoung dared him. Beats everyone in ring toss and pointedly wears his crown the rest of the day

Jaebum: is all cool in line but as soon as the ride starts, yells louder than anyone. Somehow ends up holding jackson’s teddy bear, yugyeom’s crown and about six other things

Jinyoung: is the one who convinced Jackson to go on the gyro drop and hears nothing else for rest of the day. Nearly gets in a fight when someone cuts him in line for ice cream

Mark: complains about going on the swings but jaebum buys photo evidence of him having the time of his life. Backs up Jinyoung in the fight

Bambam: loses his sunglasses on the first hill of a rollercoaster. Makes everyone pose for one of those old-timey photo shoots in the Wild, Wild West 

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mm prompt: mc takes the boys on a date to an amusement park!

sooo i definitely did this with DisneyLand in mind, because DISNEY

(bonus MC/Jumin but with everyone else tagging along at the end – thank you @theussenterpies for helping me come up with that as well as stuff for seven’s!)


  • SO EXCITED because he’s always wanted to go!! He’s never been before!!! And now he gets to go, with you!!!!
  • Reluctant to wear Mickey ears (bc heaven forbid he look childish) until you buy a matching set for you and him. He can’t resist looking that cute with you.
  • Rarely lets go of your hand. 
    • “We don’t wanna get separated!” 
    • “Sure, Yoosung,” you giggle, but tighten your grip on his hand. He blushes and grins sheepishly.
  • A bit nervous about the big rollercoasters but he really wants to impress you so he goes on them if you want to. 
    • Afterwards he realizes it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be! and gets a little confidence boost. <3
  • Insists on buying you a relatively expensive souvenir.


  • Normally would be more interested in learning stuff about Disney history and how they made their movies and whatnot rather than the actual attractions…
    • but omg you’re so excited and it’s infectuous and now he’s pretty pumped to go on rides and eat ridiculously expensive junk food too
  • “Which Disney prince would I be, MC? I can act as any of them, I’m sure. I mean I am pretty much a real live Disney prince all on my own, aren’t I~? *wink*”
  • Goes with you to take selfies with ALL the face characters. Copious amounts of couple selfies are taken anywhere and everywhere else as well.
  • Gets you a piece of jewelry that has something from your favorite Disney movie on it.
  • You have THE most romantic evening watching the fireworks. You get super lucky and find a seat with a great view and not too many people crowded around. You’re leaning into his shoulder and he has his arm around you, and during the finale he kisses you and what the heck this is straight out of some movie or romance novel you stg but hey you’re not complaining


  • Has had business relations with Disney before. Not surprsingly, he’s pretty nonplussed about the idea of going to the park, but if you want to go he won’t protest.
  • Offers to rent out the entire goddamn park just for your date.
    • “nO THAT’S OKAY. We can just get a ton of FastPasses! ^^;” The thought of the park being so empty is a little disconcerting.
    • “Really? All right, if that’s what you want…” He doesn’t get it, but whatever makes you happy haha
  • Member of Club 33 and now you’re his +1 omg
  • You get him a Goofy hat. And he wears it completely straight-faced. You are nearly in tears. He’s just glad he’s making you laugh.
  • Baffled by the appeal of meeting face characters (”you know they’re not real, right” “yes jumin i know omg”), but feels way more warm and fuzzy inside than he cares to admit when you introduce him to characters by saying “This is my prince!”


  • Initially hesitant to go at all, but once you convince him and he arrives, he is 10x more excited than you are.
  • In your hotel room after the first day he buries his face in his laptop, researching all the ~cool secret sights and events~ and whatnot.
    • Assorts a list of all the obscure stuff that you guys HAVE to go see/try out by the end of the trip, if not by the end of the next day.
  • If you look at a thing in a store for more than 2 seconds, he buys it for you.
  • Adores pretty much everything in Tomorrowland. Gets WAY too into the Buzz Lightyear shooter ride.
  • You guys ride California Screamin’ approximately 18 times in a row. You’re puking, he’s puking, you’re both laughing and having the time of your lives.


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I've had the absolute worst week. Do you have any headcanons about modern Les Amis at a theme park? Like who wins who the cliche stuffed toys? Whose scared of rollercoasters but goes on them anyway? Who makes innuendos about getting wet on the water rides? Who deliberately poses for the rollercoaster camera? :)

  • Going to a theme as a group of 13 is an ordeal, alright? This becomes abundantly clear when they try to go on the first few rides. So they decide to split into two teams :
  • Team Wildcats (chosen by Joly and Bahorel) : Enjolras, Jehan, Bahorel, Grantaire, Joly and Musichetta on one side
  • Team Seriousdogs (Bossuet and Marius thought they were funny. Thought) : Coufeyrac, Combeferre, Bossuet, Feuilly, Cosette, Marius and Eponine on the other
  • The reason why Combeferre and Musichetta are sorted into different groups is because each groups needs a Mom Friend™ to keep them, you know, ALIVE
  • Theme parks also mean an awful lot of queueing, so Joly and Grantaire engage in a “I spy” contest
  • Enjolras : “R, if you say I Spy-ce Girls on more time I’ll break your fucking fingers”
  • Bahorel takes Jehan on his shoulders because their feet get painful quickly and they can scout if the queue is still stretching for miles and miles
  • Most of the Seriousdogs’ time is spent at the stuff toys booths, with Combeferre and Cosette competing to win the most shit for their significant other
  • Cue Courfeyrac and Marius cheering (ahem SCREAMING) to encourage them, with various degrees of aggressivity
  • Enjolras and Combeferre’s carefully planned outing goes to hell the moment Bahorel, Feuilly and Jehan learn there is a goddamn MINIATURE FARM where you can pet REAL LIFE GOATS. They stay there for an hour, no less. (Jehan sneacked out of their own team to pet the goats.)
  • You would think Bossuet stays away from rollercoasters for safety reasons but the man always loves a good rush. He just finds some wood (or really fake wood) to knock on before going on the ride and it goes alright
  • Courfeyrac and Grantaire are both KINGS of rollercoaster camera posing! Since they’re not on the same, they buy each and every single one pic to compare afterwards
  • On the other hand, Enjolras and Eponine are terrible at these because they have MEAN resting bitchfaces
  • Musichetta carries around a Marry Poppins bag. She has E.VERY.THING. Tissues? Snacks? Water? Grantaire’s fucks? An ironing board? Probably!
My favorite roller coaster faces

So… I found an impressive gif of ^^ This ride, from Be-Magical on Tumblr.

Then came the surge of memories of how fast this ride actually was. Which reminded me of how my cheeks did not cooperate with me during my Test Track (the ride) experience.

So these are my favorite roller coaster funny faces, compiled onto on post for your enjoyment :D

External image

It’s like dying and then getting reincarnated afterwards!!!

External image


External image

Kudos to you my friend, because this truly is a hard ride to survive.

External image

His heart will go on…. Forever and ever.

External image

You have no idea how happy you made him bro!

External image

It shouldn’t be called the Thunderbolt, it should be called the Rainbow.

External image

Look at those cheeks!

External image

He didn’t mean it,he still insists he didn’t! He just didn’t know what to do with his hands!

External image

What???? Bird???? I swear I had this confused with a bird show before I realized it was an actual roller coaster!

External image


External image

Kudos to these Aussies (?).

External image

When face-paint goes horribly, horribly wrong. She looks like a rabid Thing 1.

External image

Herpy derp alert!

External image


External image


External image

Okay it’s a bit gross… but yes it’s amusing.