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F*** you, in Black and White

My boss is an inept, whiny, pusillanimous twatwaffle. Because he’s a brown-noser with his superiors, it is of course most important that he be a condescending jackass to his department staff. He makes small problems big, and big problems become major issues. He makes my (utterly amazing) supervisor cry. He makes snide remarks about how he doesn’t have to be so generous with our compensation (which, due to company structure, actually has little to do with him). He is a Class A Asshole.

Being that he is my boss, I am unable to tell him precisely how useless and pathetic I find his existence to be. My ire must be expressed in pettier ways.

Once a week there is a specific report I run, make 15 pretty copies of, and provide for him to present in a staff meeting with his superiors. Knowing his constant fear of offending or disturbing the executives in any way, today I printed 14 lovely color copies of the report, and one black-and-white report from the printer that has a wonky roller, so the print is kind of smudgy. Oops, the color ink must have run out!

I know there is no way he will present a slightly blurry, black-and-white report to anyone in the room - he’ll distribute the pretty color ones, and keep the ugly one for himself. I took care to further smudge some of the ink so he can’t read the smaller figures, too.

Have fun in staff, asshole.

In honor of Beethoven’s birthday, enjoy this poster created by graphic designer Alfred Roller at the turn of the century. Roller was a member of the Vienna Secession, a group of young architects, designers and artists (including Gustav Klimt) committed to the unification of art forms. 

[Alfred Roller. Secession XIV, Beethoven (Poster for the 14th Secession exhibition, Vienna). 1902. The Museum of Modern Art, New York]


very nice print.
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3d printed roller box from thingiverse.
wood filament and black pla

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Let the games begin!

The “games” include a protracted conditioning procedure for a really expensive leather-covered rolling pin which will be used to apply burnt cow bones and linseed oil to a dampened slab of limestone hewn from a Bavarian quarry which has been treated with the sap of an African tree to preserve and reproduce a drawing of a line from a Wutang song. (Or something like that…)

My school does something every year called the Fine Arts Extravaganza. Basically, it’s a whole day dedicated to the arts that ends with a school-wide assembly honoring students in the fine arts subjects! This year we did giant steam roller prints and here’s a video clip!!!! I helped ink up all the prints and I’m so proud of them!


Gets from the weekend of Anime Central 2017!! Grouped roughly by theme: Cats, monster anime & magical girls, ice skating boyfriends, art (which is also of…those sorts of things).

Very important to note that the Victuuri roller skate print has gold foil(!!) which is honestly the coolest thing ever. Thanks @kayshasiemens for this treasure! Also, the “Wow! Amazing!” rubber stamp is the best ever and I hear Victor’s voice every time I look at it and I’m gonna stamp it all over things! (Will link back when I figure out the artist!)

The Taichi kigurumi sticker is courtesy of @citrus-cactus, and technically we also split the YOI cloud set and it didn’t come from Anime Central but who cares; I had the BEST time together, A+ would always (and probably will always) go again!!


Trying out the new etching roller with Angelica Colliard. We printed a 18"x 20" zinc plate that she made. It all worked out very well! Looking forward to making many more prints with this new edition to the studio.