Camelot Abandoned Theme Park - Shut down in 2012 after operating seasonally for almost 30 years.

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New Game Alert!! Jimmy and Cameron, dressed in golf attire, roller skates and lots of safety gear, skate around the Studio 6B golf course in a race to sink their shot first.


Jimmy and Cameron Diaz battle it out in a game of Roller Golf!

yutatrilesta asked:

Hello dear! I just wanna say I share (or shared anyway) in your misery. One of my first jobs was McD's and yeah it was crappy. Funny thing tho mine was not even a "proper" McD's it was a small one inside a roller rink/mini golf place. We did not have breakfast or the regular happy meal toys and we served pizza no joke. It was weird haha. Anyway hang in there it's just temporary, once you get some experience here you will be able to move on and up!

Mine isn’t a proper mcdonalds either, we’re inside a walmart so I definitely feel ya. But wow I can’t believe you guys served pizza haha. That raises so many questions for me but I’ll spare you and won’t ask them lol. 

but anyways thank you. I honestly plan on quitting soon, hopefully by mind April or May. The few months I’ve been here has given me food service and money handling experience which is good for applying to other part time jobs and maybe as a waitress somewhere. I make so little (I made 16 bucks today) that I know I’ll be able to make do with the money I have saved for a few weeks if need be and once memorial day hits I believe I already have a summer job waiting. Like the job I have now wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t treated like crap by the management, you know?  I’m rambling lol. but thank you, I appreciate it x