Commission for @dontperishyet

Hinata got up on all fours, and opened his eyes; face only a few millimeters away from Kageyama’s. “Why?” He laughed, uninhibited, words unable to leave his mouth for a few moments. “Why would you do something so dumb?”

Kageyama stared up at him with tender, glossy eyes and chuckled along. “I don’t know, it’s just…” He ran his thumb across Hinata’s lips. “I thought it’d make you laugh. I love the sound of your laughter.”

Hinata placed his hand on top of Kageyama’s and pressed his lips to his thumb. “Is that all you love?”

“It’s not.” Kageyama steadied his eyes on Hinata’s golden ones, swallowed, and clearly said, “I love you.”

Worse for Wear by Khvottie