So here’s the thing. When I hear “Rollerskate King” I think of the old deep-voiced singers of the 70s and they generally had some kind of matching back-up singers, and I could have put them all in white shirts and slacks with red sequined vests and gotten the right look, but this was funnier.

So yeah, Rabbit’s down with it but Hatchy only agreed because Michael Reed said he’d wear one. He didn’t say how, and now Hatchy refuses to play guitar as he tries to tug the very short dress down over his chassis.

There will be robotic vengeance. Don’t ask me what.

And though it may be more of an embarrassment than otherwise, Rabbit’s pose came from a TrekkieBeth photo…

headcanon time

The roller skate king is not only a super rad guy but he’s also really humble and a little shy. Like, when The Spine’s saying “I’m just telling the story how it’s meant to be told” it’s because RSK was worried it’d make him seem boasty.

Like I imagine he has this rival at skating competitions and the rival is super elitist but RSK wins ever time with no hard feelings and just skates around with everyone trying to share his love for it

Hey, I have a question. I keep having this idea of these like Roller Skate Heralds that show up whenever Roller Skate King is doing something important and I just wanted to know if anyone else thought it would be a cool idea. Like, they’re these girls (or anything else really, I don’t judge) with rainbow hair who randomly turn up and not even RSK knows who they are or how they get there but they hand out roller skates so he thinks they’re alright

Yes I do want to cosplay this when I can eventually roller skate

Do I go for this hair, this hair, or this hair?

So I was thinking, how cool would it be if someone did a Roller Skate King cosplay? It would be awesome if I knew someone that did that and I could wear my Rabbit cosplay and we could wear roller skates and skate around. And then I got a better idea and was like…no…..wait….even better….ROLLER DERBY BOTS. Rabbit, The Spine, and Hatchworth in roller derby regalia and skates. It would be so epic. Too bad I don’t know anyone in real life who likes SPG and would be willing to do that with me.