Jimmy and Cameron Diaz battle it out in a game of Roller Golf!

Reasons why Jurassic World is a better park than Jurassic Park

* It did not rely on the removal of a native Costa Rican tribe. (Well…okay, but not directly).

* It did not desecrate the culture of the Bribri tribe.

* It had loads better security protocols.

* The CEO of Masrani Global/InGen was WAY more concerned about the happiness of the animals AND visitors than Hammond, who seemed to only want to please the guests, at the costs of treating the animals like commodities.

* The attractions were much more suited for people. (I’d rather ride around in a Gyrosphere, or be on a tour truck than stuck in a SUV where I may not even see an animal). Plus the animals have their own unique attractions, rather than going on a glorified drive through the jungle.

* Attractions other than dinosaurs. (AFAIK, JP had only a roller coaster, and a golf course planned.)

* Despite being more corporate, it would appear that Jurassic World is tailored in a way that even the average middle class family could visit. Even though Jurassic Park was not to be “catered only to the super rich”, I feel like that would eventually have been out of Hammond’s control.

* Jurassic Park failed due to corporate espionage, and went under before the park was even opened. Jurassic World only had one major containment breach in 10 years of being in operation.

* Jurassic World has a better chance of re-opening than Jurassic Park ever hoped.