rollercoaster of emotions


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

Season 4
  • me: it's a kid's show! they're not going to actually kill anyone off! everyone with these crazy dark theories needs to relax!
  • me: *watches season four*
  • me: *whispering* no one is safe anymore.

on days where you’re in pain and seemingly haunted by shadows and overcast thoughts, be gentle and overtly kind to yourself. remember moments where you’ve felt unbridled bliss, with cotton candy and honey coursing through your veins as dripping golden skies illuminated your wondrous, bright life. one day, you’ll embrace that warmth and pure joy time and time again. take small steps, be patient and embrace your kaleidoscope of emotions, tending to them whether they are brimming with dark hues or coated in light. take care, balance and bloom.

Sanvers Feelings

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Maggie Sawyer will play a smaller role in next season of #Supergirl.

As an INFP I...

-procrastinate 24/7
-never sleep when I should
-cry too much about small things
-automatically take things personally
-say the worst puns
-never read or follow instructions
-always lose track of time
-am never sure of anything
-forget all practical information
-always get lost irl and in my thoughts
-never know anything for sure
-am super clumsy
-worry too much about tiny disagreements
-talk to myself, a lot
-sing songs about everything
-am an emotional rollercoaster
-make things awkward

Based on the rivals!au by @kazliin and @aeddgynvaell’s headcanon that yes, Victor definitely rubbed in yuri’s face how incredibly dense he was the past couple of years. I’m pretty sure everyone’s read the rivals au but if you still haven’t, please take the time off to read this emotional rollercoaster of a fic.