Whistle while you work it, grrrrl.

As promised, here is the rest of the Snow Fight set. Inspired by Amanda Robinsons original artwork, this shoot transforms Snow White into a bad ass derby princess. I really enjoyed combining my derby and cosplay lives. My home team colors are even blue and yellow! I think it’s safe to say I’ll be putting the derby twist on a few more costumes in the future.

Model: Shreddy Krueger  (Instagram @shreddy.krueger)

Photography: J. Reid Studios



Roller Derby Names That Should Be Used
  • Pain Austen
  • Janet Snakehole
  • Scrape-ril Ludgate
  • Opalescent Tree Shark
  • Michelle Crowbar-ma
  • Peggy Martyr
  • Artillery Clinton
  • Tina Slay
  • Amy Poleaxe
  • Prickly Minaj
  • Captain Scarvel
  • Mariah Scary
  • Hate Middleton
  • Ghastly Knope/Grisly Knope/Deadly Knope
  • Beyonce

So…it’s been a while since I’ve done a cosplay shoot. I believe the last one was my animated series Harley Quinn cosplay in January 2015. I took some time off to focus on my mind and body and now I’m feeling confident again and happy to work on some new content.

This was probably my favorite costume to create and wear. I’ve been playing roller derby since 2010 and have wanted to portray this version of Harley since the moment I saw the preview artwork. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling, I hope you enjoy!

Cosplay: Harley Quinn (New 52)

Model: Shreddy Krueger (follow me on instagram @shreddy.krueger)

Photography: J. Reid Studios


I did these summer themed draws that plan to do as a series! Harley as a Roller Derby girl (spot the joker backpack and the Poison Ivy cat?) and Batgirl as a sporty beach volleyball player! (yes she’s with Qadir!)

Any other DC ladies you’d like to see basking in some summer sunlight? Please do let me know! :)

Both were done in gouache on A4 size vellum papers

you can buy a limited signed Harley print here:

for more of my sketches and WIPs, please follow:

Hope you guys like it! <3


Every fall, on the first day of school, Nina Park greets her new honors English class with a game called “two truths and a lie.” Her students, 10th-graders at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester, Mass. have to guess which is which.

“I tell them, ‘Reading is my favorite thing to do, I’m Instagram famous, and I play roller derby,’ ” she says. “And every year, they get it wrong.”

It’d be hard to blame them for failing her test.

The mild-mannered Ms. Park shows a totally different side after dismissal, when she’s geared up in helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and retro-looking roller skates and jostling, bumping and rolling around a makeshift derby track in an old warehouse.

Known as Elle L. Cool Jam, she’s part of the Cosmonaughties, a women’s roller derby team in Boston.

Skating Out Classroom Stress As A 'Derby Dame’

Photo credit: Kayana Szymczak for NPR