TJ Perkins

What it’s like to Date TJ Perkins! <3

  • Slow Kisses.
  • Spoils you rotten.
  • Gaming together.
  • Snuggling.
  • Watching action adventure movies and anime together and making out!
  • He ALWAYS gets you to smile.
  • Does goofy athletic things with you like roller blading, disc golf, frisbee, kite flying.
  • Worships your body!
  • Always shows you off - hand holding, PDA slow kisses.
  • Competitive dates - bowling, laser tag, etc…
  • Cannot take his eyes off of his goddess!
  • Laughing during sex! Lots of inside and corny jokes and playful kisses.


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You Want Date Ideas
  1. Cook together
  2. Read our favorite books together
  3. Bake cookies together
  4. Watch the sun rise then make breakfast together
  5. Attend a local soccer game
  6. Watch an entire season of a tv show
  7. Go for a long drive
  8. Art gallery
  9. Sciport
  10. Play board games
  11. Movie
  12. Visit garage/yard sales
  13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  14. Dance together
  15. Ride go carts
  16. Rent a movie
  17. Have a carpet picnic
  18. Go to an arcade
  19. Play Frisbee
  20. Go ice skating
  21. Go to a ballet performance
  22. Visit a place listed in an entertainment book
  23. Bike riding
  24. Bowling
  25. Haunted house
  26. Out for coffee
  27. Visit a flea market
  28. Play bingo
  29. Go to an opera
  30. Go to a bookstore
  31. Visit another city
  32. o hear jazz or reggae
  33. Play in the batting cages
  34. Visit a nursing home and hand out flowers to everyone
  35. Have lunch at a new restaurant neither of us have been to
  36. Chinese food(Or pizza) and a DVD marathon
  37. Have lunch at a new restaurant
  38. Attend a poetry reading
  39. Attend an author reading from their latest fiction work
  40. Go antiquing
  41. Attend a painting class
  42. Visit an animal shelter
  43. Go for a carriage ride
  44. Visit the tourist spots in Shreveport
  45. Take a trip to the craft store and pick out a project to work on for the afternoon
  46. Take a walk around a lake, pond, river, etc. in the moonlight
  47. Go to a festival
  48. Create a scrapbook
  49. Attend a matinee movie
  50. Visit a zoo
  51. Go see a local band
  52. Have lunch at a church festival
  53. Go hiking
  54. Go rock climbing
  55. Play croquet
  56. Attend the farmers market
  57. Try out a new cuisine
  58. Take part in a community theater performance
  59. Go berry picking
  60. Attend a live outdoor music night in our town
  61. Go see fireworks
  62. Picnic
  63. Teach each other skills
  64. Go to a free community event
  65. Have a movie night with a theme(Worst movie, worst musical, best movie, best musical, chick flick, scary, Disney, etc.)
  66. Candlelit dinner and a board game
  67. Culturally themed date
  68. Stargazing
  69. Sex(lol bc 69)
  70. Wii tournament
  71. Go for a walk
  72. Make tee shirts with paint/sharpie,tye die
  73. Thrift stores
  74. Ice cream sculptures out of very cheap, frozen ice cream
  75. Take a dance class together
  76. Make a blanket fort
  77. Swimming
  78. Roller skating
  79. Go mini golfing
  80. People watching
  81. Give flowers/balloons to people on the street who look like they need cheering up
  82. Race tin-foil boats in a stream/river
  83. Finger paint
  84. Bake and decorate sugar cookies
  85. Do a puzzle
  86. Ultimate Frisbee/Frisbee golf
  87. Watch stand up comedy specials
  88. Go fishing
  89. Go get pedicures together at a cosmetology school
  90. Take your dog for a walk
  91. Build with legos(build a life size cat!)
  92. Make bucket lists together
  93. Mcdonalds(Wendy’s) date
  94. Feed the ducks at the park
  95. Carve something out of a giant block of cheese
  96. Decorate Christmas ornaments together
  97. Carve pumpkins
  98. Go to a play/musical
  99. TV Show marathon
  100. Test drive super nice cars
  101. Buy several brands of one food or drink, blindfold and guess which is which brand
  102. Raid your fridge and pantry and do a tv style food competition
  103. Do random acts of kindness around town
  104. Start a memory book
  105. Play at a playground
  106. Workout video together
  107. Run errands together
  108. Buy a piece of furniture from goodwill and paint it
  109. Make a fire in the fireplace and drink hot cocoa
  110. Do yard work
  111. Video games
  112. Yard sales
  113. Geocache
  114. Scare/Prank a friend
  115. Climb a tree
  116. Play a mad-libs book together
  117. Wash cars together
  118. Play charades
  119. Scavenger hunt
  120. Country dancing
  121. Go to Haughton together
  122. Paintballing
  123. Photo shoot
  124. Make brownies
  125. Paint twister
  126. Shaving cream slide
  127. Archery
  128. Hide and seek in walmart
  129. Walmart camping
  130. Dollar tree date
  131. Horse basketball game
  132. Watch lightning 
  133. County fair
  134. Gym together
  135. Bonfire
  136. Tubing
  137. Splash kingdom
  138. Water gun fight
  139. Water balloon fight
  140. Tennis
  141. Blow bubbles
  142. Make ice cream
  143. Sidewalk chalk
  144. Fly a kite
  145. Mud run
  146. Go to a bookstore and leave notes to future readers in books
  147. Photo evidence of an adventure that didn’t really happen
  148. Paper airplane war
  149. Write a piece of fiction together and ask strangers for help when you get stuck
  150. Drive somewhere unknown and have dinner in a city you’ve never been to. Use fake names.
  151. Go around the city with sidewalk chalks
  152. Perform short silent plays in front of security cameras
  153. With a camera and a pair of boots make a photo log of a day in the life of an invisible man
  154. Rent a movie you’ve never seen or heard of before. Put on mute and improvise dialogue
  155. Watch the sunset
  156. Amusement park
  157. Karaoke
  158. Go out for ice cream
  159. Make a time capsule
  160. Create pillowcases
  161. Draw pictures of each other
  162. Hide and seek at a park
  163. Guitar hero/rock band
  164. Read children’s books at a library 
  165. Create stories together
  166. Build something with playdough
  167. Play with the toys at walmart
  168. Slip ‘n slide
  169. Hand make cards for strangers/neighbors
  170. Sticky notes at random places
  171. Make a movie together
  172. Set up a tent in yard
  173. Make pizza together
  174. Coloring books together
  175. Who can fit the most marshmallows in his/her mouth
  176. Cotton ball/marshmallow fight
  177. iMax movie
  178. Face paint
  179. Duct tape creations
  180. 4 leaf clover hunting
  181. Tackle football on our knees
  182. Go on a picnic somewhere random(the roof, a treehouse, etc)
  183. Dance in the rain
  184. Whipped cream fight
  185. Silly string fight
  186. Pie fight
  187. Sprinklers
  188. Dance on a dock
  189. Skinny dipping
  190. Ride a trolley
  191. Take pennies to a fountain and make lots of wishes
  192. Cloud TV
  193. Write a letter, put it in an airtight bottle, throw it somewhere
  194. Sock puppet show
  195. Take pictures of people with an instant camera and give them the pictures
  196. Laser tag
  197. The pet store
  198. Go to a car show
  199. Bake cakes and ice them blindfolded
  200. Cuddle and talk
Reasons why Jurassic World is a better park than Jurassic Park

* It did not rely on the removal of a native Costa Rican tribe. (Well…okay, but not directly).

* It did not desecrate the culture of the Bribri tribe.

* It had loads better security protocols.

* The CEO of Masrani Global/InGen was WAY more concerned about the happiness of the animals AND visitors than Hammond, who seemed to only want to please the guests, at the costs of treating the animals like commodities.

* The attractions were much more suited for people. (I’d rather ride around in a Gyrosphere, or be on a tour truck than stuck in a SUV where I may not even see an animal). Plus the animals have their own unique attractions, rather than going on a glorified drive through the jungle.

* Attractions other than dinosaurs. (AFAIK, JP had only a roller coaster, and a golf course planned.)

* Despite being more corporate, it would appear that Jurassic World is tailored in a way that even the average middle class family could visit. Even though Jurassic Park was not to be “catered only to the super rich”, I feel like that would eventually have been out of Hammond’s control.

* Jurassic Park failed due to corporate espionage, and went under before the park was even opened. Jurassic World only had one major containment breach in 10 years of being in operation.

* Jurassic World has a better chance of re-opening than Jurassic Park ever hoped.


New Game Alert!! Jimmy and Cameron, dressed in golf attire, roller skates and lots of safety gear, skate around the Studio 6B golf course in a race to sink their shot first.


Jimmy and Cameron Diaz battle it out in a game of Roller Golf!