roller piece

My favorite monopoly experience was the time I played with a few friends while we waited for the other guests to the party to show up. One of our friends showed up and wanted to join in but felt he’d be at a disadvantage, having missed the first hour of the game, so he took on the role of “banker,” distributing the money and property and handling all monetary transactions. Then another friend showed up and she was in the same predicament, so she took on the roles of “dice roller” and “pieces mover,” rolling the dice for us, moving the game pieces to the right spots on the board, and placing houses and hotels wherever we wanted to build them. By the end of the game, it was a fully automated process and my friends and I were completely unnecessary to it. We could have left the table and the game would have continued unhindered without us. All we had to do was get richer until either the money ran out or the people we’d gotten to do the work for us got tired of it and decided to end the game. It was perhaps the most economically accurate game of monopoly ever played.