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Don’t Let Go

Summary: You, Finn, and some other superstars go to a water park on your day off. There’s a scary ride and you are nervous to go, but Finn assures you that he will be right there. Just before you go down the big hill true feelings come out and lots of fluff ensues!

*          *          *          *

You and the other Superstars had a rare day off with no matches, interviews, or appearances. You decided as a group to take advantage of the day off and the warm weather by going to Noah’s Ark Water Park in Wisconsin before the show the next night in Green Bay. It was Renee, Dean, Sami, Bayley, and you and Finn.

Dean bought his and Renee’s ticket, and then you stepped up to the ticket window to buy your ticket for the park.

“One adult.” You said.

“Make that two.” You heard Finn’s, Irish accent say.

You turned to look at him with a confused look.

“What are you doing, Finn?” You asked.

“I’m buyin’ yer ticket, love.” He said.

“I can buy my own ticket.” You said.

“I know. But I want to buy it for ya.” He said.

He handed the lady behind the glass the money and she handed him the two tickets. He slid his wallet back into the pocket of his jeans as he handed you your ticket with a smirk.

“I’m buying your lunch, then.” You said as you took the ticket from him.

“We’ll see.” He said.

“We have to go on that!” Bayley said excitedly as her eyes landed on the intimidating structure before you.

“Totally!” You heard Renee say.

“Let’s do it.” Dean said.

You felt your heart start to quicken as you looked up at the intimidating structure. Black Anaconda. Where water slide meets roller coaster. America’s most thrilling water coaster. It sends riders spiraling down at 30mph and defies gravity as rushing water pushes you up six humps and wraps you up in dark coils.

“You okay, love?” You heard Finn ask as he glanced over at you.

“What? Y-yeah…I’m fine.” You said, doing your best to make him believe you.

“Are you scared?” He asked.

“What? Of some ride? No, that’s crazy!” You said, hoping he wouldn’t catch on.

“It’s okay to be scared. It’s a bit of a scary ride.” He said.

“I’m not scared.” You said.

“Okay, let’s get in line then.” He said.

You and Finn followed the others to get in line for the ride. The closer you got to the front of the line, the more scared you became.

“Guys I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll just meet you at the bottom.” You said.

“But then we’ll have an uneven number!” Bayley said.

“You sure you’re okay?” Finn asked as he looked at you with worried eyes. “You look a little pale.”

“I-I’m…a little scared.” You admitted.

“There’s nothin’ to be scared of love. I’ll be right here.” He said as he reached down and took your hand in his.

“You promise you’ll ride with me?” You asked.

“Of course. I’ll even hold on to ya, if ya want me to.” He said.

Your lips curved into a smile as you nodded. “I’d like that.” You said.

You watched Renee and Dean get into the first tube, followed by Bayley and Sami in the second. Then it was time for you and Finn to get on the ride.

“Lady in the front gentleman in the back.” The park employee said.

Finn held your hand as you climbed into the front of the raft before he climbed in behind you. The two of you started making your way up the big hill and you felt the butterflies start to build in your stomach.

“I’m right here, love.” He said as you felt him wrap his arms around you and rest his hands on your stomach.

“Don’t let go, Finn.” You said as you leaned back into his chest.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, love.” He said.

You were surprised when you felt his warm lips press gently to your cheek.

“S-sorry.” He said as you noticed a blush creep up on his face.

“You don’t have to apologize.” You said.

“I’m sorry…I like you and I hate seeing you all scared and I want to make ya feel safe-”

You leaned in and pressed your lips to his to get him to stop talking. You felt his body relaxed as he kissed you back.

You then opened your eyes and realized that you were already at the top of the hill, about to go over the edge.

“Finn.” You said as your voice got high with nerves and you dug your fingers into his arm that was settled on your stomach.

“It’s okay. I’ve got ya.” He said as he pulled you a little closer to his body.

You let out a scream as the two of you went down the hill before going up and over the other hills before finally coming to a stop at the end of the ride.

“You okay, love?” Finn asked as he looked over at you, both of you completely soaked by now.

“Never better.” You said with a smile before you leaned in and pressed another kiss to his lips.

Finn climbed out of the tube before reaching down and extending his hands to you. You grabbed his hands, and he pulled you up onto the platform.

Finn reached down and took your hand in his as he intertwined your fingers with his. You walked out of the ride and saw Sami, Bayley, Renee, and Dean waiting for you.

“You two look happy!” Renee said with a smile.

You looked over at Finn and smiled before looking at her.

“It was a fun ride.” You said.

“Did you two finally admit that you’re in love with each other?” Bayley asked.

“Wait! You knew?” You asked as you looked at her with wide eyes.

“Everyone knew, Y/n. It was so obvious to everyone!” Bayley said.

“Well neither of us knew that.” Finn said as he glanced over at you.

“Ladies just let them be happy. Does it matter who knew and who didn’t? They’re together. That’s what matters.” Bayley said.

The Garage

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Request: Juice imagine when his old lady pays him a visit in the garage cause they haven’t had sex in a while and she’s tired of the situation.

Contains: Smut

Three weeks and four days.
Thats how long it had been since you and Juice had last been.. intimate.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t tried. But things with the club had been bad and he had been spending most of his time out with them, or staying late at the clubhouse.
But you were sick of it. You had been his old lady for almost a year now and you knew how hard he took it when the club was struggling. But you had never gone this long without him and you were tired of waiting around for him.
You stood in your bedroom and pulled on the black coat, tying it securely around your waistband shaking your hair out.
You looked at your reflection and smirked before sliding into your stilettos and walking out of the room.
It was a short drive over to TM but it seemed to last forever. Finally you pulled into the lot and you were happy to see that most of the bikes weren’t there. Juice’s was though and you scanned the lot before you spotted him in the garage, working under a car.
The place was pretty empty and you were glad.
You got out of the car and walked towards the garage.
Juice didn’t notice you walk in, his body was still lying beneath the car when you loosened the chains and let the roller doors slide down.
“What the fuck?” He asked as he heard the doors close and he slid out from beneath the car.
He wiped his hands on a rag and stood up, his eyes finally landing on you.
“Babe? What are you doing here?” Juice asked as he wiped his brow with his sleeve, leaving a trail of grease across his face.
“You know, I barely see you anymore Juicy.” You said as you leaned against the bench, playing with the wrench in your hands.
Juice sighed and walked towards you.
“I know baby, and Im sorry, but the clu-“
“I dont wanna hear it, Juice.” You said. You placed the wrench on the bench and stood straight, your eyes locked with his as you untied your coat.
“I dont wanna hear excuses, Juice, I just want my old man to fuck me.” You said and let the coat drop from your shoulders, leaving you standing in the garage in nothing but your stilettos and your finest lingerie.

His jaw dropped open as he studied your body. His eyes widened as he looked at the lacy garters and the see-through fabric covering the curves of your body.
You stepped towards him and ran your hands up his chest.
“I miss you, Juicy.” You purred and he licked his lips.
His hands reached out and touched your hips and you pressed your body against his.
You pressed your lips to his and his grasp on your hips tightened.
His tongue massaged yours as they moved together and you placed your hands on his shoulders.
Your tongue licked along his lower lip and you sucked at it softly before gently nibbling at it.
He growled softly and you smiled against his lips before pulling away and turning around.
His body pressed against your back and his hands explored your body as he rubbed himself against your ass.
His lips were on your neck and he sucked harshly at your soft skin.
You tilted your head to the side giving him more access and you moaned as he left a trail of marks across your skin.
His hands moved down your stomach and reached between your legs and a sudden urgency overcame him.
He moved you forward and you leant across the hood of the car as you heard him unbuckle his jeans.
His fingers traced your panties and he groaned behind you.
Your cheek pressed against the cool head of the car and you gasped as you felt his lips at your centre.
His tongue slid inside the fabric of your panties and moved along your folds as his hands massaged your ass cheeks.
His tongue slid down your folds and circled around your clit and you moaned loudly as you felt him suck gently.
He slid a finger inside you and pumped it in and out as his tongue ran circles over your clit.
You moaned loudly as you felt his finger move inside you and you felt yourself nearing orgasm.
“Juice!” You moaned against the car and his tongue moved faster and he slid another finger inside you.
He pumped them quickly inside you and moved his tongue around your clit.
Your legs began to tremble and your walls tightened and you moaned his name as you found your release.
Juice lapped at your juices as they flowed and he drank them thirstily.
“Fuck I’ve missed your pussy.” He growled and he rolled you over, your back pressed against the cars hood.

Juice kissed you hungrily and you could taste yourself on his lips.
His hands moved quickly as he dropped his jeans and slid his boxers down his thighs.
His mouth sucked at the soft skin of your breasts and he shifted the fabric, letting your breasts fall out of the lacy bra.
He took a nipple in his mouth and he sucked roughly, his other hand squeezed your other breast and you caressed his head as he sucked at your skin.
“I need you, Juice.” You purred and he growled.
His hand left your breast and you felt him tease his cock against your folds.
“Fuck me Juice!” You moaned and he growled again.
His mouth left you and he stood straighter. His hand moved the fabric of your panties to the side and he ran his cock over your folds again, making you moan.
He parted your folds with his fingers and slid himself inside slowly.
You moaned as you felt him enter you and you arched your back across the hood of the car.
He thrusted inside you, his eyes locked on your breasts as they bounced with each movement.
“Your so wet for me baby.” He said and you moaned loudly.
Juice thrusted his hips faster and you felt his whole length enter you.
He moved one of hi hands up your body and wrapped it around your throat gently.
You nodded at him and he tightened his grip slightly as his thrusts became faster and harder.
A moan left your lips as he shifted his other hand lower and his thumb rubbed against your clit as he thrusted inside you.
“Fuck, Juice!” You moaned and he growled.
The sound of his skin slapping against yours echoed through the garage and you bit your lip as Juice pounded inside you.
“This pussy is all mine, babe.” Juice growled and you nodded. He shook his head as he thrusted and tightened his grip on your throat.
“Say it.” He growled.
“This pussys all yours!” You moaned as his thumb rubbed against you and his cock pounded into you relentlessly.
“Good girl.” He growled and you moaned loudly.
Your legs began to shake as he pounded into you and you fire brewing inside you.
“Juice!” You moaned and his thrusts became deeper and faster and with each movement you felt him rub against your g spot.
“Fuck! Juice!” You screamed and your body released, your walls tightened around him and his heat filled you as he found his release too.
He rode out your high and both of you were panting as sweat covered your skin.

Juice leant against the car and watched you as you wrapped the coat around your body, a joint pressed between his lips.
“You should come visit me more often.” He smirked as you tied your coat.
You laughed as you walked towards him and lifted the joint from his lips.
You took a long drag and blew the smoke into his face slowly.
“You should fuck your old lady more often.” You smirked back and Juice grinned.
“I cant wait to find out what you do next time.”
You laughed loudly and walked towards the chains, lifting the roller doors.
“Oh honey, there wont be a next time. I bought a vibrator so next time you leave me for that long, your on your own.” You winked over your shoulder and grinned at the stunned look on his face.
“You bought a vibrator?” Juice asked in disbelief.
You laughed again and walked towards your car.
“I might just go home and try it out.” You called and walked towards your car.
Juices footsteps were loud as he ran behind you.
You squealed as he lifted you in his arms.
“Not without me.” He growled in your ear and you could feel his hardness pressed against your body.
You smiled as you got into your car and headed home for round two.

Exo's reaction when they are forced to go on a roll-coaster

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(I delete your message by accident I’m soooo sorry!!!!! TT_TT)

So here we go xD

Xiumin: “excuse me!!!! are you serious??!!! Are you asking me to get on THAT" 

Luhan: Just as the roller coaster began to accelerate he starts to freak out "ahhh please y/n don’t tell the members! I sware I am manly! I sware! pleaseeee!!!”

 Kris/ Yifan: when he is putting on the seatbell “wait what- Is-is-is this for reaal! OMG this seems to go up very high oh.s.h.i.t.”

Suho: once it starts “O-OH-OH-OHHM-OHHMYGOD-OHMYGOD OH MY GOD this is trembling too much OHMYGAAAAHD”

Lay: when you are waiting on the line “wueee wuee jagiyaaaa! I don’t wanna do this pleeasee noooo pleaseee!!”

Baekhyun; when he sees the roll-coaster coming for new passengers “wooo here it comes! r u ready?! Wooo seems pretty high from here!!!" 

Chanyeol: trying to scape when your turn comes "no no no….”

Chen: when he realizes it is a roller-coaster slide more than 15 metres high …

D.O: “pffff me afraid of highs?? y/n pleaaaase I’m manlier than Luhan wait and see… just wait and see” squishy’s confidence 200%

Tao: starts doing aegyo to save his ass “please tell me that u changed your mind… I won’t ask Sehun to shower with me anymore but please don’t make me do this pleeeeaaaaase" 

Kai: seeing the roll-coaster…. *in desbelief* 

Sehun: "are yo scared? I’m NOT scared!!l! I’m gonna show you Oh Sehun fears nothing!!!" 

I hope I get this right and that you like it!! (^-^) 

P.S If is not what u wanted please send it again and I’ll promise I’ll do it again and way more better! ^^ 

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Here in the Squid Research Lab, we’ve been using all of our free time this summer to play Splatoon. Well, we’ve been using the majority of our time to play Splatoon, and the rest of our time at the local theme park. Last time we were there, we got into a pretty heated debate about if water slides are better than roller coasters and let me tell you – some very intense words were exchanged. Tears were shed. We’re still torn up about it to this very day.

We’ve decided to let this weekend’s Splatfest be the ultimate decider so grab your GamePad and start fighting for the team of your choice tonight at 9 PM PT! We’ll settle this once and for all!


Splatoon is my kind of online game ⊟ 

Before this week, I was a single-player-only Splatoon person. It’s not that I had any particular objection to multiplayer – although I don’t do multiplayer in general – but I actually could not play it. 

I got a pre-release review code from Nintendo of America, which included access to early press servers… which went down when the game launched, right around when my code arrived. And so I played through the Octo Valley campaign without any temptation to jump in for a couple quick Turf Wars.

I liked that enough that I finally bought the real-ass disc. I’m glad I did: Splatoon is the rare game that I want to play with other people, and the even rarer game that I can play with other people.

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